Plot and Setting

Inspired from the game Red Dead Redemption 2, the story begins during 1899 in the Western United States. The Ghostface gang are a gang of criminals, dissidents and free-thinkers who have chosen to reject a corrupt system of power and live instead by their own code. Their motto is "We shoot fellers as need shooting, save fellers as need saving, and feed 'em as need feeding" As the price on their heads continues to grow, so does the struggle to remain free. With federal agents on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across America in order to survive. Season 1 focuses on introducing the gang after a failed heist in Sunderland results in the loss of their money and several members.


The Ghostface Gang

Main Members

DUTCH VAN DER LINDE (60): The leader of the Ghostface gang, sizable gang of outlaws and misfits. Dutch is Idealistic, anarchic, charismatic, well‐read, well‐ lived, and been living the outlaw life for 20 years. He treats his gang like family, especially his best friend Hosea and surrogate son Arthur, but after the failed heist at Sunderland results in the loss of their money stash, Dutch is under pressure to pick the gang up and recover from their loses.
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ARTHUR MORGAN (34) The most senior member of the gang other than Dutch and Hosea, and Dutch's left hand man. As a child, Arthur had been picked up by Dutch and saw him as a father figure, learning the ways of the Old West and embracing Dutch's view of a life free from modern civilization and its rules. He is arguably the toughest member of the gang, but after the failed heist in Sunderland, Arthur is forced to work harder than ever to protect the gang.
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JOHN MARSTON (35): A gunslinger and another senior member of the gang, and the lover of Abigail and father of Judith. Although he is extremely experienced, John is a flawed outlaw, not being able to swim, but still excellent with a gun. John and Abigail joined the Ghostface gang due to being outlaws and Dutch has vowed to protect their son. After the failed Sunderland heist, John goes missing while scouting for shelter.
HOSEA MATTHEWS (70): A master con artist, gentleman and thief, Hosea has been Dutch's closest friend and right‐hand man for over 20 years. Intelligent and quick‐witted, he can talk his way into, or out of, just about anything. Hosea acts as the voice of reason and brains for the gang, with Dutch always looking to him for advice. In the failed heist at Sunderland, Hosea lost his wife Bessie, and he mourns her loss while trying to get the gang back in shape.

Other Gunmen

MICAH BELL (30): A career criminal and hitman. Wild and unpredictable but he thrives for the action, especially using double-action revolvers. Micah has a poor relationship with most of the gang members, as he frequently antagonizes them and is the most immoral member, especially upsetting Hosea. However, Micah acts nice arounds Dutch, making himself able to stay with the gang. After the failed heist in Sunderland, he only worsens the mood.
JAVIER ESCUELLA (35): A former Mexican revolutionary, Javier immediately had a strong connection to Dutch’s ideals. Very committed, passionate and loyal to his friends. He's one of the nicest of the gang, but does not take any bullying, especially from Micah. Javier also has a love for music and likes to play his guitar. Javier's horse, nicknamed "Wille" was killed in the heist, and he struggles to keep his mood bright for his friends.
BILL WILLIAMSON (43): An ex‐soldier discharged from the army, (presumably) dishonorably. Hot-headed and often drunk, he tends to act first and think later but is tough, dedicated and always ready to fight. Although a senior member, Bill's recklessness, occasional rudeness, and lack of intelligence causes him to be labeled "the drunken fool", a nickname he dislikes. Nevertheless, Bill genuinely loves his brothers in arms, even if it is hard to see.
LENNY SUMMERS (19):The only African-American member of the gang, and the most recent member to join. Lenny has been on the run for murder since he was 15, and was adopted by the Ghostface gang a few months ago. Smart, educated, competent and ambitious, he is always ready to do his part, loving to live in a community where he is mostly judged for his ability not his appearance. After the failed Sunderland heist, Lenny becomes more eager to prove himself.
CHARLES SMITH (44): A relatively recent recruit to the gang, Charles is quiet and reserved, but extremely competent in everything he does and virtually unbeatable in a fight. A decent, honest man who also happens to be deadly. Charles is also a master hunter, having hunted many types of animals to collect food for the gang. He is also part native American, and his hunting skills will be very needed as the gang hides out.

The Ladies

ABIGAIL ROBETS (30): An orphan who grew up scraping out a living in dive bars and brothels in the West, Abigail is a strong, straight‐talking woman who has seen a lot of life and knows what it takes to survive against the odds. She is in love with John, and they had a daughter, Judith. She and her family joined the gang in exchange for Dutch promising to let them care for Judith. She is also friends with the rest of the ladies.
MARY-BETH GASKILL (28): A kind, good‐natured young woman, which makes her the perfect criminal. By the time people realize they’ve been duped, Mary‐Beth is already on her way home with the money. She's one of the least braver ladies, being scared of using a gun. Mary is also close to Arthur, often comforting him and the other gang members about their problems. After the failed Sunderland heist, Mary's comforting skills will have more experience.
TILLY JACKSON (30): An outlaw from the age of 12, Tilly ran with another gang before joining up with Dutch. Savvy, resilient and dependable, she can more than handle herself in a fight and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Tilly is considered the most useful out of all the ladies of the gang, and the "secret weapon" of the gang. Tilly especially forms bonds with Lenny and the other ladies and works on the morale of the gang.
KAREN JONES (37): A consummate scam artist and trigger woman who can drink pretty much anybody under the table. Bold and full of fun, she loves the outlaw life and wouldn’t have it any other way. Basically the "drunken harlot" of the gang, Karen is the least obedient of the ladies and constantly likes to slack off or mock the gang's leadership for fun, especially Pearson. She is also the girlfriend of Sean Macguire, who is missing since Sunderland.

Other Members

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GARFIELD "UNCLE" MILLER (60): An alcoholic and petty thief, Uncle is always being around when the whiskey is open and never around when there’s any work to be done. If he wasn’t so entertaining, Dutch would have cut him loose years ago for his laziness. Uncle constantly uses Lumbago (a condition that causes back pain) as an excuse for being lazy. Pearson forces him to work harder when the gang is on the run in Sunderland.
SIMON PEARSON (49): The camp's patriarch and the cook, Pearson was a former naval man and likes to constantly talk about his experiences, sometimes annoying his friends. Pearson is in charge of putting all non-gunmen to work, including the ladies, and ensuring the camp is in shape. He is a loud fat jolly degenerate who does not tolerate laziness. Without him, the camp would have been a pile of rubble a long time ago.
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LEOPOLD STRAUSS: Originally hailing from Austria, Herr Strauss (his nickname) is responsible for keeping the gang’s books and running their money sharking buisness, and keeps track of their loans. A serious, somewhat shifty and unemotional man, he has all the qualities a loan shark needs. He sends Arthur and others to do the muscle necessary to collect their debts. Recently, Strauss has been giving debts to poorer and more desperate people.
JUDITH MARSTON (7): Judith is the young daughter of Abigail Roberts and John Marston. Being so young, Judith is unaware of the dangerous and deadly life that her parents live and is kept completely out of the action. She mostly plays a minor role throughout the saga, being the innocent member of the gang. Abigail and John have made it clear to Dutch if anything happens to their daughter, they will leave the gang.
MAGGIE RHEE (25): Maggie is the widow of Glenn Rhee and the mother of Hershel Rhee. Her family was murdered by the O'Driscolls, and is taken into shelter by the Ghostface gang for as long as she needs. Maggie spends most of the season mourning her family and trying to figure out what to do with her life. She and Abigail especially bond, and by the end of the season, Maggie will decide what future she will take for herself.

