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I really don't want to die for doing the right thing.

–Will Belmont

William "Will" Belmont was a main character in the television series Scream. He is portrayed by Connor Weil.

Early life

Will Belmont was born in a more dirt poor family as he grew up on a farm on the more outskirts of town. He was always deeply ashamed of his humbled beginnings as he is constantly teased about from his childhood and wealthier best friend, Jake. When he was in middle school, he soon begins to excell in basketball, and started playing varsity team. There, it's where he met Nina and Tyler, and three became friends. However, it's learned that his friendship with them was anything as normal as it contained sex, lies, and blackmail.


It's revealed that his "first time" was a bet to see if he could get Emma to sleep with him within a month, when she was a freshman and he was a sophomore to sleep. This became the reason Emma broke up with him after its exposed by Brooke that he was sleeping with Nina. It's mentioned by Jake that they were lured in a sex blackmailing scheme as the two were watching Nina without her knowledge, and Tyler found out and decided to make a business out of it by blackmailing local figures in Lakewood for money for watching an underage girl on a webcam. However, after Nina and Tyler died, Will makes it his mission to make Jake shut down the whole operation since if he does get implicated, he won't be able to get out of Lakewood since his parents weren't didn't have any powerful connections in the town due to them being poor. However, he changes his mind when he gets early acceptance into Duke University and decides to blackmail Mayor Maddox into giving him $500,000. Although, he got the money, he starts to feel guilty from stealing the money and sees the hole he dug himself by being involved with Nina, Tyler and Jake. He ultimately gives the money back to Mr. Maddox, but gets killed by Lakewood Slasher.

Appearances (8/22)

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Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Emma goes over to Will's house, with some Mike & Ike candies, to watch The Expendables with him, while he recovers from being stabbed. Once outside his house, Emma gets a phone call that's presumably from Will. The two begin their conversation and Will tells Emma there has been a change of plans, and to come and find him. Emma begins to get suspicious, so she asks Will what they had to eat on their second date, needing confirmation that she's actually talking to him and not the Lakewood Slasher. Once "Will" says he doesn't recall and that "this is going to be a date to remember", Emma realizes it's the Lakewood Slasher she's talking to. Emma refuses to play more games, but the Lakewood Slasher assures her that the game is still continuing and she's in the bonus round. Emma explains that she did everything that was asked of her and demands to know what the Lakewood Slasher did to Will, but he points out that he wanted her to "have a little pride" instead of forgiving Will's lies, just like Daisy did years ago. Then, the Lakewood Slasher admits he doesn't forgive easily. Once again, Emma demands to know what the Lakewood Slasher did to Will, but he corrects her by saying "It's what you're going to do that's the real bitch." Then, the Lakewood Slasher suggests Emma run. Emma drops the candies, running out back, spotting Will. Will is tied to a chair with his mouth taped shut, and behind him is a large, trencher that's turned on. Emma runs to Will, only to trip over a trip wire. The trip wire was attached to a lever in the machine, forcing the lever downward as Emma's foot triggers it. The lever pushes down to set the front of the saw-like machine into a downward motion, sending it right through Will's skull and then body (off-screen).

Will Belmont death

Split Up: Will becomes the 5th victim (2nd male overall in 2015-2016 Lakewood Murders) to the Lakewood Slasher, whose death is one of the most brutal of all in the franchise, which his best friend Jake would also fall, similarly.


  • Will: "Parental sex...TMI!"
  • Will: "Hey Brooke...If you ever get between Emma and me like that again, I will break you."



  • Adaline Belmont- Mother
  • Carl Belmont- Father




  • He attended George Washington High School as a senior, alongside Tyler O'Neill.
    • Despite this, he still attended Branson's 11th grade English class.
  • He shares similarities with Billy Loomis, who was Sidney's first boyfriend. Will's not the killer like Billy, but he and Jake did blackmail the mayor.
    • This is a similar partnership to Billy and Stu's.
  • He "cheated" on Emma with Nina Patterson while they were on a "break" that lasted less than a month.
  • Will confessed his love for Emma in Betrayed, despite how their relationship began.
  • He and Kieran Wilcox had a rivalry over Emma.
  • He and Jake Fitzgerald were watching Nina on her webcam without her knowledge.
  • He was the second, yet the first main male character to die in the TV series.
    • The first and main female character to die was Riley Marra, who died 12 days prior to him.
  • Will was killed in front of Emma.
  • After his death, Emma has vivid hallucinations of his mangled body in Ghosts.
  • It's revealed that his first time was a bet to see if he could get Emma to sleep with him within the month (back in 2014).
    • This became the reason Emma broke up with him after its exposed by Brooke. Subsequently, he was involved with Nina.
  • Will being tied up and how he was tied up was extremely similar to Steven Orth in the 1st movie.
  • He is almost a year older than his girlfriend Emma, but in real life Connor Weil is about two years younger than Willa Fitzgearld.
    • This Is Similar to Derek Feldman and Sidney Prescott in Scream 2. Even though Derek is supposed to be a year older than Sidney, Jerry O'Connell is actually younger than Neve Campbell.
    • Also in the 5th Film Richie Kirsch is about two years older than Sam Carpenter (although there is a little conflict about the Carpenter Sister's actual ages) Jack Quaid is about two years younger than Melissa Barrera
  • Connor Weil is actually the youngest of the male actors on the show. John Karna is about a year older than him, even though Noah is a year younger than Will.
  • One of two characters in the franchise to be killed with machines, the 2nd being Luther Thompson (Hookman)
  • The first and only victim in the franchise to be cut in half
    • Other characters have been decapitated (Like Tyler O'Neill and Sheriff Carpenter) , Lost body parts (Like Seth Branson) and completely dismembered (Like Greg Bruckner).


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