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Season 2, Episode 3
Air date June 13, 2016
Written by Steve Yockey
Directed by Jamie Travis
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Happy Birthday to Me
"I'm tired of all these lies."
Emma Duval

"Vacancy" is the third episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall and it aired on June 13th, 2016.


Emma's relationship with her father grows more complicated while Audrey's stalker raises the stakes with a bloody gift.


Audrey is shocked and horrified when she finds Jake's body and soon gets a call from the killer, who taunts her again. After hanging up, she removes the little notes from Jake's body and flees the scene. Later, Emma returns home and informs Maggie of Kevin's return. Emma and her father talk over coffee at the Grindhouse Cafe, but Kevin tells her he cannot explain why exactly he left Maggie and Emma without really knowing them. Emma then storms out while Kevin checks himself in the Crescent Palms hotel. Kevin returns home and meets Maggie, who questions Kevin's reasons for coming back.

Kevin reveals that he has been receiving E-mails from Riley Marra, which horrifies Maggie since Riley was murdered during Piper's killing spree. They to go Sheriff Acosta, who promises that he will look into it and try to track down the message. They agree to not tell Emma about the message, knowing she is dealing with enough emotions as it is. In the morning, Noah and Audrey go to the storage unit despite Audrey's protests. When Noah opens it, Audrey discovers that Jake's body is nowhere to be found. Noah finds a small camera that wasn't there when Audrey found Jake's body and takes it, intending to read the footage. At his house, he calls Eddie again, who hangs up on him from his threat earlier. Noah prepares to see the video, completely unaware that behind him, Audrey is raising a bookend to bash his head in with to cover up her involvement.

Much to her relief though, the video does not upload and she puts the object down. Audrey then leaves the house and gets a message from the killer, who informs her that he saved Audrey by taking the footage for himself. Meanwhile, at a dance recital, Brooke and Zoë talk, with Zoë admitting that she has a crush on Noah. Brooke then gets a call from Seth Branson, her old teacher that had an affair with her. Brooke, unhappy with her past with him, hangs up on Seth. Brooke then notices that Gustavo is sitting in a seat watching them with his computer, who refuses to leave. Later, Emma goes to Kevin's room in the motel to apologize for storming out earlier.

Eddie goes up to Kevin's room since "he" ordered a wine bottle and a corkscrew for some reason. He enters the room to find it empty and completely covered in plastic sheets. The Killer is revealed to be hiding under the blankets on the floor, who attacks Eddie from behind with the bottle before turning on the radio to a loud volume to block out Eddie's cries for help. The Killer then proceeds to kill Eddie by rapidly stabbing him in the back with the cork-screw and then in the throat. After dragging his body away, The Killer calls Audrey and tells her to come to the motel, threatening to upload the video of Audrey finding Jake's body to Noah's podcast if she does not.

That night, Brooke, Zoë and Noah go to the theatre to watch a movie, with Gustavo arriving. Having heard of Noah's recent investigations, Gustavo warns Noah of the dangers that could come of him should he find any real information about Piper's accomplice before joining him for the movie. Zoë admits to Noah that she is a fan of his podcast and is encouraged by Brooke to ask him out. When going inside, Brooke finds Seth in the theater, who has returned to Lakewood. Although Seth tries to tell Brooke that he still has some feelings for her, Brooke tells Seth that she is not interested him anymore.

Gustavo takes the opportunity to flirt with Brooke by calling Branson an "old dude" and pretending to be her boyfriend (By impulsively kissing her in front of Seth). Not falling for this, Branson responds by telling Brooke that she has changed: he reveals that he was the one who left the apology note and the flowers on her car in the previous episode, not Jake as she thought, he also expected a "Thank You" for it. Somewhat unhinged at this, she silently storms out of the theatre with the others.

As Audrey drives toward the hotel, The Killer shows her a video: It shows The Killer in the bathroom with Eddie's corpse and Emma in the hotel room, indicating that he will kill Emma. To save her, Audrey calls the police without specifying her request for help and heads for the hotel room. In the hotel room, Emma finds the same newspaper clippings she saw back at Troy James's barn. Emma is about to enter the bathroom, where the killer has his weapon drawn to attack, when she hears a commotion going outside. She investigates and finds a drunken Kevin fighting with a civilian.

Kevin tells Emma he is leaving Lakewood again; Emma angrily tells her father that she is unable to trust him anymore just as Audrey arrives. Saddened and embarrassed by his actions, Kevin reveals a past incident of Emma's childhood to her. After surviving Brandon James, Kevin turned to drinking, but he did too often and he became a rather unstable man. One day, he tried to take Emma somewhere in his car but Maggie protested. He got so angry that he attacked Maggie and fractured her jaw. Neither him nor Maggie wanted Emma to remember her father that way, so he left Lakewood.

When the police arrive, Audrey lies about the reason she called them, claiming that she saw Kevin fighting and was concerned about it. The police then take an embarrassed Kevin away for questioning and Emma storms off again. In her car, Audrey gets yet another message from the killer, which tells her to look under her seat. To her horror, she finds the bloody cork-screw used to kill Eddie, which soaks her hands in blood.


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  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 2007 horror film, "Vacancy" which was directed by Nimród Antal.
    • The episode is similar because people who are staying at a motel are killed, just like the killer murdered Eddie at a motel.
    • The title of the episode also made an appearance twice in this episode; in the Crescent Palms Motel and in the Zenith Theater
  • This episode was watched live by 0.35 million people.
  • This episode marked the reappearance of Seth Branson, who was missing for the first two episodes of the second season.
  • Riley Marra was mentioned in the episode twice.
    • She was first mentioned in the conversation with Maggie Duval and Kevin Duval.
    • She was later mentioned when Zoë highlighted to Brooke that Noah was in a relationship with her. From the conversation, it was implied that Zoë was the one Riley mentioned to the group about Audrey's viral video in the Pilot episode.
  • In the episode, Audrey received calls from the killer.
  • This episode marked the death of Eddie Hayes, the second death of the season, and eleventh overall. 
  • Kevin revealed that Maggie did not want him to return because of his drinking problems.
  • Seth Branson revealed that he was the one who left the apology note and flowers on Brooke's car in the previous episode, not Jake as she thought.
  • In this episode Brooke Received A Call From Seth Branson.

Body Count 

  • Eddie Hayes - Glass smashed on the head, then stabbed with a cork screw

Featured Music

  • Jamie Grant – “Runaway”

Emma meets with her dad

  • Yes You Are “HGX”

Brooke tries to contact Jake. Zoë tries to make friends with Brooke at the Lady Of The Lake rehearsal in the high school auditorium

  • Cub Sport “Come On Mess Me Up”

Zoë and Brooke talk about Noah when Brooke gets an unknown call from Mr. Branson

  • Sun Culture "Young Blood"

Emma and Eli bump into each other and Emma gets a note from her dad

  • The Acorns “Please Come Back”

Eddie is lured into a trap and killed at a rundown motel

  • The Owlsley Brothers “Rotten On The Vine”

Emma discovers her dad is an alcoholic at a dive bar


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