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Attention, Weaver High students. Slash is now in session!

Ghostface to the The Deafdfast Club, Devil's Night

Weaver High School is a fictional high school based in Atlanta, that appeared in the third season of the television series, Scream.

Description and History

Weaver High is a public school located in one of the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. It is home to the Weaver Reapers, the school's athletic team (mainly its football team). It offers classes as most traditional high schools do, as well as a STEM program, supposedly, and has an honors system, as well as a music department, and a football field. It also has homeroom classes and detention, which is held at the school's library. It was separately yet interconnected in part of a brutal killing spree in October-November 2018 when its students, the incoming graduating seniors and, mainly that school year's star and high school senior running back football player, Deion Elliot (real name Marcus) and his 4 friends (1 being his romantic interest; 1 being from his neighborhood, and the other 2 being classmates) which he met via detention, dubbed The Deadfast Club (informally a portmanteau based off the 1985 American film The Breakfast Club, by Mr. Fitch), which they were indicted their name by the soon revealed faux friend and one of a duo of a Ghostface killers, Beth, who was a student among the school and who among Deion's half-brother, Jamal, targeted the group based on each's hypocrisy and did so in order to taunt Deion on his real identity.

The school was used after school hours on 2 occasions: the first to seemingly trap the suspected killer, Shane, following a murder at a night party the day prior and the other and the second when the showdown occurred as Marcus and Liv raced to find the killer via the school library where detention was held and where it all began, with the latter being when the true showdown had occurred. Prior to the showdown, Marcus had switched places in the football team as the former running back to the quarterback due to the death of the school's QB and Marcus's enemy, Avery Collins. This led for the running back position to be traded by Marcus's friend, Hawkins, per the football coach's insistence, and who had practiced until the night of the big game, which was when the final showdown would occur after Marcus won the game and after everyone had seemingly left the game. The subsequent chases on both occasions of the school occurred throughout much of the school's hallways, and one near the outdoor court, as well as being lured due to the school intercom broadcasting a pre-recorded message in the first showdown at the school's main office/principals. The death of the second revealed killer, Beth, occurred at the school's gymnasium, where the group and school had held an assembly for the late Avery Collins, as well as where there was an upcoming school Homecoming dance set for the next day.


Class of 2019

Class of 2019-20 (2018 victims)

Teachers and Staff

Other Students

These students were mentioned as in attendance in Ms. Pell's homeroom in "The Man Behind the Mask". Only the first on the list that was called, is shown in that episode, raising her hand when her name was called to be a young Black female student as the list follows, and after Deion (Marcus) was called but was marked absent, the naming attendance went by alphabetical order in last name (as is common in American high schools and in US education system).

  • Alicia Davis (shown)
  • Brad Ernsky
  • Darin Grant
  • Erin Mayfield