Main Cast

Our Antagonist


nico Blair

The Casey Becker parallel she is an Instagram "model" who is hospitalized in episode 1 by getting hit by a car with its breaks cut by Skullface sending the car into her she is stuck in a supporting role for the rest of the series writing Stab

adrain black

the schools elderly principal formerly a paintball champion he attempts to save our other main cast from the bomb built by the ghost faces however he is shot in the back he dies a few days later of natural causes

Nina White

The Tatum Riley Parrell mostly dying in the same way however she almost escapes her death by garage door however she falls onto the lawnmower dying from it nearly instantly

Nathar Cash

Local horror movie fanatic who first shows our two future ghost faces scream, he is fairly brutish mostly trying to seek revenge for the murder of his brother by skullface his favorite horror movie was silent night deadly night 2

Dianna Appercott or applewood

The Sideny Prescot parrell her last name is said two diffrent ways no one is ever corrected on what last name is correct she is more cowardly than her parell she dose have a adrenlin fueled change of mind as she cuts off her hand to help free the others and herself fromt he bomb built by ghostface


A detective who is mostly an enigmatic figure silently following our protagonist whos girlfriend the nurse who was killed in the explosion along with nathars brother, as he fains being a bit slow like his parallel dewy he carries two 44. magnums at all times

Carter Horton

Our main ghostface using the stone varant of the father death costume and the main user of explosive making the plan to shoot up the school however his plan changed when he was shown scream by nathar. he`s mostly laid back and sarcastic and is concidered one of the more popular kids he was shot point blank in the leg with a desert eagle by cops and a shotgun blast to the arm he is currently serving life in prison at the end of the series

Brice "Buffalo"

our Stew parrell who is a fellow horror movie fnatic and freind of nathar who was more invovled with the scream immatation kills then the school shooting he dies from getting stabbed by dianna and gutted like Steve Orth due to him being the former boyfreind of Nico

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