Plot and Setting

Based of the 2015 survival horror video game Until Dawn, this story takes place in Blackwood Mountain. Exactly one year ago, following a prank by their friends at a lodge in Blackwood Mountain, twin sisters Hannah and Beth Washington mysteriously disappeared and were never seen again. At the one year anniversary, their brother Josh invites his friends, now young adults, to return to the lodge in the mountains belonging to the wealthy parents of their friend Josh, brother of the missing sisters. Shortly after arriving, the friends realize that they are not the only people on this mountain and are embroiled in a game of life an death. Forced to wait until dawn to receive outside help, the friends not only have to deal with 2 masked killers, but all the other horrifying secrets the past has to offer.


The Friends

Van Hanis
MIKE MUNROE (20): Mike is the main male protagonist of the story, the ex-boyfriend of Emily, and the now boyfriend of Jessica. With a narcissistic streak, there's no denying that he likes the attention that comes with being the man who stands up and can get things done. While a ladies man, Mike comes across as a typical jock, and also participated in the prank that lead to Hannah and Beth's disappearance. However, his status as a man of action faces it's biggest test on the night of terrors.
SAM GIDDINGS (19): The final girl of the story. Nature-loving, Sam is a warm and caring individual. Although a little quirky, Sam is strong willed, quick thinking, and knows hand to hand combat quite well. Sam was against the prank that lead to Hannah and Beth's disappearance. To Sam, the weekend away is a chance for her to catch up with friends, enjoy the mountain air, and put the past behind her. She couldn't be more wrong.
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ASHLEY BROWN (18): Ashley is an academic, inquisitive, and forthright, loving books and disliking horror. While Ashley did partake in the prank against Hannah, she had the least involvement of the group, being a mere onlooker. Ashley is also the crush of Chris. She is scared and terrified of all the events that happen, from masked killers to her friends being brutally murdered. However, if she's pushed too hard, there is a "dark side" of Ashley that could bring disaster.
CHRIS HARTLEY (18): Funny, charitable and curious, Chris is the most friendly out of the group and Josh's best friend. Chris is also a lover of horror, along with Ronald. He has a crush on Ashley, but has trouble confessing his feelings to her and hopes the trip will help him get around it. Although he didn't participate in the prank one year ago, Chris finds himself thrown into life or death situations.
Cheryl Blossom(2)
EMILY DAVIS (18): Having a quick tongue and sharp wit, even in the face of being wrong, Emily's pride forces her to verbally lash out and put another down, her boyfriend Theon being at the forefront of those insults. However, Emily is secretly filled with guilt over orchestrating the prank that caused Hannah and Beth's disappearance. Emily makes it her mission to help Josh through his grief, but she will have far more important things to worry about.
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JOSH WASHINGTON (20): Josh is the first child of movie mogul Bob Washington and his wife, Melinda. He, along with his family, would frequently travel to the family lodge located on Blackwood Mountain. Josh used to be a party-animal streak before being mentally traumatized for months following his sisters' disappearance. One year later, he invites his friends for a reunion, but he is not the same, and it's clear something more sinister is going on with Josh...
THEON DUNHILL (18): Theon is the type of friend that just wants everyone to be happy, and that's exactly how he convinces his overbearing girlfriend Emily to come along for the anniversary. Theon participated in the prank on Hannah, but was unaware of how badly it would go. Theon puts up with Emily's attitude and insults because he understands she's really a good person, but he won't be having the fun he thinks on the trip.
ROBIN WILLIAMS (19): Robin is a sarcastic and sassy girl and one of the most well-liked of the group. She teases every of her friends, but in a nice way. Robin also knows various forms of hand to hand combat and has a rivalry with Emily due to her similar sassy personality. Unknown to the others, Robin is secretly lesbian and has a crush on Lydia, but fears to come out. Her fears will have to set aside, however, as the horrors begin.
LYDIA CHASE (18): Lydia is a generally quiet girl who likes studying math and having some fun on her own. Secretly like Robin, a reason why she is quiet is because she is afraid of people knowing she is a lesbian. Lydia and Robin had no involvement in the prank that lead to Hannah and Beth disappearing. When the horror begins, Lydia views herself as vulnerable and is desperate for help, doing as much as she can to survive.
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JESSICA RILEY (19): Jessica is a typical provocative young woman, who is quite brash in personality and dreams of being a model. She is typically laid back, flirty and playful, constantly giving nicknames and acting immature. Being a jock, Mike doesn't really mind and dates her, and both are genuinely in love. When the night of horrors begins, however, Jessica is immediately sent plunging into danger.
Anthony Bishop (Chris)
RONALD MILLER (18): Ronald is the "horror whiz" of the group and the kind of person that likes to have fun, similar to Theon. He's also very creative and known for pulling quite a list of pranks in school alongside Chris. Neither he nor Chris were involved on the prank that led to Ronald and Hannah disappearing, however, and know better than to do pranks with Josh. What Ronald ends up getting involved in, however, is far more than a simple prank.
Teenage Nancy
HANNAH WASHINGTON (18): Alongside Beth and Josh, Hannah is one of three children in the Washington family. Hannah had a massive crush on Mike around the time of the prank, even though at that time, he was dating Emily. Hannah also had a butterfly tattoo, and has social and anxiety problems. She disappeared after the prank a year ago along with Beth and was presumed dead. However, who's to say they'll stay buried?
Beth Greene
BETH WASHINGTON (17): Alongside Hannah and Josh, Beth is one of three children in the Washington family, being the youngest. Beth was the most caring about her siblings, constantly trying to help Hannah with her social problems. Josh loved her just as much as he loved Hannah. Beth disappeared along with Hannah following the prank one year ago, and both are presumed dead. However, who's to stay they will say buried?

The Adults

PHIL COULSON (53): One of two security guards hired by the Washington family overseeing the reunion. Coulson and Garrett have been working for the Washington family for a long time, and have both been impacted by Hannah and Beth's disappearances. Despite this, Coulson has a humorous side with him, often making witty remarks, and he and Garrett care greatly about the kids. Coulson secretly hopes that maybe he can find some answers, but will the answers be what he wants?
JOHN GARRETT (55): One of two security guards hired by the Washington family overseeing the reunion. Garrett and Coulson have been best friends, and know the Washington family very well, having been working for them for a long time. Garett and Coulson care greatly about the kids, but also want to have a little fun themselves, thinking they can handle whatever comes. They couldn't be more wrong. Though Coulson wants answers about Hannah and Beth, both will focus on the present.
THE STRANGER (??): A mysterious masked stranger that is lurking throughout the mountain and observing our main characters in the first half of the story. He is armed with a flamethrower and initially appears to be dangerous, but it becomes clear that there is more to this mysterious observer than the typical "Oh I just wanna kill you all" motivations. The Stranger becomes more important as the situation grows ever more deadlier.

The Antagonists

THE GHOST (??): One of the main antagonists of the story alongside the Psycho. Ghostface is the smarter and agile killer of the two, being the brains behind their operation at Blackwood Mountain. Prompted by a mysterious client, the Ghost and the Psycho stalk the teens during their gathering. The Ghost specializes in knives and strategy. However, a major complication arises that neither them nor the teenagers could have possibly imagined.
THE PSYCHO (??): One of the main antagonists of the story alongside the Ghost. The Psycho is the muscular and stronger killer of the two, being the muscle being their operation at Blackwood Mountain. Prompted by a mysterious client, the Ghost and the Psycho stalk the teens during their gathering. The Psycho specializes in close combat and firearms. However, a major complication arises that neither the killers nor the teenagers could have seen coming.
Question Mark Face
THE HIDDEN (??): The secret hidden antagonist(s) of the story. A dark figure that occasionally pops up to stir up trouble, huge trouble. There are often strange noises heard when this figure appears, and one thing becomes clear quickly: the Hidden is not with either of the killers, and is in fact far more dangerous than either of them. The Hidden play a more prominent role in the second half, and when they do come, everything else will seem like child's play.

