Scream Noir is my very first fanfic in this wiki and (possibly) the first one of a series. Although the story begin sometime after Scream 4 ended, it's not a sequel, but rather in independent story with some familiar characters.

Plot and Setting

Long time have passed since the events of Scream 4. Judy Hicks, who left Woodsboro to become the sheriff of Cravenhill, doing her best to move on. Unfortunately for her, 2 new killers choose her as one of their two prime targets, along with Kirby Reed, who spent the last 7 years at a mental hospital after narrowly surviving her attack by Charlie Walker. The 2 girls decided to join forces againts the new killers, before any of them will rest in peace, or rather rest in pieces...

Returning characters (films)

Judy Hicks
Judy Hicks (41): The final girl of the story. Thanks to her key role at stoping the infamous Jill Roberts, Judy became the sheriff of Cravenhill, which made her to leave Woodsboro behind. However, it seems a new pair of masked killers have something personal againts her, and also againts her old aquaitence Kirby...
Kirby Reed (28): After narrowly surviving her attack at the hand of her former friend Charlie, Kirby lost her mind and became a mental patient in an asylum located at Cravenhill, where her old acquaintance Judy serve as the new sherrif. The new killers who chase after both her and Judy made them join forces and eventually see each other as a surrogate sister. Will the sisterly bond with the sheriff save her?
Scream3 Mark Kincaid

Mark Kincaid (52): Ever since Mark got out of the closet in 2006, he live happily ever after with his husband Eduard and their adoptive child Adam. Now, when 2 killers terrorize the once peaceful Cravenhill, Mark must do his duty as a cop and get his hands on the deadly duo before they'll kill more people, not to mention his husband and child...

Sidney Prescott (44) - The original final girl, now working as a criminologist and consult the law enforcement from her rich experiment as a survivor of 4 different killing sprees who delt with 7 Ghostfaces. When Judy asked for her help, Sidney rushed into action just like she would do for any of her friends. While helping at stoping the new killers, Sidney should keep in mind that these days, even final girls (and boys) can die... 
Gale Weathers-Riley (54) - Her latest book, "Things i did for fame", became a best seller and later an oscar winning movie. Originaly planned to go on a world tour for further PR for her book, until Dewey was called by Judy to help her catch the Cravenhill killers. As the devoted wife she is, Gale came with Dewey to Cravenhill and did her usual investigations. She better stay on guard, because the new killers might not be as smug as Jill was...
Dewey Riley (46) - The last 7 years was unusually quiet for Dewey. No one tried to kill him or anybody he know, Gale became one of the happiest people alive after the tremendous success of her latest book and his life seemed almost perfect... Until Judy called him on the phone, terrified to her bones. He survived 4 different near death experiences, but will the Cravenhill murders mark his end?
Hank Loomis

Hank Loomis

Hank Loomis (63) - Hank was once a successful lawyer, until the people of Woodsboro forced him to leave town for good, giving him the dubious title "the 3rd most hated man in Woodsboro history". In one final attempt to restore any shred of reputation, Hank have gone underground and came to Cravenhill. If any of the killers will catch him, there won't be any trial...

New characters

Chuck McCain

Chuck McCain (65) - Once a dely owner, now a bankdropped homeless. Chuck haven't seen his family since his bankdrop, but find solance at the fact that at least  they're out of harm's way and won't be threaten by the Cravenhill killers.

Beatrice Betty Reed
Beatrice "Betty" Reed (51) - Kirby's loving mother, who was out of town when her daughter almost got killed. highly remorseful over her absence and want to make it up the best she can. Now, when 2 killers are on the loose, Betty will do anything to protect her daughter.
Persy Osborne
Persy Osborne (58) - A buisnessman who moved to Cravenhill from California. Well known to be a donaitor to hospitals across the state. In his free time, between one donation to another, Persy like to analyze horror films while watching them. His knowledge of horror movies can be a segnificant help againts the Cravenhill killers, who might've decided to bring their favorite scary movie to life.
Deputy Fergus Weary
Fergus Weary (56) - Judy's deputy. Cotton Weary's older brother. As a former redneck whom brother was framed in murder, Fergus know all too well what it's like to be chased by non-rational people who kill seemingly without a motive. Both of the killers consider him to be their biggest obstacle in their way.
Katie Weary
Katie Weary (33) - Fergus' eldest daughter. Work at the clown care program both in the local hospital and the local asylum. Once believed people are usually good by nature, but after she heard about the remake Woodsboro murders, she came to realize there are serious exceptions. Jill Roberts is long dead, but the killers who chase Katie's love ones are very much alive...
Trent Weary
Trent Weary (31.5) - Fergus' yongest son. Good hearted guy, albeit slightly naive. Dosen't go out much, unless his girlfriend Trinity or his sister push him to do so. If he want to survive the Cravenhill killing spree and protect his loved ones, Trent need to leave his close-to-home approach and become a fighter.
Edward Loomis (56) - Hank's estranged gay brother. Happily married to Mark Kincaid and raise a child with him. His strong similarity to his infamous nephew make him hate himself to a degree he's afraid of looking in the mirror. In his quest to protect his husband and son, Edward will do anything necessary, even if it means he need to be as brutal as the Loomis family knows how to be...
Trinity James
Trinity James (28) - Trent's girlfriend. Work as a court secretary and use her knowledge to make sure the killers will get death sentence if and when they shall be cought. But first, Trinity must make sure the killers won't get to her boyfriend and best friends...
Alexis Drake
Alexis Drake (27.5) - Heraldo Manipez's personal assistance. A good friend of Trinity James and Olivia fontain, and also friend of Karen Fox after the latter helped Alexis' nephew againts bullies. Dreaming to be an opera singer. Unlike her boss, who want to kill the Cravenhill killers merely to become a hero, Alexis genuenly care about the people around her.
Bill Rogers
Bill Rogers (34) - A local news reporter. Well known by his peers as a reliable journalist who'd do practically anything to get the truth. The Cravenhill murders might be his hardest challange so far, because if it's up to the killers, Bill will get in the news, but not the way he indended...
Karen Fox
Karen Fox (18) - A young scoutmaster who became friend with many people in her home town thanks to her close relationship with their children. She always did her best to protect her loved ones and the children under her care, but no challange she faced so far can prepare her to fight the killers.
Olivia Fontain
Olivia Fontain (28.5) - A massage therapist who work mainly with people like cops and fire fighters because of the stressful nature of their work. Good friend to Karen, Alexis and Trinity. Will she be able to fend of the killers, or will she share with the late Olivia Morris more than just her name?
Adam Kinkaid-Loomis
Adam Kincaid-Loomis (12) - Mark and Eduard's adoptive son. Goes to many community activities, such as the scouts, and dreams to become a lawyer when he'll grow up. Unfortunatelly for Adam, the killing spree marks the end of his happy childhood, as he must grow up fast if he ever wants to grow old... 
Heraldo Manipez
Heraldo Manipez (45.5) - A medicore local singer. Believe fans are better than friends, but not in the psychotic way the infamous Jill Roberts believed it. When the Cravenhill murders broke out, Heraldo sent his personal assistant to spy after the people of Cravenhill in order to find out who the killers are and then become the hero after he'll kill them both.
Greenface - The story's secondary antagonist. Unlike the 7 ghostface killers, Greenface's costum can glow in the dark and detect body heat. His/her motive will be revealed throughout the story.
Redface 1
Redface - The story's main antagonist. Unlike the 7 ghostface killers, Redface have a red cloak and black mask rather than the traditional black cloak and white mask. His/her motive will be revealed throughout the story.
The voice

Not a character, but rather the voice used by the killers.

