"The only ones who aren't afraid are the monsters."
—Zoë Vaughn to Noah Foster[src]

Zoë Vaughn was a main character in the second season of the television series Scream. She was portrayed by Kiana Ledé.


Quick-witted, armed with both brains and beauty, Zoë is a known overachiever in her academics.

Popular in her own right, Zoë is also known to lend a shoulder to a friend in need, and as a new member and ally of the Lakewood Six clique, she comes in handy. Prim, and proper appearing, with a unique sense of style on the surface, she does harbor a secret.

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Season 2 (9/14)


After Emma and Audrey rescued Noah, they hear screaming from under where Noah was buried in. As they removed the casket, they see a box that contains a phone which shows a recording of Zoë screaming from help as water fills her casket. When they get to Wren Lake, they discover a cord that is connected to her casket and they begin to pull it out of the lake. When they opened the coffin, they see the corpse of a dead Zoë and they realized that the recording has already happened and she already drowned to death.


  • Zoë: "I used to think you were smarter" to Emma (Psycho)
  • Zoë: "The only ones who aren't afraid are the monsters" (The Vanishing)



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