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Scream Noir 2 is the second season of my fanfic series. This season happens a year after the first one.

Plot and Setting

A year have passed since Evelynn Macher's killing spree. The Cravenhill survivors do their best to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, they are still in danger, because Redface is still out there. And this time, they'll have to deal with more than 2 killers.

The Cravenhill Survivors

New Returning Characters

Original Characters

The Killers

Chapters Short Summary

Chapter 1: The blue-eyed monster

Another killing Spree start with the death of one of the Lakewood 5. Two new killers are on the loose and a third one is joining them.

Chapter 2: Convention for survivors

The Cravenhill survivors come to Carpenter College. Ghostface claims at least one new victim. 2 survivors get closer to each other.

Chapter 3: Dont fuck with the original

2 girls have a serious fallout. A Lakewood former resident is murdered, which lead everybody to suspect each other.

Chapter 4: Love and war

A cop is brutally murdered. New couples are created, right in front of the killers' jealous eyes. One of the killers become a little too zealous about Jill Roberts' bloody legacy.

Chapter 5: The Highway Club

The survivors begin to establish new sub-groups. One of the killers change his/her mind about his/her goals. Redface come to take matters to his/her own hands.

Chapters Detailed Summary

Chapter 1: The blue-eyed monster

21:00. We open the season at the Carpenter College's students dormitories. Gina McLane seat on a couch with her girlfriend, Audrey Jensen, along with 2 other girls named Rita Marconi and Gretchen Mulder. They watch the first "Stab" movie. Audrey lay her head on Gina's shoulder and close her eyes for a moment. During the scene where Luke Wilson (as the infamous Billy Loomis) talk to Tori Spelling, Gretchen say Luke's wife must be a very fortunate lady. Gina add her half-cheerful remark about how Luke can attract even lesbians, refering to the day Audrey cheated on her with the handsome actor. Audrey say she love Gina with her heart and soul and was stupid to cheat on her, which Gina replys "forgot and forgiven, honey".

Suddenly, the power is off. The lights are out, the tv is as good as a silent statue and the girls can hardly see anything in the dark. Rita start to panic and ask Audrey what to do. Audrey hugs Rita to calm her down and ask Gina to go to the kitchen and bring a knife for protection. Gretchen express her doubts about holding a knife just because the power is off, but Rita shuting her up, saying "who survived the Lakewood slasher? You or Audrey? do me a favor and dont teach the girl who killed Piper the viper how to survive".

Just like Audrey predicts, the situation becomes dangerous quickly. Two people in costums who look just like ghostface, except one ghostface is blue and the other is purple, are brusting to the room. Blueface attack Audrey, but stop in his track after Gina stab him/her in the side. While Audrey and Gina are escaping, Purpleface get Blueface back on his/her feet and they both cornering Rita and Gretchen. Before any of the poor girls can improvise a weapon, Blueface attack Rita. Gretchen defend her friend with her body, resulting in getting stabbed in the shoulder and chest, before finally fall to the ground with a slashed troat. Gretchen Mulder, Rita, Audrey and Gina's friend, is now dead. Rita try to hold her tears and escape, but Purpleface knock her to the ground with a hard punch to her face. While the indended victim is fainted, Purpleface take his/her wounded partner to the bathroom and improvise a bandage out of some toilet paper in order to close Blueface's open wound. Purpleface ask his/her accomplice to stay hidden in the bathroom and get back to the uncocsious Rita. The killer grab Rita by the hair near the television, wake her up with a kick to the stomach and drop the tv on her head, enjoing to hear her screams. Rita Marconi, Gretchen, Audrey and Gina's friend, is now dead. As soon as Purpleface see nobody who follows him/her, the killer call the other one and they both starting to chase Audrey and Gina again.

21:05. Although Audrey and Gina are far from their dormitories room, they are not out of the woods yet, because the killers are still hot on their trails. The girls run to the security cabin and knock on the door, but no one's answer. A frighten Gina comes out with a desperate solution and tell Audrey "i didnt want to come to it, but there's no choise. We need to play dead. I'll stab you in the shoulder. And then you'll stab me. And the killers will leave us behind, which will give us time to track them down and give them away to the police. Come on. You can trust me. You know i love you". A reluctant Audrey close her eyes and ask Gina to it over with fast. Gina say quietly "i'll get it over with faster than you think", right before stabbing her girlfriend in the heart. Audrey keep her eyes closed so she won't see the person she loved the most killing her. After a second stab in the heart, the last words Audrey hear before falling to the cold and hard ground are "I'm not the girl you cheat on!". Audrey Jensen, friend with Gretchen and Rita, Gina's former girlfriend, one of the Lakewood 5, the woman who played a major part in defeating Piper Shaw and Kieran Wilcox and one of the first LGTB+ characters in the Scream franchise, is now dead.

21:06. The killers come to Gina, but before they attack her, they see Audrey's dead body and Gina's bloody knife. Purpleface say he/she is impressed of Gina's killer instinct and give her an offer she wouldn't be wise to refuse. "I hereby declare you as an honorary ghostface. Starting from tomorrow, you'll be the woman under the cape. You succeeded where the Lakewood viper failed. Wellcome to our team".

10:00. The remaning Lakewood 4, along with Gina, are sitting in the cafeteria and discuss the triple murder from last night. Noah is clearly the most devastated about Audrey's death. Brooke lay a comfort hand on his shoulder and promise him the killers will get what they deserve, just like Piper and Kieran got it. Emma say "from all the people... Why Audrey? She survived Viper Shaw. i didnt thought, in my worst nightmare, she can get killed. If anything, i always thought she would outlive all of us". Stavo draw out his cellphone and call his father. Miguel answer to his son's phonecall and promise to come quickly. Gina pretend she's about to cry and wipe her eyes with a paper tissue. When finishing talking with his father on the phone, Stavo say "we need to seek other final girls and boys in this college. Every surviver have his/her own Viper and Prince Blackheart". Noah agree with him and mention he happen to meet a girl from Cravenhill named Karen Fox. Emma say "i hope Karen is the right girl for the job. I would really like to hear about her experience with the Cravenhill slasher". fade to black.