Episode Summaires

Episode 1: Seeking Shelter

Fleeing from Sunderland, the Ghostface gang goes up the mountains of northern Ambario during a massive blizzard. With morale at an all-time low, Dutch, Arthur and Micah search for shelter and discover interests.

Episode 2: An Old Friend

With John missing, Javier and Arthur leave camp to search for him, and Arthur learns details about what exactly happened in Sunderland. Meanwhile, Charles and Karen go hunting for food.

Episode 3: Back on Track

Following their discovery, Dutch leads the gang on a mission to search for supplies, during which the expertise and strength of the Ghostface gang is really shown off. Afterwards, someone's backstory is revealed.

Episode 4: The Heist

With the gang ready to leave the mountains, Dutch leads a dangerous heist to gather up some money. Unknown to him, this leads to dire consequences.

Episode 5: New Grounds

With Cornwall’s train robbed, Dutch and the gang move over to Horseshoe Overlook, suggested by Hosea. Afterwards, Arthur takes some of them on a trip to a nearby town, Valentine.

Episode 6: Valentine’s Day

Charles, Bill, Javier, Abigail and Maggie all go over to Valentine to have some fun. This, however, instead ends up turning into trouble.

Episode 7: Ghostface at Work

After selling the Cornwall bonds, Hosea finds a new way of making money and brings Micah and Mary-Beth with him. Meanwhile, Dutch discovers a lead on a missing gang member’s whereabouts.

Episode 8: Paying a Social Call

After Kieran finally leaks some information, the gang follows his lead in hopes of confronting Colm and Hermione. Afterwards, Arthur collects another debt, which leads to consequences.


Episode 1: Seeking Shelter

We open on the mountains of northern Ambario, where there is a massive blizzard going on. There are four wagons, carrying members of the Ghostface gang, who are fleeing from the law following a failed heist in a town called Sunderland. The wagons are moving by horses (as cars haven’t been invented yet), and leading the first wagon are the gang’s leader, DUTCH VAN DER LINDE, and HOSEA MATTHEWS, Dutch’s best friend. Inside the third wagon, JAVIER ESCUELLA, a Mexican member, gets out and walks up to Dutch and Hosea. He informs them that Davey Callander, a gunman who was shot repeatedly in Sunderland, is dying and they need to find shelter soon.

Hosea asks how his wife Bessie is doing, to which Dutch and Javier are silent. Hosea has a brief flashback to Sunderland, where Bessie was shot and killed while fleeing on horseback with Hosea. He remains silent, sighing. Dutch puts his hand on his best friend’s shoulder, telling him to stay strong at least a little while long. Hosea understands and tells Javier that he sent gang members JOHN MARSTON, MICAH BELL, and CHARLES SMITH, a master hunter, to search for shelter.

At that moment, Charles returns on horseback and informs Dutch that he has found shelter at an old abandoned mining camp, not far from here. Upon hearing this, Dutch orders the wagons to move towards the mining camp, guided by Charles. After arriving at the camp, Dutch leads the gang into the biggest cabin there. BILL WILLIAMSON, a gunman, and ARTHUR MORGAN, lead enforcer and Dutch’s surrogate son, check if anyone is in there and find nobody. Dutch holds the door open for everyone and is the last person to enter.

Amongst the people there are John’s girlfriend ABIGAIL ROBERTS, their daughter JUDITH MARSTON, cook SIMON PEARSON, loan shark LEOPOLD STRUSS, old member GARFIELD “UNCLE” MILLER, and new member LENNY SUMMERS. Also, there are ladies KAREN JONES, MARY-BETH GASKILL, TILLY JACKSON. Once everyone’s inside, Charles and Bill retrieve the bodies of their dead gang members, including Davey. The other two are Susan Grimshaw, the camp matriarch, and Bessie.

Abigail takes a look and says that Davey is now dead. Dutch leans his head down for a moment, but stays strong. Dutch does a head count and sees that everyone except John and Micah are here, which worries Abigail and Judith. Also, two other gang members, Sean Macquire and Mac Callander (Davey’s brother), have been missing too. Pearson asks what do they do, as they have little supplies left. Dutch says that he and Arthur are going to look for John and Micah, and then gives a speech to his friends, whom he treats like family.

DUTCH: Listen. Now, we’ve had a bad couple of days. Terrible. I loved Davey. Susan, and nobody loved Bessie more than Hosea. Now, Sean and Mac, they may be okay, we don’t know. But we lost some folks. If I could…throw myself into the ground in their stead…(sighs) I’d do it, gladly. But, we’re gonna ride out, find John and Micah, and some food. We’re safe now, nobody’s going to follow us through a storm like this. As you know, we’ve been through worse than this. Pearson, I’m promoting you to the new camp boss, turn this place into a camp. NOW, all of you, get yourselves warm, bury our dead, stay strong. We ain’t done yet!

After this speech, Dutch and Arthur leave on horseback, taking lanterns so they can see, to find Micah and John. Arthur, who wasn’t present at Sunderland, asks what happened on “that boat” Dutch explains that they boat they were robbing had a LOT of money in it, but he had to leave it stashed away after the law caught on. He then proposes they focus on finding John and Micah, telling the rest later. They go through a blizzard, being careful not to go too far from camp. Arthur says he’s not sure what they will find out here.

Arthur laments over the deaths of Susan, Bessie and Davey, to which Dutch vows “He’s the last one, Arthur. NO MORE” Dutch and Arthur resume searching, eventually encountering Micah, who explains that he has found a small ranch near here ”blazing with light and noise”, suggesting there is a party going on. Dutch decides that this is a good opportunity to get food and heads for the ranch with Micah and Arthur. Arthur asks Micah if he’s seen John, to which he says no. Arthur thinks John will be fine, as things always go good for “that boy”

He then asks if Micah saw anyone else, to which Micah replies nobody is crazy enough to go in this blizzard except them. He then asks if everyone else is fine, and Dutch tells him about the mining camp. Micah makes a comment under his breath about the gang having “too much dead weight” which Arthur hears (but not Dutch). Before Arthur can retaliate, Micah spots the ranch up ahead. After dismounting and hitching their horses, Dutch lays out a plan: he approaches the owners and does the talking while Micah and Arthur hide, not wanting to be seen as too menacing.