James Earl Jones - He's not a character, but rather the voice used by both Greenface and Redface, just like Roger L. Jackson was the voice of Ghostface.

Chapters Short Summaries

Chapter 1: Knives are forever

Two people find their very unpleasant death. The killers seems to study their victims' personal history from top to buttom.

Chapter 2: A tale of two Sidneys

a heartbreaking death strike the characters with deep grief. Greenface wait out of limelight while Redface make a move.

Chapter 3: A new set of rules

The main characters meet up to discuss about the new survival rules. Redface spies on the characters from the shadows. One of the new characters reveal his/her true name.

Chapter 4: Who shot J.R?

New details about the late Jill Roberts and her connection to the Cravenhill killers will be revealed. Two survivors will grow closer after barley escaping Redface's wrath.

Chapter 5: Now you're mortal

One of the immortal trio will die. Greenface excelerate the killing spree by killing 4 more people and offer one of the survivors an offer that it wouldnt be wise to refuse.

Chapter 6: The calm before the sequel

One of the killers will be revealed. The showdown will leave at least one survivor badly injured. Two of the remaining survivors will be on the verge of fallout, which will require hiding part of the truth.

Chapters Detailed Summaries

Chapter 1: Knives are forever

20:20. We open at Hank Loomis' house, which located at Cravenhill. He talks with a young lawyer named Lawrence Fawl. They make fun of a client who suffer from hemophilia. "She want to sue the hospital? she should sue her mother for being born like this" and "Sometime i wonder if she really bleed, or she just use corn syrup to milk the local hospital" are some of the more mild insults. When they finish laughing, Hank mockingly say he miss his wife and son, and then brust in laugher again. Lawrence feel uncomfortable when his boss make a joke out of his own family, but still fake a laughter because he hope to get promotion thanks to flattery. As they laughing, they ignore the noises from the outside, assuming it's just the wind...

Suddenly, all the lights are out. Hank can't see a thing, but he can hear Lawrence getting hit in the head. The coward Hank slowly walks backward, until the lights are back. He see his lackey laying on the floor and a mysterious person with red cloak and black mask stand above him. Hank ask frantically "who the hell are you?". The mysterious person say "I'm your favorite scary movie". Hank pull out his cellphone to call the cops, but drop it after the killer throw a knife at his hand. The wounded Hank make a run for it to the backdoor. He doesnt get far though, because he bumped into another killer as soon as he open the door. The second killer, who look like ghostface except for a green mask, grab Hank's teticles and stab him in the heart. While repeatingly stabbing him all over his upper body, mostly in the stomach, Greenface say in the late Mrs Loomis' voice "you should've keep your knife in your pants, dick!". Greenface cut Hank's genitalia and kick him to the floor. While watching Hank bleeding, Greenface say in a deep voice "you forgot the first rule of marriage: Angry wife, happy knife". Hank Loomis, Billy Loomis' father, Debbi Loomis' ex-husband, one of Maureen Prescott's lovers and one of the people who contributed to the creation of ghostface, is now dead. While Greenface put the severed genitalia in the pocket, Redface slap Lawrence in order to wake him up. Unfortunately for Lawrence, he regained consciousness only to be gutted 2 seconds after he open his eyes. Lawrence Fawl, Hank's lackey, is now as dead as his boss.

9:36. Sheriff Judy Hicks, accompanied by her deputy Fergus Weary and some cops, investigate the recent murder. After the remake Woodsboro murders, Judy couldnt believe she'll ever be shocked seeing people dead. She already saw gutted bodies, but never a dead person without his genitalia. One of the cops gone to bushes and threw up. As the sheriff, Judy knew something have to be done quickly. She left Fergus in charge and took a corner to call Dewey and Sidney on the phone. Dewey promise to come to Cravenhill ASAP and Sidney advice to get all the people in the town together for telling them how to survive the situation. Glad her old friends would make it, judy take a relived breath and come back to the crime scene. Fergus informs her he called Mark Kincaid to aid them and Judy inform she called the famous Dewey Riley and Sidney Prescott. Glad to have each other at work, the sheriff and the deputy came back to the buisness and sent messages to their loved ones about the situation.

9:40. Friends group who consist of 5 girls and a guy hang out in a caffe. Katie Weary, Fergus' eldest daughter, got a message on whatsup from her father. Her brother Trent ask what was the message about. Katie say two people were mudered last night. Karen Fox ask "how can you cut off someone's... private part?". Alexis Drake put a comforting hand on Karen's shoulder and Olivia Fontain response "psychopaths can do anything this days. Does J.R Devil rings any bells? She killed her own mother and almost killed her cousin. Poor Sidney Prescott. Having something like this as a cousin...". Trent say some people pretend they're someone's boyfriends/girlfriends in order to get close to the intended victim until the right moment to strike. Trinity James, Trent's girlfriend, say "some people, but not my moon-pie Trent. He couldnt possibly kill Hank Loomis and Lawrence Fawl. He was with me last night". Katie ask Trinity to spare her the details about what she and Trent do. A nervous Trent say "at least you know i didnt kill anybody", which Trinity respond "nobody said you did". Katie change the sobject and ask Alexis about Heraldo Manipez, her boss. Alexis say Heraldo is just fine. "Buzz killing as always".

10:00. The immortal trio arrived in Cravenhill. All the town's people, with the exception of Heraldo Manipez, assemble in a big hall full of microphones. The first man who came to talk is the local buisnessman and donaitor Persy Osborne. He express his deep concern to Cravenhill's security, encourage people to stay optimistic and wary and promise to invest as much money as needed to help out. Right after him, the legendary Sidney Prescott came to talk. Kirby Reed, who was among the crowd sitting alongside with her mother Betty, was excited and felt like she herself is on the stage. Sidney talked a little about her experience as a survivor, her new career as a criminologist and theorized the new killers are most likely attempt to creat a real-life fanfic. Sidney mention her rules of surviving a horror fanfic:

1. These days, even final girls can die. Same goes for final guys.

2. Whatever you do, dont be stupid. If you think you're in danger, you probably are.

3. The killers will search for ideas throughout the whole internet.

4. As with ghostface, at least one of the killers must be killed twice, maybe even thrice.

5. Always suspect 2 people: The obvious suspect and the least likely suspect.

6. Fanfic writters, beware! You are a major insperation for all sort of killers.

7. Each killer has a different motive, sometime even more than one motive for each one.

8. Sometime you need to invent new rules while saving yourself and your loved ones.

9. The rules are merely rules, not a bulletproof vest.

After hearing Sidney's rules, people started to scatter. Judy greet her immortal friends and introduce them Fergus. Other people who came to greet the immortal trio are Kirby and her mother. The group share a warm group hug. Kirby say "Glad to see you, Sidney. I'm so happy there are two of us". Judy explain to an embarrassed Sidney that Kirby was in an asylum for the past 7 years and believe herself to be Sidney just as much as the original. Kirby respond "i dont believe that. I know that. There are 2 Sidneys. Me and the first Sidney". Kirby get a phone call from Katie, her personal care clown from the local clown care program, who ask her how is she. While Kirby talk with Katie on the phone, the current mastermind five go to plan their next steps and greet the local reporter Bill Rogers, who filmed the whole convention. Fade to black.

