Plot and Setting

Over a year after the defeat of Noah Foster, Audrey Jensen and her friends are finishing high school and moving on to Lakewood University. However, certain loose ends have not yet been closed, and one comes back to haunt the Lakewood Seven. With the return of Brandonface, Audrey and her friends are forced to face revelations that had long been discarded, and face horror after horror as they slowly begin to die out.


Returning Characters

Audrey Jensen
AUDREY JENSEN (18): Audrey is the main final girl of the story and main female member of the Lakewood Seven. After defeating Noah Foster, Audrey has fully embraced her status as a final girl and taken martial arts lessons to prepare for Brandonface's return. She has also finally made a new girlfriend, Alicia Clark, but has never forgotten her losses. When Brandonface does finally return, Audrey faces even worse losses and challenges than before.

BROOKE MADDOX (18): Brooke is the secondary final girl and the secondary female member of the Lakewood Five. Since losing her father and boyfriend, Brooke has been seeing a therapist, Ronnie Richards, due to her PTSD resurfacing every now and then, especially recently. Her relationship with Gustavo has been booming, but all of her happiness is at risk due to the return of Brandonface, and if she wants to survive, Brooke will fight harder than ever.

HUNTER JENSEN (23): The main male lead of the story. Since his fight with Brandonface, Hunter has been disappointed in himself for failing to stop the killer and has signed up to the Lakewood Police Department, hoping to have more experience. He has also started a relationship with his partner, Kima Greggs. When Brandonface finally returns, Hunter will stop at nothing to ensure his family is safe.
GUSTAVO ACOSTA (18): The secondary male lead of the story. Brooke and Gustavo's relationship has been booming since Noah's defeat, although slowed down due to Brooke's trauma. He's learned how to shoot a gun more effectively after MUCH convincing from his father to let him practice, and is the last host left for the Morgue, which he has taken over. Gustavo will use all of his horror knowledge to survive not only Brandonface, but a stalker hellbent on "having" him.
MIGUEL ACOSTA (39): Since the events of last year, Miguel has been feeling guilt over not being able to stop Noah. During the time jump, he and Howard have been trying to find Brandon, but to no avail. Miguel has also been bonding with his son, approving of his relationship with Brooke. Brandonface's new killing spree and the sudden appearance of Troy will push Miguel and Howard to discover the truth of the 1994 murders and Brandonface's true motives.
Fiona Goode
MONICA MADDOX (47): Monica has decided not to remarry following the death of Quinn and focus instead on helping Brooke. Her PTSD has resurfaced recently, so Monica has decided to take her daughter to a therapist, Ronnie Richards, unaware of the horror she is unleashing on her daughter by doing so. She also becomes a target of Brandonface when he returns.
Audrey's Father
HOWARD JENSEN (41): During the time jump, Howard has managed to reconnect with his children and move on for good from Laura's death. He and Miguel have also been trying to track down Brandon, but to avail. However, their efforts are more successful at the return of Brandonface and subsequently Troy James. Howard and Miguel will dig deep in their mission to discover the truth of the 1994 murders and the true motives of Brandonface.
BRANDON JAMES (38): Brandon James is the assumed killer of the 1994 killing spree in Lakewood. After being shot, Brandon was rescued by Maggie and Miguel and went into hiding for 20 years. Now, with Brandonface's return, the mystery of Brandon James the truth about 1994 finally comes to an end. The time has, at long last, come for Brandon to make his comeback. Whether or not he is the killer, the truth will be revealed.

New Characters

ALICIA CLARK (19): Alicia is the new girlfriend of Audrey and the brief savior of Zoe Vaughn. Being a VERY beautiful young woman, Alicia is one of the most popular girls at college and quickly started a friendship with Audrey, which eventually turned into a romance. Alicia is as tough as she is beautiful, and will work hard to survive.
"BLOODY" MARY WALKER (28): Mary is a highly professional mercenary and martial artist. Hired by a mysterious client, Mary has gone to Lakewood to attack Audrey and the Lakewood Seven. Mary has assassinated and murdered many targets for other clients, and is widely known as "Bloody Mary" due to her sadistic nature and seductiveness. She will prove to be an extreme threat for our survivors, perhaps even more so than Brandonface…
TROY JAMES (55): Troy is Brandon James' older brother. Since Brandon's killing spree, Troy, devastated by his brother's killing spree, had left Lakewood and been living a life of solitude and drinking. When Troy mysteriously returns just as a new killing spree begins, Miguel and Howard know that he could be their only chance to find Brandon, whom Troy knows more about than anyone.
Austin Highmore as Whitney Langdon
KRISTEN LANG (38): Kristen is a guidance counselor at Lakewood University, having recently transferred from Lakewood high school. She takes an interest in the survivors, one that can potentially infuriate or start a bond with them. Kristen displays shady behavior and has a dark past that she is determined to keep secret.
Kevin Spacey
RONNIE RICHARDS (45): Ronnie is a successful therapist that has been treating patients with PTSD for several years. His latest patient is Brooke Maddox, who seeks help with overcoming her trauma. However, although it seems like Ronnie is a father figure towards his patients, he is hiding a VERY dark secret that defines his career and true purpose.
KIMA GREGGS (25): Kima is a police detective that rescued Hunter at the end of the previous season. After Hunter became a police officer, Kima was his partner. She takes her work very seriously, but is not without a sassy personality. She will seek to stop Brandonface as the murders resume, and is also a personal friend of Miguel.
ALEX HUGHES (18): Alex is a new student in Lakewood university and a big horror nerd. Alex is gay and finds himself obsessed with Gustavo, to the point that he wants him to all to himself. Should Gustavo reject his advances, Alex will go to extreme measures to ensure that Stavo is "his"

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1

"Bloody" Mary Walker arrives in Lakewood and murders innocents, hoping to catch a certain someone's attention. Meanwhile, Brooke visits Dr. Ronnie Raymond, but the visit doesn't quite go as expected...

Chapter 2

We catch up to the latest survivors as they go out their day in Lakewood university with their new friends. Meanwhile, Miguel and Kima investigate the murder and speculate.

Chapter 3

Hunter and Kima find some action while romancing, and the origins of Alicia and Audrey’s romance is revealed. Meanwhile, a survivor is killed by Brandonface after learning something that they shouldn't.

Chapter 4

With the latest murder kept a secret, Alex continues to hang around Gustavo and Brooke. Meanwhile, Mary begins stalking the other characters and Kristen talks to another.

Chapter 5

Brandonface makes his official return by exposing the survivor's death and nearly killing another. Meanwhile, Mary commits another murder, and someone unexpected arrives in Lakewood.