Chapter 2: Convention for survivors

11:30. Noah is attending to media class. Professor Kristen Lang talks about the effects of cinema violence on society. Her tone is as boring as always, which shift Noah's concentration away from the class. He draws his phone and send a text message to Karen Fox, saying "I want to see you after class and discuss the recent murders. Bring your friends if you can".

13:30. The current Lakewood 5 are sitting to lunch with Karen, who brought with her 2 more girls, named Brandy Meekott and Debbie Jones. Emma express her doubts about bringing Brandy and Debbie. Noah replies "trust me, Emma. I talked with them a couple of times and I know they can help us. Debbie can analyze the killers' modus operandi and Brandy can beat the day light out of the killers. She learn MMA since she was 11, you know. I wish they were in Lakewood. We could live our lives free from slashers". Karen mentions that her friends from Cravenhill will come to visit approximately in 7 PM. When Brandy hear about her Birthmother's arrival, she can't hide her joy and excitement. Brooke says "listen, guys. You know Clay Jensen? The one who used to date the late Hannah Becker? Turns out he's the cousin of our dear Audrey. He's devastated from Audrey's death. Since he's a final boy just like us, he blames himself for his cousin's death, because he feel like he shouldn't have let her die like Hannah did. His way to compensate what he deems as a personal failure is throwing a party for final girls and boys. And guess who will be the co-host? Noah. Don't be too modest, Noah. You're a smart and sweet guy. I'm sure you and Clay will do a good job". Gina give Debbie a quick glance, thinking to herself "It would be a shame to kill such a beautiful girl. She's like a delicate flower. I shall pick her up and breathe her sweet smell while sleeping in her embrace".

16:30. Noah and Clay are attending to some final preparations. Photographer Joel Jones, his son Dewey and professor Lang are present as well. Kirsten come to talk with the final boys. "I'm sincerely sorry about Audrey and Hannah. Honestly I would prefer Audrey to live and Emma to die instead. I didn't met Hannah, but I have no doubt she could do a much better job than Nutjob Duval. Anyway, good luck with your convention, boys". Kristen is leaving and Noah apologize to Clay for Kristen's inconsiderate behavior. Dewey Jones joins their conversation and say "she's an ice cube of a person, ain't she? At least she won't spoiled our fun in the convention, right?". Clay assure him that only final people, the media and selected few who were invited personally by the hosts are aloud to get in. Noah adds "you don't need to be afraid of her. She won't kill you. The only things she kill are parties". Dewey say "my father used to work with someone like her. She wrote things i did for fame and said nothing about my father being her photographer". 19:00. Brooke, Emma, Stavo, Gina, Brandy, Debbie and Karen are attending to dinner at the dormitories. Karen get a phone call. She pick it up and see Olivia's name on the screen. "What's up, girl? where are you and the rest are right now?". Olivia replies "we'll be here any minute now. No mysterious person called us in the past couple of hours. Thank goodness for that". Karen is almost informing Olivia about the triple murder that happened last night, but decide to tell her when she'll get to Carpenter college. The conversation is over, because the rest of the Cravenhill survivors are in the college's gate. Karen is hanging up the phone and start going to the gate, with her new friends beside her. Karen is reunited with her old friends and introduce them to her new ones. Sidney and Brandy share a tender hug of mother and daughter. Dewey and Judy tell Stavo they heard about his father's accomplishments during the Lakewood murders and looking forward to work him at solving the current Carpenter college murders. Emma appear to be sad, but keeping the reasons for that to herself. Gina smiles to Olivia with a little too much interest, which make Olivia take an uneasy step backward. Trent comments about how Brooke reminds him of his late girlfriend and express his hope that Brooke would do better than Trinity. The other Cravenhill survivors look at each other, wondering how to tell Trent the truth. In order to break the tense silence, Debbie talk about the survivors convention. Trent doesn't feel like coming. Olivia, Betty and Edward promise to keep him company. Debbie ask Bill to join the party and work as a photographer. Bill happily agrees.

20:30. The party start with a speech by Noah and Clay. Clay is the one to open the event, saying "good to see you all. We saw so much death. Lost many people. Survived things no one should experience. But tonight, we are alive. We shall have the fun of our lives. We shall embrace the people we still have. Tonight, no killer will stop us!". The standing ovations can be heard all over the state. The ovations fade and Clay get back to his speech. "After careful considerations, me and my co-host Noah thought how to survive this college massacre. In order to maximize the chances of outsmarting the killers, we figured out some rules:

1. When talking at the phone, stay away from vans, or any small space you might stumble upon. That's how the killers get you.

2. When your lover call you in the middle of the night, you better start running!

3. Always keep a weapon in reach.

4. Sometimes, someone else's life mean your own death. Consider carefully who you want to save".

The speech ends. The hosts get off the stage and joining the rest of the party attendances. The rest of the Lakewood 5 joins Noah and Clay. Emma is still in a mood. When Noah ask what's wrong, Emma quietly replies "None of you have part in what i'm going through right now. I'll tell you in a less happy occasion". Clay call a friend of him to come and say hello. Clay introduce the Lakewood 5 to his good friend Kevin Murphy, accompanied by his girlfriend Nicole Gayheart. Kevin say to Clay "cool party, bro. You and Noah nailed it. Nailed it real deep". Nicole say quietly "thanks for doing this party. We can all use this healthy escapism from time to time". Unknown to them, Ghostface is watching them from the shadows. His/her menacing eyes goes from one convention attendance to another.

