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Windsor College is the location of the events of Scream 2 (1997 film), set in Spring 1997 with Mickey Altieri and Nancy Loomis as Ghostface. Filming occurred in both Georgia and California for Windsor College.


Scream 2

Little is known about the history of the fictional college. We know that sororities and fraternities are present, there is a film class, a theatre and drama class, a library, a film-viewing room and a cafeteria. There is also a movie theatre nearby. Medical studies are a popular major for the students, including Derek Feldman and Maureen Evans. As for the exact location of the college, based on the police department badge sewed onto Chief Lewis Hartley's uniform, he was working for the "Stone Ridge Police Department", suggesting the college was located in a fictional place named "Stone Ridge", as Ohio has no such place in real life.

Sidney seems to have a passion for theatre and that is where the final revelation takes place, so we can assume, that she is in a theatre major, because she portrays Cassandra in the Fall of Troy.

Though it is not explicitly stated in the film, it is clear that Windsor College is located in Ohio (the police cars use Ohio plates, the microphone on the local news report at the beginning of the film reads "Ohio 66"). We can also assume that Windsor College is in a small town and is possibly in the southern part of the state (the area code from Cory Gillis prank phone call is "513," which is the area code reserved for the southwestern corner of Ohio because Sidney wanted to distance herself from the horror of the Woodsboro Murders in California.

Windsor College Murders

For more in-depth information, visit the page: Windsor College Murders.

Known studies

  • Film
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Theatre

Known students

Class of 1997 (seniors):

Class of 2001 (freshman):

Unseen Class of 2001:

  • Paul - Randy's roommate (possible graduate)
  • Ted - Cici's boyfriend.

Unknown Year Class:

Known Staff

  • Gus Gold - Theatre professor
  • Film class professor

Behind the Scenes

  • Windsor College is more than likely named after Windsor, California.