Chapter 2: A tale of two Sidneys

14:00. Scoutmaster Karen and the children under her guidance are in the middle of an activity. One of the more charismatic children, Adam, is being watched by his fathers, Edward Loomis and Mark Kincaid. They talk about how proud they are and about Adam's dream to become a lawyer. Edward say Adam need a moral guide while he chases his dream, or else the child might became Eduard's brother or nephew. Mark assure that won't happen and remind Edward that the past 12 years prooved Adam will never be ghostface. If anything, he will be the guy who slay ghostface, like the immortal trio were. Edward take the reference to the immortal trio literally and send a text message to the immortal. Sidney promise to come, but Dewey and gale say they can't due to urgent businesses. 

14:45. The activity ended and the children start to scatter. Mark goes with Karen to a meeting with the law inforcement forces and Edward take his son back home. While driving, Edward tell Adam he asked Sidney to come. An excited Adam ask if Gale and Dewey would come as well. Edward say they couldn't come, because they need to have a serious job to do with Sherrif Hicks and the rest of the law inforcement forces, but some of Karen's friends will come instead. Adam say he hoped Karen herself could come, but he decided to focus the fact that one of his idols and some of his scoutmaster's friends will visit him. Adam became silent for a few second and then asked his father if he's angry with Sidney for killing his nephew. Edward stopped his car, turned his head backwards in order to not see himself in the car's mirror and glared at Adam. The unhappy Edward said "Listen, boy, i have no reason to be angry with Sidney. I'm not even talking about the fact she protected herself. I'm talking about the fact i was actually relieved she did it. Billy Loomis was a horrible person. He was crazy like his mother and wicked like his father. You know why it wasn't until last year you knew he was your surrogate cousin? Because this scum of a person ruined people's life. I'm deeply ashamed to be his uncle. His parents did a bang-up job. Since the day me and father Mark addopted you, i promised to myself i'll edcuate you to be as different from Billy as i can. There's a good reason why this guy is the second most hated person in Woodsboro history. And now, my dear boy, we shall cease to talk about Billyface until the police/reporters/immortals will bring up the subject".

15:15. Judy, Fergus, Mark, Karen, Dewey, Gale, Bill and Persy discuss the dire situation. Persy say he stayed awake last night to analyze the real life fanfic the killers attempt to create and mentioned he have three possible suspect. He look at Karen and say "I'm sorry, darling, but i have to check the possibility you might know something about the killers. Sidney Prescott said we should suspect both the most likely and the least likely suspect. You're the least likely, so i asked Sherrif Hicks and Deputy Weary to summon you here". Karen ask "If i'm the least likely suspect, who are the two obvious ones?". Judy answer "Last night one of the cops found a homeless named Chuck McCain walking around the police station. Me and Persy think maybe Chuck wanted to destroy the evidents. He is been interogaten as we speak. And the last suspect is your friend Alexis". When Karen ask what motive does a homeless have to kill 2 people, Fergus answer "We believe the other killer might have promised Chuck a place to stay. People who live in the street have nothing to lose". Bill say "Dont worry, love. Until we find any more evidents, your friend will have the benefit of the doubt. Me and Gale will help you to prove she's innocent, asuuming she is innocent as you say". Gale start to say "i must warn you, though", but Dewey interrupt her, saying "Please dont say that. Remember what happen with the last girl you warned about how she should suspect people other than the main suspect?". Karen say "come down, Dewey. I won't hit her. As long as she keep her hands off my friends...". The two women stared at each other for a moment, until Mark and Bill took Karen to an interrogation room.

15:20. Edward and Adam settle down peacefully in their living room, companied by Sidney, Olivia, Alexis, Katie and Kirby. When being asked where her brother is, Katie say "Trent stayed at home. I tried to get him to come, but he was catatonic. Thank god he have a girlfriend like Trinity, who watch him when me and my father can't". Adam wonder outloud how can someone be catatonic when there are killers on the loose. Kirby answer "Don't judge him. We all do mistakes, even Sidneys. I actually believed Geekface was in trouble when i saw him tied to the chair and the second Sidney acted like a savage toward Gale. Twice". Sidney say "That's lead me to a new rule on my list. When you struggle to survive, sometimes you might do things you are not proud of. Like me, when i punched Gale. What i did was wrong. No matter how pissed off you will be, I never ever want to hear you gone savage like this, Adam. I lost control not because the unappropriate remarks Gale made. I acted like this because i chose to. I have no one else to blame. Remember this, Adam. When someone start to blame people in his/her aggressive behaviour, they might become a killer, whether ghostface or the current killers". Suddenly, the wire phone rang. Olivia picked it up. She put the phone on speaker. The voice who said "Hello?" was Heraldo's. Olivia asked Heraldo how is he doing, but Heraldo answered furiously "Cut out the crap! Put Alexis on the line!". Olivia say "What are you pissed off about? Whatever you want, you better not ask what's our favorite scary movie!". Heraldo's voice change into a deep chilling voice. The mysterious person say "I already know what's your favorite scary movie. It's me!". a flying knife break one the windows and hit Adam in his hind left shoulder. Shortly after, the killer throws 2 smoke grenades into the house. Kirby screams "Run! Edward, take your son away! Other Sidney, take the rest into safety! I'll take care of this motherfucker!".

15:21. Edward and the rest are forced to leave Kirby behind and run for their life. Kirby take the first heavy object she see, which is a big vase, ready to fight the killer. Although Kirby have a hard time seeing anything in the smoke, she can see clearly the killer's red cloak when he/she enters the house through the broken window. Redface draw a knife and charge at Kirby. While swinging the vase, Kirby shout "You can't kill me! I'm Sidney Prescott! I'm fucking immortal!". Redface dodge the vase and jump to the right. Kirby try to hit him/her with the vase again, but stop when she feel a sharp pain in her right thigh. Kirby drop the Vase on Redface's back and limp her way to the kitchen. She doesnt get far, though, because Redface jump on her from behind and stab her in the back. Before Kirby get the chance to do anything else, Redface turn her around with her face to him/her, force her to the floor and slash her troat. The last thing Kirby hear is Redface say "You're not in Woodsboro. Geekface was stupid. Babyface was smug. I'm neither of these things". Kirby Reed, the fifth survivor of Scream 4, a very popular character who was based on both Sidney Prescott and Tatum Riley, is now dead. 