Chapter 1

Taking place a year after season 1, we open up on a peaceful and quiet house. Suddenly, an adult woman walks up to the front door and knocks on it. The Woman has a rather wide smile as the door opens, revealing ED JAMES, Brandon and Troy James’ elderly father. We now realize that this is the same house where Piper and Emma went to interview Brandon’s mother. Ed is in his late 80’s and has to carry a cane to help him.

ED: May I help you, young lady?

MARY: (folding hands) Yes, my name is Mary, Mary Walker. I was wondering if I could please have word with your wife. I would like to ask a few questions about Brandon James.

Ed mumbles to himself angrily. He clearly doesn’t like it when people want to talk about his grandson.

ED: My wife is in a wheelchair and has hearing problems. I don’t recommend you should do it. The last time two people that came here (Piper and Emma), she mistook one of them for Maggie Duval.

MARY: (polite smile) I’m sure that won’t be the case and I promise you I will try to make it quick.

Ed takes a minute to think. Mary seems to be a polite woman who only wants to ask questions. Eventually, Ed decides to let her inside. Instead of calling from another room, Ed leaves to go get his wife, and wheels her into the room with Mary.

CASSIE: (slowly) Hello…young…lady.

ED: Please forgive my wife, she has trouble speaking. (puts hand on Cassie’s shoulder) You can just whisper in my ear if you like, honey.

MARY: Thank you, I promise I won’t take up much time. I just want to ask, did you ever think Brandon could do what he supposedly did 20 years ago?

ED: (surprised) I didn’t expect you to say supposedly. When people ask that, they are always content that my grandson committed those murders.

MARY: I won’t hurt your feelings. Don’t worry, I’m not like any other regular journalist.

Cassie whispers into Ed’s ear. He nods and gives his answer to Mary’s question.

ED: To be honest, Troy was always the angrier out of anyone in the family at Brandon’s bullying.

MARY: (raises eyebrow) Really?

ED: I normally don’t mention this to interviewers, but you seem like a nice lady. Troy had developed anger issues after Brandon’s death and moved out of Lakewood, but me and my wife chose to stay.

MARY: Were you or your wife angry?

CASSIE: (weakly) Just…depressing…

Ed pats his wife again. He clearly has to do this frequently when she gets emotional. Mary notices and appears to have concern.

MARY: I’ll try to speed this up. May I ask why your wife told Piper Shaw that Seth Branson was Brandon’s son, even though it turned out to be Piper herself?

ED: I was away from home shopping that time and Cassie has almost never seen Brandon’s child. She told me it was a mistake after we read the news on it.

CASSIE: (weakly) So many…mistakes…not Seethh…

MARY: I understand that you are under distress from trying to recall your dark days, so I’ll conclude the interview quickly. First, may I please use your restroom?

ED: Why certainly. I’ll show you where it is.

Ed and Mary leave and go towards the stairs. Mary kindly helps Ed up the steps with his cane. He’s a bit slow, but eventually they are upstairs.

ED: You are a very kind young lady, thank you.

MARY: Actually, I’m more of a “Bloody” lady.

ED: (confused) What?

MARY: You’ll see soon. So, where the bathroom?

ED: (points to his left) Right over here.

MARY: Thanks.

Suddenly, Mary snatches Ed’s cane away from him and strikes his across the head with it, knocking the old man down. Mary then kicks the defenseless Ed into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him. She pins the elderly senior down with her foot.

ED: (weakly, pleading) Please…What…do…you…

MARY: Nothing personal, luv. (holds up cane) Just REALLY fun. (giggles) Thanks for the tips, by the way.

Mary then proceeds to bash in Ed’s head with his own cane. After the third strike, the cane breaks in half. Mary groans in annoyance and then just takes a toilet seat lid and finishes bashing in Ed’s head with it. Ed James, father of Troy and Brandon James, and husabnd of Cassie James, is dead. Mary laughs a bit at her latest kill.

MARY: (deep sigh) Ah, so much fun to bash their fucking brains out. (shrugs) Well, time to take care of the annoying old lady, just like that amateur told me to.

Mary walks downstairs to Cassie, who is still sitting on the wheelchair (her hearing issues prevented her from knowing Ed was murdered). Instead of approaching her, Mary goes to the basement and gets some rope. She then goes back to Cassie and wraps the rope against the helpless old woman’s neck, strangling her.

MARY: Let’s go for a little ride, shall we?

Mary drags the choking Cassie up the stairs and towards the bedroom door, which she kicks open. Mary then grabs Cassie and with a mighty throw, tosses her out the second story window on the grass below. Being an old and fragile woman, there’s no way Cassie could have survived the fall. Mary rubs her chin in thought for a moment and gets an idea. She leaves the room, and after thirty seconds, returns with a heavy anvil.

MARY: I don’t why, but I feel like crushing heads today. Sooooooo….

Mary drops the anvil out the window and it lands directly on Cassie’s head, flattening it. Cassie James, wife of Ed James, mother of Brandon and Troy James, is dead. Mary rubs her hands in satisfaction, content that her job is now done. She leaves the house and goes into her car, but instead of leaving, she brings out a can of red paint and a large paintbrush. After going back inside the house, Mary paints a message in blood saying “You should have finished me off, now pay the price”

MARY: (giggling) Now, let’s see how HE likes it.

Mary turns around, gets into her car, and this time leaves. We zoom in on the message, making it clear that it is a clue to something, but what? At around the same time, we survivor Brooke Maddox visiting her therapist, Ronnie Richards.

RONNIE: This time, I want us to pretend like this our first session together. Watching you talk about what you went though now compared to last time will probably have me at a good idea if where you stand. Please, first tell me how you felt during Piper Shaw’s killing spree, and the Noah Fosters’.

BROOKE: (sighs) The truth is I felt like an afraid helpless victim, just like the typical blond girl that always dies in horror films. When I was in that freezer…(slight pause) Damn. I thought there was no way in hell I was getting out of that one. Then, when everything when to shit again-

RONNIE: (writing notes) Please try not to use foul language Ms. Maddox, it helps with your social skills.

BROOKE: (shrugs) My friends don’t mind it. But okay. As I was saying, when Noah started killing again, I felt different. I felt way less afraid and just irritated. I was sick of all of it, with my dad dying and Jake…and just wanting it to stop. You heard about my speech to the town, right?

RONNIE: We talked about that several times, yes.

As she says this, we see brief flashbacks of her killing Harold and her throwing her shoe at Noah.

BROOKE: Sometimes, I can hear Noah in my head, if I close my eyes long enough.

RONNIE: (writing this down) Would you mind closing your eyes and thinking back to that the night with you friend in the Orphanage? (Brooke shuts them) Thank you. Now, when it materializes, tell me what you see.