21:00. Suddenly, the lights are out. It's impossible to film anything in this peach dark. Bill tightening his grip on his camera. He's planning to smack the killer in the head. He goes slowly into the darkness in search for his friends. He gets a phone call. The voice from the other side is Judy's, saying "stay where you are. I'm coming to pick you up. I have a gun. You'll be safe". Bill knows it's the killer, because Judy would never say him to stay put in this hazardous situation. He keep going into the darkness, calling everyone he can think about, but to no avail. Before he hear anybody come to his aid, he feel a horrible pain in his right shoulder blade. He turn around quickly and hit the attacker with the camera. He decide to kill the attacker, but stop on his track after being kicked in the knee. Bill feel the same horrible pain. This time in his neck. In his last moments, right before being beheaded, Bill see the killer holding a bloody sickle and hear him/her saying to him in his own voice "this is Bill Rogers. Signing off". Bill Rogers, one of the people who rescued Betty in season 1, a well known journalist and a good friend to Karen, Olivia, Edward, Persy, Trent, Betty, Judy, Dewey and Sidney, is now dead. The killer kick Bill's severed head like a soccer ball and escape. By the time Judy get the lighting system back on, the killer is nowhere to be seen. Everyone see Bill's mutilated body and severed head rolling on the floor. Many people get into panic, but Judy silence them all by shooting in the air and say "keep your wits, people. It's a scary situation. No doubt about it. But we can make it. The killers can kill each and everyone of us, but not our spirit. We are called final people for a reason. We are final. We will be the last people standing. Not the killers. We shall stick together to the end and send the killers to the hell they came from! You know why the cut down the power? Because they are cowards. Brave only under the cover of darkness. Tomorrow is a new day. One more day we're alive, one less day for the killers".

0:00. Before going to bed, Trent talk with Olivia, Betty and Edward over a cup of tea. From their grim faces, Trent can feel something is wrong. Betty decide to be the one who tell him the news. "I need you to listen carefully, because it's not easy news. Trinity wasn't really abducted by Greenface. She is Greenface. She fooled us all. Framed Heraldo, cut her own little finger to pretend she's a victim and even changed her name. Trinity is just her alias. Her true name is Evelynn Macher. Stupidface's little sister. I guess being psychotic run in the family. I won't tell you that you're better off without her, because it takes time to heal, but i will say i'm her for you. No killer will get you as long as i live". Edward say "people do bad choices. Evelynn did what she did. And i did what i had to do". Trent pause for a second, staring into space, until realizing the situation. "I'm not angry, Edward. She did killed your son and husband. I'm not happy with what you did, but you had good reasons. I just... cant believe she was such a Jill. I loved her!". Olivia hugs Trent in case he'll cry, but he doesn't cry. The four of them getting ready to sleep. Trent ask Olivia to stay with him a little longer. Before anybody get to do or say something else, they get a phone call. A deep and mysterious voice say "good night. I'll see you all in the morning. Except for Bill. He wont be here in the morning". Fade to black.

Chapter 3: Dont fuck with the original

7:30. Emma and the rest of the Lakewood 5 get up and goes to their first class of the day. Maggie Duval, Miguel Acosta and Tina Hudson are coming to visit her and the rest of the Lakewood 5 for a short while. As soon as the Lakewood 5 get to their class, Miguel, Maggie and Tina go to sit in a quiet place and talk about yesterday. Miguel mentions that he was informed about Bill Rogers' death. "Stavo's description disturbs me. Kieran is dead. I can't imagine anyone who'll idolize him and use his techniques. Even the judge was shocked by the sheer inhumanity of what Kieran inflicted to people". Tina is counting every competent man with killer instinct she can think about, but rule all of them out. "It can't be Kevin. He killed Kieran with his bare hands for revenge. Brandon James is either dead or missing. Troy? I hired an assassin to kill him and make it appear as if Troy could've kill Kieran". Miguel replies "whoever it is, please don't tell Stavo and Emma. They are too young to fully understand what me and Kevin did. If Stavo will hear i neutralized the security system so Kevin could get in and slash Prince Blackheart's throat, he'll blame me for the death of the prison guard and hold grudge against me for all eternity". Maggie say she wish Emma was as naive as Stavo. "When Kieran was killed, she threw a party. She said she'll be proud of anyone who'll hurt Kieran. Knowing that the prison guard was killed as well didnt invoked any sympathy from her. Sending Kieran to be murdered in jail, instead of shooting him like a normal person would do, was cruel enough. The last thing i need is to see Emma coming to think executing people is more fun than therapy". When Miguel say at least Emma is sad about Audrey's death, Maggie sarcastically replies "good thing she have empathy toward one person these days".

7:33. At psychology class, the young teacher Ben Richards starts a debate about which motive the Carpenter college killers might have. Debbie get into a heated argument with fellow classmates named Michelle Prinze and Vincent Miller. Michelle attempts to blame the violent and pornographic content in the internet, claiming the killers must've seen too many porn and went on fulfilling their sick fantasies. Debbie replies "sexual frustration isn't the only motive on earth, you know. For example, Vincent might get an erection from an unachievable man like James Cameron, but it doesn't mean he'll kill me just for saying it". Vincent ask if it is possible that the killers are going in Babyface's footsteps. "How about that friend of yours? Brandy Meekott? I think the killers might kill her just to hurt her mother. The killers must've learned a lot from reading the same fanfic over and over. All of the plots are about trying to kill Sidney Prescott and everyone she holds dear".