16:00. The grieving survivors gathers around in the hall where Sidney made her speech yesterday. Heraldo goes on stage and dedicate to the now deceased Kirby some funeral songs. Kirby's mother cry her eyes out and keep saying "I'm the worst mother ever! I left her alone twice. I'm sorry, my angel. I should've been there". Alexis hug Betty in attempt to comfort her. Katie say "I feel your sorrow. At least Kirby doesnt suffer anymore". Karen swear she'll rip Redface open as soon she'll get her hands on him/her. Edward and Mark comfort their sobbing son. Trent hug Trinity tight and promise her no one will ever hurt her as long as he live.

17:00. The funeral ends. Alexis goes to talk to her boss. She said "You wanted to catch the killers and be the hero, right? well... Now is your chance. Your last chance. Me and my friends got a phone call an hour and 40 minutes ago. We heard your voice. Unless you want people to burn you alive, you better catch the killers and clear your name". Heraldo say "You believe me i didnt called, dont you?". Alexis answer "I want to hope you didnt and someone's just trying to frame you. Until you catch the killers, I will watch you closely. This is my duty both as your personal assistant and as a good citizen". Heraldo say "Thanks... I guess. Let me take you home. You must be exhausted". Heraldo take his assistant to her home. A tired Alexis goes in her bedroom... Only to see a severed penis on her bed. While she screams, we fade to black.

Chapter 3: A new set of rules

17:10. The terrified Alexis call the police and her friends. Karen, Trinity, Trent, Dewey, Mark and Heraldo rush to her aid. Karen quickly hug her scared friend. Dewey use the communicator to inform Judy about the severed penis found at Alexis' house. Judy give the order to take the penis to analysis in forensic laboratory. Heraldo try to apologize to Alexis for leaving her alone with this horrific severed penis, but Trent brush his off, saying sarcastically "you must be really concerned with your personal assistant's state, don't you?". Mark tells them to come down, declaring "rule number 11: Until the killers will be caught, we should never ever turn on each other. And for the record, Dewey, I never intended to do so when we argued about Roman Bridger's case". Dewey reply "I know, man". Trinity ask Alexis if she's going to be ok. Mark join to Trinity's concern, but emphasize he have to interrogate Alexis due to the fact she's a witness.

17:40. Fergus is left in charge while Judy take a necessary break along with Sidney, Gale and Bill. The four of them are at Olivia's clinic, theorizing who the killers might be. After hearing from Judy that Alexis will be interrogated, Olivia say to Sidney rather angrily "your 5th rule doesn't make sense. Alexis wouldn't hurt a fly, and yet she will be interrogated. So you're suspecting her just because she's not likely to kill someone. You did the same with Karen. Should they be flattered from the fact they are the least likely suspects?". Judy explain Sidney's intention, saying "the 5th rule is an expansion to the rule who say that everyone's a suspect. You shouldn't be offended for your friends. Even I get suspicious looks from people. To this very day, some people are keep saying I was the 3rd killer in the remake Woodsboro murders". Suddenly, Olivia's phone is ringing. She press the green button and hear a deep chilling voice say "hello?". Olivia put her phone on speaker and the voice say "you sure know who to trust, do you? The sheriff and the immortals are indeed not my accomplices. But how about your friends, Olivia? Do you know them? Do you even know their real names?". When Olivia ask "what are you implying, asshole?!", the voice answer "If I were you, I would keep my eyes on my social cycle. Cravenhill is neo-Woodsboro. Trinity is the new Tatum Riley. Kirby Reed Became the new Olivia Morris. Bill is the new male version of Gale. Sidney became a lot like the late Randy Meeks. You still miss him, don't you, Sidney? And Alexis? Let's just say her initials is not A.D. her initials is J.R. Connect the dots, bitch!". The voice hanged up before Olivia, or anybody else, could response. Bill say out loud nobody knows anything while looking cautiously at the clinic's windows. Gale get the hint and whisper the others to get up slowly and carefully.

18:30. Most of the main characters, with the exception of sheriff Hicks, Heraldo, Mark, Dewey and the Weary family, are gathering to dinner at the Kicaid-Loomis residents. Adam is still healing from the wound caused from the knife Redface thrown at him yesterday. He say he's deeply worried about Mark. Edward try to comfort his son and promise he'll do his best to save Mark from any harm. Chuck say he figured out "rule number 12: The current killers always have some sort of connection to previous killers". Karen doubt that law, saying she can't imagine anybody who'll avenge Babyface. Sidney reminds Karen that some killers can be avenged, as proven when Motherface orchestrated the Windsor murders along with Movieface. Edward is clearly uncomfortable with the conversation and switch the topic to Alexis and how is she. Olivia say "one of the killers in trying to screw with our minds. He/she said Alexis is actually someone else. Do you believe it? That freak of nature got the nerve to claim that Alexis hides her true name. Don't worry, Alexis. We all know and love who you are". Alexis looks down in shame and say the killer actually said the truth about her secret name. She explain to the shocked attenders that her birth name was Jill Rostenkowski. She changed it to "Alexis Drake" after the remake Woodsboro murders, because she didn't want her name to resemble the infamous Jill Roberts. Trinity hugs Alexis and say "don't beat yourself up, sweety. Jill is only a name. Babyface could've been called in any other name, but she would be demented nonetheless". Betty theorizes that maybe the ghostface who would be avenged is Geekface, saying "maybe Geekface's mother is out there. Or his siblings. I don't know. Billyface had his mother to avenge him. It could've equally been Stupidface's mother. I know I would, especially after what Redface did to Kirby. If i'll ever catch him, or her...". Betty's sinister expression said it all.

19:30. Mark and Alexis sat in the interrogation room. Alexis was initially in a better mood after the dinner, but regain her worry state after Mark mentioned the owner of the severed penis. A nervous Alexis say "you have to believe me. I would never cut Hank Loomis's genitalia. Yes, he was a scumbag. Yes, he was even more unlikeable than Heraldo, but I would never take a knife and do it. Why should I?". Mark reply "I wouldn't know. Maybe you had a secret affair with him. Or a friend of your had, and you wanted to avenge the poor girl after that old bastard cheated on her. I know you're not likely to do so, but I have to suspect you. When I dealt with the infamous Masterface, I suspected everyone. Even Sidney. And how about Heraldo? You don't like him very much. That's for sure. Maybe you want to frame him at your own kills. Masterface wanted to frame his own sister, so why wouldn't you do it with someone you feel animosity toward him?". Alexis say Heraldo was still her boss and she wouldn't risk her job for something that stupid. While considering what Alexis just said, Mark draws a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it.

19:31. Suddenly, in the middle of Mark's smoking, the interrogation room is exploding. Alexis suffers from serious burns, but still alive. Same cannot be said about Mark, who lied motionless in the ruins. Mark Kincaid, the fourth survivor of Scream 3, Edward's husband and one of Adam's fathers, is now dead. Alexis struggled her aching body and tried to scream for help, but she got hit in the head before doing so. She couldn't fight her attacker, as he/she cuffed her quickly. The attacker turned Alexis with her face to him/her, kicked the poor Alexis a little and stood above the poor Alexis with Mark's stolen gun aimed at her. The last thing Alexis saw before she was shot in the head was the killer's green mask. After shooting Alexis, Greenface fled the scene and disappeared. Alexis Drake, also known as Jill Rostenkowski, a good friend to Karen, Trinity and Olivia, Heraldo's personal assistant and an acquaintance to Katie and Trent, is now dead.