BROOKE: I see…(cringes) Noah shooting me as soon as I charged at him. Okay, now Audrey’s attacking him…Now he’s getting out his knife and…(opens eyes) NO!

RONNIE: (concerned) Please, take a deep breath before we continue.

BROOKE: (takes a deep breath) Okay, the truth is that it’s been hard for me trust people, especially now that I know there’s another maniac out there somewhere. I mean, I absolutely trust Gustavo and Audrey. But…sometimes it’s hard for me to store all of this… (wants to curse, but can’t) stuff…in my head.

RONNIE: I may have a solution to your problems.

BROOKE: (Interested) Really?

RONNIE: It’s complicated. But I’ll make it quick. Basically, I have a machine that can send shock waves into your mind to help you forget about certain memories.

BROOKE: (eyes widening) Um…you are aren’t seriously talking about hydro-shock therapy?

RONNIE: (bluntly) That’s exactly what I’m suggesting.

BROOKE: I would say “Are you crazy?” but I don’t think calling a therapist that is the wisest thing to do. (thinks) Then again, neither was facing Harold on my own. So…are you crazy!?

RONNIE: Look, I’ve actually done this with traumatized female patients before. I can guarantee you that this is completely safe. And I swear, I’ve checked this equipment and it’s completely functional.

BROOKE: (nervous) What exactly would happen to me? You drown and electrocute the (wants to curse but can’t)…stuff…out of me?

RONNIE: It’s completely safe. But to answer your question, I’ll attach some little buds onto your forehead which are connected to a machine. Then, I will zap you a total of three times. Then, you will fall into a deep sleep. Afterwards, you should wake up and fell a lot better. (Brooke thinks) All you have to do is to keep the thoughts you have in your mind while receiving the shocks to help make them shrink. It’s complicated, but it’s been done.

BROOKE: (considering) So…you guarantee that I won’t turn into a female Frankenstein?

RONNIE: (laughs) No, of course not. I assure you that it’s completely safe.

Brooke considers her options. She knows that Ronnie is an expert therapist and that anything he’s about to do her, it’s been done before. Eventually, she agrees to it.

BROOKE: Alright, I’ll do it.

RONNIE: (smiles) Splendid!

BROOKE: But turn me into Ms. Frankenstein, and my mom is suing the hell out of you!

RONNIE: Fair enough.

Around ten minute later, Brooke is lying on a table with the little buds attached to her forehead.

RONNIE: Remember, keep thinking about your dark thoughts, and just for some extra reassurances, you should say them aloud.


Ronnie takes a few moments to make sure the machine’s ready, then turns to Brooke.

RONNIE: You ready?

BROOKE: (sassy) Sometime today.

RONNIE: Funny.

He proceeds to press a button, which zaps Brooke. Her whole body shakes from the zap. He presses the button two more times, before Brooke falls unconscious. Seeing that Brooke is unconscious, Ronnie begins to smile…rather EVILLY.

RONNIE: Now, the REAL fun begins.

He walks over to Brooke’s bottom half and REMOVES HER PANTS AND PANTIES, BEFORE TAKING OUT HIS PENIS.

RONNIE: (in pleasure) Man, I can’t believe how hot this girl is. She’s practically begging me to fuck her. (shrugs) Might as well.

Upon seeing he’s hard, Ronnie crawls on top of Brooke and PROCEEDS TO RAPE HER WHILE SHE’S UNCONSCIOUS. We cut to black.

Chapter 2

We open on the next day, at Lakewood University. Brooke is there meeting up with her friends: Audrey Jensen, Gustavo Acosta, and ALICIA CLARK, Audrey’s girlfriend and longtime friend.

ALICIA: Hydro-shock therapy? You were crazy enough to do that?

BROOKE: (hands on her hips) I was “crazy” way before that, and it worked, by the way. (rubs her torso) I have some kind of strange feeling over here though. Doctor said that it should be fine though.

AUDREY: I’m just glad that you’re feeling better. After that panic attack last week (shivers), you almost scared me to death.

GUSTAVO: You aren’t the only one.

ALICIA: (concerned) She had a panic attack last week? Was that when I had that cold and was out sick?

AUDREY: Yeah. Basically, she mistook a kid for Noah and tackled him. She’s fine now though.

Just then, the class bell rings, and the four teens get their backpacks and head to class. Inside psychology class, KRISTEN LANG is teaching. As Kristen talks, Brooke, who is sitting next to Gustavo, taps his shoulder.

BROOKE: (whispering) You notice some guy is staring at you?

Gustavo turns around to see a boy, ALEX HUGHES, staring at him. His eyes have some desire in them.

GUSTAVO: Oh, it’s happened before. I’ll explain later, just try to ignore him for now.

Brooke nods and resumes listening to Kristen, who decides to change subjects.

KRISTEN: Now, let’s talk about narcissism. Can someone tell me what that is? (Alicia is the first to raise her hand) Alicia?

ALICIA: (intelligently) Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's idealized self image and attributes.

KRISTEN: Correct! Narcissism can increase people’s arrogance. The origin of this term came from ancient Greece, when the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image in a pool of water. This term can easily be applied to Noah Foster, the Lakewood Slasher. He had wanted to be become infamous, to gain attention, believing himself to be the best.

Audrey, Gustavo and Brooke all pay attention to this statement, because they know that it is absolutely true for their former friend.

KRISTEN: Now, to the seven deadly sins of Narcissism, and how each affected Noah Foster. He was shameless, showing no regret for his actions. He had Magical Thinking, to the point that Mr. Foster thought himself as the perfect serial killer. The same can be said for his Arrogance, and Bad Boundaries, in the latter case which Mr. Foster thought he could do anything he wanted with no boundaries. Now, entitlement. Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special. Audrey Jensen, if you don’t mind, can you tell us how infamous Mr. Foster expected to be?

AUDREY: He thought he would be better than Jack the Ripper. (smirks) Well, look where that got him.

This prompts a small burst of laugher from some of the class, and some chuckling from Kristen.

KRISTEN: Exactly my point. And finally…exploitation, as replicated with his former love interest, Zoe Vaughn.

Brooke looks uncomfortable at the mention of her former best friend. She thinks back to the point where Zoe comforted her about her dad dying and feels depressed. Kristen notices the look on Brooke’s face and feels bad.

KRISTEN: This might stir up some bad memories for some of you, so I won’ talk about that further. (Brooke looks better) Now, Narcissism is particularly present in teenagers, depending on their parentage. Say that they received everything that they wanted during their youth, this could lead them to take the believe that they deserve favorable treatment and-

Suddenly, the class bell rings, meaning the class has ended. Kristen snaps her fingers in defeat at not being able to finish her lecture and the class leaves. Before Audrey goes, Kristen stops her.

