Psychotic Season 3 poster:

Psychotic 3 Poster




                                                                   A "Scream" Television Adaption

                                                                 Characters Created by Kevin Williamson

                                                                 Written & Created by Kenneth Tanner

                                                                                Episode 1

                      We open up to a a young lady (Actress: Judy Greer) in the kitchen watching TV. It shows that she is watch a true Crime show called American Casefiles. It shows the title of the show "American Casefiles"  It opens up 2 host of the show. One guy name Robert Campbell (Actor: Hill Harper) and this young man that has an interview with Robert, George Reed (Actor: Larenz Tate). Usually both of the host would interview people about the crimes that had happen in real life but since that George has been a survivor of the next generation of the Woodsborro survivor. George is the geust as for tonights episode of American Casefiles. Which Rober had explain to his views about why George as the host of the show is interviewing his own show. As you can see George explained what happen back at the Windsor College. Meanwhile as the young lady is watching TV in the kitchen. Her husband is putting the garabage out. As what she thinks. Suddenly she gets a phone call. The phone rings. She picks up the phone and said "Hello?".  A person with a deep howling and growling voice, it kind of sounds like a vocalist of death metal band which sounds creepy. The person with that creepy voice said "Hello." The young lady asked "Who is this?"  The person said in a deep voice "Hi who am I talking too? Is this Henry?" The young lady said  "Oh I'm sorry you are one of Henry's friends? He is putting the garbage out. I'll tell him you called." The voice and a higher and a yelling tone out of no where and said "Hold it !" The young lady ask "What?"  The voice said "I think you might want to go to the backyard. I think your husband is in trouble."  The young lady said "What happened? What's going on?"  The voice said in a growling creepy voice "Get your ass in the fucking backyard or else you husband will DIE !" The young lady hangs up the phone and flee and ran as fast as she can to the backyard of her house. Suddnely she saw  her husband (Actor: Patrick Wilson) tied up with a rope and there is a embedded with a rope on his stomach and his mouth was covered with duct tape. The young lady yelled "Henry !". She ran to her husband and took the duct tape off of her husbands mouth. Henry said  "Katherine honey listen to me, There is a guy with an Alien looking mask that tied me up with this rope."  Katherine (Actress: Judy Greer) is the young ladies name. Katherine cuts henry off and didn't let Henry finish what he was about to say about what the killer had done to him and said "You going to be fine baby. I'll get you out of this."  As Katherine pulls the rope out. Suddenly you see Henry's stomach sliced open and Henry's intestines fall out of his stomach as Katherine pulls the rope out of Henry  (Scream TV Series: Sheriff Clark Hudson's death reference).  Katherine screams and cries "Henry ! Oh god !"  Katherine ran back inside the house and before she walks up to the phone to call the police. The phone rang. Katherine runs to the phone and answered it.  It was Ghostface ! Katherine said "You did this, Didn't you bastard !"  Ghostface replied  "Haha, Well Katherine.  You did this to yourself."  Katherine replied "You bastard ! I'm calling the police."  Sudden;y we see out of no where Henry's body flyies and had been thrown through the window of the kitchen.  Katherine  drops the phone and screams looking at Henry's body. Katherine runs up to the front door to get out of the house. Once she opens up the door to run out. Sudden;y as she runs down the stairs from the porch that is outside. Out of no where, As Katherine runs down the stairs from outside. Her head gets decapitated and her head drops to the rolls from the steps onto the ground with her body. It shows that there was a barbed wire being tied by 2 raillings from the banister of the staircase from the porch. You see Katherine's head rolls all the way to these black big shoes.  The screen scrolls up to this dark looking figure and it shows that it is Ghostface standing there looking and watching Katherine's body collapse to the ground. Then we cut to the side of the house and see this figure wearing a jumpsuit with this creepy looking mask.  The mask is an Alien mask. This new killer is called AllienFace. Then you see AlienFace walks up to Ghostface and both killers Ghostface and AlienFace walks away from the house like nothing happened.

                                                       The title flashes on screen "Psychotic 3"

We open up to a place that looks like a brick house. The screen zooms up through this window of this brick looking house. We cut to a office. We see Michael Burset (Actor: Maestro Harrell) laying on the couch. There is a young lady that is a psychiatrist (Actress: Angela Robinson) talking to Michael. Her name is Dr. Archeya. Michael explains to his Psychiatrist Dr. Archeya about what happened and what's going on with his life. Dr. Archeya esplains and thinks that she is helping Michael and said "Well Mr. Burset I can see your problem first of all. You are thinking negative too much. I just want to tell you that maybe you are hurt by your life but just because things seem bad that doesn't mean you can blame God for it ."  Michael said "Well how come everybody else has a happy ending but I don't ?! I mean sure people go through things in life but Jesus Christ ! Will I ever have a normal life?" Dr. Archeya said and raised her voice "Listen Mr. Burset, first of all you need to calm down. You'll have a normal life for once. But in the meantime you need to tune down you attitude. The whole world doesn't revolve around you. You know ? " Michael said " Now what a minute Doctor. Are you going to help me or judge me?"  Dr. Archeya said "Now Mr.Burset don't give me that attitude."  Michael said "Now what a fucking minute Miss. Who the fuck you think you are? Are you going to do your job as a psychiatrist or help me?" Dr. Archeya said in an anger tone as she through her pad down  "Okay Mr. Burset. Now if you are going to use profanity words at me? Just leave my room ! I need to move on. I'm not going to waste my time with anybody that has a nasty attitude !" Michael got up from the couch and sttod up and said pointing his finger at her and said "You have no fucking idea of what the hell I had been going through. People around me such as my friends and family had been slaughtered. I've lost loved ones that I've cared about. Or should I say some loved ones. They are either murdered cold-blooded or become a serial killer wearing a Ghost looking mask and a grim looking costume. Image being the goddamn target but a serial killer and have friends or family murdered right in front of YOU !" Michael said and put you emphasis talking directly to the doctor and finshes his sentence and said "Cold-blooded, and here you are telling me that I'm being fucking negative and how my attitude is? I have every right to have goddamn right to have a fucking attitude !"  Dr. Archeya said "Alright ! That does it Mr. Burset ! Gaurds !"  Michael said "I leave with fucking pleasure alright !"  The gaurds walked into the room and was about to take Michael by the arm. Michael said in a anger tone "I'M GOING ! GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME !"  One gaurd said "Man leave and watch your mouth !" Michael walks to the exit door and gave one of the gaurds the middle finger. One of the gaurds said  "Right back at you pal !"  Michael has now walked to the car and sits on the driver side. Yes Michael Burset now drives too !   Of course because now he is a grown man and doesn't have to depend on Leslie to take him to certain places. 

We cut back to the same environment such as the poor section of Woodsborro which was the same small house that Leslie and Michael lived in. Michael arrives home and enters in the house. Leslie ask Michael "How did things wen't with the psychiatrist?" Michael replied and just said in is honest opinion and was blunt with it and said "Oh my god. Don't ask. That damn doctor was a damn trip !"  Leslie asked "Well damn Michael ! What the hell happened?" Michael said "You know I sat there being nice and I was just explaining about what has been going on through my life and everything about me surviving the Woodsborro murders and everything. I also did admit on how the murders affected me and everything and guess what she tells me?" Leslie said "What?"  Michael said "This bitch have. . ." Leslie cuts Michael off and said "Michael wait a minute now. You might be upset but you don't have to call the woman a bitch now. Jeez. With the attitude you have been having lately it's no wonder they have kicked you out." Michael gave her a dirty look and said "Wow. You too Leslie?" Leslie said "What do you mean?" Michael told her about the doctor had kicked him out because of his attitude. Leslie said "You know Michael the attitude you have lately is out of line you know?" Michael said "Oh now you fucking too?" Leslie said "You know boy? Get out of my face. I'm trying to socialize with you but since you want to be a little asshole than fine." Michael just walked to his bed room.

We cut to single family house. The screen zooms in and we see a 48 year old lady name Dorris Jones (Actress: LisaRaye McCoy) looking for something in a bedroom. Dorris is tearing up the bedroom apart looking for something. Suddenly someone came in the front door and Dorris heard a voice saying "Mommy I'm home !"  Right before the person yelled out and called Dorris grandma. Dorris found a needle under this bed. Dorris looked so shocked that it looked like her eyeballs were about to pop out of her head. Dorris wen't downstairs and saw a young man which is her son name Troy (Actor : Corey Hardrict).  Troy said "Hey Mom." Dorris said "Boy don't hi mommy me ! What the fuck is this? " As Dorris said "What the fuck is this?" she hold the needle up in the air showing Troy the needle. Troy's eyes looked opened up big to where it look like his eyes were about to pop out of his head. Troy said "What is that?" Dorris said "You tell me." Troy said "It's not what it looks like mom." Dorris cut off Troy and said "It sure as hell does look like what I think it is ! Are you on fucking drugs?" troy said "Mommy. I need it for health problems." Dorris said "Like what? You are a young healthy man. That is bullshit ! I know your history Troy. But for you to sneak up behind my back and pump in dugs. You know what? Why won't you get out of here ! I raised you better than this !"  Troy said "Okay Mom. So this is how you treat me?" Dorris said and didn't bite her tongue "If you would drop the drugs and get a job like everybody else and act like you have some fucking sense than you can come back in."  Troy said and wave his hand and said "Whatever bitch." Dorris walked up to Troy and punched him acrossed the face. Dorris said "That's it. As of right now, I'm disowning your ass. Get your black ass out of here !" Troy said "Well Leslie isn't a saint neither. She is selling and showing off of her fucking body so. . ."  Dorris didn't let Troy finish and she said "First of all. Leslie didn't really want to do it. Leslie did it because she had to raise your brother. Which that sorry ass sack of shit of a father you had that was a camera man (Talking about Joel Jones) for that white lady that was the original reporter.  I f that son of a bitch Joel was a better father to both you and Michael. Thank god Michael is a good kid. At least he's not doing drugs. As for you, you probably wouldn't be as downhill if you had a real father in your life." Troy said "Let me go!" Dorris yelled "Yeah get the fuck out of here !" Troy walks out and slams the door. Dorris said to herself "I can't believe after I raised that motherfucked and he cussed me out."

One week later. We cut to everybody eating dinner. We see Troy, Leslie, Michael, and Hanna Jones (Actress : Donna Biscoe) eating dinner. They were talking about Thanksgiving is coming and what they were going to to. Leslie suggested that she'll make dinner and everything when the day comes. Suddenly everyone had finished their dinner.  1 hour later everyone was leaving because Leslie had to get ready for work. As Troy left he said to Michael "I should come by and spend sometime with you more often Mike." Michael smirked a little but but he didn't really like smiling and said "Yeah. That would be cool."  Troy leaves and Michael stop smiling. To let you know he wasn't really willing to be in touched with his half brother Troy. 