6:00. Judy and Fergus gathers everybody in town to an emergency meeting. The sheriff say "many errors done yesterday. Me and the rest of the law enforcement forces chased Redface while leaving Mark Kincaid and Alexis Drake unprotected. I didn't paid attention to the gas system of the station, which gave Greenface the opportunity to make a deadly gas leak. It's a miracle only 2 people were killed. I take the complete responsibility to those errors and promise to do everything in my power to learn from those horrible mistakes". Edward hugs his sobbing son while holding himself not to cry with him. Olivia and Karen are forced to hold an enraged Trinity from charge at Judy. Edward and Betty talking in text messaging about arranging the funeral for both Mark and Alexis. While the people start to scatter, Chuck goes to Judy and Fergus and advice them to research the relations between the Cravenhill killers and the remake Woodsboro killers. Fade to black.

Chapter 4: Who shot J.R?

8:00. The survivors attend to the double funeral arranged by Edward and Betty. The atmosphere is similar to Kirby's funeral, except this time even Heraldo keep his head down. Chuck struggle not to think about the resemblence between Alexis and his eldest daughter. Judy quietly talks with Fergus, Bill, Persy and the immortal trio about the next step they should make to stop the killers. Persy start to say something, but Judy is forced to interrupt him when she get a ominous message to her phone from anonymous number, which say "I know what you did in the hospital. You had to play the hero, didnt you? As soon as the others got out and told people who Jill really was, you shot her. Again. Blew her head off. Just in case. You and Sidney are murderers! You killed a pregnant woman. Yes, i know Jill destroyed Sidney's womb first, but i dont give a flying fuck about Sidney! She wasnt carrying my baby!".  The horrified Judy read the message outloud. Gale ask who can be mental enough to write such a thing. Bill nervously laugh from the tought anybody on earth can impregnate someone like Babyface. Sidney dismiss the message, saying "Even in the unlikely scenario Jill was pregnant, no way Judy shot her. I saw Judy fainting after the fight with my own eyes. She was the last person to get out of the hospital alive. And even if she did shot Jill, she did an act of charity". Judy decide to send Fergus to Woodsboro for further investigation.

9:30. Edward took Adam to eat ice cream in a coffee shop near to the local zoo in order to distract his son from the horrors of the recent days, even for a brief moment. They were companied by Karen, Gale, Dewey and Chuck. Edward ask Gale about her new book. Gale talk about the first 2 chapters, which are about her past a young reporter in the early 90s. Dewey eat his ice cream quitely and feel glad that his wife didnt mentioned the chapters about Woodsboro. Karen offered Adam to go with her to see the chimpanzees. Adam happily went with Karen to see his favorite animals. When the youngsters got out of site, Gale was reading outloud the message Judy got in the last funeral. Dewey add "now, when Karen did us the favor of keeping Adam away from this fucked-up message, we can talk buisness. Someone is out there, cares about Babyface for some reason. This man, assuming it's a man and not a crazy cat lady who screwing with our minds, claim to be a parent. For who? For the baby? If Jill was ever pregnant, the baby is most likely to prefer abortion upon being born to a mother like this. And if that guy is Jill's father, that's even worse". Chuck say he already heard about much worse cases and add he's fortunate his famliy is far away from these things. Edward ask if the guy from the message is somewhat like Motherface, which Gale replied "Hope not. She almost killed me. And Dewey. I was lucky. But with Dewey it was much more than that. The creator watched over him".

10:40. Fergus, Bill and Olivia are on their way to Woodsboro. Olivia say "I ask you 2 things, gentelmen. Firstly, dont even imply Karen and Trinity are suspects. Secondly, no more rules! Please". When the three arrives in Woodsboro, the first place they go is the hospital where Judy and the immortals fought against Babyface. The hospital workers are initially reluctant to cooperate, because they dont want to even think about the most hated person in Woodsboro history, but eventually comply after Fergus told them he and the others were sent by sherrif Hicks in search after someone who claim to care about J.R Devil. Fergus go to talk with the current manager while Bill and Olivia go to investigate the exact room where Babyface's reign of terror came to an end.

10:41. The room was dark, claustrophobic and nearly annihilated. Everything was either broken, full of glass shards or covered with blood, except for one security camera. Bill once used a similar camera for an old report, so he knew exactly how to operate it. Bill barely believed what his eyes. He called Olivia and both watched the footage again. Sidney, Dewey and Gale got out of the room and were on their way out of the hospital. When they got out, the dead Jill was seemingly the only person in the room. Until someone crawled under a hospital bed. The person turned out to be a blonde girl, who took a gun she saw on the floor, stood up and shot Babyface in the head. The woman quickly cleaned her gun from any fingerprints and escaped the dark room. Olivia said they have to tell Fergus about that and quickly armed herself with a shard for any case.

10:43. Bill and Olivia met Fergus in the hospital's board room, along with some of the workers who talked with Fergus 3 minutes ago. Bill and Olivia told deputy Weary about the footage they saw. Fergus told his friends that he learned a little about the hospital's former manager, whom name was John Keesler. Non of the workers seemed to know about the Keesler's current whereabouts. Before anybody else could talk, Fergus' phone ranged. Fergus picked it up and put his phone on speaker. The voice who said "Hello?" was Judy's. Fergus said "It's a good thing you called, sherrif. I have good news and bad news. The good news are that me and the others know about someone who must know something about Babyface and her connections to the Cravenhill killers. His name is John Keesler and he was the former manager of the hospital where you and the immortals almost died. And here are the bad news. Turns out the guy who sent you the message said the truth. You did shot Babyface in the head. Personally i'm glad you did it, but people might use this information to extort you. I'm obligated by law to come back to the station and do something with this sticky situation. I'll be on my way any minute now". When the conversation is over, Fergus tell Bill and Olivia to stay put and not follow him. "In case i won't come back in the next 10 minutes, tell the workers where Cravenhill is and ask one of them to get you back there in his/her own car".

10:53. Fergus don't come back. Olivia asks for a ride to Cravenhill. A nice nurse come for her and Bill's aid. The two survivors thanking to the kind-hearted woman and follows her to her car. Olivia phones to Karen and ask her if anything happen when she was in Woodsboro. Karen reply "You better come quickly. Redface striked again".

