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Woodsboro, California
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Woodsboro is a small, fictional town in the Scream series located in California, USA.



Former residents


Places in Woodsboro

  • Woodsboro High School - this is where the various students and most of the victims of the massacre have attended. The first massacre, casey becker, steven orth, tatum riley and principal himbry were victims. By 2011, there is a memorial stand where a status of Principal Himbry stands in the hallway very close to Jill's locker. The second massacre students were Marnie Cooper, Jenny Randal, Olivia Morris, Trevor Sheldon, Robbie Mercer with Kirby being the only one to survive. In the third massacre, in 2021, Wes Hicks, Vince and Liv are victims.
  • Woodsboro Hospital - In Scream 4, there are numerous scenes here. After Olivia's death, Jill and Sidney are taken here for their injuries where Kate is accompanies them and Trevor visits Jill. Rebecca is fired by Sidney for her insensitive attitude towards the reality of her life and killed in the hospital parking structure later. In the finale where Gale, Dewey, Gale and Judy fight off Jill and defeat her.
  • Woodsboro Town Square
  • Sidney's House - She lived there with her parents. After 1995, just with her father after her mother Maureen Prescott was killed. In her room, it's starting to storm and she checks the window to Billy scaring her. She lets him in, but her father checks on her her due to Billy scaring her. Sidney waits for Tatum, and then called and attacked by Stu in the ghostface costume. She is later staying with Tatum and Dewey at their house until her father returns from his business trip.
  • Riley House- Mrs. Riley, Dewey and Tatum reside there. After Sidney is attacked in 1996, she stays with them until her father returns from his business trip. They have a second bed set up for when Sidney comes over. It is unknown if Dewey took over the house or got his own during 2011 with Gale.
  • Stu Macher's House - Located on 261 Turner Lane. In 1996, Stu has a party, but the curfew ends it as well as the discovery of principal himbry at Woodsboro High School which the remaining drunk teenaged guys leave the party to check it out. The first massacre ends with Tatum and Kenny dead, and Sidney, Dewey, Neil and Gale surviving. The Macher family has since moved out. In 2021, it becomes Amber's house and she become obsessed with the history of the house and plans a murdering spree. She has a party just like Stu, but formally ends it to continue the rest of her murder spree with Richie. The third massacre end with Liv dead, however Chad, Mindy, Sidney, Gale, Sam and Tara survive.
  • Jill's House - Jill and her mother reside. Sidney is invited to stay with them on her book tour. Sidney looks around and sees the pictures of her mom and shows them to Rebecca and she converses with Jill and her aunt, Kate. Later, Kate is killed on her own residence by her daughter in the ghostface costume. As Judy comes and investigates Kate's murder, she leaves the scene of the crime to go search for Jill.
  • Olivia's House - Olivia resides with her mother and they live next door to Jill. Her and Jill would often chat across the way as they can see each other through their bedroom windows. She is home alone while her mother is at her boyfriends house and she is killed by Charlie in the ghostface costume in her bedroom as Kirby and Jill watch in horror. Sidney breaks in to attempt to save her, only to find her brutally mutilated and then attacked by Ghostface himself which she fends off well before the cops get there. Trevor and Kirby come and take Jill over to the ambulances as the cops search and investigate the Morris's Residence. Another night, Jill and Kirby talk on the phone and Jill says Olivia's window to her room is all boarded up as she views from her room.
  • Kirby's House - 329 Whispering Lane. Her parents were gone and she decided to go to Jill's house with chinese food so she wouldn't be alone due to the murders of their fellow classmates, Jenny and Marnie. In 2011, The second half of the second massacre errupts here leaving Robbie and Trevor dead and Kirby and Sidney mortally injured.
  • Carpenter House - Christina and her daughter, Tara reside there. Sam resided there until her 18th birthday and left town. While their mother was out of town during 2021, Tara was attacked by ghostface and survived with multiple injures. The police come in time before they could kill her.
  • Martha's House - Martha resides with her teenage kids, Mindy and Chad. They have a shrine of their uncle, Randy Meeks. This is where they discuss the attack and Mindy appears to be like her uncle discovering that everything that's occurring is a requel.
  • Video store - This is where Randy works. Tatum was going to the video store to get a movie with Tom Cruise during 1996. Another day in 1996, This is where Billy and Stu antagonized Randy while he worked.
  • Various locations: Grocery stores, A community park, A coffee shop, "Mom and Pop shops" and the infamous Towns Square.


  • Gale Weathers is not shown to reside here. When she converses with Dewey, she mentions the Sharon Stone stalker case in New York. Though it has not been confirmed, Gale may have resided in New York.