Micah hides behind a wagon, while Arthur hides behind an old shed on the left. Dutch goes up to the front door and is confronted by five black uniformed people, who demand to know what Dutch is doing here. As Dutch asks for help, Micah notices something and gets Arthur’s attention. He informs him that there “some Chinese bastard dead” in the wagon, and that these people cannot be trusted. At that moment, one of the people recognizes Dutch and says “Hey, it’s Dutch Van Der Linde! Colm O’Driscoll is gonna-“ before getting gunned down by Micah, who uses dual revolvers.

A shootout quickly ensues, with the four men opening fire. A fifth man shoots from a window, but all five men are quickly and pretty easily dispatched by Micah, Arthur and Dutch. As the men lie dead, another one bursts in from an outhouse and shoots at Arthur. However, his shots accidently hit Arthur’s horse, killing it. This enrages Arthur, who rushes to the man, tackles him, and bashes him unconscious with his pistol. He then stomps on his throat to ensure the man is dead. Dutch realizes these men are the O’Driscoll boys, a rival gang whom the gang has been a feud with for several years.

Arthur goes over his horse, which has been shot in the head and dead already. Arthur pats his horse and says “Good boy…thank you” Dutch is silent for Arthur’s sake, but Micah looks annoyed that Arthur is taking time to mourn a simple horse, even though Arthur has owned it for years. Eventually, Arthur finishes mourning and goes to Dutch, who is shocked that the O’Driscoll boys are all the way out here, especially in this blizzard, having no idea why. Dutch also sees the corpse in the wagon, and tells Micah he’s Korean, not Chinese, to which Micah says “Whatever”

Dutch and Arthur then go inside the cabin, while Micah brings the horses closer to the house. Arthur notices a pool of blood, speculating this belongs to the body in the wagon (which was male), and a photograph, which reveals the man was married at some point, and has a young son. As he investigates, Dutch apologizes to Arthur about his horse dying, to which Arthur asks that they don’t talk about it right now and search for supplies, knowing it’s more important. Dutch and Arthur find a sizeable amount of food (in particular, canned food), blankets, medicine, and even some money.

As they loot the place, Dutch wonders why the O’Driscolls are here. Arthur speculates that maybe Colm O’Driscoll, their leader, is fleeing too, as the price on his head is nearly as big as Dutch’s, but doubts it. Eventually, the two finish looting and find Micah outside. Micah points to another corpse he found and tells them it looks like an 8 year old boy, with a bullet in his back. Dutch is furious at this, cursing the O’Driscolls for killing a young boy. Calming down, he instructs Arthur to search the barn near here, while Micah is sent back in the house in case anything was missed.

Arthur goes inside the barn and is ambushed by an O’Driscoll named Brian, whom he gets into a fistfight with and easily overpowers. Dutch investigates and asks Arthur to interrogate Brian, which he does. Arthur demands to know where Brian’s gang is and why the O’Driscolls are up here on the mountains. It takes multiple punches before Brian finally talks. Arthur and Dutch learn that Colm is planning to rob a train that is passing near here, and has stacks of dynamite stored in his camp for the job. Brian then gives up the camp’s location, at another old mining camp southwest of here, near the lake.

Arthur interrogates Brian some more, and learns that Hermione O’Driscoll, Colm’s wife and second leader of the gang, was here, but left about a half hour ago. Dutch says that’s a shame and tells Arthur to do whatever he wants to Brian. He begs to be spared, but Arthur, not in the mood for that, strangles Brian to death. Dutch then notices a fine horse locked up and suggests Arthur take it. He says that he’s not asking Arthur to just forget about his horse, but it could be very useful.

Arthur grumbles, reluctantly walking up to the horse and calming it. As Dutch goes to the house to check on Micah, Arthur pats the horse, calming it completely, and leads it to the house. After hitching the horse, Arthur hears a female scream shouting “GET AWAY FROM ME!” glass shattering, and Dutch shouting “MICAH! What the hell are you doing!?” Arthur rushes to the scene and finds that Micah is harassing a woman (who was hiding in the cellar) in a nightgown.

Arthur realizes that this is the wife from that photograph, and that the boy in the snow is their son. The woman is throwing glass at Micah, who laughs and calls her “a wild thing, ain’t ya, O’Driscoll bitch?” Dutch shouts that she isn’t an O’Driscoll and tries to calm them down. The Woman hits Micah with a glass, which causes him to flip a table over with a lantern on it, causing the house to catch on fire. Dutch nevertheless manages to calm down the woman and escorts her out of the house.

Feeling pity for her losses, Dutch offers to take her to camp and let her stay until she decides what she wants to do, which the Woman accepts. Micah is dismayed by this, but Arthur glares at him before he can protest. As the foursome leave on horseback and the ranch burns, Arthur asks what the woman’s name is, to which she replies “Maggie. Maggie Rhee” We then zoom on her husband’s corpse, revealing it to be Glenn Rhee, and the boy Hershel Rhee. As the house burns, we cut back to the Ghostface gang’s camp, where Pearson has set up some living requirements, and Lenny is keeping look out.

After seeing Dutch and the others, Lenny shouts they have returned. Dutch recaps what happened for everyone and orders them to take “this poor soul” (Maggie) inside to warm her up and comfort her, explaining that she’s a widow. Upon hearing she’s a widow, Hosea and Abigail quickly take her inside. Having not slept for three days, Dutch declares that he’s getting some rest and sends everyone off to sleep. Javier and Arthur go into their cabin to sleep, and Arthur tells Javier that his horse, which is named “Noah” got killed by the O’Driscolls.

When asked how he is feeling, Arthur replies “empty” and says he’s already exhausted by Bessie, Susan and Davey dying, and Sean, Mac and John are missing too (though he’s sure John is fine). He also tells him about the new horse, but he feels “empty” about using it right after Noah’s death. Javier sympathizes with Arthur, as his own horse, Donald, was killed in Sunderland. He advises Arthur to get some rest, as they will have tons of work to do tomorrow. Arthur agrees, but first asks Javier if he’s noticed Dutch is acting weird, Hosea gave him some warnings about the dangers of the Sunderland heist beforehand.

Javier, however, doesn’t want to talk about that and turns away on his bed. Arthur, depressed, takes out his journal, which he bought after his old one was destroyed in a fire, and looks back on a few entries. The previous entries reveal that Dutch had found some bank money being brought on a boat, around $150,000, and were planning to flee into desert country after a successful robbery. Of course, that went wrong and the course was changed. During the heist, Dutch ended up shooting a young girl (Arthur doesn’t know if it was an accident or not). He then focuses on writing today’s page, and we hear him as he writes.