13:25. Bill and Olivia came back to Cravenhill and payed the gas price to the good nurse. Olivia's phone ranged. Olivia picked it up and heard Karen's voice. When Olivia asked again if something happend, Karen tell her to stay where she is and wait for the others. Shortly after the conversation, Olivia spots a car coming in her and Bill's direction. The driver is Trinity and the passengers are Karen, Katie and Trent. The girls are quick to greet Olivia and Bill with hugs, but an agitated Trent keep his distance, sayiong "You are quite a dynamic duo, dont you? But what about my father? Did he had a place in your Billivia team, or you just ditched him as a live bait to Redface?!". Bill ask what Trent is talking about with an angrier tone than he meant. As a reply, Trent get closer and show a footage Redface sent him. Deputy Weary walked toward his police car, but was stopped in his tracks after a knife was thrown at him. The blade gone through his forehead and prevented him to see anything due to the blood that blocked his eyesight. Fergus shot in all directions, hoping to eliminate the killer, but to no avail. He finally dropped to the ground after he was stabbed in the back. Redface smashed the police car's window, got into the vehicle and runned Fergus over and over. As shown in the footage, Fergus Weary, Judy's deputy, Cotton Weary's elder brother, Katie and Trent's father and the greatest obstacle in the Cravenhill killer's way, is now dead. Trinity tries to explain Trent that Bill and Olivia are deeply sorry for this unfortunate event and only barely escaped from Redface's wrath, but Trent ask her furiously if her brain is leacking and run to cry in the bathroom. Katie comes after him as her sisterly duty. Karen comfort Olivia, saying it wasnt her fault. Trinity thank Bill for keeping her friend safe.

13:26. Katie knocks on the door of the bathroom stall where Trent is. Trent thank Katie for being such a good sister, but refuse to come out. Katie keep on talking to her brother's heart, saying "Please, honey. Get out. Fuck! Get out now! Redface... is here!".  trent goes out slowly, believe his sister is trying to prank him. He understand it's serious when he see a big hole in Katie's back. Katie look in her brother's eyes and scream "Dont fuck with me! Run! Dont try to save me! Save yourself!". Trent see Redface charging toward his sister and insist on defending her, until Katie slap him with the last of her strengths and tell him again to escape. A helpless Trent is forced to do as told and run to the rest of the group. As she is bashed against the bathroom wall, getting her face cut off completely and beheaded, Katie takes some solance in thinking at least Trent is saved. Katie Weary, Trent's elder sister, Kirby Reed's former personal care clown and an acquaintance to Karen, Trinity and Olivia, is now dead. Fade to black.

Chapter 5: Now you're mortal

15:00. The group are in Trent's house, recovering from the Redface's latest attack. A devastated Trent go to lay on his bed with Trinity stroking his head. Bill express his worries, saying escaping from Redface was too easy. Trinity ask Karen to give Trent a glass of water. Olivia draw her cellphone and start to do her list of suspects. She says she suspect Heraldo, Betty and Sidney. Trinity replies "Yeah. Heraldo is an attention whore who won't do anything good even for money, Betty might see herself as the true mother of J.R. Devil's baby due to her husband cheated on her with the little bitch and Sidney is suspiciously fast at blaming people. But if you ask me, There are 3 killers. Greenface, Redface and Judy. She sent Fergus to his death. Maybe she wanted to cover her tracks by killing Babyface, or want to hide the fact she was the 3rd killer in the remake Woodsboro murders. She will betray her accomplices, like she betrayed Babyface to save her own hide".

16:00. Judy, the Immortals and Percy are sitting in a coffee shop near the local zoo. They talk about the dire situation. Dewey say he feel her sorrow about Fergus. Persy wonder if the father of Jill's dead baby is watching them right now. Sidney see Trent getting close to them and say "I'm not sure about the lunatic who impregnate Jill, but Trent watch us. He's here. Hey, Trent. Are you feeling better?". Trent wave to Sidney and go to Judy. "Listen, sheriff, i was thinking about my father's death and i decided to continue his legacy. I want to be your deputy, like my father was. I want him to be proud when he look at me from heaven". While Trent promises he'll do anything to be the new deputy, he get a sudden phone call. He answer and hear Trinity's sweet voice. "Are you ok, moon-pie? You looked as if you want to... no! help!". A deep chilling voice took over the phone and says "Your girlfriend is here with me. Consider you next words carefully, or i'll gut her like a fish!". A frightened Trent ask furiously "Bill? Is that you? Are you gonna kill Trinity, like you killed my father by doing nothing?!". The killer replys "Dont point fingers. You know nothing. Maybe you dont even know your girlfriend at all, Trent. Maybe you just can't get past the surface of things". Trent ask the killer what he/she wants and where are he/she. The killer hangs up.

16:30. Edward talk with Adam and Betty about the situation over a cup of tea. The worried father ask Betty to watch for Adam in the worst case scenario, which Betty agree without questions. Adam ask for a knife to be able to fight the killers. Edward tells him to always go for the troat, or the heart in case he can't go for the troat. Adam thank his father, goes to the kitchen and takes a knife. An armed and confident Adam goes to the bathroom. When finishes his things, Adam goes to wash his hands and notice a big hole in the floor near the bath. Before Adam could call His father and Betty, someone bashed him in the head. When Adam wakes up, he see the mysterious figure of Greenface. He cant call for help or move, because Greenface put a tape on his mouth and around his hands and legs. Greenface move the beer bottle he/she used for hitting Adam over the poor child's face. Greenface take Adam to the tunnel under the house, break the bottle and start to repeatedly slice the victim. As a finale, Greenface cut off his/her bleeding victim's hands with Adam's own knife. The sight of the dying child make Greenface to smile under the mask. Adam Kincaid-Loomis, Mark and Edward's son, one of the most prominent scouts, a smart and charismatic child who always looked up to Karen, is now dead. Greenface rises back to the surface, throw the body on the floor, write on the bathroom's walls "I'm your son's favorite scary movie" with Adam's blood and escapes as quickly as possible to the tunnel.

16:35. Edward doesnt hear anything from his son. He goes to the bathroom and shout "Adam! Are you okay in there? Answer me!". No one answer, so Edward crash through the door, only to see his mutilated son. The now bereaved father calls Betty to come quickly and call the sheriff on the phone. Betty put a comforting hand on Edward's shoulder while he talk with Judy on the phone. Judy doesnt waste any time and say she'll come ASAP. After hanging up, Edward hugs Betty and swear to rip the killer open. Edward take the first object he see, which is a big mirror, and smash it angrily on the bath. He take one of the shards, put it in his belt and struggle not the cry.

17:00. Dewey and Gale are alone in the coffee shop, because Judy was in a rush to get to Edward house, accompanied by Sidney and Persy. Dewey draws his gun and give his wife the second one. The couple start to walk slowly over the place in search for any of the killers. One of the zoo workers come to them and tells the place will be closed any minute, but Gale replies "Me and my husband will leave when we'll catch the killers. You know about the killers, right? Come on. Go home. The less people will get hurt, the better". The surprised worker leave them and go to join his co-workers that already left the place. Dewey say no matter what happen to him, he need Gale to watch her back and remember he loves her with all his heart and soul. They share a kiss. Gale suggest they'll split up to cover more space. Dewey is reluctant to leave his wife exposed to the danger, but after Gale reminds him she dealt with 4 killers without him, he's forced to agree. Dewey goes to search in the coffee shop and Gale go to search in the zoo. Gale looks around for the killers, passing the lions cage, the bears cage and the others. When she get close to the chimpanzees cage, however, a mysterious figure jump on her from behind and stab her in the back. The character turn Gale with her face to him/her. Gale get a glance on Greenface before the latter slashing her face with a broken beer bottle, lift her and throws her into the chimps cage. Greenface shoot in the air, making the paniced apes to rush over toward the sound. The killers throws the gun at Gale to make the chimpanzees link the gun shots with Gale. All Gale can do is to scream for help, because the chimpanzees are all over her, mauling her. One of them, the alpha, even goes further to chew Gale's face off. Gale Weathers-Riley, Dewey's wife, Judy's former rival, the second most inteligent character in the Scream franchise and the only non psychopathic person that ever made Sidney mad, is now dead. When Dewey get to his dead wife, Greenface is already gone.