12:00. Sidney, Dewey, Judy, Martha Meeks, Lois Gayheart and Paula Murphy are sitting on a cup of coffee. Martha express her consolation for Bill Rogers' death and choose to take solace at the fact the other attendees to the party survived. Lois thanks Judy for driving the killer off, before he/she would cause more casualties, let alone killing her beloved daughter. Paula replies "Nicole is in good hands, sweetie. Nothing will happen to her as long as Kevin is here. I should have a quality time with my little warrior. Even a knight in shining armor need a motherly hug from time to time". Dewey notice the sad look in Sideny's eyes and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

13:30. Karen and her new friends are eating their lunch along the Lakewood 5. Emma is visibly unhappy. Brandy asks "what's wrong, Emma? You're like this for the past three days. I'm really sorry about what happened to Audrey, but you have to get back on your feet. We have killers on our minds now. You should kill them. Not yourself". Emma replies "it's not about Audrey. I just... Dont like your mother very much. Do you know what is like to see you every day? The reminder of a woman who shot her boyfriend when she could just send him to jail? Who didnt shot Stupidface when she had the chance, just because she had your uncle at the firing line? Is she suppose to be the poster girl for final girls? With all due respect, Brandy, your mother should be ashamed of herself. She forgave Masterface, a man who was basically Viper before Viper, just because he was her brother. Normal final girls would try to have quiet life. But no. She published a book about her trouble. Out of darkness my ass!". Brandy refuse to resort to physical violence, but still reply furiously "Go ahead, Emma. Tell me more about being a moral person. Have you felt anything beyond hypocritical self-righteousness when you sent Kieran to a fate worse than death? Did you ever had a minute to feel the slightest sorrow about killing your own sister? When was the last time you wrote a self-helping book? Or anything beyond texting on the phone for that matter? I dont recall you ever managed a crisis counseling hot line. If you choose to be bitter and wipe your shit over others, that's your deal. Don't take it out on my mother. She caused you no harm and you know it! So let her be and go back to your own mother, which is still alive as far as i know, and tell her you love her instead of telling me how much you hate me just because i'm Sidney's daughter. And now, if her highness will excuse me, have a nice day". Brandy gets up and start to leave, hearing Emma screaming insults. When she's sure that no one hears her, she pull her phone of her pockets and call Sidney. "Hello? Sidney, i really have to tell you something. You know Emma Duval? So she think that being a final girl gives her the right to talk poorly about people. She talked some deep crap about you. Went as low as she could. I wanted to hit her, but i restrained myself". Sidney congratulates her daughter for not being violent and promise she'll come to talk with Emma and solve the crisis.

13:45. Noah, Brooke, Stavo and Gina are siting with Emma in a dormitories room and trying to calm Emma down. Brooke hugs Emma and reassure her that her friends are right here. Stavo calls his father on the phone and tell him about the situation. Gina pretends to feel Emma's sorrow, but secretly texting to her accomplices. Noah says "it's all good now. Brandy isn't here. Even if she was here, she won't hurt you. She aint Piper or Kieran or...". A sudden scream cut Noah's words. "We agreed to never talk about him ever again! I threw him off the balcony and that's the end of it. Dont turn yourself into another hero wannabe i dont need, ok?". A knock on the door gets their attention. Noah opens the door and see Sidney standing in front of him. "Sure it's a good time? Emma hate your guts right now...". Emma ask from Noah in a calm voice "let me talk to her. I promise to behave". The others goes out of the room, surrounding Emma in case she'll go nuts again. "Brandy told me you wanted to talk. Go ahead, Emma. I'm listening". The atmosphere seems to cool down for a bit, until Emma tries to pounce at Sidney. Noah grabs Emma in an attempt to restrain her, but lose his grip after she bash his head with a sharp elbow and attacking Sidney again. Right before Emma could punch Sidney in the face, Sidney flips her to the ground and lock-holding her arm. "A motherly advice: Dont fuck with the original". The expy, still on the ground, watch the original goes away stoically. Gina helps Emma get up. As soon as Emma is back on her feet, she try to assault Noah again, only to be stopped by Stavo. "Do us a favor and get the hell out of our sight until you'll learn to behave yourself! If you'll ever raise your hands on Noah again, i'll break more than just something you like". Brooke gives Emma one last death glare before attending to the crying Noah.

19:00. Kristen is sitting at her couch and using her laptop to prepare tomorrow's lesson. Between preparing the main points of her next lesson, she watches a video on Facebook, which shows Emma Duval's meltdown. Bellow the video there are poisonous comments. Kristen is chuckling, thinking to herself out-loud "i knew it will happen eventually. Is that the reason she survived Piper? Because crazy people think alike?". Kristen's phone is ringing. She answer and surprised to hear a deep and chilling voice. "A lovely night, isnt it? It's always good to sit in you couch with a laptop, gloating over Emma Duval. You like that, dont you? People are losing their loved ones and you are snuggled in your cushy couch, making a joke out of others' misfortune. Well, professor Lang, tonight it shall end!". Kristen hangs up and rush to the kitchen to grab a knife. She decide to stalk the killer near her front door. Her gambit proves wrong after Blueface jumps out of Kristen's closet and throw a dart at her. The dart hits Kristen's shoulder, almost makes her drop the knife. She try to throw her knife at Blueface, but all she achieves is a knife on the floor. Blueface kicks the knife aside and jump on Kristen. She try to kick Blueface's groin, but surrender to a dart in the neck before she can kick anybody. Blueface stab Kristen's temples with another dart. Kristen Lang, a media teacher in Carpenter college, one of the people who Emma Duval hates the most and overall not particularly likable person, is now dead. Before escaping Kristen's house, the killer takes her laptop and post "rot in prison, Emma!".

20:00. Kevin and his mother are sitting together in a quality family time. Kevin is reluctant to talk about the murder happened yesterday. He just quietly say that's at least Nicole is safe. Paula doesnt force her son to talk and just hugging him. Kevin's phone is suddenly ringing. Kevin answers and hear Nicole's voice. "Let me in, Kevin. I'm scared to death! One of the killers just called me! He/she have sexually harassed me before attacking me!". Kevin walks to the door and quickly open it to his girlfriend. Except the person who waits on the other side is Blueface. He/she slashes Kevin's cheek, ask mockingly "why so serious?" and is about to stab Kevin in the heart. Paula shouts "leave my son alone! I'll do anything! Just dont hurt him!". Blueface kick Kevin's head to knock him out and ask Paula to give him/her a kiss. Paula close her eyes and come to kiss the killer for her son's sake. The killer start to kiss Paula, until he/she stopped in his/her track when Paula is folding him/her with a knee to the right place. Paula removes Blueface's mask, kick him/her in the groin again for good measure and run to the kitchen for bringing a knife. She gets back to the killer, looking into his/her eyes before stabbing the motherless bastard in the heart. She knows who Blueface is, but we as an audience don't. However, Before Paula give the final stab, Blueface kick her in the knee and take the knife out of her hands. In her last moments, Paula see her critically injured son running away to get help and choose to be happy that at least her little angel is still alive. Blueface keep on stabbing and stabbing, until Paula is cold like a corpse. He/she get the mask back to place, kiss the dead Paula one more time and escapes. Paula Murphy, best friend with Lois Gayheart, Kevin's mother, a former Windsor student and old acquaintance for Sidney, is now dead.