Chapter Summaries

Prologue: One Year Ago

We witness the prank that started it all, and the disappearance of the Washington Sisters.

Chapter 1: Arrival in Blackwood

Josh invites his friends for a reunion at the Blackwood lodge, and they all make their way there through a cable car system. The clumsiness of two people lead to tension, however.

Chapter 2: Tension

As tensions between the ladies grow within the lodge,, two new enemies arrive to prepare for their night of terror, and Josh seeks closure with his sisters' pranksters.

Chapter 3: Remorse

Two couples split from the main group to have some alone time, leaving some pranks and bonding going on at the main lodge. The Ghost and the Psycho prepare to make their move.

Chapter 4: The Storm

With Coulson and Garrett distracted with the two couples, the Ghost and Psycho make their move against the main group. Meanwhile, the Hidden also bursts into action, resulting in a kidnapping.

Chapter 5: Life or Death?

After finally introducing himself to the group, the Ghost forces Chris to make an impossible choice in a life or death situation. Meanwhile, a boyfriend teams up with an ally to attempt to save the Hidden's victim.

Chapter 6: Ladies Night

The Psycho makes his first major move in the game and messes around with three characters. Later, most of the others team up and determine their next move.

Chapter 7: No Escape

Desperate to protect the teenagers, Coulson leads efforts to either escape, get help, or both. Meanwhile, clues about the Stranger are found.


Prologue: One Year Ago

We open on Blackwood Mountain, aka Mount Washington. The story zooms through the woods of Mountain, and we can clearly see it is winter time. There is snow falling, but it’s not a full-blown storm though. We are viewing the entrance and the back part of the lodge. A few seconds later, we see BETH WASHINGTON looking out a window, as if sight-seeing a little. There’s apparently nobody else in the room except her. Beth apparently notices this something and leans forward, trying to see what it is.

However, an unknown figure is seen outside the lodge while holding a machete. He looks at the lodge, then at his machete, and shakes his head, muttering “Useless” before leaving to go grab something else. Beth appears to notice the stranger and is visibly confused, as her father told them it would just be them this weekend. She goes to a table, where she finds her brother JOSH, and his friends CHRIS HARTLEY and RONALD MILLER, who are all passed out from getting drunk too much. Beth tries to wake Josh up.

Meanwhile, a short distance away from the lodge, we see some two more of the group: LYDIA CHASE and ROBIN WILLIAMS. Robin and Lydia have their winter suits on and are outside the lodge, having a snowball fight. Lydia admits to Robin that she’s never really had a snowball fight before. Robin says it’ll be fun, and throws a snowball at Lydia while she’s not looking. Lydia goes “Ooohhh, you’re gonna get it now!” Robin laughs as Lydia chases her, throwing snowballs. The two are oblivious of what’s happening.

Back inside the lodge, in the main dining room, we see the rest of the friends gathered: MIKE MONROE, SAM GIDDINGS, THEON DUNHILL, ASHLEY BROWN, EMILY DAVIS and JESSICA RILEY. While Jessica puts a note down on the table, an annoyed Sam asks why they are “doing this” again. Emily, who is Mike’s girlfriend (Her relationship with Theon doesn’t happen until AFTER the prologue), groans, annoyed at having to repeat it. Theon just sums it up with one sentence and says that Emily is jealous of Hannah’s crush on Mike, since Emily is dating him, so Emily seeks to play a prank on Hannah.

Sam says while she understands Emily feels a need to be the “Queen Bee” around here, what she’s doing is cruel. An arrogant Emily rebuffs Sam’s advice and Jessica says the note is all set. Jessica tells Sam to calm down, saying Hannah “has it coming” and she’s just “looking out for my girl Emily” Sam disagrees and splits off from the rest of the group. While getting into position, Emily comments that Mike is “my man” to which Mike responds he’s not anybody’s man. Emily just rolls her eyes at him. Sam stands around for a few moments before deciding she can’t let this happen and decides to warn Hannah.

Upstairs, in a bedroom, Emily and Jessica hide under the bed, Theon hides in a closet, Ashley goes under aa small table, and Mike stands in the middle of the room, waiting for Hannah. As Hannah arrives and enters the room, Beth and Sam separately look around, and Beth finds the note Jessica left. The note is tricking Hannah it’s from Mike, saying that Hannah looks “damn hot” in that sweater, and proposing she come and find up upstairs in the bedroom. Beth quickly realizes that Hannah is being tricked and knows how badly she could react to this.

Back in the bedroom, Hannah believes it’s just her and Mike, the boy she’s been crushing on. After the closing the door behind her, Hannah asks Mike what he wants to do. Mike just shrugs, saying they can start “making out” and see where it goes from there. He’s being seductive as he’s saying this. To Mike’s surprise, he sees that Hannah is actually starting to remove her shirt. Upon seeing this, Jessica can’t hold it in and laughs, exposing the group’s position. Everyone comes out of their hiding spots, just as Sam bursts in to warn Hannah.

Theon is shocked that Hannah really was going to have sex with Mike. Hannah is confused and asks what’s happening, and Emily laughs at her for falling for the prank, telling her Mike isn’t interested in her, ever. Humiliated and feeling betrayed, Hannah runs off. Theon looks at Emily and says it was supposed to be a simple tease, not tricking her into thinking about actual sex. Emily ignores him, believing the prank went perfectly. Sam calls the group “jerks” and goes after Hannah.

Back downstairs, Beth is trying to wake up Josh about what she saw outside, but he won’t wake up. However, once Beth sees Hannah leaving the lodge, crying, Beth goes to the door and meets the others. Beth demands that they tell her what happened. Mike tells her that it wasn't serious, and they were "just messing around," but Beth reminds the group that Hannah has social problems and often gets anxiety, so of course she was going to have an abnormal reaction to whatever they just did. Beth then goes after Hannah in the snow.

When Mike, who feels a little guilty, asks if they should go after her, Sam replies that Mike is the last person Hannah wants to see right now. Ashley says hopefully they’ll be back soon, and she’ll go try and wake up Chris, Josh and Ronald. Theon also leaves to get Robin and Lydia. Back in the woods, Beth goes off to find Hannah, knowing she can’t be far. After noticing some birds flying away, Beth goes into their direction. Then, out of the corner of her left eye, she notices a heed of deer, running away. Beth ignores it, intent on finding Hannah.

Beth continues following the footprints of Hannah, and she activates her cellphone to get some light (as it’s nighttime). As Beth gets close, she notices some flames spewing out to her left. It’s far away, and there’s a shriek coming from that direction. Since the shriek doesn’t sound like Hannah, Beth hastily goes in the opposite direction of it and finds Hannah, who is crying next to a tree. She laments that she’s such an idiot just as Beth finds and embraces her sister. Beth, seeing that Hannah is cold, removes her coat and gives it to Hannah, who stands up and takes her coat.

The view then switches into a predator-like vision, who sights Hannah and Beth's heat signatures. Just as Beth and Hannah try to go back to the lodge, they are spotted by their watcher (who we will call “The Hidden”). Beth and Hannah immediately panic upon seeing the hidden and sprint away as fast as they can, and the Hidden pursues them. While running, Beth trips over a rock and drops her cell phone and has no time to get it back. Beth and Hannah (who doesn't have her own phone with her) keep running until they reach a cliff dead end.