Later that same night as everyone was invited to dinner. We cut to Dorris is upstairs watching the news on TV. Suddenly she gets a phone call. The phone rings. Dorris answered the phone and said "Hello."  It was Ghostface ! Ghostface said "Hello." Dorris asked "Who is this?" Ghostface replied "This is the last person you will ever see or hear alive !" Dorris said "What the fuck?"  Out of no where, A guy wearing an Alien mask that had ran into the Dorris's bedroom from the hallway with a hammer. Dorris screamed for dear life. Dorris tries to get away but unfortunenately she didn't make it. Dorris ran to the phone that she dropped on the floor when she saw AlienFace. Right before Dorris could reach the phone on the floor. AlienFace grabbed Dorris by the neck and slam dunk her body to the ground. Dorris begs for her life and said "Please don't. . ."   Before Dorris finishes her sentence trying to say "Please don't do this to me." AlienFace begans bludgeoning and strucking Dorris in the head busting Dorris's head with a hammer.  Dorris Jones is now dead !     

                                                                                       Smash to Black.

                                                                                          Episode 2 

                   (Flashback) -     We open up to a 6 year old kid. Apparently the 6 year old little boy is Michael Burset (Actor: Antony Azor) running up to his mother Magrot (Actress : Viola Davis) saying "Mommy" coming from home from work. Magrot hugs Michael and said "Hi babe. How was your day?"  Michael said with a bittersweet smile "It's fine mommy. Jay is just tired. That's all."  We see Jay Williamson (Actor : Jay Philips) Magrot walks into the living and said "What the fuck Jay?  I wanted and trust you to take care and watch Michael. Not fucking lay around." Jay said "I fed him lunch Magrot. Damn ! First of all you should be talking to that fucking Joel like that ! Not me !"  Now mind you. Jay spits it out on why his last name isn't Jones. Jay said out loud "I might be Michael's second cousin. But Joel's ass is responsible for that kid not me !" Magrot threw the bag on the couch and yelled "Get the fuck out ! Get your fatass out of  my fucking house."   Jay said with a with a sassy remark "As for my fatass at least I've watched your SON when that chump (Talking about Joel) pumping up drugs." Magrot said "What the hell you just said?"  Jay said "Yes. My cousin that is the father of your child Joel Jones is a drug addict !". Magrot said "Alright Jay. Just leave"   Jay said "With pleasure."  The he walks out the front door. 

                                                                       The title flashes on screen "Psychotic 3"

                                  We open up to a 53 year old young man named Joel Jones (Actor: Duane Martin). We see him talking to his very own son Troy Jones. Joel was talking about  Michael. Joel said "You know your brother Michael?" Troy said "Yeah. I saw him at Leslie's the other day for dinner. We were both willing to stay connected with each other." Joel smiled and said "That's great." Troy become blunt and asked Joel "Dad let me ask you something. Were you too young when you had us?" Joel said and in a serious tone and voice "Yeah but that doesn't mean that I don't love you, Leslie. Also even Michael even though."  Joel paused for a second and continued his sentence "Even though Michael is basically my and your second cousin too." Troy said "What the fuck dad? Is Michael my brother or isnt he?"  Troy broke down and told him the truth whispering in his ear.  Troy said out lod "Oh my god dad! how come you didn't do something?" Joel is and was basically on drugs. Joel said "I wished I did but thank god for Leslie. Michael was about to go to foster care."  Troy looked down to the ground shaking his head feeling sorry and said "Boy". Troy said "Whether he is my cousin or brother I should spend sometime with him."

We cut to Michael parking the car right in front of the pharmacy. Michael walks into the store and suddenly he meets his former College friendmate and co-worker  Amy Jackson (Actress: Julie Birke). Michael and Amy said "Hi" to each other. Amy was happy to see Michael and said and ask "Hi Michael ! It's so great to see you ! Have you found another job yet?"  Michael told her "Not yet Amy. I'm working on it though. It's just that after everything I'm trying to straighten out my life and everything but I'll eventually will get a new job." Amy said "Well that's great. As long as you are doing fine that is excellent. Are you here to pick up your sister's blood pressure pills?" Michael said "Yes I am Amy." with a friendly smile. Amy walked to the back getting the meds and wen't back to give Michael the bag of pills. Amy said "I wish you luck on your new job Michael." Michael said "Thanks Amy. It's was good seeing you." Amy said "It was great seeing you too Michael."  Then Michael begans to leave.

Later on at night Micheal watching TV while Leslie is out at work. Suddenly the phone rings. Michael started hesitating to answer the phone. Michael actually talked to himself  "Get yourself together Mike. It's just a phone call." Michael answers the phone and it wasn't Ghostface this time.  It was a different sounding killer this time ! It was AlienFace !  Michael said "Hello?"  AlienFace said with a growling scratchy sounding voice like a vocalist from a death metal band saying "Hello?" Michael got really scared by the momment and said talking hesitating realizing that it wasn't Ghostface's regular voice this time. Michael said "Um can I help you?" AlienFace said pretending to comfort Michael and said " You are going to die tonight my friend !" Michael said in a louder tone  "Not fucking again !" AlienFace said "I know Michael. but it's happening again and there is nothing you can do about it but watch and scream." Michael said I'm calling the police asshole!"  AlienFace said "Good, that will just make the bodycount more higher oh by the way. I have something for you and your sister and brother."   Suddenly there is a sound that sounds like as if sombody had bust in the window in the kitchen. Michael screams and yelled "What the fuck ?!" Michael runs into the kitchen and turns the light on. He finds the body of his dead stepmother Dorris Jones on the floor. Michael screams "Aunty Dorris !" Then once Michael had gotten close up to Dorris's body. Suddenly a tall man not big though, Peaks into the window looking at Michael greiving over Dorris. Suddenly, Michael looks up at the window and see this creepy looking guy with this hideous looking mask. It appears to be AlienFace. Michael screamed so loud that it could actually wake up a dead body. Michael picks up the phone as fast as he can and runs into the bathroom and locks the bathroom door. Michael had called the police while he was locked in the bathroom. He had to tell the 911 opporator that there is a dead body and there is a killer inside of his house. The opporator started giving him a hard time. Michael gave them all the information such as the address, and the name of street and etcetera. The opporator ask for Michael's name and Michael said with an anger tone because he was upset "Michael Burset ! Now give the fucking cops over now ! "  The opporator said "Ok sir. You need  relax !"  Michael said "Alright miss !" with an anger tone and throws the phone dow to the floor being disgusted.  Michael said whispering "Bitch. how the fuck can I relax ?!"   All of a sudden. The bathroom doo was busted a little bit with as the killer keeps stabbing the door trying to get to Michael. Michael walks up to the window and opens it up.  As Michael crawls out of the window, AlienFace has now busted and broken the door down.  Once Michael has already had been hanging on the window but until then. AlienFace grabbed Michael by the back of his collar. Michael took his hand and pat and hit AlienFace in the head and said "No!". Suddnely from AlienFace pulling onto Michael's collar. Michael's shirt began to tear and ripped. Michael falls down to the ground on a soft part on the grass luckily with no broken bones. AlienFace just looks at Michael and then he turns around and walks away.   

                      The we see both Ghostface and AlienFace walking away from Michael's house until then. The both of them stopped and looked at this old man  at random (Actor: Xander Berkeley). Ghostface and AlienFace walks up to the old man. Ghostface walked passed AlienFace and AlienFace let Ghostface go so he can have a victim. Ghostface walks behind the old man. The old man turns around and suddenly Ghostface took out his good old hunting knife and disemboweled the old man by gutting him with the knife in his stomach causing his intestines to fall out of his stomach.  The Ghostface looks at AlienFace for their next move. Then we cut to a elderly lady (Actress: Tracey Gold)  washing dishes and watching TV. She was watching  American Casefiles with George Reed being the host of the show. Suddenly she gets a hpone call. The phone rang.  The eldderly woman picks up the phone and said "Hello?"  It was Ghostface ! Ghostface said "Hello. Who am I speaking with?" The elderly woman said "I refuse to give you my Ident. What is this about?"  Ghostface said "It's about you dying !"  Out of no where there was a loud busting sound like a window has been busted. The elderly lady drops the phone be scared for dare life and runs into the living room and had found her dead husbands body lying on the floor from the body being thrown through the window. The elderly woman walked over to her husbands body and cried and stared screaming out his name "Donald ! Oh my god !". Then all of a sudden you see both killers AlienFace and Ghostface both pop up from the window just like what had happen to Michael.  The elderly woman scream and cried in agony. The AlienFace killer took one leg in over the wall that was underneath the window and then the other to catch the old lady. Before Ghostface did the same thing. He put some type of bottle on the floor as the AlienFace killer chases her. The old lady ran upstairs but before she could run up the stairs. AlienFace grabs her by the neck and picked up her entire body like a piece of paer and slamdunk her like a person dribbling a basket ball. The old lady scream and cried for help. Ghostface takes the bottle upstairs with him and runs upstairs to the bathroom filling up the bathtub with water. While AlienFace is wrapping a females panty hose around her mouth. 

While that was going on accross the street from Michael. We cut accross the street where the police had finally showed up. We now see the new and brand new  trained sheriff that has now taken over Denise Williams spot.  He walked up the stairs and rang the bell. Michael answered and open up the door and didn't bite his tongue and said "Well hell, I'm surprised I'm still alive !" We see the new sheriff (Actor: Brad James) smiled and walked in. As soon as he walked in the living room. He saw Dorris's body. The sheriff talked in the walky talky for the ambulance to pick up the body. After that The sheriff wen't over and talked to Michael.  The seriff asked "Is she related to you?" Michael began to cry and then he started wiping his tears and said "Yes. She was my stepmother on my father's side. I respected her and called her my aunt."  The sheriff said "I'm more than just sorry man. But that was sweet of you to respected her as your aunt though." The sheriff sat down not only comforting Michael.