21:30. Maggie and Emma are driving away from Carpenter college, back to Lakewood. "I've heard what you did today. Stavo and Miguel told me everything. Why did you act like that?! After what you've been through, i thought you, of all people, would be sensitive to Sidney Prescott's suffering. Her life were just as hard as yours, if not worse. I thought you're ready to face the world, but maybe i was wrong. Maybe i should get you back home and take care of you like a little girl until you'll become an adult". Emma replies "you were wrong to begin with. You had an affair with Brandon James and got pregnant to the woman who caused every misfortune in my life. When dad was killed, you wasted no time at marring Miguel. You didn't want the tears to ruin your wedding dress, do you? And now you're gonna cut me away from the world. My friends already left me because of that stupid Sidney. She have fame, friends, even a daughter. All i left is you! So dont tell me how to live my life... You mother of all monsters!". A pissed off Maggie stops the car and press the horn with aggression that is usually kept for serial killers. Emma gets out of the car and shows Maggie the middle finger, right before walking away. Maggie struggles the urge to let her daughter go to hell and drive toward Emma in order to get her back in the car. Emma's menacing look make Maggie call Miguel on the phone. Miguel confirms he's already on his way, because the suspicion that something like that will happen made him following them. Emma pulls her phone out and threatens Maggie to leave her alone before she'll call the cops and blame Maggie for trying to kill her. Maggie says quietly "i'm starting to think i abandoned the wrong daughter". Emma hears Maggie's quiet comment and begins to throw punches at the car's window. Maggie opens the window, hold Emma's arm with one hand and slapping her with the other. Emma respond by headbutting her mother, pulling her out of the car and attacking her as if she's Piper. Miguel arrives just in time to separate the fight and arrest Emma. Maggie screams "take her to jail! I lost both of my daughters thanks to her! Shoot her, burn her, cut her throat, i dont care anymore!". Miguel decides to take Emma to an asylum instead, because he can't bring himself to send the daughter of his beloved new wife to jail. Emma Duval, Maggie's daughter, Piper's sister, a former member in the Lakewood 5, Brandy's archenemy, a bad expy of Sidney and one of the worst final girls ever, is now on her way to an asylum. An angry and frustrated Maggie is fainting.

22:05. When Maggie wakes up, she finds herself in a dark room, tied up to a chair. She desperately calls for help. A menacing figure, who's revealed to be Purpleface, appears out of the darkness and say "it's like in space. No one can hear you scream". He/she holds a wrench, thinking about what sadistic pleasure he/she can gain. Maggie screams "no! No! Please no!". Purpleface get closer. "What did you say? Nose? An excellent idea". Purpleface close the wrench around Maggie's nose bridge and twist it. The nauseating breaking sound is filling Puprleface's body with excitement. "You like to play with your prey? Well, i have a little game for you. It's called guess who have a cop husband who'll arrest your sorry motherfucking ass!". The killer start to feel Maggie up. He/she conclude the groping by pressing hard on Maggie's diaphragm. As soon as Maggie opens her mouth to cough, Purpleface grap her tongue with the wrench and forcefully pulls it out of its place. "Sorry. But you left me no choice. You're talking too much. Now let me do the talking. I can see you're very tired. You're gonna sleep well in the morgue. But first, here's a bedtime story. Once upon a time, when the Roman empire was the dominant force, there was a woman who had a psychopathic offspring. Just like you. The stupid boy was Nero Caesar. He was the Viper of his time, except he was much more successful. He killed everyone he could. Even executed his own mother. Poor woman. She asked the executors to stab her in the midsection. She wanted to destroy the womb which held Nero before he was born. I wish your daughters weren't like Nero. But history doesnt change. Just repeats itself". Maggie can't even scream. Just to watch in horror as Purpleface see how her inside looks like and take a picture of her womb using a cellphone. Maggie Duval, the mother of Emma and Piper, Miguel's wife, Stavo's new stepmother, Kevin Duval's widow and one of the few people on earth who knew it was Kevin who killed Kieran, is now dead. Purpleface is smiling under the mask and thinking about the surprise he/she prepared for tomorrow. Fade to black.

Chapter 4: Love and war

23:00. Judy finishes her night watch, exchanging places with Miguel. She gets into her bed and almost got a few seconds of sleep, until she hear a message on her phone. A tired Judy opens up the phone and see Maggie Duval's brutalized snuff picture, accompanied by a threatening recording in James Earl Jones' voice. "Good night, sheriff Hicks. You'll get up in the morning, but some of the cops won't. Maybe Dewey will run out of luck. Or maybe Miguel will join his wife. There are cops you never bothered to know, so maybe it's a good time to make an introduction. Since i'm in a generous mood, i'll let you decide. You have one hour to choose one, or i'll kill two". Judy run to wash her face, get dressed, get into her car and calls Dewey and Miguel on the phone. Miguel's phone is dead silent. Luckily for Judy, Dewey answers. Judy inform Dewey about the threatening message she received. When Dewey hears about Maggie's brutal death, he express his sorrow for Miguel's lost and ask Judy to hang up so he'll be able to tell Miguel about the horrible news. Judy says that she tried to do the same, but in vain. Dewey gets a catatonic shock. Judy can hear Dewey's phone dropping from his hand. The sound of the dropping phone makes her waste no time and drive to Dewey's location using her waze.