ARTHUR’S JOURNAL: I am profoundly concerned as to what happens next, once we leave this place or the law finds us cowering up here. Found a girl, well a woman I should say. Maggie Rhee. Her husband and son had been murdered by some of Colm O’Driscoll’s boys, nasty business. Seems Colm has the same ideas as us too. He’s been hiding up here, scouting a train he wants to rob. Also, Pearson’s watching over the camp now, now that Grimshaw’s gone. And Hosea’s a wreck now. Whatever happens, I just hope we find Sean, Mac and John, and get out of here soon.

The scene then cuts to the mountains the next day, where a man is being chased by three wolves. The man is revealed to be John Marston, who became lost and separated from the gang while scouting ahead. Some ways back, we see John’s horse, bloodied and dead, mauled by the wolves. John is cursing and muttering to himself, and turns pale when he is cornered near an edge. With nowhere to go, John pulls out his gun and knife to make his stand. He starts firing as the wolves close in, and we cut to black.

Episode 2

We open on the next morning at the old mining camp, where most of the gang is working again. However, Uncle is still sleeping in bed and being lazy. Pearson goes up to Uncle and tells him that he needs to work. Uncle complains that he’s “got lumbago” to which Pearson replies, “You always got lumbago, Uncle” It’s clear that Uncle constantly uses lumbago as an excuse not to work. Pearson orders Uncle to work as everyone’s share is being increased due to the recent losses. Uncle complains, but reluctantly gets back to work.

Shortly after, Pearson goes to the cooking table and finds that they are low on supplies. He calls out for Charles and Karen, who come in. Pearson frets they are going to starve to death up here as they only have a few cans of food and a rabbit for around 12 people. Pearson then tries to tell a story of when he was in the navy, but Karen does not want to hear it (as Pearson has repeated it MANY times in the past). Pearson still mentions he and his crew were stranded for fifty days, but Karen just rolls her eyes.

Pearson gets to the point and says he wasn’t able to get any supplies in while fleeing Sunderland, to which Karen replies “Sometimes, when government agents are hunting you down, shopping trips are a NO” Karen then suggests that they eat Pearson since he’s the fatest. Pearson is in no mood for jokes and says he already sent Lenny and Bill hunting, and they found nothing. At this point, Charles speaks up and volunteers to go hunting, and Karen asks if she can join.

Pearson and Charles are surprised, but Karen says she’s not freezing to death here without hunting for the first time. Charles reluctantly decides to take her along and they ride out on horseback. He tells her that he’ll hunt down the animal, and if Karen wants, she can try using the bow and arrow. When asked why not just use a gun, Charles explains that the noise will scare off the prey and it keeps the animal in better condition this way. He agrees to teach her how to use it once they find some game.

Charles is silent for most of the ride, not being very sociable. Karen asks if he wants to talk about anything, but he’s not in the mood. Eventually, they come across come deer, sipping from the river. Charles gives her the bow and arrow says that they’ll take out one deer each, at each time. They approach the deer, and Charles and Karen take aim. Karen says she’s excited, but Charles hushes her as too much noise will scare them away, annoying her slightly.

He instructs her to draw the string back and aim for the head, and they’ll fire when the deer lift their heads. Karen and Charles aim, and Karen gives a nod to Charles, who whistles, causing the deer to lift their heads. Karen and Charles let loose their arrows, and both hit their mark. Karen is surprised she actually hit her deer, saying she’s used a gun, but never an arrow. They stow the deer on their horses and head back to camp. On the way back, Charles says he knew Karen would be good with that bow.

Karen suggests their luck is turning, and the two discuss how the gang is doing. Karen is confident that Dutch and Hosea have a plan, and Charles mentions that Maggie (the new girl) has a “wild look in her eyes” Karen says that if she had a family and someone murdered them, she’d be sticking her gun down the O’Driscoll’s throats. Charles then asks what’s the deal with them, as since he’s only been with the gang six months, he doesn’t know about them. Karen is surprised Charles doesn’t know.

She explains that Dutch and Colm used be partners, although very thin partners. Then, a few years back, Dutch got scammed and robbed by Colm’s brother, and Dutch shot and killed Colm’s brother for this. In retaliation, Colm murdered Dutch’s lover, Annabelle, and then “everything went to shit” as Karen puts it. Karen adds they’ve been scrapped over scores with them for years now, and Colm’s wife, Hermione O’Driscoll, also leads the gang. Charles suggests this rivalry should end soon, as they have more than enough enemies as it is, though Karen thinks they can take ‘em.

They then talk about Dutch, and Charles says he treats him far, as “For a feller whose father was black and mother was native American, that isn’t normally the case” Karen also asks what Charles thinks about Sean, to which Charles replies “You have a crush on him” Karen, embarrassed, says she does not. Charles goes “yeah right” and Karen just scoffs, saying it takes more than Sean Macquire to win Karen Jones over.

Upon returning to camp, Charles and Karen carry the dead deer to Pearson, who is shocked they managed to find game out in the snowy mountains. He gives them a drink, saying they deserve it, and then asks if Charles can help him with the skinning. Karen asks if they get to skin Pearson, to which he just laughs. After skinning the deer, Pearson judges they have enough meat to last them a few days. He then suggests that the pelts are really good, and they could sell these in town. Charles replies that he’s more focused on getting out of the mountain alive.

Meanwhile, Arthur goes over to the cabin where Hosea, Javier, and Abigail are talking. Abigail is concerned that John has not returned and thinks a search part should look for him. Arthur replies that he will be find and says “Your John may be dumb as rocks and dull as rusted iron, but he’s reliable” Abigail sarcastically says that makes her feel better. Hosea, understanding Abigail’s concern, asks Javier if he can ride out with Arthur and search for John.

Arthur asks if now is a good time, and Hosea points out that everyone is tense right now, and having one more gang member back will hopefully ease tensions. Arthur agrees and rides out with Javier (he’s using the horse from Maggie’s ranch and Javier is borrowing Hosea’s) to find John. The blizzard has slowed down and not as bad as before, but still bad. Sometime later, Javier and Arthur go up a river, John’s last known location. Arthur suggests that maybe he rode north and never looked back, saying “It wouldn’t be the first time”

Javier tells Arthur to focus and notices a camp. The two men investigate and deduce that the campfire here was recently extinguished, estimating that someone left about three hours ago. Javier finds some horse tracks, but Arthur says it could be anyone riding a horse. Javier replies it’s their only shot at finding him, and the two follow the trail. As they go on, Arthur asks Javier, who participated in the boat heist, what exactly happened in Sunderland. Javier explains that everything seemed to be going fine.

They were robbing the passengers, getting all the money, and leaving the boat when suddenly, the lawmen were everywhere. He describes the situation as “Damn crazy. Raining bullets. Everywhere” During the exchange, Dutch killed a girl in “a really bad way” Arthur is concerned, saying that isn’t like Dutch, but Javier points out they were in a really bad situation. As the trail leads up a snowy mountain, Javier adds that he’s surprised they even escaped at all.

