Throughout the entire Scream franchise, it's revealed that each movie aside from Scream 3, there is always two killers. With this revelations, fans question who done what. This list not only lists the murders and who do it but phone calls, texts, fights, attacks, and other actions committed by each killer. Most are speculations by our observation. Some are confirmed either by their own admission or the producers confirm their actions, or by our witnessing an unmasked killer committing these actions.


Action Killer Proof Note
Casey's phone calls Stu Macher Confirmed by Kevin Williamson.
Steve's murder Stu Macher Confirmed by a writer
Casey's window attack Billy Loomis Billy was the one who attacked Casey at the window, as Ghostface emits sounds similar to Billy's voice and grunts when he pops up in front of Casey, Rams his head through the window, and is punched by Casey. While Billy recovers from her assault on him, Stu goes after Casey. (for evidence, see below)
Casey's murder Stu Macher This was confirmed by Kevin Williamson that Stu was the one who killed Casey.
Sidney's phone call Stu Macher Confirmed by Kevin Williamson.
Sidney's attack Stu Macher Immediately after the killer ran away, Billy appears at Sidney's bedroom. Billy wouldn't have had time to run down a flight of stairs, ditch the costume, and climb to her window. When Ghostface slams his head into Sidney's, he makes a grunting noise attributing to that of Stu.
Sidney's phone call at Tatum's house Stu Macher Confirmed by Kevin Williamson.
Sidney's bathroom attack Billy Loomis The killer is Billy here, as the killer wore the same colored pants that Billy wore that day. When the killer runs out from the stall, Billy's grunt can be heard. It can be heard again when Sidney slips past Ghostface and runs out the door, Billy can be heard beneath the mask angrily growling at her. Though this could have been a prankster, the killer could have seen Sidney and easily snuck into the bathroom without being noticed by the two unnamed girls, as they were too focused into their conversation to pay attention. Billy possibly wanted to know more about Sidney. This can't be a prankster, because most of them are shown to act goofy, and you know they are the actual killer.
Himbry's murder Billy Loomis Stu was busy inviting guests to his party. Billy's whereabouts are unknown to his friends during Himbry's murder. His death was used as a ruse to get rid of the partiers later that night. While Stu later left somehwere unknown, Billy had the better chance of killing Himbry.
Sidney and Tatum's stalker Billy Loomis or Audience mind-tricks This could easily be the movie messing with the minds of the audience, but it is unlikely this is a prankster, because the person is obviously listening in on and stalking Tatum and Sidney, specifically. This could be Billy who wanted to know more about Sidney and her secrets.
Tatum's murder Billy Loomis This is the heaviest and most controversial debate of the Scream series, but Billy killed Tatum while Stu was hosting the party. He wouldn't be able to leave the party for a few minutes without drawing suspicion. However, Billy had a better chance because he was absent from the party. He also appears less than moments after Tatum's death, giving Stu a telltale look and punching him in the arm possibly to signal that Tatum is dead. Billy's voice and grunts can also be heard as he receives blows by Tatum. Stu likely locked the door behind Tatum though, which he could easily do and then blend back into the party.
Billy's "murder" Stu Macher Obviously after both are revealed, Stu is the one who (presumably) stabbed Billy.
Sidney's chase Stu Macher The chase follows after Billy's (presumably) fake murder. Stu chases Sidney for a while while Billy recovers from his stab wounds.
Randy's near murder Stu Macher This is followed immediately after Sidney's first chase scene. Like above, Billy was still upstairs, (possibly) recovering from his stab wounds. Skeet Ulrich (who plays Billy) was behind the costume in this scene.
Kenny's murder Stu Macher This is followed immediately after Randy's near murder. Stu (as Ghostface) hears Sidney scream, and this draws him outside to the newspaper van in front of the house.
Dewey's attack Billy Loomis Stu remained outside the house checking to see if Gale was dead when she crashed in her newspaper van while Billy, who was inside the house, attacked Dewey who went inside to investigate, after he heard Dewey yell for Sidney's father. This explains why Randy thought Stu was the killer, he was stalking him or saw Stu as Ghostface checking if Gale was dead and (presumably) changing out of the costume, as he was outside even after Gale hit him with the phone.
Sidney's chase #2 Billy Loomis This is Billy as Stu was still outside checking to see if Gale was dead. This explains why Ghostface accelerates so slowly towards Sidney, because the stab wounds Billy suffered were real and he was still injured from them.
Randy's shooting Billy Loomis Billy is seen doing this without the Ghostface costume.
Neil's Kidnapping Both/Stu Macher Both killers admitted that they kidnapped him. It was Stu who brought him out which reveals that Sidney's father was innocent as he was the chief suspect.
Gale's attack Billy Loomis We witness this.
Billy's closet attack Sidney Prescott We witness this.
Stu's death Sidney Prescott We witness this.
Sidney and Randy's attack Billy Loomis We witness this.
Billy's shooting and death. Gale Weathers and Sidney Prescott We witness this. Gale shot him first to save Sidney. Sidney delivered the fatal shot to the head.