The sheriff asked "Is it another Ghostface copycat killer?"  Michael replied being frightened "No man ! This guy is actuallly worse than the regular Ghostface killer !  I don't know how to explain it but Have you see the Saw movies?" Michael asked him. The sheriff said "Yes. Those were some creepy movies." Michael said "Okay. The killer's voice sounds like the killer from the saw movies but even creepier than that ! It's just horrible ! The mask Jesus Christ !"  Michael adds "Shit I'm afraid of this killer than I am than the Ghost killer ! His mask looks awful ! His mask is has these big ass black eyes. It's basically an Alien mask !  I think I could get over the Ghostface killer but that mask I don't think I'll be able to sleep !" Michael said. 

He also put his hand on Michael's shoulder and said "I know things are really tough for you. Hey, do you know about that lady that used to be involved in the same massacre before Sidney Prescott?"  Michael said "Goodness yeah !  To tell you the truth I don't know how the hell she had done it. I mean she was really a tough bull though!"  The sheriff said "I agree. Thank god she is living a peaceful life I am happy for her though." Michael said "Yeah  am too."  The sheriff said " Hey you wanna know who else is strong a tough bull?" Michael said "Who?" The sheriff said " You are." Michael said "Oh you are just too kind man !" The sheriff said "No man really ! The way how you beheaded that sick bitch girlfriend of yours when you was in High School. Plus that crazy bastard father of hers when you was in College too." Michale grinned a little and said " Actually do you watch my friend on that true crimes show American Casefiles?" The sheriff said "Oh goodness yeah! I love that show ! Him and Robert Campbell has the most juicest true crimes stories ! I love American Casefiles !" Michael said "Yeah. I do too ! My friend George got Emmanuel's behind though."  The sheriff said "Yeah which I'm glad George took care of that bastard. Denise deserved better than that ! I heard Denise was a sweetheart !"  Michael said "Oh god yeah. She was a beautiful person !"  The sheriff said "Yeah." The sheriff asked being concerned "Are you here by yourself?" Michael explained about Leslie working nights and he is only alone at night. The sheriff asked Michael is he wanted him and the other cops to patrol Michael's area. Michael said "Oh no man. It's absolutely fine."  The sheriff said and a concerning way "I don't know man. and crimes like this is happening again?  I'll ride and plus other cops will patrol the area to make sure the neighborhood is safe."  Michael had a big smile on his face and said "Thanks man. I hey I have to say I like you. It feels like Denise is being reborn inside of you as a male body. It's funny. What's your name?" The sheriff chuckled and said " My name is Sheriff Treavon Jeter but you can call me Trey. It's short for Treavon."  Michael smiled and the both of them greet each other. It appears that not only Woodsborro not only has a new sheriff in town. But it appears that Michael has a new and replaced friend. The sheriff turned around and said "Hey Michael." Michael replied "Yeah?".     The sheriff said "Don't let some sick bastard break your sleep man ! Trust me, we'll get that Son Of A Bitch !"  After the sheriff said that Michael begans to feel comfortable after the sheriff suggest that has put Michael on patrol for protection.

                                                                                                                                                Smash to Black.

                                                                                                     Episode 3

                     We open up to this old lady (Actress: Tracey Gold) being tied up lying on top of a few of these wooden boards over the bathtub being filled with water. We see the screen scrolls up above the bathtub and it shows that Ghostface standing right behind AlienFace holding this big bottle while AlienFace was putting the boards up and tying the old lady on top of the bathtub. Ghostface hands AlienFace the bottle and AlienFace takes the cap off of the bottle. The mysterious bottle that the 2 masked killers were holding was a bottle of Lye. After AlienFace takes the cap off. AlienFace throws in a whole bottle of Lye in the bathtub. AlienFace removes the boards that was underneath the old lady so s\her body can fall in the water filled with Lye. Meanwhile AlienFace forces the old woman's head into the tub causing her face to melt. Then AlienFace took out a pear of scissors and cut the rope causing her body to fall in the tub. Once her body fell into the tub, She screams in agony and in pain. She toses and turn trying to get up from the tub. But she slips from the water which made her body melt down to her skull which made her body turned as a skeleton.  Both masked killers AlienFace and Ghostface walks out of the bathroom leaving the house.

                                                                      The title flashes on screen "Psychotic 3"

                     We open up to Michael and Leslie's house. The screen zooms into the window of the dininig room.  Everybody was eating dinner. Everyone looked all dressed up. Men in their suits and women in their dress looking like they had came from a funeral. Well as you can see, of course, That is because they had just came from Dorris's funeral. They were having a wake from Dorris's funeral. Next we see a 62 year old lady name Hanna Jones (Actress: Donna Biscoe) talking to Leslie and then all of a sudden she starts crying about the death of Dorris. Leslie starts crying as she comforts her grandmother Hanna. Hanna said "Sweetheart I'm sorry to cry in front of you."  Leslie said "Mommy just let it out!"   The screen rolls into the living room and we see a young 28 year old lady name Brielle Knight (Actress: Amanda Stenberg) talking to Michael. Brielle said and was crying at the sametime of how she missed her grandmother. Michael and Amanda began to confort each other.  Out of no where Amanda said to Michael "Michael, So what will you do in the future?  I mean so far I have notice you have past your driver's license and you do help around the house far as the going to the store and stuff?  So are you going to work or Grad School at least?"   Michael looked at Breille up and down with a rude look and said "What are you talking about?  I wen't to Windsor College and I previous had a job a Wallgreens being a Pharmacist counting out the pills. I've felt some type of way after the crimes that had happen when I was in High School and in College that it affected me so much that I've quit my job."  Michael then adds "But" Brielle didn't let Michael finish his sentence and started laughing. Brielle said after she blurst out laugh "Mike please, that is no excuse. I know you were scared by a crzed serial killer but Jeez. You have to live your life."  Michael said "What are you talking about? I am living my life even though it's shitty."  Brielle said thinking that it's a joke and said "For one thing Michael. You and your sister has a small house. You need to get a job."   Michael stood up and said out loud not carring if anyone heard him and said  "You need to mind your fucking business !"  Everyone gasp.  Leslie walked over and asked "What the hell is going on?"  Michael walked away and said "Nothing."  Leslie puts her hand on Michael's chest holding Michael back knowing that Michael is lying. Leslie said "Boy, What's going on? I know it's nothing."   Michael rolled his eyes and explained what Brielle had said to him.  Leslie was on Michael's side. Brielle saw the both of them Leslie and Michael talking. Leslie walked towards Brielle and said to her "Look Brielle, somethings you may think is funny but what you said to Michael was not funny."   Then Leslie ask Brielle "First of all. Is that any of your business of what Michael is doing in his life?" Brielle started to look like and obedient child and said "No"  Leslie said "Michael will get a job eventually. Right now before the night is over. You need to apologize to Michael."  Brielle did walked to Michael and she did. Then we slide over to other people that came to the wake of Dorris's funeral.  We see both Troy and Joel dressed up in a black suit talking about Dorris.  Troy's face was soak and wet from crying and said to Joel without biting his tongue " Whoever the bastard that did this better turn thereselves in. Or I swear. Whoever that motherfucker who did this. I would kill them. Even if I do go to fucking jail for it. For all the fuck I know is that my sister would sure as hell would get her damn revenge for sure when I found out who was the bastard who killed my mother." Joel said  "I know your upset man but cussing is not going to solve anything Troy."  Troy raised his head up and started rubbing his face and started crying again and said " I know. Mommy is gone ! There is nothing I can't do about it so. I guess there is no sense of me being mad anyway."  Joel said with a cry in his voice "Even though your mom has been murdered. She is at peace man."  Troy nod his head and said and wiping his tears "Yeah. I guess no matter how you die. You will always live for ever once you are in Heaven."  Troy said "Dad I left a couple of beers in the garage. Can you come to the garage with me ? Please man !" Joel shrug his shoulders and said " Sure man. If you want me I'm here son." Troy hugged Joel and said "I love you dad."  Joel said "I love you too son."   The both of them wen't into the garage.  Next we see Michael walking outside the house. Just so happens there was a bunch of news people and plus a van that was cover by the title of the biggest and hot # 1 reality crime hit TV show called "American Casefiles" written all over the truck across the street from Michael's house. We see the 2 host of the show Robert Campbell (Actor: Hill Harper) and George Reed (Actor: Larnez Tate) doing the story of the murders from both the Ghostface killer and the AlienFace killer.                  

          As Michael walked down from the porch. Michael squint his eyes to see if that was George across the street. Michael had a big smile on his face. Michael couldn't interupt his show so he waited. George tunrs around and did the same thing such as squinting his eyes to see if that was Michael. George said "We'll be back after these messages." Making the show go onto a commercial break so he can say hi to Michael.  Next thing you noticed.  George yelled with excitement "MICHAEL!"  Michael did the same thing as well and yelled "GEORGE!"  They ran into each other and gave each other a big hug. George asked Michael how was he. Michael said rolling his eyes with a wirry smile "I guess I'll have better days. Eventually I guess."  George smiled because he was happy to see Michael but he stopped smiling for a second and  said "I know son. It's happening again." Michael said  "George let me tell you. It's not only happening again but, this guy was worst that Ghostface! I mean this guy had on an Alien looking mask with a Michael Myers looking jumpsuit on and he's is horrorible. His voice. Jesus Christ !  It sounds like the killer from the Saw movies but even deeper and creepier than Saw. What makes it worst was well Saw is just a movie. But this guy chased me into the bathroom." George said "It's funny, We were doing a report on this old couple that lives here. Also it's funny, the other day when I interviewed you and your sister of the death of your aunt. I have to say your sister is beautiful." Michael smiled and said thanks.  George had actually put it as a joke and said "Remembered you beat my ass back in High School? I must say you have to be a good brother." Michael said "Thanks George but I don't want to think about that man. At that time I've didn't know you. But now you are like a family member to me." Michael looks down at the ground and said to George " Hell in fact after what has been happening to us? Honestly besides my sister being the only family member that loves me mainly. I feel like you are my second family memeber I trust and care about." George looked at Michael with a caring look and said "Hey, I do love you." Michael and George gave each other a hug. Before George walked way he said "I'm so sorry what happened to you Aunt man. The other day when I did the interview of your aunt. I notice it teared the both of you guys apart. Also give your sister my condolences." Michael smiled and said "I will."                        

   2 days later. We see Michael walking with his grandmother Hanna out of the house going into the car getting ready to go somewhere. Once they both get inside of the car. Hanna ask Michael "You think your sister will be okay by herself ?" Michael said "I think so. We're just going to Wallgreens to get some milk and plus her meds are ready too. They weren't done yet the last time I was there." Hanna said "Ok. I just hope she keeps all the doors locked."  Michael begans to back up out of the driveway and leave.                      