Heading up the mountain, the horses become tired and the tracks become less noticeable, causing Javier and Arthur to consider leaving. However, they then spot the corpse of John’s horse in the distance, which Javier recognizes he stole from Blackwater while fleeing. To get his attention, Javier fires his gun in the air and faintly hears John crying out for help. Arthur and Javier, on thin ground, are forced to leave the horses and continue on foot to John’s location.

They are freezing, but will not give up on rescuing their comrade. When Arthur starts to have difficulty, he and Javier drink a bottle of Kentucky Bourton, a type of whisky, to gain energy. Eventually, John’s voice gets louder, and Javier and Arthur manage to locate him, sitting on a ledge and with two wolf corpses next to him (the third got tossed off the cliff). John is scratched up and bloodied, with scars across his face. Obviously, he narrowly survived his fight with the wolves.

John says “Never thought I’d say this, but good to see you Arthur Morgan” Arthur picks up John as he’s in no condition to walk and has to carry him back to the horses with Javier. On the way there, Arthur says John is in a sorry state, to which John admits he can’t argue with that. After making it to the horses, three wolves emerge from a ridge and howl at the trio. John is terrified and says they need to get out of here. Arthur and Javier quickly load John and ride away on horseback, pursued by the wolves.

Javier shouts that they need to lose them, and Arthur opens fire on the wolves. Due to being on a moving horse and moving targets, Arthur doesn’t have much luck, but eventually does kill one wolf. A second wolf almost reaches the horses, but Arthur manages to wound him. The wounded wolf does flee though, and the third wolf stops its pursuit. The three men are relieved and head back for camp.

On the way, Arthur suggests John come up with a better story for that scar, and John asks if freezing, starving, and being nearly eaten alive by wolves isn’t good enough. Arthur says that’s a good point, and the trio arrive back at camp, where Abigail and Hosea are eagerly there to greet John. They quickly take him inside in order to help and give him some rest, and Abigail repeatedly thanks Arthur and Javier. Arthur then addresses Hosea, who is with Strauss, and asks what their next move is.

Hosea says they can’t move until it thaws, so they can move the wagons. Also, he and Strauss explain that they plan to move east, but Arthur is against this, pointing out that this leads to more civilization. Strauss points out that they can’t go back west after all the mess the gang caused in Blackwater, and Arthur grudgingly goes along with this. Meanwhile, Karen is having girl talk with Tilly and Mary-Beth about how she went hunting with Charles.

Mary-Beth, who is reading a book, says that Charles creeps her out sometimes. Tilly says Charles isn’t a creep, he’s just one of those “silent but strong” types. She then suggests the one who creeps girls out is Micah. Mary-Beth and Karen immediately agree that Micah is the worst member of the gang, though Strauss can be creepy sometimes. Karen says she never thought she’d say this, but she misses Susan Grimshaw now. Tilly remembers the times Karen talked and joked about killing Grimshaw for making her work harder for being lazy.

Karen replies “You think I was joking?” before laughing and drinking. Mary-Beth says Grimshaw wasn’t all that bad, and remembers a time when Micah tried to flirt with her. In a flashback of about three months, in another camp, we see Grimshaw cleaning her shotgun, with Micah approaching her. She speaks in a creepy tone, saying “Something about you cleaning it gets me all hot and bothered” He leans in uncomfortably close, prompting Grimshaw to point her shotgun at him and say he won’t be charming her. Micah just chuckles and leaves.

In present day, Mary-Beth asks how Abigail and that girl from the ranch is doing. After reminding her that the girl’s name is Maggie Rhee, Tilly says that Maggie cried almost all night, and Abigail stayed with her to prevent her from completely breaking down. She adds that Maggie is calmer now, but she’ll be staying with the gang as long as she needs. Mary-Beth says that whenever the gang does really bad stuff, she reminds herself of the good they do, and this is something she likes to know. Tilly and Karen both silently agree about this, and we cut to black.

Episode 3

We open up at the next morning, when the gang are burying their dead. After they finish burying Bessie, Dutch asks Hosea if he wants to say a few words to her. Hosea explains that he wants to hold himself together until the gang is able to escape, but doesn’t know if he can hold it in. Dutch reminds Hosea that he felt something similar when Annabelle was murdered and says that if Hosea does this, he will feel better eventually. Hosea goes up to Bessie’s grave and thinks of a goodbye speech.

HOSEA: Um…hey, Bessie. I know I’ve buried our dead before but…um…I never imagined this. Me having to stand over you. I always thought it would…you know…(rubs his head) the other way around. Anyway, well, I’m going to be thinking about you. Every day when I wake up. (sniffles) It confuses me every day, why a sinner like me was given someone so beautiful, so loveable, to take care of and love. I just can’t figure out why someone would take you, instead of me. We’ve seen death many times these past few months, but…(sighs) sometimes the unfairness of it all confuses me. And…I…

Hosea can’t say anymore and sinks to his knees, crying. Dutch stands by his best friend’s side as he mourns his loss. A few hours later, Lenny, Arthur, Bill, Javier and Micah are gathered in one cabin, talking. Micah is mocking the others, saying he’s never seen so many long faces. When Lenny points out they just lost three gang members, Micah says there is too much “fuss” and when he falls, he doesn’t want too much of it. Lenny replies that when Micah falls, “there’ll be a party”

The other gang members laugh at this joke, and Bill is loudest, agreeing with Lenny. In response, Micah walks over to Bill and punches him in the face, knocking his hat off and prompting Bill to become enraged. Arthur, Lenny and Javier have to hold Bill back to prevent him from potentially murdering Micah, who says that he doesn’t like “being laughed at by the likes of you” Dutch bursts into the cabin and scolds the gang for their behavior, calling them fools for punching each other when “The O’Driscolls are the ones that need punching”

Dutch then explains to the gang that they are going to mount an assault on Colm and Hermione’s camp. When Arthur objects, saying that they only just got back on their feet, Dutch insists that the last thing they need is to get “bushwacked” by Colm and explains the reason they are going is to steal as many supplies as possible. Dutch calls out, asking who will come join him. Javier, Charles, Lenny, Arthur, Micah and Bill volunteer. When Dutch asks for anyone else, Tilly comes up.

Lenny and Charles are surprised by this, asking if that’s a good idea. Javier reveals that Tilly actually knows how to use a gun, and has actually saved his life once. Tilly corrects him, saying it was twice. She says that she’s no pushover, and she isn’t the typical housewife that needs to be watched over all the time. Javier, Charles, Lenny, Arthur, Micah, Bill, Tilly and Dutch get on their horses and ride to the O’Driscolls' camp.

As they ride, Micah asks Dutch if he’s considering robbing the train Brian mentioned Colm was planning to do (Dutch mentioned that to the gang). He adds that this may be a good way to get money, and Dutch is impressed by this idea, admitting he was initially only intent on stealing Colm’s supplies and killing his men. Bill says that for once, Micah is actually right. Dutch asks everyone else their opinion, and Lenny, being the newest recruit, asks if doing it in a blizzard is a great idea.