Both hold each other's hands and move backward from the thing that is coming for them at the cliff dead end. The view switches to the predator-like vision, still got the sight of the preys' movements. Hannah panics and takes too many steps backwards while holding Beth’s hand, causing both to fall over the ledge. Beth is hanging onto a branch with one hand, while hanging onto Hannah with her other. Both are panicking. Just then, another burst of flames spews out above the cliff right where they were standing.

The Stranger from before, revealed to be wearing a handkerchief and goggles over his face, kneels and stares at the two damsels in distress. He reaches out with his hand, as if he’s trying to help them. At this point, there are only three options for Beth to do: Let go of the branch and fall, drop her sister so she can use her other hand to grab onto the Stranger’s, or do nothing. Hannah is begging for help, and ultimately Beth cannot bring herself to let go. Eventually, Beth loses her grip, and the Stranger watches with an unknown expression as the girls fall.

As Beth falls, her back slams against the edge of a rock, practically ensuring her death. Hannah’s leg also impacts the end of a rock as well as her head. Their fall ultimately leads into some underground minds, and Beth tumbles down into the mines and her corpse lands right next to her sister's body. Both Hannah and Beth stare unresponsively at the camera. Back atop the cliff, the Stranger assumes both are dead and walks away. We cut to one more shot of Hannah and Beth’s bodies before we cut to black.

Chapter 1: Arrival in Blackwood

We open up on year later on a bus traveling through wintertime. In one of the seats, we find Sam travelling and listening to a radio report. The local Sheriff, Anne Marsh, is talking about the investigation concerning the disappearances of Hannah and Beth Washington to a radio host. Sheriff Marsh calls the event a “tragedy” and mentions that a thorough search of Blackwood Mountain was ordered and enacted. The only thing that was found was Beth’s cell phone (which she dropped during the chase in the prologue), and that had no information to her whereabouts.

Sheriff Marsh mentions that there was one person of interest, but his whereabouts are currently unknown, although they have an “interesting history” with the Washington family. Marsh also reveals the person of interest had warned the Washingtons against construction in Blackwood Mountain, claiming the land was “sacred” When the radio host suggests searching in the old Sanatorium, which has (supposedly) been lying abandoned in the Mountain for years, Marsh replies that they actually did try searching there and failed. The radio host thanks the Sheriff for the interview and the broadcast ends. Sam sighs, wondering if by some miracle, they can find Hannah and Beth in her weekend. She then proceeds to rewatch a video Josh had sent his friends, inviting them for a reunion at Blackwood Mountain. Josh is recording inside the lodge, and he looks both nervous and excited to be doing this. He does a little speech.

JOSH: Well, hello friends and fans. It’s beyond awesome to have you all back this year. Um, first off, I am super excited to welcome you guys back to my Blackwood Winter getaway. (throws his arms up in excitement, then stops). Um…let’s address the elephant in the room for a second. It’s no secret I haven’t been the same since a year ago. I know you’re all worried about me and it’ll be tough on all of us to go back. I just want you all to know that I means so much to me that we’re doing this…and (hesitates) it would mean so much to Hannah and Beth if we do this. I really just want to spend some quality time with each of you and have some moments we’ll never forgot. For the sake of my sisters, you know?

Josh has a moment of silence but grows energetic and ends the recording by telling his friends to party and make this a trip we’ll never forget. Sam then closes her phone. Later, the bus stops in front of the gate entering Blackwood Mountain. There’s a note on the gate which says to keep following the path, and it’ll lead to the Cable Car station so they can get to the lodge. Sam walks through the woods (aka Blackwood pines) and follows the path. Sam encounters a small squirrel and find it adorable. She kneels down and feeds it some nuts, keeping still so that it isn't scared off. Sam prides herself on feeding the cute animal.

Sam then resumes walking and soon find the Cable Car station. She finds Chris, who is sitting on a bench waiting for the Cable Car to come down. He and Sam greet each other, and Chris he’s found something “amazing” that Sam has to see, which turns out to be a shooting range. When Sam asks why there is a shooting range here, Chris replies that Josh’s uncle “thinks he’s like Grizzly Adams for something” Chris asks if Sam wants to try shooting, but she declines. He decides to pass some time waiting for the Cable Car (which is very slow) by shooting some bottles and some bags hanging from trees as target practice.

Chris accurately shoots bags three times, but misses twice on bottles, which are on tree stumps. Sam dismisses it as “beginner’s luck”, prompting Chris to focus on the bottles. Suddenly, while Chris is shooting, the same squirrel that Sam saw earlier goes up on a tree stump, sitting next to a bottle. Chris can’t see it’s a squirrel, since the tree stump is a distance away. Sam does and tries to tell Chris, but Chris shoots the squirrel, killing it with an accurate headshot.

Sam then gets mad at Chris for shooting the squirrel, especially seeing it’s mutilated face. Chris expresses regret after seeing what he’s done and admits he should have been more careful, saying he will next time. The act causes nature to be disturbed and therefore, as Sam expresses disbelief at what Chris had just done, a crow suddenly attacks her and scratches her face just above her right eye, landing a mark on her forehead. The bird then flies off after Chris swats it away with the rifle. Sam groans, saying this mountain is already creeping her out and mother nature gets angry easily here.

Chris says he’ll get her some bandages when they get to the lodge. Sam and Chris continue towards the cable car station only to find it locked. Chris tells Sam that Josh wanted to keep it locked because one time, people were found sleeping in it. He then unlocks the door. Sam and Chris go around the station find a wanted poster, for a man named Victor Milgram, who wasn’t been seen for a year and two months. Chris says the place is abandoned for most of the year anyway, so they’ll be fine.

Afterwards, the Cable Car arrives, and Sam and Chris go in and wait to get the other side. They talk about how excited Josh has been for this reunion and Sam expresses concern that maybe something is wrong with Josh. Chris dismisses it, believing this reunion will help him get closure and pointing out he’s been going to a therapist since the incident a year ago. Sam then asks about Ashley. Chris admits that he hasn’t been making a move on her yet, and he’s trying to figure out when exactly is the right time.

Sam jokes that Chris’ crush on Ashley has been so obvious that Ashley’s probably figured it out by now. She admits that she doesn’t date any boys (at least not yet) so she doesn’t have much advice for him. On the other side, Jessica and PHIL COULSON, an adult, are waiting. Jessica asks how “badass” Coulson thinks he is, for a security guard. Coulson says he’s “more” than a security guard, and he’s been working for the Washingtons for years. He says no way is what happening to Hannah and Beth repeating.

When Jessica brings up that security guards are pretty much always doomed to die in horror, Coulson retorts how much the blond girls die too in films, but he’s got a soft spot for kids. He then changes the subject and says that Jessica can just call him “Phil”, that’s what his friends do. Suddenly, they notice the cable car coming up, but it won’t open for Sam and Chris. Sam asks for Jessica and Coulson to open it, and Jessica asks “What’s the magic word?” Sam says “pretty please” and Jessica still doesn’t open, playing with them. Coulson does it instead.

Coulson shakes Sam and Chris’ hand, explaining he and Jessica are here to make sure everyone gets to the lodge okay, since his partner, JOHN GARRETT, is at the lodge. He says Garrett will “slap him silly” if they got lost, and Jessica laughs, saying she’d love to see that. Coulson just laughs it off, but then notices the cuts on Sam's forehead and asks what happened. Chris admits he accidently shot a squirrel and a crow attacked Sam as a result. Jessica calls that instant karma. Coulson says it's good he did it by accident, because if it did on purpose, this conversation "may have gone a different way"

He says it as if he's trying to intimidate Chris, but then just smiles it off. Sam and Chris just smile back nervously. Coulson steps away and says he'll let the three friends talk it over. Jessica, Chris and Sam talk and find out that Jessica has gotten together with Mike. Jessica calls Emily “a loud-mouth” and says it no wonder she left him. Chris thinks to himself that sometimes he can’t tell if Emily or Jessica are bigger loud-mouths. Coulson escorts Chris and Sam the lodge after their talk.

