"$1.99 voice changer app. We used it for Rachel's zombie film project."
Audrey Jensen in Aftermath, proving the killer can be anyone.

The Voice Changer is a type of audio equipment that Ghostface/Lakewood Slasher uses to mask his voice so that others can't figure out who it is under the costume.


It was seen as a rectangular white box in Scream 1 and 2 but in Scream 3 it was a specialized circular device with several buttons. It was not seen in Scream 4, because a cellphone app was used in place of the device. This also keeps in touch with the idea that remakes must utilize current technology. Until the cellphone app was invented, it is possible that the killers kept the machine inside their hoods, or held it over the reciever.

The device mimics a male with a deep, mysterious voice. In Scream it was shown to be distorted and higher-pitched when a female like Sidney used it, but in Scream 2 and 4 when Mrs. Loomis and Jill use the device, it is normal.

Roman uses an improved voice changer, which can mimic several voices at once.

In the first two seasons of the television series, Scream, the Lakewood Slasher uses a type of voice changer to mask their voice when calling their victims, over the phone. In the third season, Ghostface will be using the voice changer as a way to call and torment his victims.




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