                    We cut inside of the house and see Leslie downstairs in the basement folding up the laundry.  Suddenly. the doorbell rangs. Leslie dropped everything and said "Michael? Is that you?" There was no answer because she knew Michael would answered her. Leslie slows down as she answers the door. Knowing that it wasn't Michael ringing the bell. Leslie ask who is it and opens up the door and it was Joel !  The truth about Leslie and Joel was that they had never had got along. Especially the fact that Joel has been a deadbeat father.  Mind which is why Leslie doesn't call Joel dad. She calls him by his first name.  So as Leslie anwsers the door, Leslie said with a surprised look on her face and said "Joel? What are you doning here? You only come here only if you needed something."  Joel said with an excitement "Les it's an emergancy ! You have to let me in !"  Leslie said "Well come on and get in !" Joel run inside and clses the door as fast as he did.  Leslie yelled with an anger tone "Joel ! What's going on !"  Joel said  "Listen. You know that masked serial killer that is going around killing people?" Leslie said "Of course. It's not only all over the news but that bastard is after and for some reason targetting my brother. Why?"  Joel rushed and said "Yeah, well not only he is after Michael. He is after you. He said that he wanted to cut you into pieces."  Leslie gave Joel a strange look. Joel said and adds "There is one more thing I have to tell. It's just something big."  Leslie said "What is it Joel?"  Joel said "Well there is one thing I I want you to keep from Michael."  Leslie said "Spit it out Joel. This better not cause anything bad effecting to Michael ! That boy has been through enough shit" Joel looks down at the ground and said "I know but just in case I didn't make it.  I just want to let you guys know that. . . Remember when Michael was 9 years old and you was so pissed off that you even told him yourself that you wanted to cut Jay's penis off for what he did to Michael and you had to finish raising Michael after Jay killed Magrot?"  Leslie said "Yeah?"   Leslie wanted Joel to get to the point and said  "Joel look. I have no time for games. Get to the point !"  Joel said "Alright ! Just let me tell you ! I had an appointment at the doctos for me to come back for the results and The DNA came back and it has  listed that you and Troy were my only 2 children and as for Michael , Michael isn't my child Leslie. The guy that molested and raped Michael you know Jay Williams?"  Leslie said "Wait a minute. Don't tell me. That bastard that molested my brother is the father to my brother?  My baby brother Michael Burset the one I had been raising for 18 years? "  Joel looked down to the ground like a sad puppy dog and said  "Yes Leslie. Jay Williams is Michael Burset's father."   Leslie looked at Joel thinking that Joel is making this up. Joel pulls out the paper and results of the DNA test and said "Leslie I swear to God." Joel hesitated and had a cry in his voice and said "I wish to god that this result was a mistake and was wrong and it was a mistake but this is true. Jay Williams is the father of Michael."  Leslie reads the results. (The DNA did confirmed and it was true. The DNA confirmed and stated to the 31 year old young man Michael Burset, is the son of Jay Williams and Jay Williams. The 38 year old young man Jay Williams is the father of Michael Burset.)  Leslie slide down and cried. Joel walked up to Leslie trying to console Leslie. Leslie said "Just move. Just get away from me Joel."   Joel walks out. All of a sudden.  AlienFace pops out of nowhere and sticks Joel in the stomach 3 times. Joel falls to the ground. Leslie forgot the petty stuff and yelled "Daddy!" and begans to cry for the death of Joel Jones.                                                                                                                                                                                           Smash to Black.

                                                                                                  Episode 4 

                        We open up to Leslie going into the doctos office to talk to the Doctor for the DNA results to make sure that Jay was Michael's father. We see Leslie waiting in the office. 1 minute later the doctor that did the DNA  blood test on Michael and Joel name Dr. Henry     (Actress:Laura Wright) came in. The Doctor is a female. The doctor and Leslie said Hi to each other.  Leslie tells the doctor "Hi Dr. Henry. I know these are the results of your patient which is my brother Michael Burset.  But is it true that this guy Jay Williams is my little brother's father?" The doctor explained to Leslie that she took the Michael's spit at first to find out if Michael was Joel's child. The results confirmed that Michael wasn't Joel's son. Then The doctor told Leslie which she did. Leslie and Michael was curious of who could be Michael's biological father. So what the doctor did which the doctor explain to Leslie clearly to show that the DNA is true. The doctor test and took Michael's blood and it came back to the biological father of Michael Burset is Jay Williamson. Also the doctor did mentioned that she read that he was killed in prison and he had gotten what he deserve. The doctor adds and said that she was sorry of what happened to Michael's mother but the truth is that the man who murdered Michael's mother is basically the father of Michael Burset. Leslie thanked the Doctor. Dr. Henry was sweet about the results for Michael and said "I'm sorry about your stepmother hon." Leslie said "Thanks Dr. Henry. You are a sweetheart." Dr. Henry said "Take care honey." Leslie said "You too Dr. Henry.". 5 minutes later Leslie steps in the car getting ready to drive. Leslie looks at the paper and just screamed and cried out loud by the fact that Jay Williams the murderer of Magrot Williams and the one that had molested Michael Burset as a child is the father of Michael Burset.


                                                                               The title flashes on screen "Psychotic 3"

                            We open up in the evening time.  Michael taking out the garbage and suddenly she saw his friend and former co - worker and formaer college mate and friend Amy. Michael couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Amy. Michael yelled out loud "Amy!"  Amy was so shocked that Michael lives accross the street from her now and yelled with excitement "Michael ! Oh my goodness I can't believe I live across the street from you !"  Michael asked Amy " Wait you live here now?"  Amy said in a dpressing voice and said "Yeah. The house was originally my grandparents. Now they gave the house. You probably knew them but the were murdered." Amy continued with an anger tone "Some sick bastard ripped out my grandfather's  stomach open and then my grandmother was bruned and melted to death by them pouring. . ." Then you can hear the cry in Amy's voice and continued " By pouring a large bottle of Lye in the tub. I hope they find the son of a bitch that did this !" Michael's stood still and was beyond shocked and said out loud "Oh my god Amy ! Jesus I am more than just sorry about your grandparets. I know exactly what your going through. I know what it's like to lose a love one. Hell all the time !" Amy said to Michael as she almost started crying but tries to hold it in "How could you deal with this Michael? I mean Things happen in life but excuse my language but goddamn ! This is the third time you are going through this."  Michael said just letting out his anger "Tell me about. It's like somebody put a damn curse on me ! But I realize to myself I just can't let things get under my skin even though it can get any worse. Hey did you heard about this woman that survived the original Woodsboro massacre?" Amy said "Wait wasn't that the lady Sidney Prescott? Also" Amy gasp and said "Oh my goodness Michael. I just that could this be all connected from the 1996 Woodsborro murders?  Because it's funny now that Sidney moved to somewhere else and she's living in a peaceful life and now you are going through the same thing. It's just weird. I wonder if all of these crimes are connected."  Michael stop and think and said "I remember when this nice sheriff which as a personal friend of mine. When she was alive. Her and the rest of the county called it out as a copycat crime of the original 1996 Woodsborro murders."  Afterwoods Michael and Amy said that they would definetly hang out with each now that they are neighbors and they both said goodbye to each other and wen't back into their houses.                

               5 days later around in the afternoon in the day. Michael wen't inside the car getting ready to drive and go to the store. We see Michael backing up and pulling off from the drive way getting ready to go. We now cut into the house and see Leslie dusting the house. Suddenly she gets a phone call. The phone rang and she answers the phone. It was Ghostface !  Leslie said "Hello?"  Ghostface said "Hello" Leslie started to get fritghten  and said "Who is this?"  Ghostface replied "This is the last person you will ever see and hear alive in your life !" Leslie remains brave and said "I know what you want bastard ! You are after my little brother huh?" Ghostface said "What is it about your brother? First off  I'm not going to kill Michael. I just want him to suffer."  Leslie said "Bitch if you want my brother? Than come on and face me you fucking punk !" Ghostface replied "Bitch? Sweetie. Do you have no idea who you are fucking with ?"  Leslie said "Oh yes honey. I do know who I'm fucking with. If anybody messes with mine even though you are a killer. If anybody messes with my loved ones. You will have to get through me !"  Ghostface replied " So be it. I guess I'm going to have to get through you then." Ghostface hangs up the phone right before Leslie could say anything else. Leslie said and didn't know that Ghostface had hanged up and said "What the fuck did you do to my father's body?"  After Leslie said that. She said "Hello?"  Leslie hanged up the phone and started to be frightened as she hangs up the phone.  Then we cut to seeing both killers Ghostface and AlienFace walking and entering Leslie's house coming from the garage AlienFace is hlding some kind of a windex injection and Ghostface holding his hunting knife as they both wen't in.  Once both of the killers wen't in the living room as Leslie is dusting the dusting the house not realizing that the 2 killers were right behind her.  Ghostface walked to the fire place and grabbed the fire iron that you use for the fire place.  nce ghostface took the fire iron. He walks up to Leslie. Leslie turns around and screamed for her dear life. Before Leslie could take off. Ghostface knocks Leslie in the back of the head. Causing her to be knocked out. After Ghostface knocked Leslie down. AlienFace walked to Leslie's body and help Ghostface to finish her off. Ghostface and AlienFace puts Leslie's body on the couch. Then AlienFace not only manage to do so but AlienFace torches Leslie by injecting her with Windex injections. While AlienFace did that. Ghostface truns the stove on for the gas to help AlienFace finsh Leslie off. After that. Leslie has fatally asphyxiated with gas from the oven by both masked killers AlienFace and Ghostface. Then AlienFace strangles Leslie to finish her off until she had ran out of breathe to make sure she's dead.  (The Hillside Strangler reference).   Within less then a minute. There was no hope for Leslie because her body was inhaled from the gas of an oven Plus she definetly died after when AlienFace strangled her.   Leslie Jones is now dead ! The beloved sister of Michael Burset is now dead !                    