23:15. Judy is now in Dewey's parking. On her way to Dewey's house, she take out the phone and call the killer. "What's up, Notorious Little? Want to play? So here's a game for you: I chose a cop you can kill. You have half an hour to find and kill Jack Lamb, or I'll make sure you'll die knowing non of your goals were achieved. Viper ended up in Wren Lake's deeps, Masterface went to hell in a dark and forgotten mansion, and the same will happen to you".

23:16. Judy slams the door with one hand and aim her gun into the night with the other, just in case someone is behind her back. Dewey opens the door, but still can't get any word out of his mouth. Just hold his frighten hand, enter with him into the house and lock the door. They walk to the living room and sit on the sofa. Seeing Dewey still catatonic, Judy runs to the kitchen, bring a glass of water and spill it on Dewey's face. Dewey shakes his head. "Thanks for not slapping me". Judy assure him that she'll get caught in a bar fight before hurting him, and give him the rest of the water. "I'm so sorry, Judy. Miguel is probably dead. I just don't know if he got his throat slashed, stabbed in his back, stabbed in his forehead, smashed with a metal pipe, fell disemboweled from a tree... I can't stop it, i'm terrified and i hate myself for feeling that way". Judy tries to calm him down, but being interrupted by a call from the killer. "You shouldn't have lied to me. Jack Lamb is not from your police force. He's from Bioshock! I asked for a cop, not for a pilot and a cold psychopath! You made me angry, so i'll kill three". The sound of three cops screaming from pain can be heard throughout the house.

23:30. In a dark underground room, not too far from Emma's asylum, Blueface is taunting three tied-up cops. Two of them are now dead, and the third one is Miguel. "Well done, sheriff Acosta. Well fucking done indeed. You have a very creative mind. I just love your idea for shooting officer Meyers through his temples with a crossbow. He looks like a Halloween costume. Or cutting Officer Texas with a chainsaw. Went down like a log". Miguel tries to talk, but get slapped in his right chick. The gunshot hole is still agonizing. Bluface plays with the hole for a second, pressing his/her middle finger into the hole caused by a sniper rifle bullet, and then smack Miguel with the rifle's handle. He/she pulls out a handgun, but stop in his/her track after getting a new idea. Blueface pool out a medical peeling device instead. He/she peel Miguel's face off as a prequel to the rest of his skin. Without a face, Miguel can't even scream when he's skinned alive. Blueface removes Miguel's uniforms, change cloths, put the empty face on himself/herself and spit on his naked corpse one last time before running away. Miguel Acosta, Clark Hudson's successor, Stavo's father, Maggie's husband and the man who helped Kevin get into Kieran cell at this fateful night, is now dead and naked.

5:00. Judy is waking up on Dewey's sofa, forcing herself to get ready for a new and not so brave day. When Dewey gets up and come to the living room, Judy is greeting him with a nice cop of tea. "Thanks, Judy. You're so adorable. So caring. I wish your lemon squares would've been here. I can use some sweetness after last night. But seriously. Thanks for being so loving and composed". Judy struggles with her blushing and reply "it's funny you mention loving. Life are short and some psychopaths try to cut them shorter, so now it's a good time as any to confess - i love you, Dewey. I couldn't say to anyone when Gale was alive, not even to myself, but thinking about things made me understand i see you as my soul mate. As the first man i ever loved". A surprised Dewey say she must had other men before, but Judy explains. "You're the first man i ever loved. All of my intimate partners before you were women. I lived my life as a lesbian, until i'v met you. If you feel the same, i would gladly take your hand and give you paradise on earth". Dewey shares a shy smile and say "we'll have to wait with the paradise on earth thing, but I am happy I found someone like you". A short hug, a brief kiss, and the two cops gets back to work.

7:30. The students goes to their first class, constantly whispering about the dead cops. Blueface, dressed as Miguel, comes to greet Stavo and his friends. Gina pretends she's surprised to see Miguel alive. "Miguel" advice the students to call their parents, just to make sure they are all in one piece.

8:30. Sidney, Judy, Dewey, Martha, Lois, "Miguel", Persy and Ben are sitting at the teachers' room, discussing the severity of the situation. Sidney comes up with the idea of taking as many students out of town as possible. "I know i tried the same thing in 1997, but this time, i know i can do it right. I won't underestimate the killer's madness. I'll take care of the youths myself and get them running in case of heavens no". "Miguel" pretend he's worried and ask Sidney to get Stavo out of troubles. Lois say she believes Kevin have to get out of town too, because his ugly slash wound on his chick makes him a sitting duck, regardless of how brave he is. Persy advise that the students should be divided to groups. "Some will go with Sidney, and the others will go with other people. Like Miguel. Or Dewey. Not you, mister Richards. I dont know how much of a survivor you are, and it would be a shame if you'll end up like your father. We need you here".

12:00. The students are ordered to gather at the hall. Sheriff Hicks and "Sheriff Acosta" are going on stage, and explains that the students are requested to join some adults and get out of town. As "Miguel" explains, "the distribution is random. Here are the results: Kevin Murphy, Brandy meekott, Noah Foster and Dewey Cliff Jones will join Sidney. Nicole Gayheart, Clay Jensen, Debbie Jones and Brooke Maddox will join Olivia. Michelle Prinze, Vincent Miller, Gina McLane and Robert Gear will join Persy. Gustavo Acosta and the rest are my personal responsibility. Get ready and be safe, everyone". The students goes to their guardians' cars. Brandy accompanies Kevin, Noah and Cliff, but refuse to get into the car. "I love you, Sidney, but my mother needs me. Just stay brave and tough like you always do".

12:05. Between all the commotion and the killers lurking on plane sight, it takes a couple of minutes before people are noticing Clay is no where to be seen. Olivia, Nicole, Debbie and Brooke are walking toward "Miguel" and say they'll stay here, in the college, until Clay will be found. "Miguel" is proud of their devotion and give them his word. "Clay will be found alive even if it will kill me".

