Hellow Fellow Screamers! I am new here and I joined because I wanted to discuss a topic with you all! I know you all would be able to tell me better then anyone else..since you are all avid scream fans! So, I am a young director and I am currently developing a NON PROFIT Scream fan film! All rights go to their rightful owners such as Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson and Dimension. Anyways, I wanted to REMAKE the film..but with a modern twist and DIFFERENT think of it more of its own film. Same basic storyline..a few different characters...pretty much..the film is set in modern times...but the thing about this film is...we see that the STAB film is being this SCREAM fan film is really making fun of all the remakes...when it itself is A REMAKE..anyways..STAB is being remade...and in the town of WOODSBORO someone is really upset that they are remaking the film..making them go on a killing spree...We meet Sidney Prescott and her group of friends...we get more of a backstory on Sidney and her mother and we actually get to see her mothers death...also I was thinking in this fan film we get to see Sidney...slowly start to question her this fan film really focuses on Sidney and her sanity...I wanted to remake the film but I also wanted to make it different...Please tell me your thoughts and comments I would love to hear what you all have to say about this...and please help me out on what you think. :)

Thank you.

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