Tilly, however, points out that the blizzard is a lot calmer now and may soon go away entirely. Dutch says that he’ll think about it, and right now they should focus on hitting the O’Driscolls. Arthur says to follow the river southwest and they should find their camp. Eventually, Charles notices some horse tracks and they follow them. As they do so, Arthur says that Colm and Dutch’s feud needs to end, one way or another, as they have too much to worry about already, and Hosea agrees.

Dutch says that he can’t forgive or forget what Colm did to Annabelle. When Charles (being a recent member) asks what exactly happened to Annabelle, Dutch reveals that Colm had her eyes gouged out and her body was smuggled into his tent while the gang was sleeping, right beside Dutch. Charles is appalled by the brutality of this. When Arthur points out that Dutch started the rivalry by killing Colm’s brother, he replies “Hopefully, the bastards will be reunited soon enough”

Soon after, the gang finds Colm’s camp, down a hill. Arthur and Dutch go up to the edge and use their binoculars to get a closer look, see the layout of the camp. While checking it out, Arthur spots Colm O’Driscoll himself on a horse, talking to one of his men. Colm gets angry and slaps the man, who runs off. Dutch chuckles at this, before noticing that Colm is leaving with a good amount of his men. Dutch and Arthur go back to the others to tell them to sneak up to the camp.

Bill asks why not take out Colm first, and Dutch explains one of the lessons Hosea had taught him, which is “Revenge is a fool’s game”. Arthur agrees, saying it’s better to assault the camp with the least amount of men there. Dutch adds that their needs are supplies and equipment, saying anything else can wait. He and the gang split into three groups: Group 1 is Tilly, Micah, and Lenny. Group 2 is Bill and Javier and Charles, while Group 3 is Arthur and Dutch. The groups sneak down quietly into the camp.

On the way down, Group 2 finds one of Colm’s lookouts asleep and being lazy, enabling them to sneak in easily. Group 1 gets in smoothly as well, and they and Group 2 meet up below the main structure. Meanwhile, Group 3 has to wait for Colm’s men to walk away so they can advance to meet with the others. Micah says “Don’t make any noise niggers” Tilly is offended by this racist remark and slaps Micah across the face for it. Micah looks like he’s about to yell at her, but is forced to keep his voice to down to avoid detection.

Once able to, Group 3 sneaks their way towards the others. Dutch asks if everyone is ready, and for the first time, we see them put on their GHOSTFACE MASKS. Dutch, telling his gang to “Kill those bastards!”, fires the first shot, killing an O’Driscoll and starting a firefight. The Ghostfaces all spread out, taking strategic positions and cover to avoid gunfire from. The skill of the Ghostface gang is now really shown off here. At one point, Micah kills three O’Driscolls surrounding him in under 5 seconds with his dual revolvers, showing he’s capable.

As for Charles, he takes out an O’Driscoll standing on top of a tower with his bow and arrow. Dutch shouts that some O’Driscolls are firing from the cabins. Lenny and Tilly proceed to burst in one such cabin and gun down one O’Driscoll each, before being tackled by two. They then get into a fistfight with them. Lenny, being the youngest member of the gang, is just about even with his opponent. Tilly is surprising skilled in close combat and getting some good kicks to the face on her attacker.

She eventually knocks him out by punching his nose hard enough to break it and kneeing him in the face. Lenny, meanwhile, brawls with his O’Driscoll, Seamus, and both get good hits on each other. Seamus eventually has enough and pulls out his knife and tries to stab Lenny, who dodges and pulls out his own knife, stabbing Seamus in the throat and killing him. Lenny takes a breather, and Tilly says that was impressive.

Lenny says she’s talking to the wrong person in terms of impressive and asks how Tilly knew to fight like that. Tilly says she was self-trained, though it took her a long time and numerous hardships before she got good at it. They then rejoin the gunfight. The O’Driscolls are completely overwhelmed by the sheer skill off the gang and soon enough, most are killed, though a few run away. Dutch estimates that they killed about 30 of them and that’ll make Colm real pissed off.

Javier looks around and asks if Dutch recognizes any of them. This prompts Dutch to explain that Colm doesn’t care if his men are loyal or experts, but he focuses on the numbers. He adds that Colm “doesn’t give a damn” about his men in general, saying he prefers quantity over quality when it comes to recruitment, so as long as they shoot a gun, ride a horse, and don’t mind killing, they are in. Bill adds that Colm probably doesn’t even know the names of half his men. After confirming the camp is clear, Dutch orders the gang to strip the bodies and search everywhere for supplies.

While searching the main cabin, Lenny and Tilly find a big crate full of dynamite, which Dutch applauds them for and orders them to load the dynamite. Bill, Arthur strip the bodies and obtain various weapons and bullets, restocking the gang, while Charles loots a good amount of money, around $500. Also, Micah reports that he has found a map, detailing the travel of the train and Colm’s plan to rob it. He encourages Dutch to really stick it to Colm by robbing the train. Dutch examines the plans, revealing that train belongs to a Mr. Leviticus Cornwall, whom he doesn’t know.

He officially decides to rob the train when it comes around, which is tomorrow afternoon. Dutch and the gang then head back to camp, with Dutch praising them for easily defeating Colm’s gang, saying this is really going to hurt him. Arthur says that when they have John (who is still recovering), Mac and Sean back, then this gang is really going to be back up and running. On the way back to camp, Dutch and Arthur notice an O’Driscoll, revealed to the man Colm was talking and slapping earlier.

Charles suggests they bring him to camp alive, reasoning that he could be useful. Arthur agrees and rides towards the O’Driscoll, who panics and rides off on his horse. Arthur chases him down and shoots the man’s horse, killing it and causing him to fall off. Arthur then approaches the O’Driscoll, who cries and begs for mercy, but Arthur hogties him with his lasso and loads on his horse. Arthur asks for the man’s name, to which he replies is Kieran Duffy.

As Arthur rides back to camp, he mocks Kieran, who says he’s no use to them. Arthur tells Kieran to shut his mouth and he’ll shut it for him. Kieran instead cries and begs Arthur to have a heart. Arthur then threatens to break Kieran’s bones everytime he says a word. Kieran says “ok! Ok!” and Arthur replies “That’s two bones right there” After returning to the Ghostface gang’s camp, Arthur puts Kieran in front of Dutch, who “welcomes” Kieran to his new home and orders “the maggot” tied up, saying they’ll starve him a bit before interrogating him.

As he is taken away, Kieran says he isn’t an O’Driscoll and he doesn’t even like Colm but is ignored. Arthur says that this was definitely a great accomplishment but is slightly disappointed they missed out on Colm. Dutch replies there will be time enough for that later and decides to spend some time examining plans to rob the train tomorrow. Meanwhile, Lenny hangs out with the ladies and asks if they knew Tilly could fight like how he saw. Mary-Beth and Abigail say that they do, and Tilly really surprises them a lot.