Further ahead, Theon (who is now Emily’s boyfriend) and Emily are walking, and Emily complains about how cold the mountain is even though she is wearing her winter coat. Theon, who is carrying their luggage, says that so far, Emily’s complaints are as rapid as ever. They cross a bridge to get to the lodge. As they reach the end of the bridge, Mike jumps down at them, causing them to jump back in fear. Mike starts laughing at successfully scaring his friends. Emily calls Mike a jerk, and Mike says that it’s so spooky in the woods that he couldn’t resist doing it.

Theon admits it was funny, but Emily is not amused. Emily asks if the boys are going to make it, and Mike jokes that they totally are. After Mike leaves, Emily tells Theon she needs to talk to Sam before getting to the lodge and asks Theon to carry the luggage. Theon questions going back, though Emily does point out she’ll run into “Poolsin” if she does. After correcting that the man’s name is “Coulson”, Theon takes the luggage to the lodge. On the way, Theon notices Ashley, who is looking out with her binoculars.

She moves the binoculars and sees that instead of meeting Sam, Emily and Mike are meeting up and hugging, in a way that Ashley describes as “Not in the friendzone” Theon arrives and puts down his luggage. Curious, he asks what Ashley is looking at. Ashley says there’s nothing interesting, but Theon wants to use it to look around, liking sightseeing. He uses the binoculars and sees Mike and Emily hugging. Ashley, who expected Theon to get disturbed or mad seeing this, sees he is calm. He admits that he knows Emily misses dating Mike, but he broke up her and is confident they are just friends.

Ashley says she’s been wondering for a while and asks how Theon can stand Emily. Theon says Emily has had massive regret in her since the prank and she has potential to be a good person. She just needs someone to help her. He asks for help in carrying the luggage, and the two head back to the lodge. Back at the cable car station, Jessica is sitting down on the bench when a snowball comes flying at her. The thrower is Mike, who does a cowboy expression telling Jessica she’s under arrest. Jessica laughs at him and does an innocent girl expression before picking up a snowball.

Mike and Jessica enter a very fun snowball fight (similar to Lydia and Robin, only more is shown). They hit each other a few times and laugh, getting competitive and calling each other names. Eventually, the crow that attacked Sam earlier shows up. It’s a little injured after Chris swatted it off and takes a rest atop a table, between Mike and Jessica. Jessica throws a snowball at Mike, but it accidently hits the crow and kills it. It’s body crumbles to the ground, and Jessica looks a little upset about what she did.

While looking at the bird, Mike disappears. As Jessica looks around, Mike jumps on her and they go the ground. Mike’s face is inches above the laughing Jessica, is now forgetting all about the bird. Mike calls Jessica “Ms. Jessica the Snowball Queen” and Jessica calls that “vaguely dirty” The couple then start kissing, and its more passionate and intense until Jessica tells him to save some for later, before Mike starts hearing some creaking. Killing the crow causes nature to once again be disturbed and therefore, as Mike says he hears creaking, an icicle hanging from a branch directly above them breaks off and falls.

Jessica sees this and pushes Mike out of the way just in time, so they both dodge the icicle. Both express shock and surprise at their near-death situation. Jessica notes that they really need to stop harming nature or this is going to come back and bite them again, mentioning Sam's attack by the crow earlier. Creeped out, he and Jessica decide to head back to the lodge (Watch this to see the snowball fight: As they leave, we see that the cable car is transporting two more people up, though we don't see who they are, and we cut to black.

Chapter 2: Tension

We pick up right after the last chapter ended, and the cable car transports to people up into the mountain. The two get out of the cable car and are seen to be costumed. The first one is wearing a black costume and a white ghostly-pale mask and is referred to as THE GHOST. The second wears a mask and a thick stuffed suit. The mask resembles a skull-like style, designed with a pair of thin black eyebrows, with 2 circle-shaped jade-black spiked side cracks (for sight) and a nose crack placement (for breathing). As for the mouth design, it shows the whole light bubblegum-pink gums with yellowish-white "rotten" styled teeth. We call this person THE PSYCHO. The Ghost and Psycho nod and walk into the woods.

Back at the lodge, at this point, everyone has arrived. Outside, Josh, Ronald (who arrived off-screen), Chris, Ashley, Sam and Theon are all gathered up outside, with Jessica also just arriving. They are being watched over by the other security guard, John Garrett, and Theon introduces his friends to him. Garrett says any friend of the Washingtons is a friend of his. Theon asks how long he’s been at this for. Garrett says it’s been a few years, but he’s got all experience he needs, and won’t let anything happen to the kids.

Chris asks if there any cell phone towers up here, to which Josh and Garrett sarcastically tell Chris that if he gives them a million bucks, they’ll have it built. Chris says he just left it in his other jacket, and the group shares a laugh. Suddenly, Robin and Lydia (who also arrived off-screen) walk in, and Robin reveals she has a one-million-dollar bill with her. Josh sees it and believes it’s actually real. Robin then reveals it’s a fake and holds up a “You Suck” sign, with 4 tally marks so far. Josh says one day, he’s going to get a trillion tally marks on that the "you rule" side of that chart.

After entering the lodge, Ronald and Chris ask Josh if he is sure he is okay. They begin to talk about how Josh’s feelings when spiraling out of control after Hannah and Beth’s disappearances, but Josh says he’s moving on. He then tells Chris and Ronald he wants to have a “little talk, one at a time” with everyone involved in the prank. Not wanting to have this talk right now, Josh asks about Ashley. Chris says he’s working on it. Ronald tells him “Come on man! No parents around here! This is the most perfect, ripe scenario in the history of history!”

Josh says Ashley always seemed like a “sleeper hit” to him, someone just waiting for someone to pop in. Chris replies that Ashley’s a pretty innocent girl. Josh shrugs, saying looks can be deceiving. Josh calls Chris “a hunter” and tells him to swoop in for the kill, no fear, no mercy, assuring it will work. Meanwhile, Theon, Jessica, Ronald, Garrett, Ashley, Sam, Robin and Lydia go inside the lodge. It’s a little cold, so Garrett turns up the heat. Garrett says he’s going to wait outside for Coulson to bring the others over, so if anybody needs him, just shout.

After he leaves, Josh and Chris rejoin the group and ask how they wanna kick this off. Sam and Robin smile at each other, saying they still have their bet. When Lydia asks what the bet was again, Josh and Ronald become so excited, and Sam and Robin are going to have a brawl. When Theon reminds Josh that he made a HUGE deal out of not getting in any fights, he explains this is a for fun and not violent fight, kinda like a training thing. It’s partly because Sam is going into a tournament in a few weeks.

Thus, Sam asked Robin if they could have a fun practice brawl and they agreed. Sam admits that she admires Robin. Sam and Robin smile at each other. Lydia looks worried, as if she’s going through emotions seeing the respect Robin has for Sam. Josh asks everyone to place in 10 dollars to bet on who will win. The money goes to the winner. Ronald, Josh, and Chris bet on Sam to win while Lydia, Theon and Ashley bet on Robin to win. Josh says it’s going to be very satisfying to tally mark Robin on her own “You Suck” chart when she loses.

Robin tells Josh there’s no way in hell she’s letting that happen. Sam and Robin remove their shoes and socks while Theon and Chris roll down a training mat for them to fight on. Josh says there are only two rules for this: no hits to the face and you must pin down your opponent for three seconds in order to win, or the opponent must forfeit. Sam wishes Robin good luck, before saying she won’t hold her punches. Robin just smiles at her and places her feet into a fighting stance.