12:20. Presy is driving carefully, yet quickly as possible, heading to LA. Gina looks at her companions and hiding a devilish chuckle by pretending she's crying. Her companions tried to comfort her, and Persy promises things will be better. Gina pretend to be grateful for the comforting, and secretly releasing an invisible and odorless gas inside the car. Suddenly, Gina's companions begins to shake and drooling like rabid animals. Gina pretend she's knocked out. A panicked Persy gets out of the car and call an ambulance. By the time the ambulance came, Gina was nowhere to be found, and her companions at the back seat are as lifeless as Chris Brown's super-ego. Michelle Prinze, Vincent Miller and Robert Gear, three innocent students of Carpenter college, are now dead.

13:00. Sidney and the students under her watch are almost out of town, getting close to Georgia. Noah says he like the idea of coming to the big city instead of another town, if only because homicidal maniacs with mask are less dangerous in cities than in towns. Cliff listens only with half an ear, but notice an ominous shadow approaching them just in time. He alert Sidney and get Noah and Kevin standing behind him. Sidney orders them to run and call for help. Gina gets her mask off and saying "no help will come. I took care of that. You won't believe how easy it is to create a traffic jam using one puny grenade". The sight of the injured and the 3 certain victims motivate Cliff to rush into action, with Noah and Kevin on his side. Sidney look right into Gina's icy blue eyes and pull out her gun.

13:01. Sidney is being pressed at her engine hood under Gina's weight. She feel one of Gina's hands forcefully holding her crouch, and the second pulling her hair. "We should've done it sooner. Hey! Don't resist. You should be used to sleep with killers by now". As soon as Gina gets too deep into her violent thrill, Sidney use her right hand to smash Gina's nose with her palm, instinctively kick her between her legs and jump to the side in order to take back the dropped gun. Sidney misses Gina's head in only a few inches, blowing away her ear instead of killing her. Gina jump toward Sidney, tackling her to the ground, and slashing her hand with a commando knife. She kick the gun aside, bruising Sidney with some punches and kissing her violently. Sidney's first instinct is to bite Gina's hand and free herself, only to be stabbed in the back fall to the ground. Gina step on her back and pulling out her phone for taking a picture. The existed Gina say "don't waste your energy, Sid. I did more than just mauling you. My knife is poisoned. You should be grateful if you'll do as much as holding Brandy one last time", and to the camera "I killed the ultimate survivor! Jill Roberts have nothing on me!"

13:02. The narcissistic self-filming is working on Gina like an enhanced cocaine and laughing gas combined. The maniacal laughter is stopped by a sudden kick to Gina's knee. Sidney gets up quickly, raising Gina from her hairs and smash her face in the car. "You're forgetting something about Jill Roberts. I fucking killed her!". Before Gina can do anything else, Sidney begins to smash her head with the car's door. Gina send a sharp elbow to Sidney's chest, but it make no improvement in her situation, which escalate to being thrown into the car. Sidney raise her fallen phone from the ground and call the cops. But before the cops can answer, the surprised Sidney see Gina's flying kick too late. Sidney and the phone are falling in different directions. Gina breaks the phone and promptly jump on Sidney, holding her car key and trying to gouge her eyes out. Sidney quickly breaks the arm holding the key, take her key back and send Gina flying into the car. Sidney slams the car door on Gina's left leg until the leg is broken, and then locks the car. An injured and battered Sidney tries to regain her breath. Gina use the short break for trying to get out through the window. Sidney hear Gina's efforts, turns around to see her sticking her head out, and use the last of her strengths to close the window over her mortal enemy's neck. Gina's tormented expression when the air is leaving her body make Sidney search for her gun in order to deliver Gina out of her misery. As glad as she is to outlive another killer, she feels no joy from seeing Gina's lifeless and suffocated corpse. Gina McLane, Audrey's jealous girlfriend, the third LGTB character in the franchise, A false member of the new Lakewood five and yet another killer who had a thing for Sid, is now dead . The fact she outlived any killer who ever attacked her, or maybe the poison pumping in her vanes, gives Sidney a weird relaxation. Her breath is gradually leaving her body and her injuries are even more fatal than what Masterface, Babyface and Greenface inflicted, but Sidney feels no pain. Just the feeling of being prepared to leave this world forever. She takes the gun, taking one final breath, thinking about her best moments and do what every ghostface tried and failed. Sidney Prescott, Neil and Maureen's daughter, Brandy's biological mother, Dewey and Judy's friend, Martha's egg cell donator, the inspiration for both Kirby Reed and Emma Duval, the slayer of 4 killers, the first final girl of the franchise and overall one of the best horror heroes ever, is now resting in peace. fade to black.

Chapter 5: The Highway Club

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • One of the killers will be revealed to the audience in the first chapter.
  • At least one of the killers will commit rape.
  • There will be 3 opening victims.
  • As with season 1, some deaths will either brutal, heartbreaking or both.
  • Redface won't kill anybody in this season, but will still make some of the calls.
  • One of the characters will imitate the killers in order to solve personal grudges.
  • Some of the survivors will have secrets that related to their original settings.

Behind The Scenes

  • Originaly i didnt planned to edit Ben Richards to this season, but his actor was great, so i felt like i really want him in my story.
  • DCN gave me the idea of using Brandon Flynn in Scream Noir 3. Thanks, man.
  • I tried to add Clay earlier, but from some reason he was erased from the story. Now he's back.
  • The opening scene was meant to refer to Scream 1, 2 and 4.
  • Since one of the opening victims is Audrey Jensen, i wanted to start the season with her close friends, right before calling the Cravenhill survivors to action.
  • Just like Gina, one of the other killers will also have traits of Jill Roberts.
  • I like Audrey very much, but i had to get her killed both because i'm faithful to the law about final girls and boys' mortality and to make Gina into a hate sink.
  • There are many characters and it takes time to introduce them all. I'm sorry. More characters will appear soon.
  • The reason for Emma's bad mood will appear in episode 3.
  • Writing this episode took me a very long time due to having college issues. Thanks for your patience.
  • There was a twist i originally planned for episode 3, but i chose to keep it for episode 4 due to real-life challenges.
  • Kenneth Tanner gave me a wonderful idea for episode 4. Thanks, bro.
  • I wanted to deconstruct Emma and Sidney's relationship. On paper, they should bond over similar experiences. In reality, Sidney will most likely tolerate Emma only well enough to not attacking her. Emma would be worse.
  • I wanted to make Miguel's death unique. Every killer have a man-made mask. Now Blueface have a mask made of man.
  • Girls doesn't commit rape, but Gina's sexual aggression is something many psychopaths would commit, regardless of gender and motive.
  • Getting Sidney killed was hard. The best way to get used to the idea is having her taking matters to her own hands, and will become the person who no ghostface can kill.