Tilly says that Dutch labels her a “secret weapon” to which Lenny says that’s pretty accurate. He wishes that he could be one too. Tilly says that simply because Lenny is new doesn’t mean he’s bad. Lenny says it’s not really that he’s talking about, he means his skin color. Lenny then asks if he wants to hear a story. Tilly says she might relate and asks the girls sit in a campfire. Mary-Beth, Abigail, Tilly and Karen agree to listen to Lenny tell his story.

Lenny explains that his pa was really educated, after the Civil War ended, and he was the one who taught him how to read and write. He also taught him to judge people for who they are, not how they look. The one thing he couldn’t teach him was how to ignore those type of racist people. Lenny then reveals that one day, some racists drunks picked on his pa walking home. He says that they beat him, and then, he reveals (with some hesitation) that they killed him.

Lenny then says “So…I was fifteen at time. But…I stole a gun…and I shot em” The ladies are silent by Lenny’s tragic story, and he admits these killings caused to become a wanted man, and he ran away until Dutch found him and made him a Ghostface. Lenny adds that his pa actually wanted him to a lawyer and says “He couldn’t be more disappointed in me” Tilly comforts Lenny and says he wouldn’t be disappointed. She tells Lenny that his father would understand that Lenny is only trying to survive.

Tilly kisses Lenny on the cheek, which surprises him. He tells her that he’s grown to like the gang so far and really appreciates the love they’ve given him, which can be more than said for the rest of the world. Mary-Beth speaks up, saying that Lenny may be the youngest, but they learn a thing or two from him. Lenny smiles, now really happy about the love they are showing him. He laughs a bit, and the ladies proceed to laugh with him. Meanwhile, Arthur sits down and writes another entry in his journal, and we cut to black after we hear what he's writing.

ARTHUR'S JOURNAL: We grabbed one of Colm's boys, name's Kieran Duffy. Poor bastard hasn't spoken yet, but he will once we freeze him up a little, and then set Bill on him. Been a bad few weeks, but we're mostly still alive. Dutch being Dutch is making plans on figuring out just how we're going to survive. And, Dutch being Dutch, those plans will inevitably involve robbery and dreams. Micah suggested a train, but I for the life of me cannot remember the last time that bastard had a good idea.

Episode 4

We open up the next morning, with Dutch and Arthur checking up on John, whose head is wrapped with bandages and is resting in bed. John says that he owes Arthur for this, and Arthur says that just this one time, he’ll give him a freebie. Dutch says they’ll be leaving soon for the heist, but John wants to come. Dutch points out John is no condition for this and Arthur adds that Abigail will John if he leaves bed now.

Just then, Abigail and Judith come in. Judith looks concerned for her dad’s well-being, and Abigail asks if they can have some family time. Dutch and Arthur leave, and Abigail calls John an idiot. John asks if Abigail could come up with a new nickname, as whenever he almost dies or goes to jail, she slaps him and calls him an idiot, and it’s getting old. Judith (who is kept mostly a secret of her parents being outlaws) asks why John gets into trouble so often.

John lies, saying “the hunting trip” went wrong, but “Uncle Arthur” saved him. Abigail replies that the hunting trips should go less wrong. John asserts that he won’t leave the gang, and that Dutch, Arthur and everyone else are brothers to him. He then adds “Actually, scrap that, they ARE my brothers” Abigail then calls John “a silly man” to which he says that’s a good new nickname.

Outside, Dutch sends Bill ahead to the railroad tracks to set the charges at a water tower located next the railroad tracks, and the detonator ready. As Bill departs, Hosea asks what’s going on, and Arthur tells him about the heist. Hosea then becomes angry, revealing that Dutch told him that they were NOT doing it, which Arthur is surprised by. Dutch explains that when he told Hosea the idea, he rejected it. Hosea asserts that this was for solid reasons, as he’s heard of Leviticus Cornwall.

He explains that Cornwall is a wealthy railroad magnate, sugar dealer and an oil man. Hosea adds that this means he has tons of wealth and power, and he would be furious at whomever robs his wealth. Dutch just replies “Looks like he has enough to share” Hosea says that they were supposed to be lying low, considering the losses they just took, and now suddenly, Dutch wants to go rob a train. He then points that the weather has finally cleared up, and they should be leaving, not attracting more attention.

Arthur says he’ll support Dutch, whatever he chooses. Dutch defends his actions, explaining they will be funded again after robbing the train. He doesn’t let Hosea protest further, and shouts to the others that they are riding out now. Javier, Arthur, Lenny, Dutch, Micah and Charles ride out, and Dutch goes over the plan: the train will be coming north, by Big Valley, and they will pick it off after it crosses the border into the Grizzles West (a large area), where there is a raised spot that should give them the advantage.

Dutch assigns Charles as the lookout for the train and outriders, and after they stop the train, Dutch will take care of the driver and engineer. Lenny and Javier will take the front cars and deal with any cars, while Arthur and Micah will head to the back and enter Cornwall’s private care, which is where all the wealth is stored. Micah asks Arthur, who groans at being partnered with him, if he has a problem. Arthur says he won’t, if Micah keeps his head for once.

The two argue briefly, but Dutch angrily breaks it up and explains that after Bill blows the tracks, they need to move fast. After riding for a while, the gang exits the mountains, leaving the snowy environment, much to the pleasure of Javier (who was sick of the cold). Lenny expresses excitement for the task, as this is the biggest assignment he’s done with the gang. Dutch advises the young lad to stay calm and keep his sharp, and he’ll be fine.

Micah asks after this is done, they can go back to Blackwater and collect the stash they left behind. Charles groans (as Micah repeated the question before, many times), explaining it would be crazy to back now, as the town went on lockdown after they robbed that boat and there’s no way they can get it back anytime soon. Dutch says they’ll go back when he says so, and that’s the end of it. He then explains that their main goal is railroad bonds, which should be worth tons of money once they work out how to cash them.

The Ghostface gang arrives on a ridge, seeing Bill setting up the charges ahead. Arthur goes up to check on Bill, who says everything’s all set, and he’s waiting on the train. Charles goes up ahead to act as the lookout, and the gang puts their Ghostface masks on, ready to rob the train. Eventually, Charles signals, and the train arrives up ahead. Bill is ready to press the detonator, and when the train gets to him, he pushes it. However, something goes wrong, and dynamite does NOT go off. Therefore, the train passes by.

Dutch screams “Oh, you GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” Arthur sarcastically asks Dutch “Where did you find that moron (Bill)?” Lenny shouts they have to jump on the train, quickly. All of the gang members run to the ledge, and Arthur, Lenny and Javier manage to jump on time. Javier’s landing isn’t soft, and he isn’t able to stay on the train, falling off the side. Meanwhile, Lenny is clinging to the edges, but Arthur manages to pull him back up.