KIRSTEN: Excuse me? Can we talk for a minute?

AUDREY: What’s on your mind, lizard brain?

KRISTEN: (chuckles) Oh yeah, I get it. Use MY catchphrase. Anyway, I like you. That being said, I wanted to know if we could talk to each other?

AUDREY: (confused) Why’s that? Extra homework?

KRISTEN: You know I’m really curious about psychology and I find you…(thinking) what’s the word for it?

AUDREY: The Woman who wants to cut open my brain and peek inside?

KRISTEN: (laughs) No. No. No. I’m not that crazy. I want to know if we can meet up at the Grindhouse cage later today. Have a chat.

AUDREY: As long as you don’t psychologically manipulate me or anything.

KRISTEN: I’m not oblivious, I’ve studied about PTSD and you’re handling it good. There, I wanna have an “interview” with you. I’m saying study because it’s a bit offensive.

AUDREY: I can see why they hired you. Sure, don’t got much else to do today.

Audrey then leaves, with Kristen watching her go. Meanwhile, Gustavo goes to his locker to find that Alex is peeking inside of it.

GUSTAVO: Hey, you got a crush on my locker or something?

ALEX: Oh, your voice was always the most beautiful on the Morgue.

Alex uses a “seductive voice” on Gustavo. However, the voice is more cringey due to the amount of effort put into it.

GUSTAVO: (confused) Excuse me?

Alex’s response to hug Gustavo.

ALEX: (girlish voice) Who’s my little horror nerd? You are. Yes, you are.

Gustavo shivers in horror and fright. Even he is creeped out by the guy’s attraction towards him, but then he realizes something.

GUSTAVO: (stops the hug) Woah. Wait. Was it you who kept on spamming the comments section of the Morgue with love letters for me?

ALEX: (big smile) Yep. Because we are destined to be together.

GUSTAVO: (irritated) Dude, I had to report you and get your account banned just so you could stop flooding my comments.

ALEX: (blinks) Awwww, you’re so cute when you deny your love. It obviously that she-devil Brooke Maddox that banned by account. (evil look) Don’t worry, we’ll have each other, but ALL TO OURSELVES.

GUSTAVO: (thinking to himself) Now I know what Brooke would have felt if he ever caught me spying on her. (speaking) Alex, I don’t think-

ALEX: You’ll see baby, you’ll-

BROOKE: (walking in) Only baby I see is you.

Alex lets out an animalistic growl at Brooke, which creeps out Gustavo but not Brooke. He then does a cut-throat motion towards her before walking away.

GUSTAVO: (surprised) Ok, HOW were you not disturbed by that at all?

BROOKE: (Sassy) You’re supposed to be the creepy one. You tell me.

GUSTAVO: Touché.

ALEX: (turning around) By the way, you may want to check the news on your phones!

Alex then resumes walking away. Gustavo and Brooke decide to go take a look at the news and are surprised by what they find.

BROOKE: Brandon James’ parents found murdered at their home?

GUSTAVO: Heads crushed? (gulps) You don’t think…

BROOKE: We have to tell Audrey, NOW.

Brooke and Gustavo then leave to go find Audrey. Meanwhile, we see the police on the scene at the James house. The police are being led by Miguel and three of his most trusted officers, Deputy Dwayne, KIMA GREGGS, and Audrey’s older brother, Hunter. Miguel is trying to read the message on the wall, but the paint that Mary put on there has melted. Therefore, it’s unreadable.

MIGUEL: Yeah, I’m not getting any hints about this from the paint. Dwayne, have a good idea of the cause of death?

DWAYNE: We found the bodies with their heads bashed in. The husband had a broken cane near his head and we found an anvil right on top of the wife’s.

MIGUEL: (grumbles) Damn it. These are just elderly citizens, why would anyone want to do this?

KIMA: One option is a conspiracy nut, heard that the James family received constant death threats after Brandon’s death.

HUNTER: Then why wait over 20 years act on it? I don’t think it’s that simple.

MIGUEL: (shaking his head) Never really is simple around here? Is it?

HUNTER: That would be an understatement, Miguel.

MIGUEL: Do we have leads or a suspect?

DWAYNE: No Sheriff. The James’ were elderly people. Literally anyone could have done this. (coughs) No disrespect or offense intended.

MIGUEL: None taken, but I agree. This was murder, plain and simple.

KIMA: I think it’s safe to say that this won’t evolve into as much of a shitshow as last time.

HUNTER: I think that’s what everyone said last time, and look where that turned out.

MIGUEL: OK! (everyone looks surprise at Miguel’s tone) Look…(sighs) let’s not talk about everything happening again.

Kima, Hunter and Dwayne all know that Miguel would be devastated if another killing spree came up, considering his performance in the last one, so they don’t press the issue further. Eventually, he resumes talking.

MIGUEL: I doubt an elderly couple would install security cameras so we have no chance of getting this assailant on footage.

KIMA: If they did, the assailant would be a dumbass not to wear a costume. Most likely they did just in case.

MIGUEL: True. Alright, I want everyone to finish analyzing this crime scene. Nothing goes unchecked.

Kima and Dwayne leave, but Hunter goes with Miguel as he heads outside.

HUNTER: You’re assuming this is going to be another killing spree, aren’t you?

Miguel groans and sits on his police car, looking up at Hunter.

MIGUEL: What do you think?

HUNTER: I’m as suspicious as you, but we can’t exactly determine that from a single murder.

MIGUEL: (correcting) This was a DOUBLE murder, Hunter. The way the James family died was sadistic and if this were a regular robbery, they would have been just shot or with another simple method. (shakes his head) No, this perfectly matches the sadistic methods of Piper Shaw and Noah Foster.

HUNTER: (sits next to Miguel) Do you know why I joined the Lakewood Police Department, Miguel?

MIGUEL: In case the copycat Brandonface ever came back. (grimly) Looks like you’re getting your wish.

HUNTER: (stands up) I never ASKED for him to come back, okay? I was only preparing for the inevitable. Whether or not it’s here, we can’t just lament about it and sit on a police car.

MIGUEL: (stands up) Happy?

HUNTER: It’s getting there. Tell me what police officers do.

MIGUEL: It’s their job to protect the lives of every citizen in this town (sighs) and so far-

HUNTER: (interrupting) Stop. You can’t let the past impact the present. Just focus on what’s now, not what happened last year. Just remember, we survived, and we can do it again, if you can just believe in yourself and your officers.