                    2 hours later we see Michael entering the driveway. He got out of the car to go into the house. Suddenly he meets 2 of his neighbors next door. It was Reverand Eugene Hassell (Actor: Dan Martin)  and his wife Tammy Hassell (Actress: Tichia Arnold). The 3 of them said hi to each other. Reverand Hassel asked Michael is everything alright. Michael said "Yeah father Hassell." Michael rolled his eyes and said "I hope so." Reverand Hassel said "Don't worry Michael. The lord will always have your back if you just realize that god will never leave your sight."  Michael makes a smile but he really isn't smiling and said "That's true father Hassell. Well I guess I better get going."  Both Reverand Hassell and Tammy said bye and so did Michael. Tammy said "Take care baby." Michael said "You too Mrs. Hassell"  Michael walks inside the house and said called out Leslie's name out loud enough for her to hear him to let her know that he is back.  Michael takes his coat off and holds the bag until he got inside of the kitchen.  He puts 1 item away and it was large pack of eggs that he put in the fidge. Michael gets ready to walk into the living room said "Leslie !, Girl where are you?"  Michael walks into the walking near the couch.  Michael squints his eyes to make sure if he was just seeing things or not. Michael said "Oh Jesus no. Please god to tell me. . ."  Michael walks in front the couch and it shows that the killer was bold enough to leave the windex injection and it showed that Leslie had been torture with the Windex injection and was asphyxiated from a gas line from the oven.  Michael knew that was the end of Leslie because it shows that the killers left those evidence on Leslie's body like telling Michael "Yeah I killed your sister."  Michael had cried so hard that he was breathing heavy every 2 seconds like how an actual child would cry in stress. Michael cried so hard he couldn't stand up. But he manages to get up and call 911.                  

                Next the screen rolls over across the street to Amy's house. It shows on her TV she was watching the Stab reboot of the life and events of Michael Burset. It shows that the actor name : Zachary Isaiah Williams is playing the lead role as potraying Michael Burset. We see in a movie redemption that Ghostface had popped out of the closet chasing Michael Burset (Actor: Zachary Isaiah Williams) in the TV.  Suddenly Amy get a phone call. The phone rings. Amy picks up the phone and answers it. It was AlienFace ! Amy said "Hello?" AlienFace said "Hello" Amy said "Yes can I help you?" AlienFace said with his creepy growling voice " Yeah. Do you like scary movies?" Amy said "Yes I do. Actually you know the Stab movies?" AlienFace just sounds exactly like the voice of a volist from a death meatl band and said "Oh I love the stab movies. You know it has been rebooted due to the copycat crimes and Michael's life right?" Amy said "Oh yeah. I keep tabs on that stuff.  You know I really must say. This actor I think his name is Zachary Isaiah Williams. He look so much like Michael ! He really does ! Even the way how he potrayed his personality like Michael's it is exactly the same !  It's funny. I remember that guy when he was a child actor playing in this sitcom called "Romeo!" I knew he act but I never knew his acting skills would be really that good !" AlienFace said "Yeah I remember that show too and plus Zachary does fit Michael Burset perfectly. For one thing Amy. As of right now. You do know we are actully in a slasher movie right now?" Amy asked "What? What do you mean?"  AlienFace said "Okay. just let me ask you some trivia questions.  In what Slasher film remake had succeeded?  A. RZ Halloween 2007.   B. Friday The 13th 2009  C. A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010  or D. Kenneth Tanner's Psycho 2018 film?"  Amy said knowing the right answer "That was easy. It's Kenneth Tanner's Psycho 2018 film. You know I must say I usually don't like remakes but that film that Kenneth Tanner's Pcycho remake was awesome. The fact that Norman being  bi-racial was an awesome idea ! We rarely have an bi-racial killers."  AlienFace said " I agree. Okay Amy next question. Which one of these 2 slasher films became first slasher film that has been ever made in the horror genre history Psycho or Peeping Tom?" Amy said "Psycho 1960."  AleinFace said "Ehh. Wrong. It was Peeping Tom. Yeah sure Peeping Tom was a colored film but Peeping Tom came out in April the 7 1960 and as for Psycho, it came out in September the 8th 1960.  Accroding to the release date Peeping Tom came out first."  Amy said "Okay just one more question Mr. Ghostface." AlienFace chuckled and laughed and said "No my dear. Actually I'm a friend of Ghostface. I'm his partner and that will change everything when Stab 3 of the rebooted franchise comes out. This time Woodsborro has 2 killers to worry about this time." Amy became frightened. Amy said "Why are you planning to kill me?" AlienFace replied in a sarcastic way "Um yeah. That's what happen in the Stab movies." Suddenly Ghostface walks behind Amy holding her granfather's wooden cane. Amy turns around and Ghostface hits her right on the forehead knocking her down to the ground.                                       

                             After that Amy wakes up from her being knocked out from Ghostface. AlienFace steps in while Ghostface tied her risk to the pol of her bed AlienFace is holding a straight razor blade. When Ghostface finished tying Amy up. AlienFace walks up to Amy and opens up the razr getting ready to kill her. Amy cries begging for her life. AlienFace ask "Any final words Amy?" Amy said "I hope you burn in a hell you sick fuck!" AlienFace chuckles and takes the straight part of the razor blade and just peel the top of Amy's head and her hair and wig off of her scalp as she's crying for agony and with pain. AlienFace pulls and rips off the scalp part of her head causing her to die from losing blood. Which she did.  Amy is now dead !                                                  Smash to Black.



                    Episode 5 :  ( To Views this episode may contain imitable behavior. Our TV network restricted is advised )

                        We open up to Michael talking to Reverand Eugene Hassell making funeral arrangments for Leslie.  Reverand Eugene sit down and ask Michael how does he feel. Michael gave reverend Eugene a dirty look and said "With all do respect father Eugene. I am not doing well. Thanks for asking !"  Reverand Eugene said "Son I understand. You should have every right to be mad. I know you have a hard life such as murder. I understand. I know it won't bring back your loved ones but I know Leslie is at peace." Michael gets disgusted and doesn't really want to hear it and said "Yeah thanks father Eugene. Now can we just please get this over with?"  Reverand Eugene said "Okay son."

                                                                              The title flashes on screen "Psychotic 3"

                    We open up to the next day at Leslie's funeral. George Reed had just came in. Michael was shocked and surprised. Despite Michael being mad and sad over Leslie's death. That made Michael happy that George came. George told Michael that he just wanted to come to support Michael. Michael hugged George being surprised by 1 second later as he is hugging George he starts crying over Leslie. (Flash on Screen: 1 hour later ) Reverand Eugene Hassel made a speech. He stated and added that ever one did a speech about Leslie and asked Michael and said that it was up to George to say something about Leslie. Michael said "Yeah Reverand Hassell. I would really like to say something." Michael was not only sad but the inside of himself was mad and took his speech into a rant. He said:

(Leslie was the love of my life. She taught me how to survive and be independent. She finished raising me after when my mother was brutally murdered by one of her punked boyfriend Jay Williams. (Everyone gasp. Then Michael continues.)  As for Leslie, she was the only person that I had love in my life and was the rock of my life beisdes losing Dorris on top of that and now I at least have my grandmother now. But I was wondering. People say that God knows what he is doing. But is that true?  Honestly I don't think so ! (Everyone gasp)  I think god is sure as hell is making fucking a mistake !)                       

               Reverand Eugene asked Michael raising his voice "Michael are you sure you are alright?" Michael had just walked out of the room and sat on the steps of the church and finish off crying. George stepped out of the church to console Michael. George said to Michael "Michael it's okay to let it out ! You had been thorugh hell of a lot. We both had been. I don't give a damn what that Reverand said or anybody else say. You have a damn right to be angry. But Michael. Just please man. I want you to take it easy and paste yourself man. Trust me. you can cuss, scream, and hell even be mad at god. But I want to let you know 1 thing. One day we would die and one of these days god will let us into heaven to see our loved ones. We will eventually see our loved ones again man. You will see your mother and definitely Leslie again. I know you have every right to be angry man. But can you cheer up at least for me? Please man?" Michael wiped the tears off his face and said "Okay George only for you. But I'm just tired man. I'm sick of it all man!" George said "I know man but just please." Michael smiled a little bit and said "All for you man."  George and Michael sat on the steps on the church and Geroge and Michael not only hugged each other. George holds Michael for a good 20 minutes until Michael had gotten himself together.                       

                     2 hours later. Around Leslie's wake. We see Hanna Jones sitting on the couch and crying over Leslie. Hanna said out loud "Oh Jesus. First my daughter, My son is dead and I can't find his body nowhere (Talking about Joel) and now my granddaughter? Oh God !" As Hanna is sitting right next to Michael. Michael just hugs her and cry. We see Troy talking to Arleane. Troy started crying with Arleane Knight (Actress : Mo'Nique). Arleane comforting Troy and said "I know baby. It's going to be alright." Troy said with a fit of anger "No it's not Alreane ! I mean. I can't find my father for Christ sakes (Talking about Joel) and now my sister id dead?  The hell with this ! I need to find the bastard who did this shit right now !"  Arleane said coming Troy down "Troy we are all mad but being mad won't solve anything. We need the police to investigate and find out who was the bastard that killed your mother and my niece. But right now being mad isn't going to help anything."  Troy looked down to the ground like a sad puppy and sigh and said "I guess your right Arleane."  Troy shrugged his shoulders while still crying "It is what it is. My family is pratically murdered and there is nothing I can't do about it so. . ." Arleane hugs Troy to confort him.

                   3 days later. Michael had found a will that Leslie had made such as the assets that has belonged to her Michael will get. Michael had taken the will out of this iron box from her dresser room. Suddnely he accidently pulled out this big yellow envelope that was underneath this iron box. Michael opens up the envelope saying "What the fuck is this?" Michael opens up the letter and paper and found out and read that it was the results of Michael's DNA of whom was the father to himself Michael Burset. He read the letter  and saw that it stated that Jay Williams is the biological father to Michael burset. Michael shook his head saying "No this has to be a fucking joke !  The bastard that molested me when I was 9 is my father?" 