Scream 2

Action Killer Proof Note
Phil and Maureen's murders Mickey Altieri

He was the only after the new victims. Voice coming from the stall is definitely Mickey's and Debbie wouldn't have a strenght to stab through the stall.

Sidney's Prank Call Corey Gillis Sidney busted Corey's prank when it's revealed she has a caller ID to stop these prank calls.
CiCi's phone call Mrs. Loomis When killer sneaks into a house he doesn't have a phone, meaning Mrs. Loomis called Cici before Mickey kill her (see below).
CiCi's murder Mickey Altieri He was the only after the new victims. Debbie wouldn't have a strenght to throw Cici off balcony.
Sidney's phone call Mrs. Loomis The caller is the same person who attacks Sidney only immediately after the call, which is Mrs. Loomis. (see below) The call was personal and meant specifically for Sidney.
Sidney's attack Mrs. Loomis This follows immediately after the call. Debbie is targeting Sidney. Mickey was outside with Halle during this scene and Debbie is seen leaving the crime scene right before this moment. The killer is pretty desperate and eager to kill Sidney, pointing to the killer being Mrs. Loomis because she wanted to revenge on Sidney for her son's death.
Derek's injury Mrs. Loomis Derek is injured immediately after Sidney's attack. He confronts Mrs. Loomis, who attempts to make her escape, but Ghostface slices his arm and runs away.
Sidney's theater attack Mickey Altieri As a student Mickey would know his way around the school. Also immediately after this Derek tells Sidney that the reason he's escorting her rather than Mickey was because Mickey had to go to edit a project. Mrs. Loomis is shown to have not too much knowledge of the stage during the climax of the movie. 
Randy's phone call Mrs. Loomis Mrs. Loomis is targetting the survivors of the previous movie. She admits this later in the climax of the movie.
Randy's murder Mrs. Loomis This occurs during the phone call when Randy insults the new killer and Billy Loomis. Later, Debbie admits doing this as a result of Randy bad-mouthing Billy.
Sidney's e-mail threat Mickey Altieri As a student Mickey has access to the school's system. The killer informs Sidney that he's aware of her bodyguards, which Mickey asked her about in an earlier scene. Mrs. Loomis does not even have a reason to be in the library, so she couldn't have sent this email.
Dewey and Gale's classroom attack Both Both were there, but it was Mrs. Loomis who actually attacks them. The one behind the desk that pops up behind Gale and later attacks Dewey is Mrs. Loomis. After stabbing Dewey in the back a few times, the killer waves the knife around trying to barricade into the room, which is more like Mrs. Loomis, who wanted revenge on Gale for her son's death. Mickey was the Ghostface in the projector room, recording the attack, and filming Gale and Dewey. There is already another killer behind Gale, which is Mrs. Loomis because a woman's grunt is heard when Ghostface fails to stab Gale. Ghostface seemed to be about the same height as Gale, which is Mrs. Loomis as she is shorter than Mickey, who easily outgrows Gale.
Dewey and Gale's sound room attack Debbie Loomis Mickey already left to attack Sidney and Halle. Debbie stayed behind to go after Gale. Also when the killer tries to get to Gale through the glass, he bangs into the glass the same way that Debbie tries to bang the wooden door later when trying to attack Sidney.
Andrews, Richards, and Hallie's murders Mickey Altieri Gale locks herself in the room where Mrs. Loomis and Mickey can't get to her and they know Sidney is leaving town to escape from the killer, so Mrs. Loomis finally leaves and sends Mickey to go stop her. From what we know about Mrs. Loomis, it is unlikely she would ever go up against two armed police officers. During the climax, Mickey reveals himself, and also admits that he murdered Officer Andrews, Richards, and Hallie. He is also seen with a large cut on his forehead, meaning he crashed the car and killed Richards, knocking himself unconscious. His eyes can also be seen behind the mask when he fails to catch up to Sidney during the car hijacking scene.
Derek's death Mickey Altieri We witness this.
Mickey's shooting Debbie Loomis We witness this.
Gale's accidental shooting Mickey Altieri We witness this. As a result of being shot, Mickey accidentally pulls the trigger on his gun and it hits Gale.
Debbie's death Cotton Weary and Sidney Prescott We witness this. Cotton shoots Debbie in throat. But Sidney shoots her in the head "just in case."
Mickey's death Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers We witness this. Both guns killed him