Hunter then walks away. Miguel sits on the police car thinking. He’s obviously feeling guilt about his poor performance from last killing spree. Suddenly, his cell phone rings, with someone having sent him a text. Miguel just shrugs and sees what it’s about. The text says “In case the paint melted, the message was “You should have finished me off, now you will pay the price”

Later on, Audrey goes back home with Alicia, and the two are gretted by Howard, who has made some surprise pancakes.

ALICIA: (smiling) Thank you, Mr. Jensen.

HOWARD: Anytime. (hears his phone ringing) Have fun, I’m going to go answer it.

Howard walks to another room and answers the phone.

HOWARD: Hello?

MIGUEL: (panicked) It’s me, Miguel. Listen, we need to talk. Go into a room and lock the door behind you. I’ll explain then.

Sensing the urgency in his friend’s voice, Howard goes upstairs, leaving his daughter and girlfriend downstairs. Audrey and Alicia eat the pancakes.

ALICIA: Man, your dad makes awesome pancakes.

AUDREY: What he lacks in badassery, he makes up for in cooking.

ALICIA: (speaking in Spanish, which is a primary language in Mexico) Oh si, 1000%

AUDREY: (chuckles) Do you intentionally speak in Spanish just to fuck with me?

ALICIA: (English) Oh yes, I do. Remember how confused your friend was with me?

We have a brief flashback to a conversation between Gustavo and Alicia, meeting for the first time. Audrey watches the conversation with her arms folded.

GUSTAVO: So, what do you think of the Morgue?

ALICIA: (speaking in Spanish) Creo que la Morgue es muy infame, teniendo en cuenta que los asesinos en serie fueron los anfitriones. Me pregunto qué debería pensar de usted, Sr. Gustavo. Eres la amiga de Audrey, pero tal vez debería considerar algunas cosas…

GUSTAVO: What? (Alicia keeps talking) What is that, Russian? (Alicia keeps talking) You are as confusing at heck right now. What are you saying? (Alicia keeps talking) Audrey can you tell her to-?

AUDREY: (smugly) Nah, I’m liking this.

GUSTAVO: (sighs) Can’t you at least tell me what’s she’s saying?

AUDREY: (taunting) You REALLY want to know?

GUSTAVO: Touché.

Back in present day, Audrey and Alicia share a laugh at the memory and continue eating their pancakes.

ALICIA: (while eating) So, tell me more about that time at the theater?

AUDREY: So, these two jerks, Haley Meyers and a kid named Aaron straight up pranked me in a movie theater, right after closing time, and Aaron actually dressed up like Piper Shaw. I was gonna go grab a screwdriver to stab him. But then I went “fuck it” and just punched the shit out of Aaron.

ALICIA: (laughing) You are seriously the most badass girl I’ve ever met. I am SO glad that we met.

AUDREY: In all seriousness, if we hadn’t met that day, who knows what would have happened?

ALICIA: Yeah. (How they met will be revealed soon) Did you hear about Brandon James’ parents?

AUDREY: Yeah, Brooke and Stavo told me in school today.

Suddenly, Hunter returns from work and puts his police officer hat down. He sighs and puts his hands on his hips.

AUDREY: Tough day?

HUNTER: I think you can guess why.

ALICIA: If it helps, I don’t think this is actually going to start another killing spree. I mean, this town has already seen three. Technically three if you put Piper and Noah’s sprees together.

AUDREY: (changing subject) How’s you and that girl cop going?

HUNTER: Going great. Next date’s tomorrow. I’m gonna try and focus on that.

Audrey and Alicia just silently agree with Hunter. Obviously, Audrey doesn’t want to worry about another killing spree and focus on her new relationship, while Alicia has similar reasons.

Later, we cut to a dark red room, where we find the back of blonde man’s head, who’s sitting up against a desk, typing away at their computer at top speed. The camera pans around the room’ revealing there to be many photographs of Gustavo. As the camera pans back to the man, we realize that this is Alex, who is now clearly obsessed with Gustavo.

ALEX: (moaning) Ah good old Stavo…

After finishing his photos, Alex goes in his bed and starts thinking. We cut to inside Alex’s mind, in which we find him imagining him having sex with Stavo, who is clearly having just as much fun as Alex is. Alex’s moaning intensifies, before eventually stopping; making it obvious to us that Alex has stopped living in his imagination.

Alex turns and picks up a knife. He turns to face a wall which has a picture of Brooke’s face on it, with a big red cross drawn across it.

ALEX: (rolling his eyes) Ah, Brookey, Brookey, Brooke, Brooke. You really think that you’re the one who’s going to get Stavo and live happily ever after. (laughs) I’ll give you a chance first, just to be fair after all. (twirls knife around) Of course, you ruin it, I’ll have no choice but to…

He then throws the knife at the photo, hitting it right in between her eyes as we cut to black.

Chapter 3

We open two days later, at which point Hunter and Kima are sitting in their police car together on a quiet road, hanging out together and drinking some coffee.

KIMA: All admit it, when we first met, I didn’t expect to start fucking with someone I saw get shot twice.

HUNTER: (chuckles) Sometimes a lot of things can be fucked up. (sips coffee) So, been two days. No more murders, no attempted ones, no calls.

KIMA: Are you forgetting what I did yesterday, Hunt?

HUNTER: Oh yeah, his name was Shawn, right?

KIMA: Yeah, the kid was disturbing the peace, yelling about some shit about government making zombies.

HUNTER: (laughs aloud) What does that kid think this is, the Walking Dead? You cuffed him right?

KIMA: Kid was yelling about how the CIA was gonna have him killed in jail or some shit, and some conspiracy theories too.

HUNTER: (leans back) God, I can’t STAND those type of people.

KIMA: (smirks) Best way to “stand” them is a smack right across the face.

HUNTER: (smiles) That’s my girl.

Hunter and Kima laugh about the incident with Shawn, believing him to a harmless kid (Shawn will be seen more later on). They then talk about their relationship.

HUNTER: You know, I really just have to thank you for being my partner when I joined the LPD (Lakewood Police Department).

KIMA: No sweat, honey. You looked like the tough guy, so having you around was good. Miguel likes you a lot.

HUNTER: What can I say? Fellow survivors. Even though he’s never seen Brandonface, he’s been under a lot of pressure. AND he got called.

KIMA: (sips coffee) If that guy comes back, you and I will take him down. (taps pocket) With our trusty tazers.

HUNTER: (adding) And guns. You NEVER face that guy without them. Miguel made that clear in the last few briefings. (sighs) Sometimes, I wish Brandonface would just come out and show himself again. It would save the trouble of having to hunt him down again.

Suddenly, Kima plants a kiss on Hunter’s cheek, prompting Hunter to kiss her on the lips.