                6 hours later Michael is sitting in the doctors office waiting to talk to the doctor. The door finally opens up and it was Dr. Henry (Actress: Laura Wright). The doctor and Michael had greeted each other. Michael asked the doctor about the DNA results. The doctor said to Michael. "Well I had explained it to your sister." She basically explained how they had done the DNA and how it traced back on Michael's blood that it was true that Jay Williams is Michael's father. The doctor explained it to Michael exactly the same way how she convinced Leslie that Jay is Michael's father. Michael had a cry in his voice by the fact that this low life man that molested him by the age of 9 molested him. Michael said "Thanks Doctor." The doctor ask Michael if he was alright. Michael said "Yeah doc. I'm fine I just want to know. Thanks." Next we see Michael sitting in the car screaming and crying and beating up the steering wheel letting out his anger of the fact that Jay Williams is his biological father. Then Michael wiping his tears off of his face and sits there being disgusting and thinking about him being molested at 9 years old. Also this is what really happened when Michael was a kid :

     Flashback :  ( We go back to when Michael was 5 years old. Magrot (Actress: Viola Davis)  was holding Michael (Actor: Antony Azor) right on her right shoulder. Then we see Jay Williams (Actor: Jay Philips) walks behind Magrot and said "Man he is a miniature size of me."  Magrot had trusted Jay at first. As she turns around and said "He's really got your nose and eyes and lips. Hell he's got your face."  Jay chuckled and said "I know right? He might become my twin when he gets older. Magrot had to leave for work. So she takes Michael out of his crib and down on the floor to walk. We cut to Magrot kissing Michael goodbye and that he'll see him later. Then Jay said goodbye to Magrot and said goodbye to Magrot.  The we cut to Jay and Michael outside in the backyard playing basketball. (Trying to persuade Michael that he is a good father by spending time such as doing activities with him.)  It showed that Jay was teaching Michael how to throw the ball into the hoop. Michael did it. The thing was Michael was too short to make the ball go into the hoop. But Michael did it. After that Jay said  "Okay son. Are you ready for lunch?" Now this is the part where Michael knew who was his father was but was being confused what made Michael's mind so twisted by listening to what Jay has told him. Michael said " Yeah dad. I'm hungry."  Jay said "No son. I am your second cousin. Don't tell your mom but when your around with your mom it's okay to call me dad. But I want you to know the truth. The one that you mom told you that Joel was your cousin is actually your father."  Michael looked very suspicious and just went along with it and said "Okay Jay. If that's what you want me to call you when mommy is not around."  Jay said with a smile and said "That's my boy. Okay let's go in the house and have lunch. But first can you help me with something son?" Michael said with friendly voice "Sure Jay. What is it?"  Jay said "Come with me into the bedroom son."  As a dutiful child Michael follows him upstairs into the bedroom. Jay and Michael are now in the bedroom of Magrot's bedroom. Michael faces and looks at his mother's bed.  Jay pulls out his gun holding it onto the back of Michael's head.  Jay talked to Michael like as if he is a little grl. Jay said "Easy baby. I'm not going to hurt you."  Michael frozed for a second when he saw the gun. Jay said "I;m not going to hurt you. Just do what I tell you and you'll be just fine baby. Okay?"  Michael is trimbling and started shaking and said quietly "Okay Jay." Jay said "Your such a good sport buddy. Take your clothes off like a good boy." Michael takes his clothes off as fast as he can thinking that if he takes it off slowly Jay would kill him. So Michael takes his clothes off. After that Jay walks up to Michael and said pointing the gun to his head and unzipping his pants "Good boy." Then Jay talks to him like a little girl and said " Now just do it nice and easy sweetheart." Michael wen't down.   

Then we jump to a 9 year old Michael Burset (Actor: Marlon Kazadi) playing a video game with Jay Williams. It turns out that Michael had won the game. It is a video game of racing cars. Michael had beat Michael to the finish line. After when they played the video game. Jay told Michael that he was making turkey sandwhiches for lunch. Jay said "Come on into the kitchen son. Are you hungry?"  Basically what happen was that, Michael has been molested by Jay ever since he was 5 years old. Inside of Michael's mind thought that what was Jay was doing was ok and didn't know that it was bad. At first he didn't like it. But now Michael seem to get use to it and in his mind and somehow Michael's mind was just as twisted as Jay actually was. Michael said "Yeah Jay. I'm hungry."  Michael grabs Jay by the hand and said  "Do we have to go upstairs first Jay?  I mean ususally before we eat lunch we would fuck right Jay?"  Jay was so shocked that it looked like his eyes were about to pop out of his head and said "Michael watch your mouth !" Michael said "Well I've heard mom said it to you when you guys did it." Jay rubs his face realizing what he has done to Michael. Michael puts his hand on Jay's leg and said "Jay don't you want to go upstairs first?"  Jay said "Okay son if that's what you want. They let's go." They both wen't into the bedroom.  Jay looks at Michael with a guilty look knowing that Michael was a child and knowing that what he did to Michael was wrong.  Michael said "Well Jay are you going to open?"  Jay said "Son lets just not do this okay?" Michael grabbed Jay's bottom and said "Come on Jay. This is a part of our schedule like you have always plained before we eat lunch !"  Jay started getting a sexual gratification from Michael touching him. Jay said with his eyes almost puddling  "Son you know I never meant to you right?" Michael said "You had never never me Jay. Why? Are you okay?" Jay looked like he was about to cry and said "Yes son." Michael kept tounching Jay in his front side forcing him to do it again. Jay unzip his pants and it happened again.  This has been going on since Michael was 5 when Michael had been molested by Jay only when Michael had the day off from School.  Mostly and mainly on the summer months. 

We jump into the last week in July. To be exact July the 28th near August.  Michael's birthday was coming up. His birthday is August the 4th. Just so happens, Michael's mother caught him by surprise. What was going on at first. Michael was upstairs in the bathroom actually feeling himself. Michael was actually jerking off right in front of the toilet. Magrot was downstairs wondering what Michael had wanted for his birthday. Magrot yelled "Hey Michael. What would want to do for your birthday?" Magrot said to herself and whispering it to herself "What on fucking earth is that boy doing in that bathroom? I mean he stays in that goddam bathroom !"  Then Magrot came closer to the steps and yelled and said the same thing again. Next thing you see and here 9 or to be correct since that Michael's birthday is close 10 in a half year old Michael Burset (Actor: Marlon Kazadi) breathing heavy. Because he was getting ready to blurst out his orgasms. Next thing you notice Magrot wen't all the way right into the bathroom and didn't even knock the door and had just barged in the bathroom without knocking the door. Magrot saw her child, Michael standing right in front of the toilet holding his penis and saw well not really semen because he wasn't older enough but saw a little bit of white liqud that has popped out of his very own testicles. Magrot stood still for one second. Michael turns around to clean himself up but until then, after when he saw his mother staring at him. Michael screamed a little bit.  Magrot said and ask with excitment "What the fuck Michael? What the hell were you doing?"  Michael said "Mom it's not what you think."  Magrot said "You are too young to be doing this ! No wonder why you stay in the bathroom so much ! But shit you are still a baby. . " Magrot paused for a second before she could say anything else then looks at Michael and said "Listen clean yourself up right now, and I better not see you doing that ever again. Only over my dead body you would fucking do that. But as for now as I'm alive. I better not see you standing in front of that toilet wanking your ding-a-ling ever again boy !" (Which Michael calls his penis) Magrot goes on and said "Do you understand me Michael?"  Michael looked down to the ground like a sad puppy dog and said "Yes mom. I promise to you that you'll never see me wanking my ding-a-ling ever again."   Magrot said with a wirry look on her face "Oaky. Now clean yourself up. I want to talk to you in fact."  Magrot was curious and then thought it over and figure to talk to Jay and was wondering if Jay had something to do with Michael masterbating and said so Michael can forget about what he did "No you know what Michael? I want to ask you what do you want for your birthday. That's all baby. That's all."

6 hours later Michael, Magrot, and Jay were eating dinner. They had just finish eating dinner. Magrot gave Jay a dirty look and told Michael "Michael sweetheart, I have to talk to daddy Can you go up to your room while me and daddy is talking in private?" Michael said "Sure mom." Michael wen't up to his room. Magrot walks up to Jay and said "Jay tell me what the fuck is going on?" Jay started getting nervous and started sweating because he thinks that Magrot knew what he has been doing to Michael.  Jay said nervously "What happened? What do you mean?" Magrot said with an ager tone "Don't patronize me Jay ! What the fuck is going on when I had been leaving you with Michael when he has had the days off from School and during the summer months when I kept Michael with you?"  Jay said "Wait a minute Magrot. If you are thinking I had been molesting Michael? You are dead wrong !"   Magrot knew Jay was lying and she became so mad that her face turned red and yelled out with an anger tone "Bullshit ! No wonder why when I leave you shut the door on me so quickly. Just because you are not only a fucking freak but you are a fucking pedophilia ! You son of a bitch. No fucking wonder why you closed the door on me when I leave going to work !" Jay gets a big temper saying "What the fuck I would look like raping ang molesting my own son? That's my fucking child my ancestry !"  Magrot said with an anger tone marked him with ancestry saying  "Well your ANCESTRY and your CHILD, was jacking off in the fucking bathroom. What child feels him or herself ?"  Magrot cuts Jay off before he could say anything and said "Have you felt yourself when you were a child ?" Jay said with a wirry smile "Hell no!"  Magrot shooked her head saying "I think your lying now. Now you are having that funny smile? Oh no Jay. You are not only a pedophilia. You are a fucking freak ! I bet you had been touching yourself when you were a kid yourself." Jay said "Magrot only a freak does that shit !"  Magrot said "So what. Our son is a freak? Is that what the fuck you are saying Jay?"  Jay said "Magrot man. I don't want to hear this shit !" Magrot confronted Jay and said " Why Jay? Is because I'm saying the truth of who you really are? Are you going to hit me for conspiracy of the fact that you are a child molestor?"  Jay said "Magrot. . ."  Magrot said with an anger tone "Don't fucking Magrot me you freaky bastard ! You know what?  Joel's daughter Leslie. She had always told me if something happens to ME." Magrot put emphasis on "Me" not including Jay as the father now that she knows what is going on when she leaves Michael alone with Jay.  Then she finish her sentence and said  "She said if something happen to me. She would have been more than happy to take care of Michael. In fact it's a damn sha,e I can't rely on your ass as a man to take care of Michael. In fact. You are not only an asshole. You are a fucking bigger one now that I know what's going !"  