18:30. All of the main characters, with the exceptions Trinity and Heraldo, are gathering in Edward's house. Everybody are in deep grief, but Judy is forced to say there's no time to cry, because the killers are out there. Karen and Olivia are whispering about Judy, saying they start to understand Trinity's hostility toward her. Persy comfort Edward and promise him the killers will soon die for their actions. Sidney hugs a sobing Dewey, say "Gale didnt died in vain. We'll catch those fuckers and send them to hell, where they belong". Trent gets a text message. He see a picture of Trinity's severed little finger and the words "Come to the hall where Sidney talked about her rules. Come alone. Otherwise, your girfriend will lose more than just fingers...". Trent scream in fear and shows everybody the message he got. He say he need to go saving his girlfriend alone, but Judy insist that he need to take at least 2 people with him. Betty and Chuck volunteer to go with him. When the trio goes out of sight, Judy decide to split the survivors up. Persy, Dewey, Karen and Olivia are ordered to stay in the house. Edward, Sidney and Bill are ordered to come with Judy for silently following Trent.

19:55. Trent, Betty and chuck are at the hall's doors. The place is dark without any lights. Chuck decide to go in first, because he have the least to loose. Trent get another phone call, again from one of killers, who say in the familiar deep and chilling voice "You big fat liar! You told me you're coming alone! Now...". Trent hears Trinity's tormented voice, screaming "Run, Trent! This sick fuck will kill you!". The killer slap Trinity and shout "Your girl is dying, Trent! I'm in a merciful mood, so i'll rape her first. Stay out, or i'll kill her for real!". Betty say "Listen to him/her. Me and chuck will handle this" and goes in the dark building.

19:56. Betty and chuck dont see anything, until Greenface jump on Chuck out of the dark and impale him with a stake. Betty try to tackle Greenface and save Chuck, but all she accomplished was a hole in her left shoulder. The injury wasnt fatal, but it was painful enough to disable her and make her fall to the floor unconscious. Chuck elbows Greenface in his/her midsection, but doesnt get far, because he collapses and surrender to the mass bleeding. Chuck mcCaind, the loveable homeless who always did the best to help people, the inventor of the 12th and final rule of this story, is now dead. 

20:00. Betty come back to conscious and finds herself tied up to a chair. Infront of her there's another chair, with Heraldo tied to it. Greenface stand next to Heraldo. Now, when she see Greenface more clearly, Betty come to realise this killer is glowing in the dark. Greenface mockingly ask Heraldo if he have something to say. Heraldo start talking, but Greenface say "Dont bother! You have nothing to say and i dont give a rats ass anyway!". Heraldo say "Please dont kill me, Mister Greenface. I'll kill Betty and help you escape. I wont tell a soul about you. You will get whatever you want. I'll even write a song just for you!". All Greenface say is "I have a song for you. Your requiem!". The enraged Greenface get stake happy on Heraldo, stabbing him repeatedly until his victim stops to scream. Heraldo Manipez, the local dubious singer who was all out fame and only person in Cravenhill except Hank Loomis that nobody ever liked, is now dead.

20:01. Greenface turn now to Betty. When Betty ask "Who the hell are you?", Greenface removes the mask. Fade to black.

Chapter 6: The calm before the sequel

20:01. Greenface removes the mask. Betty is shocked to see the killer face to face. "Trinity?!". The blonde girl confirm she's one of the killers and start to tell Betty her story. "Long ago, before all the shit that happen in Woodsboro, i was a young girl named Evelynn Macher. Life were peaceful. Until Hank Loomis ruined his stupid son, that is. After hearing what his father did with Maureen Prescott, the stupid boy was out his mind and took my brother to a killing spree. Why did my older brother joined him? Just for kicks. Stu was never the sharpest tool in any shed. And he died. I dont care about that. The problem started after my father killed himself. That lame excuse for a man couldnt handle Stu's death, so he left me alone with my mother. You don't know what it was like to grow up with the Macher family. Related to Stu! My mother always talked about him. Stu here and Stu there. All day long! He was always so fucking special! Special needs. Unfortunately for my mother, there was an accident. The house i once had was burned with my mother inside. I was taken to an orphanage and started to see my family everywhere. Wherever i looked! I was surrounded by idiots! Until i could kill those idiots, i knew i'd have to change my name. After reading a fanfic about Lakewood, i just knew James would be a great last name. Some years ahead and i met Redface. The idea was to avange Jill Roberts' dead baby. Many of you people, namely you, Trent, Judy and Sidney, reminded me of my family. That deal was perfect. I even begged Redface to let me do most of the kills, because i liked what we were doing".

20:03. A shocked and terrified Betty asks why does Evelynn is telling her that and ask what did Kirby ever done to her. Evelynn replys "First of all, you reminds me of my mother, which i hates! I want you to suffer a little more than the others just for that. Secondly, i didnt killed your daughter. She was arrogant and out of touch with reality, but i didnt killed her. My accomplice did her a favor, Betty. That luntaic walked with her head up the clouds like she was Sidney Prescott or something. Redface putted out of her mysery. Let's face it, Betty. Your daughter was no Sidney Prescott". All Betty could say was "You... You... You Jill Roberts!". The angry Evelynn quickly slapped Betty. "You shut you mouth right now! Jill Roberts was a sick fuck who killed her mother out of lust for fameEvelynn Macher is a sick fuck who killed her mother out of parental neglection. Also, Jill was stupid. She killed her mother in an age where she can get in jail and tried to frame Geekface and a stupid jock without any motive. I did what i did when no legal responsibility is aplyed on me and chose the right fall guy. Everything leads back to Heraldo. He knew all this time who Redface was. I promisted him to catch Redface and make him the hero. He failed. The results are right in front of you. Well done for tieing to that chair. If only you were not critically injured by the time you killed him".

20:05. Right before Evelynn could stab Betty in the heart, she heard people go in from to directions. "Stand down, Edward and Bill. I know you're there. I can feel you body heat. I feel you heat too, Judy. Dont you dare draw a gun, or i'll make Betty say hello to her daughter". Suddenly, Evelynn hears Sidney's voice, saying "No! You will say hello to your brother before that will happen!". Gunshots start to fill the hall when Evelynn and Sidney shoot at each other. The evil blonde choose the go after Sidney, but not before she punched Betty in the face and knock her out to the ground. Betty Reed, Kirby's mother, a nice woman who reminds Evelynn of her late mother, is now unconscious. 