KIMA: Look, I know about this whole Brandonface business even though I wasn’t a big part of it. But I don’t want to go eating at your mind like a parasite. If he comes, we can handle it. You do remember what happened with Noah, right?

HUNTER: (chuckles) Yeah, that was awesome. I love how-


Kima and Hunter hear a call of distress coming from a nearby alleyway and know that something is going on their. They leave the car and Kima gets her walkie talkie.

KIMA: Dispatch. There is suspicious activity going on. Me and Hunter may need some backup here.

DISPATCH: Roger Officer Greggs, we’re sending backup now.

Kima and Hunter go to investigate the noises. They go a nearby alleyway, where three thugs (Omar, Sweet Pea and Joey) are robbing a small boy and his mother of their things. Omar is taking off a diamond necklace while Sweet Pea and Joey hold them at knifepoint, and stuffing their valuables into a bag. Around the time Hunter and Kima arrive, Omar is finished packing everything.

OMAR: Anything else you wanna give us, lady?

MOTHER: (panicking) PLEASE! Leave me and my son alone!

OMAR: (mockingly) Watcha say, boys? Should I leave ‘em alone? Or have a bit of fun with them first?

Sweet Pea and Joey are about to respond when Kima and Hunter come out, guns drained on the thugs.


Sweet Pea, Jacob and Omar let go of the boy and his mother, who subsequently run away, when they hear the two cops coming with their guns. Sweet Pea and Joey look terrified, but Omar whispers to them confidently.

OMAR: Follow my lead, boys.


Omar drops his and calmly folds his hands behind his back. He then gives his thugs a signal to do so, and they do. Hunter puts away his gun so he can handcuff them. While he does this however, a fourth thug named Toad ambushes Kima from behind and grapples for her gun. Hunter quickly turns around and shoots Toad in the back, subduing him, but is then attacked and tackled by Sweet Pea and Jacob, who knock away his gun. Some rock music ensues as this fight scene begins.

Omar quickly rushes Kima as she aims her gun at Sweet Pea and Jacob and knocks it out of her hand. The two get into a fistfight, and while Hunter goes the same with Sweet Pea and Jacob. Although outnumbered, Hunter actually does well and get some hits in. Being outnumbered, Hunter is punched and kicked repeatedly, but he still fights on, refusing to lose. Jacob headbutts Hunter, who replies by headbutting him back, albeit much harder. Jacob is now unconscious.

Hunter, however, is dazed from hitting him so hard. Sweet Pea quickly takes the opportunity to pick up his knife and charge at Hunter. However, Hunter quickly takes out his tazer and shocks Sweet Pea repeatedly, stunning him. He steps back and does a hard kick on Sweet Pea’s head, knocking him unconscious. Meanwhile, Omar is trying to restrain Kima by grabbing her from behind.

KIMA: Let go of me, fuckface!

While holding her, his arms wrap around her chest and feel her private parts. Omar takes pleasure in this and feels her boobs. A look of anger emerges in Kima’s face when she realizes he is trying to violate her.

OMAR: (rubbing) You know, sweetie? What do you say about having a bit of fun?


In a few swift movements, Kima stomps on Omar’s foot, shoves her elbows into his abdomen and strikes the back of her head against his face. Omar screams as multiple parts of his body feel pain. Kima is becoming aggressive, landing punches and kicks on Omar. Omar fights back, but is too dazed from the blows to do any serious damage. Kima kicks Omar to the ground and stamps on his head, knocking him out. She doesn’t stop there and continues kicking him on the ground in a blind rage.

At this point, Hunter finishes fighting Sweet Pea and Jacob and restrains Kima from attacking the unconscious Omar further.

HUNTER: (trying to calm her down) KIMA! KIMA! It’s over. He’s unconscious. (she’s calming down) We did it.

KIMA: (deep breath) Thanks…

HUNTER: (looks at Omar) Damn. You went insane on him.

KIMA: I’ll talk about when we get back to the station, Hunt.

As Hunter and Kima calm down, we see that Mary, wearing a black hoodie is watching them. She giggles a little.

MARY: Think you’re badass little cops, aren’t you? (giggles) Oh, just wait and see pigs. Just wait and see…

Mary leaves as some police cars arrive, and they get the four unconscious thugs into handcuffs and arrest them. Back at the police station, Hunter and Kima are treated for bruises with Miguel, Audrey, Alicia, and Howard present.

HUNTER: …(telling the story) And that’s what happened.

MIGUEL: The boy and his mother already stopped by the police station. They are unharmed, and all of their belongings have been returned. Good work you two. I’ll admit it, you’re the best officers I’ve ever had. Although, Kima, you did go a bit too brutal on Omar. Kicking him while he’s down?

KIMA: (stubbornly) He groped me. You know how I feel about that.

AUDREY: You hate rapists? (shrugs) I mean, who doesn’t?

KIMA: Do you want to know why I do?

HOWARD: It’s just like Audrey said, who doesn’t?

KIMA: No, I have a…(hesitates) past with raping.

MIGUEL: (comforting) You don’t need to talk about that if you don’t-

KIMA: (interrupting) No, I feel I need to just say it now. Hunter knows it anyway.

ALICIA: I’ve seen a lot of shitty things, so I think I won’t mind hearing what you say.

KIMA: The truth is my sister was raped when she was a child. (quiet gasps are heard) She was so traumatized, and I had to keep her from breaking down when the rapist went on trial. (shakes her head) Son of a bitch only got a few months’ probation somehow.

This sends some disappointment at the witnesses, but Alicia seems particularly angry, and she starts ranting her anger in Spanish.

ALICIA: (angrily, speaking in Spanish) ¿Estás bromeando? ¡Esa puede ser la cosa más estúpida que he escuchado! ¡UGH! Esto es tan mierda!

HOWARD: (tilts head) What is that in English?

ALICIA: (bluntly) If you knew what I said, your ears would dry out of horror. But mostly I was just ranting because that reminded me of how me and Audrey met.

AUDREY: To be honest, I actually enjoyed it. (Alicia gives her a “WTF” look) Not THAT part. Just the part where you came in, that was badass of you.

ALICIA: (smirking) Thanks.

We then proceed to go into a flashback, taking place about a month after Noah’s reveal. Audrey is walking home alone (Howard’s car broke down and he had to get it towed) and going across an alleyway, where a man is leaning while wearing a black hoodie. Upon seeing Audrey, the Man grabs her from behind and injects her with a sedative, subduing Audrey. However, Alicia is able to see this and follows the Man, who drags Audrey deeper into the alley and down a corner. Once the Man thinks he’s out of sight, he lowers his hood, revealing his identity.

IT’S RONNIE RICHARDS! Clearly, Brooke wasn’t the only person Ronnie has been sexually assaulting.