Magrot yelled out calling Michael "Michael come on baby. We have to go to your cousins house." Jay said with a mean temper "Okay bitch. Not only you want to leave but now you want to take my son away from me now?" Magrot said and add as she looks up and down on him being mad "He is no longer your son bastard ! He's only mine especially as for right now ! You know what else?  I'm glad I've named Michael after my brother and I named his last name after me and my brother instead of naming him after your low life ass !"  Jay walked up to Magrot getting ready to hit her.  Magrot had actually called Jay a bitch ! She said " Bitch if you come near fucking me?"  Magrot was right near the counter holding a pear of scissors and add "Bitch if you come near me? I'll take these scissors and cut your dick and balls off you fucking piece of shit !" Jay backed up a little bit for a second.  Jay walked to the counter and took a large black iron metal type pan out of the counter. Magrot hears the pans rattling. Magrot said "What the fuck are you doing?"  Jay walks up to Magrot holding the pan behind his back. Magrot tries to stab Jay for self defense. But sadly Jay throws the pan and knocks the scissor out of Magrot's hands. Right before Magrot could get the scissor. Jay takes the metal pan and strucks Magrot in the head 9 times crushing her skull in. Suddenly Jay heard loud screams out of nowhere. Jay turns around and saw Michael standing right behind him being shocked.  Jay walks up to Michael. Michael confronted Jay and said "You know it's already bad enough that you've raped me. But now you've killed my mother?" Jay said "Yeah. Like I've raped your little ass? You clearly put your hands on my croach and now you are saying that I'm raping you? You know what? Your mom is the one to blame. She had been coaching you."  Michael grabs and holds the scissor just in case for self defense and said "She didn't coach me shit ! You touched me and now you killed my mother ! I guess it's best to keep it the way how you were saying it. You are not my father ! Jay walks up to Michael. Michael pints the scissor towards Jay. Michael walks to the phnoe and takes the phone. Michael said "Stay the hell away from me."  Michael runs into the bathroom and locks the door before Jay could hurt him. Michael calls 911 crying his heart out of his mother. Suddenly there was a knife that wen't through the door. Jay bust the bathroom door in.  As Michael was about to charge out of the bathroom. Jay caught Michael by the collar of his shirt and said "I got you right were I want you boy!"  Jay holds the knife to Michael's neck. Michael cried for his life and said "Jay okay I'm letting you know I didn't tell mom. Just please don't kill me." Jay said "Shh, It's okay."  Jay takes Michael into the room and tell Michael that if he hits him and runs away. He'll kill him. So Michael stands right in front of him. Jay pulls Michael's pants down. Jay begans to rape Michael for his punishment for confronting him.  Then 5 mintues later. The dorrbell rang. It was the police. Jay ignored the doorbell. then suddenly the dorr was knocked down. One of the cops barged in and asked "Hey kid. (Asking Michael.) Is everything alright?" Jay slapped Michael on his behind and said "You little motherfucker. You called the police. Pull your fucking pants up before they see us !" Michael pulled up his pants and Jay zpped up his pants. The cop (Actor: Adam Hurting) has went upstairs wen't up the stairs and asked "What's going on?" Michael had only told the cop about Jay killing his mother only and not about Jay molesting him because Michael would be embarrased of telling the police that he was raped by Jay.  So later on, Jay was taken into custody. Then that's when the cop asked if Michael has anybody that could watch and take care of him. Michael told him about Leslie. That's when Leslie became Michael's surrogate mother after that.)

We now jump to the present.  Michael sitting in the drivers seat and tears the DNA paper apart crying and screaming being disgusted and mad. Michael (Sigh) and whispers and said to himself "Come on Mike. Get yourself to gether man. Just go home and take care of business man."  Michael backs up from the parking lot and drives away going home. 

                                                                   Smash to Black.


                                                                                                 Episode 6

               We open to a couple inside of a small tiny apartment. To make it really surprising far as starting out. We began to see a young couple. This young guy (Actor: Antonio J Bel) taking out the garbage when his girlfirend Brielle Knight enters in the kitchen. Brielle said "Baby did you get all the garbage?"  Brielle's boyfriend said " Yes babe don't worry I got it all under control." Brielle's boyfriend walks out to throw the garbage in the trash. As Brielle's boyfriend stands in front of the Heavy Duty dumpster box. Out of nowhere AlienFace pops out of nowhere and sneaks up behind Brielle's boyfriend and grabs Brielle's boyfriend in the back of the head and slit his throat. Then we cut to inside of the apartment. Brielle gets a phone call. When the phone rang she picked up the phone. It was Ghostface !  Brielle said "Hello?"  Ghostface said "Hello." Brielle asked "Who is this?"  Ghostface asked Brielle knowing that it is her "Is this Brielle Knight?"  Brielle started getting worried "Yes I am. Um who's calling?" Ghostface marked Brielle saying "Um who's calling?"  Brielle said "This is not funny."  Ghostface marked her once again and said "This is not funny." Brielle said "Im hanging up."  Ghostface replied and threatens Brielle in a cold and heartless way  "Bitch if you hang up on me I'll drag your ass out of that fucking apartment cut your fucking heart out and I'll force feed it to that cocksucking cousin of yours Michael Burset. Now do fucking hang up on my do you understand me you fucking cunt?"  Brielle started crying "Yes sir." Ghostface said "Good. Now what have you've been doing Brielle Knight?"   Brielle wiped her tears still feeling nervous and said "Nothing just had dinner. That's all. "  Ghostface said "What did you had for dinner?" Brielle said "Just. . ." Brielle continues wiping some more tears off of her face and said "Just tacos" Ghostface replies and marked Brielle one more time "Just, Just tacos." Brielle said and cried " Lokk bastard if you don't leave me alone I'm calling the police. In fact I wonder what the hell is taking my boyfriend so long?"  Ghostface said "Why so he can kick my ass?" then he laughed as he's picking on Brielle.  Brielle said "No just so I won't be alone." Ghostface said " I get it. You are afriad that I'm going to kill your precious boyfriend. Right?"  Brielle said "Please just leave me alone." Ghostface said "That's fine Brielle. I just love fucking with people like you. You sound so cute when when you cry."  Suddenly out of nowhere. A body of a black male flies throw the window. Brielle screamed so loud that she could wake up the dead. She walked up to her boyfriends body. She flipped her boyfriends body and saw that her boyfriends throat had been slit. Brielle screamed and cried her heart saying "Brandan Oh god ! No !"  Suddenly AlienFace popped up from the window and hopped over the window. Brielle got up from the floor getting ready to run.  But before she could run away AlienFace caught her and AlienFace didn't waste no time catching up to Brielle. Once AlienFace caught up with Brielle. AlienFace stabs Brielle on her the right side of her stomach with a butcher knife. Brielle falls down on the floor due to the stab wound. Then after Brielle fell down to the floor lossing blood. AlienFace grabs her by the neck and cuts Brielle's nose off and then her upper lip next. Then after Brielle screams with pain and agony. AlienFace stabs her 11 times. Then stabs her in the forehead one time leaving her dead body to rot until her body is found.

                                                                               The title flashes on screen "Psychotic 3"

                   We open up to Troy sitting at the kitchen table talking to his grandmother named Hanna. Troy said and swore "Grandma I'm going to get the bastard that is doing this to us." Hanna said being nervous "Troy don't be fucking stupid. Plus if you play superhero then what? You are going to be killed too? I lost my  Granddaughter, my daughter, my son and I don't know where the hell is my sons body is. Then you next? I know you are mad Troy but we need to take Justice in it's own hands." Troy looks at the ground agreeing with his grandmother.                   

                    Next we cut to Hanna in her house alone. Suddenly she gets a phone call. The phone rings. It was AlienFace !  Hanna picks up the phone and answered the hpone and said "Hello". AlienFace replied "Hello." Hanna asked being nervous "Who is this?"  AlienFace said "This is your nightmare bitch."  Hanna said "Wait, your that serial killer that has not only going around killing people. But my family. My daughter and granddaughter"  AlienFace said "Well my dear. That's life. People die. Which as for you. You are next." Hanna was frightened at the same time but she remain brave and said "Alright bastard I have one question." AlienFace said "Well Hanna. shoot."  Hanna started to ask him how did he know my name. But she was more concern of finding out where is her sons body. Then she changes her mind and said "Wait. How the hell you know my name?" AlienFace said in a joking way "A little birdy told me so. What are you going to ask me?" Hanna said "What the fuck have you've done to my sons body?" AlienFace said "I slaughtered your son like I did the others. Now you will lie next to your sons body. Now I'll hang up so I can kill you next. Hanna hangs up the phone and tries to run to the door in the garage to lock the door. But when Hanna found out that the door in the garage was opened and not close. She walks up to the door and gets ready to close it.  Suddenly AlienFace pops out of nowhere and manages to pull the door open before Hanna could close it. AlienFace had more of a stronger strength than Hanna had. AlienFace opens the door and grabs Hanna by the neck and slam dunks Hanna's body causing her to be in mortal pain and making it hard for her to move and get up. Hanna screams and cries from being in pain and agony. AlienFace walks into the garage and picked up a sledgehammer and walked back to Hanna's body lying on the ground crying being in pain. AlienFace raises the sledgehammer and hits Hanna in the left arm 4 times causing her arm to break. Then hits Hanna in the right are 5 times causing her right arm to break. AlienFace had broken the bones in Hanna's arms. Then AlienFace did the same thing to Hanna's legs. As AlinFace did the same thing to Hanna's legs. AlienFace took his foot and press her stomach down to hold Hanna still so she won't move. Then AlienFace hits her on both knees causing oth of her legs to be broken. Then finally Hanna said "Just please. . . Kill me. I am so much in pain." AlinFace raises the sledgehammer above her face and finally hits and crushes Hanna's face and bust her skull in 6 times making sure that she's dead. 

Hanna Jones which is the mother of Joel Jones and the grandmother of Michael Burset is now dead !  AlienFace walks into the kichten just for other weapons. He found a meat tenderizer for his OR her next victim. out of the house into the garage holding the sledgehammer without a care in the world.

             Then we cut to the cops taking Brielle's dead body on a stretcher. We see Sheriff Treavon (Actor: Brad James) looking at the body saying to another cop "Jesus who ever hated this young lady must really did a horrible act on this one. Huh Ray?"   Officer Raymond (Actor: Owain Yeoman) said  "I tell Trey, the BTK killer or the Green River killer has nothing on this guy. Jesus Christ !  I mean you can be mad at a person but Jesus ! Whoever this killer is has no sense of remorse what's so ever.  If I was the jury this guy should have gotten the chair !"  Sheriff Treavon replied " I agree. Plus this girl's poor parents. I know their hearts are broken into shreds !" 

             We cut to Michael calling his grandmother and said being worried "Grandma please tell me that you are okay. In fact I'm going over there right now. Michael walks out of the house getting ready to drive to his grandmother's house."  Michael pulls off the drive not paying attention to what was going on next door because it was dark outside and of course. It was night time. So when Michael left his house Ghostface walks up to the gas line and takes a shovel and digs a hole in the grass to reach the glass line from the gas of the house. It appears to be a random house next door to Michael's. Then once Ghostface finlly reach this black pipe that was the gas line.  Ghostface gets out of the hole and touches AlienFace to give him the signal for him to give him the match to star the fire on the gas line. AlienFace did gave Ghostface the match. Ghostface lights the match and drops the match with the fire running onto the gasl line. Suddenly once Ghostface drops the match. The fire traveled from the gas line onto the house causing the house that is next door to Michael burn and blow up.  Ghostface and AlienFace walks away from the house like nothing happened. Then all of a sudden a big CABOOM sound came all over the neighborhood. The house next door blew up. 