Chris starts eating popcorn, and shares with Ronald and Josh. Lydia, Theon and Ashley sit together and watch as the brawl begins. Robin throws a few kicks at Sam, who blocks them. Sam throws a couple of punches and does hit Robin’s arm once. Sam and Robin are having lots of fun with this, but Robin notices that Lydia is acting nervous. Sam lands another punch while this happens. Robin does a leg sweep on Sam to knock her down and begins to pin her down.

Josh shouts “One…Two...Thr-“ before Sam is able to throw Robin off. Robin and Sam continue fighting, with Sam resorting to kicks now and Robin throwing punches. Sam eventually tackles Robin and tries to pin her. Lydia is standing up with her eyes wide. Everyone notices her concern, and Robin uses her feet to kick Sam off. She jumps on Sam, and the ladies roll around briefly before Robin pins Sam down again, and Theon counts to three seconds, meaning Robin has won.

Ronald, Josh and Chris groan at losing the bet and give Robin the money they owe for her winning the fight. Ashley, Theon and Lydia congratulate Robin on her victory. Sam and Robin fist bump, acknowledging that the fight was great and well-fought. Outside, Garrett sees Coulson returning with Emily and Mike. After the kids go inside, Coulson stands next to Garrett and fist-bumps him. Coulson says he’s been waiting for this day for a long time. It’s clear both feel guilty over not being there for Hannah and Beth. Garrett assures Coulson, saying they both got loaded guns, tazers, and everything else security guards need.

Inside, Josh tells Jessica and Mike (who are the first ones inside) that they just missed the fight of a lifetime, and Robin won. Mike says that means he just saved himself 10 dollars (he would have betted Sam to win), while Jessica teases him she would have picked Robin. He and Jessica sit on a couch and start kissing, at which point Emily walks in. She immediately starts insulting Jessica after seeing the kissing, asking Jessica if she is trying to swallow Mike’s face whole. Theon stands up and walks towards Emily.

Jessica says that “poor Em” is just bitter she didn’t make it with Mike, and Emily calls Jessica a cow, even after Jessica reminds her that she won this year’s homecoming. Theon tries to defuse the situation, but Jessica calls Theon “a dumb oaf” and tells him to stay out of it. They continue insulting each other, with Emily says she’s an honor role, telling Jessica to “suck on that when you’re trying to sleep your way into a job” Ronald thinks to himself that he's seen a lot of girl fights, but this makes the top 3 in vicious insults easily. Jessica says that "this bitch (Emily) is on crack or something".

Theon again tries to tell both ladies to mind their own business, but Jessica tells Theon he’s the one who needs to mind it. Emily says, “I’m about to right up in your business bitch” and Jessica says she’s down to get real. It looks like Emily and Jessica are about to start fighting. Josh shouts at them to stop and this is not what he wanted, or why they came here. He says that the timing of this is going to make his announcement very weird. Josh announces that he wants to have some one on one time with everyone that participated in the prank, to gets some closure (click here to see the Jessica/Emily fight

When asked by Mike why Josh didn’t just talk to them about it in the whole year of time he had, Chris speaks up for Josh, saying he’s been mentally traumatized since then to the point he couldn’t and he needed to have to prepare for it. Josh thanks Chris for defending him, and Emily and Jessica aren’t arguing anymore, just looking at Josh. Josh says he doesn’t want to wait any longer and wants to get it down with now. He asks who wants to go first. Theon volunteers. He and Josh leave into the basement so they can talk privately, and we cut to black.

Josh and Theon are in the basement, talking. After admitting he’s glad he averted a real fight, Josh tells Theon to say what he’s been feeling, and just be honest about it. Theon admits that during the prank, he didn’t know it was going to go so far, and he assumed that if Hannah ran away, it would just be into another room in the lodge, not outside. Theon says he didn’t know much about Hannah’s anxiety and apologizes for his part, admitting he has always felt ashamed. Josh gives him a hug and accepts his apology.

He and Theon go upstairs, and Josh asks for the next volunteer. Ashley goes next, and Josh and her talk in the basement. Ashley tells Josh she didn’t participate much in the prank and she wasn’t informed of the details until they were actually doing it. She admits that it was wrong to prank Hannah like that, but Emily kinda bullied her into doing (not so much bullying, she just insisted on it). Ashley says she still wants to be friends with Josh and came to help him find closure. Josh and Ashley hug and he accepts her apology. Josh, however, does ask her about Chris.

When Ashley asks what about Chris he wants to know, Josh asks if she’s “seen the way he looks at her” Ashley looks around nervously, and Josh can tell that she knows that he’s talking about. Ashley eventually does admit she knows he has some kind of crush on her. Josh says it’s up to her, but he hopes that Ashley returns his feelings, if not now, maybe later. Ashley and Josh go back upstairs, and Josh asks for the next volunteer. Jessica goes up next and she and Josh go into the basement. Josh that says that fight was totally immature and almost ruined his plans for tonight.

Jessica doesn’t apologize for it, saying Emily started it (which is true). Josh shakes his head and says they aren’t here to talk about that. Jessica takes a breath and asks if nobody else can here this. Josh nods. Jessica admits that she felt what she did was right and pranking Hannah was a good choice. Josh asks how she can possibly think that. Jessica says she was looking out for Emily and thought Hannah was more mischievous than she looked, as Emily made a huge deal out of her crush on Mike.

However, that changed after Hannah disappeared. Jessica admits that it seemed like a regular prank at the time to her, but Jessica would never prank someone innocent and with anxiety problems such as Hannah. Jessica hesitates, but she does say “I’m sorry, and I really should have acted better that day” Josh doesn’t hug her but accepts her apology. They go back upstairs, and Josh asks for the next volunteer. Mike goes up and he and Josh get into the basement. Josh crosses his arms and says he knows Mike was the central part of the scheme. Mike admits a year ago, he was a jerk and he did some bad things with Emily.

He admits to knowing Hannah had some anxiety problems from all the times she’s talked to him, but not to the extent where she would run out to the woods, as he assumed she would just go to a bedroom or something. When Josh says that he’s told his friends about Hannah’s anxiety before, Mike admits that he was the type of person who just ignores that kind of warnings. However, Mike claims to not be that person anymore, or at least he’s toned down from it. He says he’ll say “sorry” as many times Josh wants to hear it. Josh asks why he went along with the prank even though he knew of Hannah’s anxiety.

Mike explains that nobody, not even Josh or Beth, could have predicted it would lead to what happened a year ago. Josh decides that it a fair point, and Mike insists he wants what’s best for his friends, apologizing for his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend’s behavior. Eventually, Josh accepts his apology and puts his hand on Mike’s shoulder, no hugging though. They go back upstairs, and that leaves the last pranker, and the mastermind behind the prank that lead to his sisters’ disappearance: Emily. Emily goes with Josh and they look at each other silently before the screen cuts to black.

Chapter 3: Remorse

Eventually, Josh speaks up. He asks what Emily was thinking in starting that fight with Jessica. Emily says she couldn’t stand to see Jessica taking him and mentions she was trying to take Mike back earlier (as Ashley saw earlier) but he refused. She was just so angry she had to start that fight. Josh says Theon’s been telling him how Emily has always verbally lashed out at people for minor things, but he has insisted she’s a good person. Josh asks how they know that’s true. Emily shakes her head and admits she’s been telling herself Theon is wrong, she’s not, and she should just accept it.

But then Theon persisted, insisted that despite everything, Emily is still a human being who just needs some empathy and to understand how other people feel. She recalls 2 months after Hannah and Beth’s disappearance, both were officially presumed dead and a funeral was held. We cut to a flashback to the day of Hannah’s funeral, which Josh refused to attend (partly because his parents feared he would have nightmares, and also because Josh believed they were still alive somewhere). It’s a very somber scene.