RONNIE: (smiling) Ah, this whole sedative thing works like a charm. Alright cunt, let’s get you ready for some fucking fun.

He begins strip off Audrey’s clothes so he can rape her. Alicia, although she has no idea who Ronnie is and never met him (and never did afterwards), is watching in horror, but also anger. When Audrey is down to her underwear and bra, Alicia cannot take it anymore and marches towards an unaware Ronnie.


Ronnie turns, totally surprised that someone actually saw him. By the time he snaps out of the shock, he gets punched across the face by Alicia. Ronnie tries to punch her back, but she ducks and kicks him in the groin. Ronnie, obviously, isn’t that great of a fighter, but Alicia clearly is. She launches a kick across Ronnie’s face, and since she’s wearing heels, he gets knocked down. Alicia stomps once on Ronnie’s back to finish the beatdown, and Ronnie stops moving.

Alicia takes a few deep breathes and turns away from Ronnie in order to fix Audrey. As she begins to put her clothes back on, Ronnie is getting up. Thanks to the beatdown, Ronnie has to lean against the wall in order to stand.

ALICIA: (putting her hands on Audrey’s face) Are you okay? (sees she’s unconscious) I’ll get the police, don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

With Alicia so intent on getting care for Audrey, Ronnie manages to get out of the alley unnoticed by her. He staggers and struggles though, angrily muttering to himself as he escapes.

RONNIE: (annoyed) God..DAMNIT! That’s it, there has to be easier way of fucking people than this. (rubbing his chin) But what? (slaps himself) Ok, focus on running. Think later!

Back in present day, Alicia finishes recalling her story, with everyone still unaware that Ronnie was that same rapist.

MIGUEL: I still have one question.


MIGUEL: I was on the scene when you called the police, so why retell the story if everyone here already knew it?

ALICIA: (shrugs) I just relate to Kima’s story. At least it’s over now.

HOWARD: After I found out about what she did, I gave Alicia my best pancakes and a personal thanks. (sighs) I don’t even want to know what would have happened if you didn’t notice-

AUDREY: (not wanting hear it) DAD. (Howard stops, Audrey takes a deep breath) Okay (hears her phone buzzing and checks) It’s my teacher. She’s cancelling our meet up and wants to do it tomorrow.

HUNTER: You sure you want to do that?

AUDREY: I don’t think that this is the case where your teacher, whom in this case I don’t even know all that well, turns out to be trying to kill you.

KIMA: That’s been cliched and overdone. Ever watch Prom Night 2008?

ALICIA: That film was (speaking in Spanish) Puta pura pieza de súper mierda. Todo era tan tonto, los personajes son estúpidos y el villano. Ugh, ni siquiera me hagas empezar.

KIMA: (chuckles) Let me guess, we should be glad you didn’t say that in English?

ALICIA: Oh yes.

MIGUEL: (to Audrey) If you need anything, just call us.

AUDREY: Thanks. (kisses Hunter on the cheek) Get better brother.

HUTNER: (smiles) Will do, sis.

HOWARD: I’ll meet you at home Audrey, I’m gonna stay here for a little bit.

Audrey and Alicia then leave, and Miguel and Howard go into another room to talk privately.

MIGUEL: Any texts or signs?

HOWARD: No, and I seriously doubt a robbery has anything to do with Brandon James.

MIGUEL: I know it doesn’t. It’s been two days though. You remember that text I showed you?

HOWARD: Yes, what if that part was a prank?

Miguel looks rather unimpressed and has a look on his face that says “Are you kidding me?” Howard gets it and shakes his head.

HOWARD: I’m just saying, if Brandon was back, there is no way he would murder is own parents.

Miguel is about to talk back but realizes that Howard is right. Brandon has no reason to murder his own parents, who loved him. He looks like at a loss for words.

HOWARD: If you see anything else, just let me know. (walks away) But Brandon wouldn’t kill his parents. You know it. I know it.

Howard then leaves, leaving Miguel sitting in thought. We then cut to the Maddox home, where Brooke mother Monica is sitting alone. She’s considering looking at a dating app, but just closes it. Monica leans back in her chair.

MONICA: (talking to herself) Your daughter is more important than finding a date. Focus on tha-

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. Monica goes to answer the door and opens it. She doesn’t find any people, but there’s a tape and a note. Monica takes the items inside and reads the note aloud.

MONICA: (reading the note) There’s a little something about your daughter’s therapist you should know about. Play the recorder. Seriously, play it. (shrugs) Oh, what the heck?

Monica inserts the tape into the TV and one of Brooke’s appointments with Ronnie comes up. This is the one where Ronnie is doing the hydro-shock therapy on Brooke, which Monica looks concerned by.

MONICA: (calming herself) She’s agreeing to it. But why did someone mail this to me?

Just then, the part where Ronnie rapes Brooke is shown. Monica is disgusted and horrified by this and turns off the tape. She has just learned that her daughter has been secretly raped and abused by her therapist. Monica thinks about this and sits down, beginning to cry.

Later, Ronnie is at his house relaxing on his couch. He’s watching some Porn and is laughing, taking pleasure in it. Suddenly, the doorbell rings.

RONNIE: (groans) Why do people always have to interrupt me, NOW?

Annoyed, he closes the porn and answers the door, to find Monica on the other side. Ronnie is surprised at her presence, but composes himself.

RONNIE: I…didn’t expect to see you here today.

MONICA: (calmly) May I come in?

RONNIE: (confused) I guess so. (Monica comes in) You didn’t schedule an appointment with me. I prefer it when you call in advance.

MONICA: Yeah, who KNOWS what I may be interrupting you of doing.

RONNIE: (thinking) Um…yes. Who knows? What do you want, Mrs. Maddox. I’m was in the middle of something.

MONICA: I wanted to talk about what you have been doing to my daughter. Did you use hydro-shock therapy on her?

RONNIE: (rolling eyes) Me and Brooke both told you that we did, obviously. Is there something wrong with your head too?

MONICA: (offended, but hides it) Then what did you do after?

RONNIE: (shrugs) I just waited until she woke up.

MONICA: (slightly angrily) I mean, what did you do to HER while she was unconscious.

Ronnie is starting to catch on with what Monica is saying. His eyes dart around a little, but turns away.

RONNIE: Nothing. (walks away) Mrs. Maddox, there is nothing further to-

MONICA: (interrupting) You raped her.

Ronnie stops walking away and gulps. Still though, he composes his himself and turns around to address her, straightening his tie calmly.

RONNIE: Excuse me?

MONICA: You fucking raped my daughter.

RONNIE: (sits on a chair) Mrs. Maddox, please, there is no need to-

MONICA: Admit what you did.