            Then we see the cops and Michael at Hanna's house. As you can see out of the blue Michael is just laying down on the ground screaming and crying his heart out. But why?  As the screen slides over. It shows that Hanna's body has been taken out on a stretcher. Michael cried hard for his grandmother. Sheriff Treavon talked to Michael hugging him as his grandmother was taken by the ambulance. Treavon said to Michael "This is one hell of a Holiday for you man! I know it."  Michael said "Hell man. I can't even have a peaceful fucking Holiday unless there is murder going on around me?" Michael shakes his head looking down " In my fucked up life I can't even have a peaceful Thanksgiving!" Sheriff Treavon said " I know things are tough man. But you know what? Tell you what? If Sidney Prescott survived the massacre and lived her life peacefully. I'm sure you can do the same."  Michael smiled.  Suddnely Sheriff treavon's remote had an announcement.  It was about the house next dorr to Michael was being exploded. Sheriff Treavon said "Jesus Christ on Huson Ave? My god. Alright lieutenant. We'll be right there." Michael asked Treavon "What happened Trey? My house is on fire!?" Treavon told Michael that it was the house next door. Michael said to Treavon that he was going home anyway. As Treavon leaves. One of the officers told Michael "Happy Holidays". Michael rolled his eyes and said not out loud but in his mind "How the fuck can I have a Happy fucking Holiday?" Instead Michael was nice and very dutiful about it and decided not to be rude and just said in a disgusted voice and doesn't even mean it neither and said  "Yeah you too buddy." Treavon and Michael left Hanna's house and Michael wen't off home.

        Next day in the morning. Michael gets a phone call. It was Arleane. They both said "Hi". Michael told Arleane about the fire that had happened next door. The house appeared to be Reverand Eugene and Tammy Hassell's house. Arleane replied with sorrow "Oh my god and they were nice too!" Michael said "Yeah I have to go to another church to make. . ."  Michael just sounds tired and disgusted and sighed and continued on with his sentence and said "Funeral arrangements for Breille and Grandma." Arleane started crying and then Michael started crying and said "Arleane don't cry. I'm going to find the bastard who did this." Arleane said "Michael baby I just want you to be careful and let justice take care of it in it's own hands. Because I don't want you to get hurt. I know you have made it through High School and College but I want you to please becareful." Michael replied "I will Arleane."  Arleane figures to come with Michael doing the Brielle's and Hanna's funeral arrangments.             

          At the time. We see Michael rang the doorbell. Arleane and Gregory steps out of the house getting ready to leave. You can see the 3 of them going into the car and Michael begans to start the car and leaves the house. Next we see Ghostface and AlienFace standing right in front of the house. Ghostface and AlienFace runs up to the house. The house was a family looking house. For meanness. Ghostface took a tank of gasoline and spread and pour gasoline all over and around Arlean's house.Then AlienFace lights up the match and starts a fire on Arleane's house causing the house to burn and blow up. Then once Ghostface and AlienFace walked away while the house was burning down. Then it blew up just like Reverand Eugene Hassell's house.   

         Words flash on and off the screen "6 hours later". We see an empty space while 3 fire trucks and the police were around. Michael and Arleane and Gregory finally showed up. Arleane cried out loud and said "Oh jesus ! Along with every fucking thing I have been going through I needed this?" Gregory hugged Arleane and said "Everything is going to be fine. We'll just go to a Hotel until our Home insurance takes care of everthing. Don't worry Arleane." Michael suggested for the both of them to stay with him at his house. Arleane cried and thanked Michael for letting the both of them to stay with him until her and Gregory get a place. 

          A couple of days later. We see Troy and Arleane sitting in front of a random store in the car. Arleane was in the driver side and Troy was in the passenger side. Arleane said and ask Troy shockingly "Troy? It couldn't be one of our friends that burned my house down. Could it be?" Troy said "I don't think so Aunty. If anything it could be that same bastard that is going around killing our family." Arleane said "Yeah. Because it's funny how that fire had began while we were going to make out the funeral arrangements for your grandmother and Brielle. All of a sudden our house was just gone ! Just like that!" Arleane said while looking at Troy giving himself a shot. Arleane said stretching her arm out to Troy and said "Huh, can you please give me some? I can use some fucking weed right now! I'm just fucking sick of it all !"  Troy gives her a needle for her to inhale the drugs herself and said "Here aunty". She takes the needle and puts the needle in her vain and takes the drug. Troy laugh and said "It makes you feel good right aunty?"  Arleane laughed and said "Yeah. It feels like I'm in heaven. Give me some more baby." Troy hands her more drugs.

              Later on around night time. Arleane was in Michael's house sneaking out to get more drugs from Troy. Around 2 O'Clock in the morning, Michael was not only up but not only had woke up from bed but Michael couldn't sleep. Michael was tossing and turning over thinking about the 2 killers and the murders plus Michael was scared and he had finaly got up out of bed and said to himself.  "Get yourself together Mike." Michael walks downstairs to get himself a drink of water. Michael made himself a glass of water and walks into the living room. Michael turns on the light and said to himself  " I know Greogry works at night but where the fuck is Arleane?"  Suddenly Michael just so happens to see some type of object that looks like a pen. Michael walks closer to the object. Michael picks it up and saw that it was a needle. Michael said to himself "I know this is not I think what the fuck it is."  Michael lays on the couch waiting for Arleane to come in. 2 hours later around 4  O' Clock in the morning. Michael was nodding his head because he was tired and sleepy. Around 4 A.M. in the morning Arleane finally had came inside of the house.

         Arleane walks inside the house and was surprised to see Michael laying on the couch and said standing behind the couch "Michael?"  Arleane was all doped up from the drugs. Michael could tell. Michael got up from the couch and said with a nasty tone "Well Hi Arleane." Arleane said and asked Michael "Well hi. What is with the tone of your voice Michael? You think you are my father. Jeez!" Michael raised up the nedle and said and asked "First of all. It's not about be being concerned. But this neighborhood is way to decent for this shit !" Arleane asked "What the fuck are you talking about decent neighborhood?" Michael said raising the needle "Don't patronize me Arleane. What the fuck is this? You are on drugs. right?" Arleane said and ask "Is that what this is about? Me being on drugs? You know what?  Being here was a big fucking mistake ! I should have called the Red Cross to make reservations of putting me in a Hotel room. After eveything else I have to put up with your shit."  Michael didn't bite his tongue and said "You know what Arleane? I know you are on that shit. you need to sit your ass down and rela !"  Arleane said "You see, I don't know who the hell you think you are talking to. But my parents had never talked to me like that and I'll be goddamn if I'm going to take that from your ass. You always think that the whole fucking world is your oyster." Michael said with an anger tone "You know what? I don't give a fuck ! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE ! I'M SORRY I LET YOUR CRACKHEAD ASS STAY ! IF I KNEW YOUR ASS WAS A DRUG DEALER I WOULD HAVE NEVER LET YOUR ASS IN HERE !" 

    Arleane took her pocket knife and grab Michael's neck and actually has her thumb on Michael's adam's apple getting ready to stab Michael. Michael said desperately wanting her to do it "Please. Just please do it ! I'm so sick of my fucking life." Arleane stops and hesitates. Michael yells and said out loud "COME ON FUCKING DO IT !"  Arleane begans to cry and hugs Michael. Michael shoves Arleane and said "Get the fuck away from me ! Now you want to be sweet as fucking pie?  Get the fuck away from me and get the fuck out of my house !" Arleane backs up walking to the door and said to Michael letting out her anger "You know something Michael? I see what the fuck you are going through. Far as life is concern. The people that you love you push them away." Michael said "Fuck you Arleane !"  Arleane said with an anger and actually insults Michael by insulting his brades and calling him a faggot and said  "Fuck you Michael ! You look like Bob fucking Marley with that shit on you head ! Go to hell faggot !"  Michael just let her go because he knew that she was on drugs. As soon as Arleane walks out of the house Arleane walks onto the walkway and suddenly trips over something. Arleane felt some kind of liquid on the ground. It was blood !  The sun was getting ready to rise.  Suddenly Arleane looks up and saw it was Gregory's head. It shows that Gregory was decapitated.  Then Arleane looks up and from this big dark shadow that was on the ground and looks straight ahead and saw this big black shoes. Arleane looks up and saw Ghostface holding his bloody hunting knife. Arleane screams and cries for Gregory and for her dear life. She gets up as fast as she can. But before Arleane could run to the door of Michael's house. Ghostface takes his hunting knife and stabs Arleane on the left side of her stomach. Arleane falls to the ground losing blood. Ghostface walks closer to Arleane's body and slash Arleane in the face 6 times !  Then Ghostface grabs her by the arm and flips and turns her body over having her face up to the sky.  Then Ghostface knifed Arleane in the Chest / Breast 12 times. Then stabs her in the forehead 5 times !  Then Ghostface walks up to the door and beats the door 5 times and rang the doorbell 5 times so Michael could hear it and makes it seem like Arleane is in trouble. Michael turns around and forgot the petty stuff and answers and opens up the door and just so happens he saw Arleane's body being butchered and slaughtered brutally on the ground.  Michael bends down on Arleane dead body and cries. Ghostface walks behind Michael and grabs him not hard but soft and takes Michael's collar of his shirt and drags him into the house. Michael actually cries out loud kicking and screaming trying to get away from Ghostface.  Once Ghostface is in the house with Michael. he shoved Michael to the ground like a bowling ball. Michael gets up from the floor.   Ghostface said and asked  Michael "Do you really want to know what happened to Joel?"  Michael looks at Ghostface with worried look on his face and said "Leslie and my grandmother wanted to know. What the fuck have you've done to my cousin?"  Ghostface takes his hand and flips the mask and the hood of the grim looking costume off of his face and head. Just so happens Michael was so shocked that he couldn't even speak. Michael stood still and couldn't say a word. Michael was so shocked that he actually stuttered saying "I. . Dd don't believe it. Leslie and Grandma and I thought you were dead !" The screen turns around and it shows that the man who was Gale Weathers former Camera man at Windsor College and also father of Leslie Jones and Troy and the son of Hanna Jones if revealed as the Ghostface killer. Yes Joel Jones is revealed as the Ghostface killer !    

You can see Joel with a creepy smile looking  at Michael.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Smash to Black.

                                                                         Episode 7

                                                                 COMING SOON ! ! ! 

                                                                       Episode 8

                                                                   COMING SOON ! ! !

                                                                                 Bodycount (n:)  

                                                                   COMING SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!