20:06. The two tough women are keep shooting until neither have any more bullets. Sidney see Bill sneaking toward the unconscious Betty and run to Evelynn in order to give Bill the time he need for taking Betty to safety. The experienced final girl dodge a punch to her stomach and smash Evelynn's nose with a punch of her own. While the killer is on the ground, Sidney take the chair which Heraldo was tied to and prepare to smash it on her adversary. Sidney falls to the ground after she's get kicked in the knee. Evelynn get up and push Sidney aside by kicking her in the stomach. When she think her foe is dying, Evelynn turns to finish the work with Betty, except Betty is nowhere to be seen in the hall.

20:08. Sidney get over the imense pain in her open stitches, swip Evelynn of her feet with a swift round kick and get on top of her, trying to goudge her eyes out. Sidney was successful at permanently blinding Evelynn, but that was not enough to stay on top long enough. The blind killer, both literaly and blinded by rage, struggles to be on top of Sidney and start to strangle her. "Final girl my ass!". The blood crazed Evelynn hear the next gunshot too late, only when a bullet hit her ribs and push her backward. Judy keep aiming the gun at Evelynn, help Sidney to get up on her feet and say "You forgot the first rule about final girls, Evelynn: They're never alone!". Evelynn's last words, right before Judy shoot her like a wounded man eater lion who have to be killed, are "tell Trent i hate him". Edward goes near Judy and Sidney and ask to stay alone with the half dead Evelynn. The final girls agree and go out of the hall. Edward jump on Evelynn and goes shard happy on her, until the blonde who believed she was a shark was gutted like a fish. Evelynn Macher, formerly known as Trinity James, Stu macher's little sister, the first person who almost killed Sidney since Babyface, Trent's former girlfriend, Karen, Olivia and Alexis's former friend, the killer who will be forever known as Greenface, is now dead.

21:00. All of the characters are visiting Betty at the hospital. She gained consciousness and is very happy to see everybody. Trent is yet to know his girlfriend was a killer, so Judy and Edward agree to pretend Greenface was Heraldo until Trent will be ready for the truth. Edward say shortly "The son of a bitch killed my son. And husband. And now i killed him, along with Judy. And i cant think of anything more rational". Dewey express his hope to live in peace in the seen future. Karen says "I'm sorry, Dewey, but someone is plotting something as we speak. Maybe Redface. Maybe someone else. Either way, i just know this killing spree will have a sequel, because these days, every murder have a sequel". Fade to black. See you next season.

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • The killers are among the characters. No minor character who came as an outsider. It's all in the story.
  • Each killer have a different motive.
  • One of the immortal trio will die.
  • Some of the deaths will be either brutal, heartbreaking or both.
  • Only one of the killers will be revealed. The other will go under the radar until the (possible) next season.
  • Some of the characters conceal their true name.
  • As with Marnie Cooper and Jenny Randall, one of the opening victims will be a main target and the other will die so he/she won't call for help.

Behind the scenes

  • Yes, i know Hank Loomis' death was expected, but i wanted him dead both because of his sleazy behavior and because the films were too soft on him. Make him an opening victim is a personal revenge.
  • I wanted Sidney to become the first final girl to invent survival rules.
  • Kirby's death was meaningfull to the story, because i wanted to show everybody could die. Even if Sidney will survive this story, i cant promise anything about the next one.
  • I was crying a little when i wrote Kirby's funeral.
  • I wanted to give Kincaid a symbolic death who refers to the movie he took part in.
  • Greenface is based on Roman Bridger, Mickey Altieri and a third nasty character.
  • I couldnt write an homage to the scream franchise without giving a personal tribute to the genius who invented it all.
  • Originally i planned to kill Olivia, but i chose to kill Katie instead, both because of the more spectacular death scene and because Bill's presence made Olivia safer than Katie was.
  • Sidney and Dewey might die in the next season, but first i wanted to kill Gale, so i could get used to the possibility of killing the immortals.
  • Heraldo was meant to be a red herring. His nasty behaviour was a great help at doing so.
  • Episode 5 is possibly the longest so far, because i needed to describe all of the 4 victim's deaths.
  • Originally i wanted Redface to kill Heraldo, but i realised it makes much more sense that Greenface will do it.
  • I'll try to make the final episode shorter than the others.
  • Apparently means assuming this character is not involved in the murders.
  • Trinity/Evelynn was originally based on Mickey Altieri, Roman Bridger and Rebecca Walters. While writing the reveal, though, she turned out to have some Billy Loomis and Jill Roberts traits.

Body Count

# Victim Cause of Death Killer Episode
1 Hank Loomis Stabbed multiple times (mostly in the stomach), genitalia was cut down Trinity James/Evelynn Macher 1
2 Lawrence Fawl Gutted Redface 1
3 Kirby Reed Stabbed in the thigh, stabbed in the back, troat slashed Redface 2
4 Mark Kincaid Burned alive when the interrogation room exploded Trinity James/Evelynn Macher 3
5 Alexis Drake/Jill Rostenkowski Got shot in the head Trinity James/Evelynn Macher 3
6 Fergus Weary A knife was thrown at him and hit his forehead with the sharp side, stabbed in the back, got runned over by his own car (off screen) Redface 4
7 Katie Weary Stabbed in the back, her head was bashed in a bathroom wall, her face was completely cut off, beheaded Redface 4
8 Adam Kincaid-Loomis Got bashed in the head with a beer bottle, sliced with the broken bottle, his hands were cut off Trinity James/Evelynn Macher 5
9 Gale Weathers Got stabbed in the back with a broken beer bottle, mauled to death by a pack of chimpanzees Trinity James/Evelynn Macher 5
10 Chuck McCain Got impaled with a stake Trinity James/Evelynn Macher 5
11 Heraldo Manipez Got stabbed in the back multiple times with a stake Trinity James/Evelynn Macher 5
12 Mrs Macher (her own mother) Burned to death (off screen) Trinity James/Evelynn Macher Flashback
13 Trinity James/Evelynn Macher Got shot multiple times, gutted Judy Hicks and Edward Loomis 6


Identity The fake Persy Osborne (Redface) Trinity James/Evelynn Macher (Greenface)
Target Judy, Kirby and every survivor of the scream films, and also whoever related to them people who reminds her of her family
Motive Brainwashed into believing he's avenging Jill Roberts' dead baby Kill everybody who reminds her of her family
Status deceased deceased
Body Count 4 8

The Cravenhill Survivors

# Character Apparently based on: Portrayed by:
1 Judy Hicks Herself, slightly on Sidney Prescott Marley Shelton
2 Sidney Prescott Herself, many traits of Randy Meeks Neve Campbell
3 Dewey Riley Himself David Arquette
4 Edward Loomis Original Skeet Ulrich
5 Persy Osborne Original Brian Cranston
6 Karen Fox Sidney Prescott and Brooke Maddox Stephanie Katherine Grant
7 Olivia Fontain Original, many traits of Tatum Riley Olivia Wilde
8 Trent Weary Robbie Mercer and Dewey Riley Jim Parsons
9 Beatrice "Betty" Reed Original Wendi Mclendon-Covey
10 Bill Rogers Tyson Fox and Gale Weathers Omar Sy
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