Arthur and Lenny rush to the engine car, as they know they need to stop the train, so the others can catch up and rob it with them. As they rush ahead, the duo is confronted by several guards stationed on the train. Arthur and Lenny open fire, and Arthur is easily able to dispatch five, although Lenny has a harder time. After killing the guards, Arthur is ambushed by the train engineer, who puts him in a headlock. Lenny shoots the engineer in the head, killing him and saving Arthur.

Arthur finally reaches the engine car and stops it, causing the train to come to a halt. As Lenny and Arthur take a breather, more guards come out of the train cars, forcing them to take cover. About 7 guards emerge at once and concentrate fire on the rock Lenny and Arthur are hiding behind. Lenny shouts, asking what they should do. Arthur shouts they need to hold on until the others can catch up. At one point, a shot grazes Lenny’s shoulder when he tries to fire on the guards.

He shouts that he understands now why the O’Driscolls brought so many boys up here for this. Eventually, the guards start to advance on Arthur and Lenny when the Ghostface gang catches up, catching the guards by surprise and gunning down all 7. With the guards dead, Lenny and Arthur emerge from cover and greet their friends. After reuniting with the others, Dutch explains there are some men hold up in the private car and shouts at them to come out, which they refuse.

Micah shouts, threatening to use dynamite to blow up the door if they don’t leave, adding that they just killed at least 12 guards. They don’t open up, so Dutch and his men repeatedly shoot the train car, upon which the men are frightened enough to open up. They come out with their hands up, surrendering. Bill holds them at gunpoint while Javier, Arthur and Micah search the train. Javier and Micah crack a safe, while Arthur loots.

He finds numerous platinum and gold watches, and some stacks of money. Micah and Javier crack the safe and open it, searching for the railroad bonds. They find some sugar imports and other things, but not the bonds. Eventually, Arthur looks in the main desk and finds the bonds himself. He exits and gives them to Dutch, who realizes these are bearer bonds and they can sell them easily. Dutch and his gang leave, except for Arthur, who is instructed by Dutch to decide the fates of the three surrendered men.

Arthur contemplates, as leaving them alive could risk telling folks of who they are. The men beg for mercy, saying they’ll do what he says. Arthur, ultimately not wanting to gun down unarmed and defenseless people (which would go against their ideals), orders them to get in the train car and not to move. After they go in, Arthur goes to the engine car and restarts the train, sending it moving again. He leaves the train, and heads back to camp on horseback.

Sometime later, we cut to the mansion of Leviticus Cornwall, where we see the wealthy magnate himself. Cornwall is an old man with receding gray hair and a beard. True to his status as business magnate, he is finely dressed. He is sorting out some papers on his desk when his secretary, Jansen, comes in. When Cornwall tells him he’s busy, Jansen informs him that the train passing through the Grizzles has been robbed. Cornwall is shocked and furious, demanding to know who did this.

Jansen gives Cornwall a newspaper, which he angrily grabs out of Jansen’s hands and reads an article telling what happened in the train robbery. His voice grows with anger and outrage as he reads the article aloud. He learns that the train was left riding at a high rate of speed, traveling north, until it was eventually stopped by a combined force of lawmen and engineers. Cornwall also sees that all of the guards were killed and the private car was looted of all valuables, including the railroad bonds.

An incensed and vengeful Cornwall tears up the article, shouting that those bonds were worth thousands. Jansen also says that the primary suspects are the Van Der Linde gang, as the survivors reported the outlaws looked like them. Cornwall, who has a personal dislike of outlaws, declares that he is sick and tired of people thinking they can simply overthrow their superiors. Cornwall tells Jansen to hire help to apprehend or kill Dutch Van Der Linde, but before we hear who he hires, we cut to black.

Fun Facts


  • There will be 6 seasons.
  • Pretty much all the characters and story is taken from Red Dead Redemption 2, my new and favorite game, which I have loved to play VERY much.
  • This may be the most outlandish story in all of our fanfactions, for several reasons.
    • The Ghostfaces are portrayed as the good guys, although that has happened before.
    • This takes place in 1899, the earliest a fanfiction has been set in.
    • There are nearly no teenagers or kids at all in this saga, except for Judith.
    • The police are actually the bad guys around this time, and are more competent.
  • The saga will have a pretty slow pacing at first, especially the first couple seasons.
    • This is because we are getting to know the characters and developing them.
  • Even though this isn't exactly a slasher story, here will be MANY deaths throughout the saga and by the end of it, many characters will be dead.
  • There will be 10 episodes or so.
  • Each gang member has a unique backstory that lead to them joining the gang, and they will be gradually revealed throughout the saga.
  • Although the ladies are not usually gunmen, they play various other roles, such as doing chores at camp, buying things, providing entertainment, and even being prostitutes (sometimes to rob drunken fools).
    • After the losses at Sunderland, the ladies start become more involved in dangerous activities to increase their workload.
  • The saga opens after a failed heist in Sunderland resulted in the deaths of three gang members and the disappearances of three.
    • The first casualty was Hosea's longtime wife, Bessie, which devastates him. The second was Susan Grimshaw, the matriarch of the camp (forcing Pearson to take her place). The third is Davey Calendar, one of their best gunmen.
    • The first casualty was Hosea's longtime wife, Bessie, which devastates him. The second was Susan Grimshaw, the matriarch of the camp (forcing Pearson to take her place). The third is Davey Calendar, one of their best gunmen.
    • The first missing member is John, who was separated while fleeing from Sunderland. The other two are Sean Macquire, a cocky Irish member of the gang, and Mac Callander, Davey's brother. Their fates will be revealed by the end of the season.
  • There will be absolutely NO hints on the body count on who dies when, to cause some more suspense.

What Would Have Happened

  • I was going to keep Susan Grimshaw in (she survived a while in the real game), but I had her killed in Sunderland as I had enough characters.
  • The widow found in episode 1 is named Sadie Adler in the game. I, however, replaced her as Maggie because I was disappointed at her limited tole in Walking Dead after Glenn died and Sadie reminded me of her.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer EP
1-6 O'Driscolls Gunned down Dutch Van Der Linde, Micah Bell and Arthur Morgan 1
7 Brian Strangled to death Arthur Morgan 1
8 Glenn Rhee Unknown Method The O'Driscoll Boys 1
9 Hershel Rhee Unknown Method The O'Driscoll Boys 1
10 Colm's brother (mentioned) Shot Dutch Van Der Linde 2
11 Annabelle (mentioned) Eyes gouged The O'Driscoll Boys 2
12 Seamus Stabbed in the throat Lenny Summers 3
X Dozens of O'Driscolls Gunned down The Ghostface gang 3
X Train Guards and an Engineer Gunned Down The Ghostface Gang 4