Scream 3

Action Killer Proof Note
All murders Roman Bridger He's revealed to be the sole killer.
All phone calls and attacks Roman Bridger He's revealed to be the sole caller and attacker.
Roman Bridger's death Dewey Riley We witness this.

Scream 4

Action Killer Proof Note
Marnie's murder Charlie Walker Both Ghostfaces were here because Charlie shows footage of Marnie being stabbed by Ghostface while someone holds the camera. Although he is the one who showed the footage, implying he was the recorder, the kill fits Charlie's MO more, which is multiple stabbings, while Jill usually stabs once, except in Jenny's and Charlie's deaths. 
Jenny's phone call Charlie Walker This is probably Charlie while Jill gets Marnie's corpse ready for Jenny to see. 
Jenny's murder Jill Roberts Jill comes inside the house from the window and kills Jenny. Jill's voice can be heard after she fails to stab Jenny and looks back.
Jill and Olivia's phone calls Charlie Walker Jill and Olivia both get phone calls from the killer. Obviously Jill cannot call herself.
Sidney's car vandalism Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker Jill was at home and then with Kirby and Olivia. Charlie's whereabouts were unknown and he also used the Ghostface identity earlier to call Jill.
Jill's phone call and Olivia's murder Charlie Walker Both acts are committed by Charlie Walker as we see Jill being a "victim" of harassment and witnessing her friend's murder. Charlie later admits that he killed her.
Sidney's phone call Jill Roberts Jill watched Sidney run to Olivia's house. The killer's call was meant for Sidney and it was very personal. Immediately after the killer hung up, we hear Jill calling for her as she enters the house. Also if Charlie, the killer in costume in the house, was the caller, Sidney would have heard him in the other room.
Jill and Sidney's attack Charlie Walker Sidney, a veteran survivor with fighting skills, attacks serial killer Charlie Walker in a way that fits Charlie's proven skills as a new and untrained killer. Jill is clearly the superior killer out of the two.
Rebecca's murder Jill Roberts Charlie was with Robbie outside the hospital when the attack occurred.
Gale's attack Charlie Walker Jill was at home and Charlie was the only killer present at the Stab-A-Thon. Although some suspected Jill because she mentions their matching wounds on their shoulders. But Charlie could have just told Jill about it.
Hoss and Perkins Jill Roberts Their murders took place outside Jill's house while Charlie was with Robbie.
Sidney's phone call #2 Jill Roberts The call was personal.
Kate Roberts Jill Roberts Her murder took place outside Jill's house while Charlie was with Robbie.
Robbie's murder Charlie Walker He admits this. Charlie walk away immediately before this scene.
Trevor's kidnapping Jill Roberts Trevor walks off to find Jill upstairs. Jill attacked him off screen.
Sidney, Jill, and Kirby's attack Charlie Walker Who else? Both killers are present as one is playing victim and the other is attacking in costume.
Charlie's attack and Kirby's phone call Jill Roberts Once again who else? Both killers are present as one is playing victim and the other is attacking in costume.
Kirby's Attack Charlie Walker We witness this.
Trevor's murder Jill Roberts We witness this.
Charlie's murder Jill Roberts We witness this.
Sidney's stabbing Jill Roberts We witness this.
Jill's beating Herself We witness this.
Sidney, Dewey, Gale, and Hicks's hospital attack Jill Roberts We witness this.
Jill's death Sidney Prescott We witness this.
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