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Woodsboro High School is a fictional high school in Woodsboro, California. There are three generations of Scream films that have centered around this high school.

Woodsboro High School 1996

Once in the original Woodsboro Massacre 1996, the murders of students Casey Becker and Steve Orth had police and reporters on campus trying to get the full story. Students are taken to Principal Himbry's office for questioning by police.

Sidney and her friend group talk about the murders and the quesitons they were asked by police. Sidney had spent the night at Tatum's and went to school with her after she had been attacked by ghostface at her house the previous night. While at Tatum's locker, students prank the hallways in a ghostface costume as the school bells rings. SIdney runs into Billy and they disagree which causes Sidney to flee to the girls' restroom. In the restroom, various girls from school gossip about Sidney while she hides in a stall. After they leave and she comes out, Sidney is chased by ghostface again.

With the city curfew in effect, and Sidney attacked at her home and at school, Principal Himbry suspended classes indefinitely. Once school was released, Principal Himbry was attacked and murdered in his office. He was later hung on the football pole in the field. Several students left the Macher house to see his corpse at the campus football field.

Woodsboro High School 2011

Second generation was during 2011, which marks 15 years after the original Woodsboro Massacre. A Statue of Principal Himbry is up as a memorial to the left of Jill Robert's locker.

Jill, Kirby and Olivia are approached by Robbie with his camera due to it being the anniversary of the original Woodsboro massacre and they are scoffing his advances. While in class, the students receive news on their cell phones which the teacher is annoyed and tells the students to share their notifications. Olivia shares and says that Jenny and Marnie were murdered the previous night. The students look outside to see police cars and reporter vans swarm the campus to investigate and get the story. Several students and athletes at the school were taken in for questioning by police.

Jill's friend group discusses the murders at the fountain at school without Jill there as she has taken Sidney to see her mother ensuring that she had a place to stay with them during her visit.

Charlie and Robbie host cinema club after school with Kirby and Trevor. Sidney and Gale make a guest appearance there as promised by Gale. Trevor glares at Sidney while Kirby attempts to help Sidney see who the killer is. Kirby connects her phone to Robbie's head camera while Robbie directs his camera towards Trevor, hinting that he is the suspect amongst them as the killer. They mention they are going to host a stab-a-thon at a secret location. Because Charlie won't give the location to Sidney and Gale, they decide to leave.

Kirby leaves cinema club and chastises both Robbie and Charlie before leaving.

Woodsboro High School 2021

Third generation was during 2021, which marks 25 years after the original Woodsboro Massacre.

After Tara's attack, Woodsboro High School classes are suspended until further notice. Chad, Wes, Mindy and Liv are seen hanging on campus when it's announced on the PA.

The now, Sheriff Judy, is questioning kids about the attack on Tara Carpenter while Wes and the rest of the friend group discuss the attack and what could possibly happen (amongst other things discussed) mirroring the previous ghostface massacres in Woodsboro.



  • Sidney, Billy, Tatum, Stu, Randy, Judy, Casey and Steven attend Woodsboro High School as freshman. Sidney and Tatum stayed close friends.


  • Sidney and Billy were friends at school and it developed into a Relationship during their sophomore year.


  • Sidney and Billy's relationship becomes stagnant due to her mother's murder.
  • Casey and Stu had a relationship and used to watch horror movies together during their junior year. (They may have lost their virginity together.) She later broke up with him and dated Steven Orth. Stu still held a grudge towards her after she ended things with him to be with Steven.
  • Stu and Tatum's friends evolved into a relationship towards the end of their junior year.


  • Sidney Prescott, Billy Loomis, Tatum Riley, Stu Macher, Randy Meeks, Casey Becker, Steven Orth and Judy Hicks attend Woodsboro High School as seniors.
  • Martha Meeks attends Woodsboro High School as a freshman.
  • A giant site of news coverage and interrogation after Casey Becker and Steve Orth were brutally murdered. Sidney sees Gale Weathers on campus covering the story as she proceeds on campus.
  • Tatum tells Sidney that Casey and Stu were brutally murdered last night.
  • In her English class with Mrs. Tate, Sidney looks at the empty seat where Casey used to sit before being called into Principal Himbry's office for questioning.
  • Sidney, Tatum, Randy and Stu discuss the murders near the fountain on campus
  • Pranksters dressed as Ghostface run down the halls while Sidney, Tatum and Stu are talking near Tatum's locker.
  • Sidney and Billy run into each other. They talk and have differences on how their mothers are gone in the halls.
  • Sidney Prescott is attacked in the girls' bathroom by Ghostface by prankster. Sidney runs into Principal Himbry's office crying that she was attacked.
  • Principal Himbry uses the intercom to notify students that classes are dismissed until further notice. The reason is due to the attack on Sidney Prescott in the bathroom.
  • Principal Himbry is murdered in his office. He is later gutted and hung from a football field post. He is discovered hours later.
  • Teenagers at Stu's party drive to the high school to see his corpse. He was more than likely took down by the time they received the news.