Flowers are put onto Hannah and Beth’s coffins and they are lowered into their graves, without their bodies. Emily and the rest of the teens are there and watching. The Washington matriarch, Melinda, goes up and tears up while giving a speech about how innocent Hannah and Beth were. She says that she wishes they could just pop out right now and she and their father could hug them tightly. Melinda laments on how parents should never lose a child. While watching this, Emily’s expression on her face lowers and she begins leaving. Theon notices and follows her.

Theon goes after Emily and catches up with her as she is exiting the courtyard. Emily won’t look at him and says that she’s fine, even though he didn’t ask. Theon says he knows Emily by now and that she isn’t fine. He asks her to look at him. She doesn’t, and Theon insists that Emily stop hiding and there’s no reason to. Emily does turn around and there are tears on her cheeks. She shakes her head, saying she shouldn’t be crying. Theon says she has every reason to cry and it’s okay to let emotions out like this.

Emily shakes her head, rapidly muttering “No, no, no”. She says Theon should just leave him and refuses to accept his pity. Theon replies that “everyone deserves a chance” and insists that Emily stop hiding. She shakes her head and tries to glare at him, but it’s a very soft glare. He holds his hands out and asks Emily if she thinks Hannah and Beth deserved to die. Emily says they didn’t and she didn’t mean for it to happen. Theon tells her that if she’s sorry and didn’t want it to happen, then she can change.

He wraps his arms around her and starts to pull her into a hug. Emily is shocked that Theon is actually doing this for her and doesn’t know how to feel. Eventually, she just cries into his chest and Theon lets it happen, keeping his arms wrapped around her. In the present, after Emily finishes the story, Josh says that Emily has always felt the need to lash out at people even despite there’s no need to, and that caused the prank. Emily just nods quietly, admitting that she is sorry and is trying to get better.

When Josh retorts that it doesn’t look like that, Emily admits again she’s bitter that Mike chose to break up with for Jessica, which happened a couple of months ago. Josh admits that to be fair Jessica is a loud-mouth and they both have a brief laugh over it. Eventually, Emily just comes out with and admits the main reason she even went on this trip was because Theon convinced her, and she just wants to get some closure on Hannah and Beth. Josh says he’ll tell her what. If she doesn’t almost ruin the getaway weekend again, he’ll forgive her, and they can put this behind them. Emily and Josh handshake.

They go back upstairs and Josh thanks everyone for letting him to talk to them. Josh asks Mike and Jessica if they wanna have some private time in the guest cabin tonight and then come back in the morning. Jessica asks about the guest cabin, and Mike tells Jessica trust him, saying it’s the most romantic coziest place she’s ever going to set foot in (Josh told him all about it earlier). When they walk out the door, Josh goes after them. He says “Hey models! You forgot the keys!” and throws them the guest keys, which Mike catches.

Coulson and Garrett notice the couple and ask where they are going. After explaining they are going to the guest cabin, which Mike notes is about as far away as the cable car, Garrett offers to go with, but Mike and Jessica want some privacy. Garrett proposes a compromise: he goes to check on them later just to make sure they made it and then he’ll leave them alone until the morning. Jessica calls Garrett “snoopy” and notes he and Coulson are more sociable than normal bodyguards. Nevetheless, they agree.

Meanwhile, back in the lodge, Emily notices that her bag isn’t around and asks Theon where it is, leading Theon to realize he left it at the Cable Car station (he was carrying the other luggage, so he forgot about Emily’s personal bag). Emily and Theon decide to go back and get it, and Josh tells them to talk to Coulson and Garrett before they leave. When Emily and Theon do talk to them, Coulson reminds them of how far away the Cable Car is and decides to come with them. He says he’ll be a few steps back, so they’ll be able to talk without him hearing.

Emily says she doesn’t need an adult watching over them, but Theon insists it will be fine, and the trio leave. Meanwhile, back inside the lodge, Sam and Robin talk about their match, and Lydia joins the discussion. Sam says the only reason Robin won is because her head still hurts from that crow attack earlier, rubbing her wound, which has been bandaged. Robin goes “Yeah, right” and they have a laugh. Robin then thanks Lydia for cheering her on and says she noticed she got really worried when she almost lost. Lydia, after stammering nervously a bit, tells Robin she “likes her” but immediately facepalms.

Sam and Robin give curious glances, and Lydia says what she meant to say was that she thinks Robin deserved to win. Lydia aadmits she would have lost that fight in seconds, 5 at best. Sam says that Lydia and Robin have been pretty close since they first met and asks how that came to happen. Robin remembers that Lydia was being picked on because of how “weak” she was viewed in school. Robin ended up breaking a bully’s nose after discovering one of those interactions. Robin mentions that “Got detention. Don’t regret it one bit”

Sam and Lydia are both clearly impressed with Robin’s sassiness and courage to help others out. Both consider themselves fortunate to be friends with her. Eventually, Josh comes up and tells the ladies that the baths are all set up if they want. Sam and Robin decide to do it, feeling they could use a nice warm shower. As they go up the stairs, Josh informs them that all the towers have been laced with adhesive, a sticky substance that allows towels to stay on.

He laughs as he recalls testing it out and he managed to run through the whole lodge without the towel falling off. Sam and Robin take note before going upstairs for separate baths (there is more than one bathroom here). This leaves only Josh, Lydia, Chris and Ashley in the room. Josh sits down with them and admits the conversations he had with the pranksters went very well, including with Ashley. Before he can continue, Sam and Robin (still in their clothes) come back downstairs.

They say that there is no hot water, and Josh deduces that something must be wrong with the boiler. He decides to go down there to fix it and asks if anyone else wants to come. Sam says she’ll go, and Lydia decides to come with them. Josh, Lydia and Sam go downstairs to fix the boiler, closing the door behind them, and after they leave, Robin notices that Ronald is strangely absent. Chris just gives her a wink, which makes Robin and Ashley raise an eyebrow.

In the basement, Lydia comments on how creepy this looks, to which Josh replies that it isn’t a place someone wants to be down alone in. While Josh begins to work, Sam notices a wooden baseball bat and asks if Josh is planning on baseball in the winter. Josh explains it was previously used for the Washington family vacations during the summer for baseball games before his father got too busy to play with him. Lydia says she loves playing baseball. Josh replies after the vacation, they could do some games.

Josh says they gotta increase the water pressure before they get the boiler fired up and gives some instructions to Lydia. She successfully increases the water pressure, and Josh gets the boiler fired up while Sam uses a flashlight to help Josh see what he’s doing. The trio then decide to start talking about Chris’ crush on Ashley and debate whether he’ll make a move. However, this information is new to Lydia (she’s not that much of a gossiper). They continue discussing until they hear a small bang near a corner.

When Lydia asks what that was, Josh says it may have just been a pipe or something. Sam walks over to check it out until THE GHOST suddenly appears, his arms raised and looking extremely hostile. Lydia and Josh panic and run off, with Sam quickly joining them. During the chase, Sam knocks over an object to trip the Ghost, which briefly works before he gets back up. He resumes running after them, also removing his mask in the process. Eventually, Lydia, Josh and Sam reach a dead end with the Ghost in front of them. Lydia is the most terrified and begs to the Ghost to stop. Josh looks extremely confused, saying "Not now!" to the Ghost.

Just then, the Ghost laughs, and all three recognize the voice. The Ghost removes the hood to reveal he is RONALD, who laughs at them and says “You just got GHOSTED!” Chris walks in and high fives Ronald for a job well done. Lydia shouts that was not funny. Chris and Ronald reveal that Ronald found a Ghostface costume in here earlier and Ronald decided to use it. Josh’s eyes are still wide seeing Ronald has the costume. When an angry Sam asks why Ronald would do that, he says there’s “all this awesome movie crap” down here that he just couldn’t resist doing it. When Sam asks if Josh was in on this, Josh asks “W-Where did you get that costume?”