Due to difficulties and new plans, i might change this story's direction. To be continued...

Body Count

Episode Victim Cause Of Death Killer
1 Gretchen Mulder Stabbed in shoulder and chest, troat slashed Clay Jensen
1 Rita Marconi Get a tv dropped on her head Kevin Murphy
1 Audrey Jensen Stabbed in the heart twice Gina McLane
2 Bill Rogers Stabbed in his right shoulder blade with a sickle, stabbed in the neck, got beheaded A survivor (dressed as Ghostface)
3 Kristen Lang Stabbed in the neck and temples with darts Clay Jensen
3 Paula Murphy Stabbed multiple times Clay Jensen
3 Maggie Duval Her nose was twisted with a wrench, her tongue was forcefully pulled out of her mouth, gutted Kevin Murphy
4 Officer Meyers Shot with a crossbow through his temples Clay Jensen
4 Officer Texas Numerous chainsaw wounds Clay Jensen
4 Miguel Acosta Shot in the chick with a sniper rifle, had his face removed, skinned alive with Candyman hooks CLay Jensen
4 Michelle Prinze Chocked by a poisonous gas Gina McLane
4 Robert Gear Chocked by a poisonous gas Gina McLane
4 Vincent Miller Chocked by a poisonous gas Gina McLane
4 3 civilians Mass road crush caused by a grenade Gina McLane
4 Gina McLane Her head was smashed with a car door, got shot, suffocated by the car's window crushing her windpipe Sidney Prescott
4 Sidney Prescott Numerous injuries, shot in the head Suicide

Active Killers

Identity Kevin Murphy (Purpleface) Clay Jensen(Blueface/"Miguel Acosta") Gina Mclane (Ghostface)
Target The Cravenhill survivors and the Carpenter College students Mainly the Cravenhill survivors Nobody in particular
Motive Close the college pay for his financial problems Doing his part for Redface after the latter killed everyone who ever abused Hannah Baker. Blackmailed to kill
Status deceased redeemed and left his identity behind Deceased.
Body Count 9 11 7

The story is frozen

Unfortunately, I have to freeze this installment and jump straight to "Scream Noir 3". Hope i'll do better with SN3. The story isn't dead. Just skipped right to part 3.

What should've been?

  • Blueface was Clay Jensen. His motive was an agreement with Redface. Redface killed everyone who was involved in Hannah Baker's death (Bryce Walker, Montgomery De La Cruz and practically everyone on Hannah's list), and in exchange, Clay was asked to kill the Cravenhill survivors. However, he had a change of heart after knowing Stavo better, and he and Stavo decided that he'll live the rest of his life as Miguel Acosta. He'll reappear in "Scream Noir 3" under Miguel Acosta's eternal costume. Victims list: Gretchen Mulder, Christen Lang, Paula Murphy, Officers Meyers and Texas, the real Miguel Acosta, Dewey Riley, Joel Jones, the fake Persy Osborne, Lois Gayheart and Kevin Murphy.
  • Purpleface was Kevin Murphy. His motive was to close Carpenter college, because the expensive tuitions made him mad. "If I have to pay costly, then everyone else should pay dearly" kind of thing. The last thing he did was forcing Lois Gayheart to give him a blowjob. Clay came, this time not dresses as Miguel, and shot Lois' head. He got back to his Miguel costume and let Kevin bleed slowly. Kevin had no genitalia, but he still had his savagery. He waited until Clay will turn his back and began sneaking with a kitchen knife. Before he could execute his revenge on his backstabbing partner, Karen and Brandy came. Karen smashed his head with one of her heels and Brandy jumped on him, pinning him to the ground like a true wrestler. Brandy asked Kevin to tell her who's his partner (he was one of the only people who knew about Clay's imposing to Miguel) under the threats she'll strangle him. Kevin tried to say something, but Karen drew a gun and shot his head. Victims list: Rita Marconi, Maggie Duval, Dewey "Cliff" Jones, Joel Jones, Debbie Jones, Tina Hudson, Edward Loomis, Beatrice Reed and Martha Meeks.
  • There's more than one Redface. The second will appear in "Scream Noir 3", and the first one was Persy Osborne. Except the real Persy Osborne was murdered by the second Redface. The fake Persy Osborne who appeared in "Scream Noir" 1 and 2 was a strawman. He went through a complicated lobotomy, and therefore was completely convinced he's avenging Jill's baby. He was killed by Judy and Clay. The real mastermind will be revealed in the next season.
  • The survivors of season 2 are: Karen Fox, Brandy Meekott, Gustavo Acosta, Clay "Miguel Acosta" Jensen, Noah Foster, Brooke Maddox, Olivia Fontain, Trent Weary, Ben Richards, Judy Hicks and Nicole Gayheart.
  • If I forgot one of the victims, please let me know.
  • Joel was supposed to fight both Clay (it was before Clay decided to live his life as Miguel) and Kevin, defending his children with teaching them the rules to survive these situations. "Rule number one: You gotta be quick. Rule number two: Don't fall down. And rule number three: Whatever you do, never look back". And then Kevin would stab him in the back, smash his camera, stick the camera glass shards all over Joel's torso and say "you stupid fuck. You've watched one too many scary movie".