  • Sidney, Randy, and Judy graduate Woodsboro High School.
  • The Woodsboro High School yearbook has memorial of Casey Becker, Steven Orth, Tatum Riley and Principal Himbry.


  • During the events of Scream 3, Martha Meeks is in her senior year of 17 years old age and interested in films as her brother once was. During her school year, she goes by the studio to deliver to Sidney, Dewey and Gale Randy's tape regarding the rules for trilogy horror movies.


  • Martha graduates Woodsboro High School.


  • Jill Roberts, Kirby Reed, Trevor Sheldon, Charlie Walker, Olivia Morris, Robbie Mercer, Marnie Cooper and Jenny Randall attend Woodsboro High School as seniors knowing the history of their town and school due to tragic year of 1996.
  • Samantha Carpenter is a freshman.
  • In front of the Woodsboro High School, Robbie pesters Jill, Olivia, and Kirby about horror movies. Kirby plays coy to Charlie as passes him to go to class.
  • Near Jill's locker is a sculpture of Principal Himbry for remembrance.
  • Jill tells Kirby near her locker she can do a lot worse in her choice of her love interest with Charlie. In coincidence to her relaying to Kirby of her choice of a good boyfriend, she closes the door to find Trevor behind it.
  • Student find out about Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper's murder through their phones during class. Jill, Kirby, Charlie, Robby and Olivia having the same class look out the window to see News Vans passing by the campus.
  • Kirby, Olivia, Trevor, Charlie, and Robbie discuss the murders of Jenny and Marnie near the fountain on campus. Olivia states that Jill is absent because she's playing house to the angel of death.
  • Remembrance Week was held to remember the original Woodsboro Murders.
  • Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers make a guest appearance at Cinema Club.


  • Kirby survives and graduates Woodsboro High School with her class.
  • Woodsboro High School yearbook has a memorial for Jenny Randall, Marnie Cooper, Olivia Morris, Trevor Sheldon and Robbie Mercer.
  • Samantha becomes a sophomore.



  • Tara, Wes, Liv, Mindy, Chad and Amber attend Woodsboro High School as freshman.



Teacher and staff

Filming Location

For the Woodsboro High School, Craven desired a building that looked "American", and the producers approached Santa Rosa High School. The school board insisted on seeing the script and immediately objected to the violence against teenage children and the cynical, dark dialogue, including that of the fictional school principal. Local newspapers criticized the project, and irate parents objected to such a film taking place at their children's school.

The producers received support from the school's students and some local residents, who recognized that economic benefits would be generated by the film's presence. The dispute resulted in a three-hour debate scheduled for April 16, one day after filming was to begin. Unwilling to be delayed, Craven began filming as scheduled on the 15th. He started with the opening scene of the film, which features Barrymore; the scene took five days to complete. The result of the Santa Rosa debate was that permission would be denied. The production was forced to find another location for the school, and ended up filming at the Sonoma Community Center, southeast of Santa Rosa.

For Scream 4, Woodsboro High School was filmed at Woodworth Middle School in Dearborn, Michigan. A front fascade resembling the one at the Sonoma Community Center was built at the front. It was later removed after filming ended.

School Types

There are three schools in Woodsboro; Woodsboro High School, Woodsboro Middle School and Woodsboro Elementary School.



  • In Scream 4, the school has a bust of Arthur Himbry in the hallway as a tribute to him.
  • A deleted scene for Scream 4 focuses on his bust a lot better, but was cut, since they had a hard time replicating the original actor's face.
  • An original script for Scream 3 had a scene where a number of students dressed as Ghostface went on a stabbing spree around the school.
  • There is one scene with Woodsboro High School in Scream (2022), however, there is no clear view of the school as they are outside facing away from the campus.