Ronald says he just found it hanging over by a corner, with some kind of “Creepy white mask with a big mouth” Josh frantically asks Ronald to give him the costume and mask. Ronald takes off the costume and gives it to Josh, who calms down and admits that was an awesome prank. He high fives Chris, admitting he wishes he was in on this. After heading back upstairs, Josh says “Come on Sam, you totally pissed yourself” Sam responds by holding up the middle finger at him, which Robin (who is upstairs) smiles at.

Sam and Robin go back up for their baths while Chris, Ronald and Josh congratulate each other for a job well done. Before Robin leaves, she tells Chris, Ronald and Josh they better not get Lydia involved in another prank while she’s gone. The boys look at Lydia, who is calming down but admits she was “terrified” of the Ghost. Josh says he’ll “dispose” of this costume and goes back to the basement, running rather quickly. Once there, he drops off the costume and mask, saying to himself “Damn, at least Ronald didn’t see you know who”

As Josh goes back to upstairs, a hand picks up the mask and costume. The unknown person dresses up, becoming the Ghost (the REAL Ghost) once more. The Ghost turns around and sees the psycho, and it’s clear that they somehow have access to the lodge. The Psycho comments that thanks to their client, they were able to get in without Garrett or Coulson noticing (since Coulson is out). He asks the Ghost if it’s time yet. The Ghost says almost but not quite yet. The Psycho says the group is as separated as it’s going to be, and they should strike now.

The Ghost turns to face the Psycho and reminds him that he is the brains behind this operation, not the Psycho. The Ghost adds that the Client may have told them to do it, but he's deciding how exactly this is going to go. He reminds the Psycho how he had to “bust his ass out of that police station” a year back. The Psycho says he was just caught off-guard when the police caught him that time, but the Ghost won’t hear it. He tells the Psycho to follow the rules, and the Psycho grudgingly goes along with it. We then cut to black.

Chapter 4: The Storm

We open with Coulson, Emily and Theon leaving the lodge to go back to the cable car station and get their bag. Since it’s a long walk, Coulson’s coming with them, though he’s behind a bit. Emily comments to Theon how Coulson is “breathing down their necks” Coulson shouts from behind he heard that, and he’s nowhere near their necks. They then come upon the same place Ashley was using the binoculars earlier, and Coulson asks them to stop so he can use it shout ahead, just in case. Emily asks Coulson if he’s trying to find “cannibalistic animals or some shit” out there.

Coulson sarcastically laughs at Emily’s joke before telling her he and Garrett are far too determined to repeat what happened to Hannah and Beth not to look through these binoculars. While Coulson is looking, Emily thanks Theon for coming and admits she can be a little “high maintenance” Theon asks how the talk with Josh went, and Emily says she told him about their scene in the funeral. Theon says it was the right thing to do and asks her to “start over” this weekend, meaning no fights and just let the others have a good time. Emily replies she’ll try her best.

Coulson determines the way is clear and the trio moves forward again. They keep going, only to stop again and comment on how pretty the scenery is. Emily and Theon flirt a bit, and Emily starts clearing snow off a picnic table. Emily visibly panics when he does this and tries to persuade him to go somewhere else. Theon, however, finishes clearing off the snow and sees the words “Theon x Em” carved onto the picnic table.

Emily says that was meant to be a surprise for the next morning, when the two had a private picnic together, but is still kinda glad Theon found it. They share a kiss, to which Coulson minds his own business and mainly looks around for anything bad. The trio resume walking again, and Theon questions what's in the bag they're getting, and Emily flippantly says that it contains her underwear. When asked why she didn’t mention it earlier, Emily replies “woah, Nellie, I didn’t realize it was so important too you” and laughs. Theon stammers a bit, embarrassed, but ultimately laughs with her.

After walking some more, Emily, Coulson and Theon encounter a giant totem pole, which Emily dares Theon to stick his hand into. Emily asks Coulson to come over, and Coulson tells her she probably shouldn’t touch it. He explains that a few decades back, this mountain was inhabited by a Native American tribe who were eventually forced out. They made a lot of totems which were rumored to be “cursed” Emily scoffs, saying she’s not going to get cursed by a totem pole. She sticks her hand inside the mouth, and then starts being sucked into it, screaming for help.

Theon rushes to investigate the threat from the other side of the totem and discovers that Emily is just sticking her hand through the other side as a prank. Coulson, on the other hand, did not even fall for it. Emily laughs at Theon and sticks her middle finger up at him, flipping him off. Theon just smiles. When asked by Emily why he didn’t fall for it, Coulson says Garrett screws with him all the time and he’s not that easy to fool. Suddenly, a loud screech is heard in the distance. Coulson puts his hand on his gun and notes that the screech does not sound human, at all.

Emily and Theon are a little worried, and Coulson recommends they resume going to the cable car. Emily, Theon and Coulson go down the path (away from the screech), with Coulson staying close now. Instead of the source of the screech, they find something else: a large severed pig’s head, mounted on top of a stick. Theon notes “that is definitely not a snowman” and Coulson realizes the pig’s head was NOT there before (while he was taking everyone from the cable car to the lodge as they arrived).

Emily notices a note taped to the stick, which reads “WELCOME BACK” in red, possibly in blood. Coulson reads the note and doesn’t like this at all. Theon presumes this to be a prank, but Coulson says this could be something more sinister. He recommends the group quicken their pace and get the backpack so they can get back to the lodge and tell Garrett about this. However, Emily decides she does not want the backpack anymore and wants to return to the lodge. Coulson and Theon agree and the group leaves, oblivious to a hidden camera in the pig’s mouth.

This camera leads to some kind of lair filled with operational cameras, in which the Ghost is. He tells the Psycho that they’re coming back, and they can start now. The Psycho goes “finally!” before leaving. Back at the lodge, Chris, Ashley, Josh and Ronald (Lydia went to bed, as she’s getting tired) are all gathered up in the main room. Ashley asks Josh what he wants to do, and Josh says he’s got tons of games planned for tonight. He ultimately decides that he wants to play hide and seek first (it might be a little childish, but they go along with what Josh wants).

Chris says Josh better not be hiding, and he’s the best at it (since this is his lodge and he’d know where to go), but Josh tells him to lighten up. Ronald suggests Ashley and Chris hide together and “have some…close time together” Ashley and Chris look at each other, then back at Ronald. Josh decides that he won’t be hiding, to be make it far, and instead will be searching. There are only two rules: you can’t go outside, and you cannot go in the basement. They agree, and Josh goes to a corner and starts counting.

Ronald goes upstairs and decides to hide out in a bedroom (not Lydia's). After opening and closing the door, Ronald tries to think of where exactly to hide and gets an idea about going under the bed. Out of nowhere, however, a hand grabs Ronald’s foot and drags him under the bed. Ronald screams for a second before suddenly going silent. We then cut to Ashley and Chris, who are debating about hiding together while Josh is counting. Chris wants to hide with Ashley while Ashley wants to mess around a bit and actually follow Josh around.

Chris realizes that would actually be funny and decides to let her do it, while he hides. He goes into a cabinet that looks too small for him, but he actually fits quite well, and closes the door. Ashley spies on Josh as he finishes counting. He looks around for a moment before cursing to himself and going into the basement. Ashley decides to follow him down there to see what’s up. Josh goes next to the boiler and says “Where are you? I need to talk to you! There’s been a change of plan!” Ashley decides to approach Josh and asks him what’s he doing, knowing he’s not supposed to look in the basement for them.