RONNIE: You need to calm yourself.

MONICA: (angrily) NO! What you need is to admit what you did!

RONNIE: (civilized) Mrs. Maddox, don’t make a big deal out of baseless accusations.

MONICA: (crossing her arms) I have proof of it. I’m saying what it is. Do you think I would do this if I wasn’t certain of it?

Ronnie thinks about this for a moment. He realizes that she must have some proof somewhere, but he still stays calm about it.

RONNIE: The mother of a hysterical woman pouring outrageous accusations against a respected social therapist? (chuckles) My god, I scarcely believe it myself. (mutters) Except those unbelievable Me-Too idiots. Or actresses. Fake news everywhere I must say. This Mr. Trump fellow is quite right, my vote is going to him (It’s only 2016, so Trump hasn’t been elected yet).

Monica is appalled by Ronnie insulting other rape survivors (doesn’t care about him supporting Trump) and has to keep herself from assaulting the respected doctor.

RONNIE: (stands up) I have friends in powerful places. Do NOT attempt to make me look stupid. I won’t tolerate it.

MONICA: (defiant) I’m not leaving until you admit raping my daughter.

RONNIE: (sighs) If it will get you out of house? (darkly) Have you seen your daughter, Mrs. Maddox? The way she’s dressed everyday? The day she begs me for help. Yes, I had my fun with her. But know this: if what I did to her was rape, then every girl in the entire world is begging to be raped.

Monica is just barely able to restrain herself from assaulting Ronnie (since he could report her to the police for it). Ronnie turns away and doesn’t want to continue the conversation.

RONNIE: Now get out of my house, I will not tolerate you trying to besmirch my reputation any longer.

Monica leaves and slams the door behind her without another word. She gets into her car and takes out something from her pocket. It’s a TAPE RECORDER, meaning that Monica confronted Ronnie because she wanted him to confess to raping Brooke, just in case the video didn’t work for any reason. Monica smiles slightly, satisfied that she has her proof, and prepares to leave.

Back inside Ronnie’s house, he sits on his couch again and relaxes, reading the newspaper about the 2016 elections and mumbling to himself.

RONNIE: My god, women are such hysterical lunatics. This Hillary Clinton must not win.

He continues mumbling sexist remarks and reading the newspaper for several more minutes, at which point Ronnie gets another knock on his door. He angrily puts down the newspaper.

RONNIE: (groans) Can’t a therapist get a SECOND of peace? (opens the door) What do you wa-

Ronnie suddenly stops and freezes in horror at what he sees. It is then revealed that BRANDONFACE has shown up in front of Ronnie’s door, holding Monica’s now SEVERED HEAD. Ronnie tilts his head and sees that Monica’s blood is all over the inside of her car, meaning that there is was a struggle. Monica Maddox, mother of Brooke Maddox and widow of Quinn Maddox, is dead.

Ronnie is immobilized by fear as Brandonface shoves him and Monica’s head inside the house and closes the door. Ronnie now totally loses his cool.

RONNIE: (terrified) What do you want!?

Brandonface grabs Ronnie by the collar and shoves him against the wall.

BRANDONFACE: I know what you’ve been doing, and just want to say…(Ronnie gulps in suspense)


RONNIE: (stunned) Wha…What?

BRANDONFACE: (lets go of Ronnie) I said thank you, for raping that stupid bitch.

Ronnie is totally taken by surprise that Brandonface actually likes the fact that he was raping an innocent girl.

RONNIE: (nervously) Um…you’re welcome?

BRANDONFACE: Keep doing what you’re doing. As you can tell, (kicks Monica’s severed head) there won’t be evidence on my watch.

RONNIE: (calming down) Okay…

BRANDONFACE: (walking away) Oh, one more thing. If you don’t keep fucking Brooke, I’ll be back, and it will NOT be to thank you.

Brandonface then closes the door and leaves with Monica’s severed head. Ronnie looks on in amazement.

RONNIE: Weirdest. Day. Ever.

Ronnie then takes some cleaning tools and begins to clean the blood that dripped out of Monica’s severed head. Meanwhile, Brandonface drives off in Monica’s car with her bloody head and headless bloody body. Cut to black.

Chapter 4

Coming Soon...

Fun Facts


  • This season takes place a year after season 2.
  • The story will be 25 chapters, like last time.
  • Alicia is Audrey's new girlfriend, although they only started dating a couple months ago.
  • Brooke has PTSD from the deaths of her dad and boyfriend, and will resurface as she faces even more loses.
  • Mary's client will be revealed in chapter 6.
  • Noah's fate will be revealed sometime in the first half.
    • His character description will be put up if he survives.
  • Alex's character was actually requested by Alex himself, and he has a violent obsession towards Gustavo.
    • This come from the fact that Alex finds Gustavo's actor attractive.
  • Troy will return early on, and slowly build up his role as the story progress.
  • There will be MAJOR PLOT TWIST at the ending that will set up many more stories to come.
  • The truth about Brandon James and the 1994 murders will be revealed late in the story.
  • Bloody Mary has no personal grudge against any of the characters and is simply working for money.
    • However, she is very sadistic and enjoys challenges, and hopes to find some in the Lakewood Seven.
  • Gustavo is now the sole owner of the Morgue due to Noah's defeat.
  • Brandonface's identity is easier to figure out than before.
    • However, the motives will be FAR more shocking and far harder to deduce.

What Would Have Happened

  • Bloody Mary wasn't going to be in the season at all, but I figured adding her would up the stakes.
  • I have changed the motives of Brandonface.
  • Alicia's picture/actress was going to be Alycia Debnam-Carey, but I changed it to Danay Garcia because it felt more fitting.
    • I was also going to change Alicia's name to Lucania Galvez, but since I already had her introduced, I stuck with Alicia Clark.
  • I was going to kill Ronnie along with Monica in chapter 3, but I realized Brandonface wouldn't do that because he likes seeing the survivors suffer.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
1 Ed James Head bashed in with his own cane and toilet seat Mary Walker 1
2 Cassie James Chocked with rope, thrown out a window, and head crushed by an anvil Mary Walker 1
3 Monica Maddox Decapitated Brandonface 3
4 New Character N/A Brandonface 5
5 Minor Character N/A SURPRISE 7


IDENTITY Currently Unknown
GENDER Assumed Male
MOTIVE Currently Unknown
TARGET Audrey Jensen and her friends
SECRETS Currently Unknown
STATUS Actively Killing
"Bloody Mary"
IDENTITY Mary Walker
MOTIVE Paid by an unknown client, and for fun
TARGET Audrey Jensen and her friends
SECRETS Currently Unknown
STATUS Actively Killing