Josh turns pale when he sees her. He becomes hysterical, shouting “Get out! GET OUT!” Ashley is confused and trying to understand why he’s telling her this before THE GHOST pops out of nowhere behind Ashley and grabs her. While hiding in the cabinet upstairs, Chris hears Ashley (as well as Josh) scream and sees something is wrong. Out of concern, Chris gets out of the cabinet and heads toward the basement. Upon opening a door, Chris stands right in front of the Psycho, who punches Chris right in the face. Chris falls unconscious on the floor with the Psycho shaking his head at him.

Meanwhile, we see what Mike and Jessica have been up to since leaving the lodge. While heading to the guest cabin, Mike and Jessica talk about the latter’s fight with Emily, and Jessica believes Emily was being a bitch and hopes she is eaten by a bear. Mike calls being eaten by a bear very harsh, but agrees that Emily was in the wrong in starting that fight. He asks if they can just enjoy the weekend. Jessica kisses Mike and tells him when they’re in the guest cabin, he’ll have “MUCH more than enjoyment”

While walking, Mike gets spooked by a white bird that flies up towards his face and then goes upwards. Jessica smirks at him for getting scared. Mike, embarrassed, tries to defend himself, claiming he was just “answering it’s mating call. Got a lotta love to give” While following the path, they discover that a fallen tree is blocking it. Unable to get up or around it, the two find another path leading into a cave as a shortcut. Jessica falls into what turns out to be a small section of mines.

Mike asks if she’s fine, to which Jessica says she is and asks where the heck she is. Mike realizes that she fell into the Blackwood mines, which were closed down (he doesn’t know why or when, as he didn’t do much research, but we’ll know later) Mike can’t reach down to pull her up, so he jumps down with her to help find a way out. They notice a mining cart blocking the way, and push it forwards to clear the path and walking through to the other side. He comments that “when I imagined us grunting together, this is not what I imagined”

Soon, they encounter a small camp, with some candles and pictures on the walls. Mike notices a cigar on top of a barrel and sees that it was used…recently. As Mike wonders who was up here, Jessica sees some mysterious symbols up on the wall and says this place gives her the creeps. When they finally get out of the mines, Mike and Jessica find a sign that says “Cabin” much to their relief. En route, they see a small telescope on a ledge, which is pointed towards the cabin.

Jessica decides to take a look using the scope at the cabin. As she looks, a humanoid figure pops up near the cabin, but Jessica can’t tell what it is. The figure soon scampers off. Jessica remarks on how weird that was before they hear screeching, the same noise Coulson’s group heard. Mike shrugs it off as it being a squirrel or something, but we then see someone’s pov. The vision spots Jessica and Mike as big blue signatures, and the rest of the vision is orange, as if predator like.

As Mike and Jessica continue along, they hear a loud moan, then the slicing of flesh. A few seconds later, they encounter a dying deer, lying on the ground with its throat ripped open, covered in blood. Jessica is disgusted by the gore, and Mike can’t help but feel sorry for the poor animal. As it dies, Mike resolves to comfort the animal by telling it it’ll be all over soon and patting its head. Suddenly, the deer’s body is yanked away by an unseen assailant, and Jessica, thinking it’s a bear, screams at Mike to run.

They sprint away from the deer’s body and whatever killed it to the path towards lodge, jumping past a small gap along the way. The pov of the deer’s killer is shown again, and it’s the same one that tracked them earlier. We can tell it’s going after them, but isn’t rushing so it’s seen, as if it has enough intelligence to make them think it’s gone. Eventually, Mike and Jessica finally arrive at the lodge and slam the door behind them, making it to apparent safety. Jessica looks out the window and believes the “bear” is gone. Mike also points out there is a hunting rifle mounted on the wall.

Mike is relieved, knowing bears can’t open cabin doors, although Jessica claims to have seen bears open car doors on the internet. However, Jessica realizes that she dropped her phone during the chase and becomes agitated, because this is the fourth cell phone that she’s lost this year and her parents promised to make her buy a new phone if she lost it. She also complains about the atmosphere and how cold it is in here, so Mike turns on the fireplace, which gets Jessica more appreciative again. However, we see the vision of the unseen assailant walking up to the cabin.

Through the familiarity of its unique vision, we come to realize it is THE HIDDEN, the same attacker that killed Hannah and Beth, walking up to the cabin. As we hear heavy breathing from the Hidden, Jessica takes off her coat and begins to finally have her sexual fun with Mike she’s been wanting all night, though she’s not in her underwear yet. In the back of the cabin, a window is heard shattering. Taking a flashlight, Mike goes to check it out. He finds that a phone has been flung through the window there. Upon closer examination, he sees that it is Jessica’s and returns it to her.

Jess, believing this is some elaborate prank by the rest of their friends, storms outside at the cabin’s porch to yell at them. She shouts like a loud-mouth, bragging that they are going to have sex while the Hidden keeps watching. After slamming the door and facing Mike, Jessica scoffs off whoever did this as a “bitch” Suddenly, the glass on the door shatters as Jessica is violently pulled through by a then unknown force. Jessica screams as she is dragged out of sight in front of a completely horrified Mike.

We then cut to the mines, at the hideout where Mike and Jessica came across earlier. We see THE STRANGER, the one from Hannah and Beth’s death, there. He’s going outside and following some footprints. The Stranger wonders who was in his hideout. The footprints eventually lead him to the telescope Jessica used earlier with Mike. The Stranger uses the telescope and sees Jessica and Mike entering the guest cabin after their chase, realizing that there are teenagers in the mountain again.

However, the Stranger appears to actually recognize Jessica and Mike, despite (presumably) not meeting them face to face before. He kicks the snow in anger and curses profusely, shouting “Why…WHY would those IDIOTS come back after what happened last year!?!” After his tantrum, the Stranger calms himself down and says “There’s no time for this. I gotta find them, now” Upon hearing a scream, the Stranger uses the telescope again and sees Jessica being taken by the Hidden. The Stranger then runs off, and we cut to black.

Fun Facts


  • The plot of the story is heavily based on the game Until Dawn, which I found it be extremely good.
    • It won't be the exact same, with new characters and changed plot points.
  • There will be 30 chapters.
  • The first third will start slow, with the characters bonding and the readers getting to know them.
  • There is a secret client that hired the Psycho and the Ghost to kill the group.
    • The Client will be revealed in the middle, but there will be a plot twist when that happens.
  • The prank that the group played on Hannah and Beth ties into why the Ghost and the Psycho are attacking.
    • Jessica, Emily, Mike, Ashley, Theon, and Sam (although she backed out and tried to stop it) participated in the prank.
    • Josh, Chris, Robin, Lydia, and Ronald didn't participate in the prank.
  • The Ghost and the Psycho aren't named characters in the story, but still have some interesting background story.
    • The Client, on the other hand, is a named character.
  • The property on Blackwood Mountain was bought by the Washington family and the multistory lodge was built by them. Josh annually uses the Lodge as a getaway, usually during the winter.
    • The only reliable access to and out the mountain is by the use of a cable car that connects it to the lower ground level.
    • More history about the Mountain and how the Washingtons got it will be revealed.
  • Theon isn't Emily's boyfriend in the prologue, and at that time it is Mike. Theon gets together with Emily during the time jump after the prologue.

What Would Have Happened

  • I thought about keeping the only 8 main characters that were in the game, but I wanted to make it more like my own version by adding some new people, as well as to add some chemistry in the cast.


  • C = Chapter (Which chapter the death takes place)
  • SD = Story Death (Overall deaths in the story)
C SD Victim COD Killer
Prologue 1/2 Hannah and Beth Washington Fell off cliff The Hidden (indirectly)
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