The Clearwood Murders: Episode I - The Wrath of Francis
Title Card
Writer Donald Newton
Published July 23, 2020
Chapters 16
Premiere July 23, 2020 (Chapter 1)
Finale July 23, 2020 (Chapter 16)
Next Episode II: The SURFACK Club

The Clearwood Murders: Episode I - The Wrath of Francis is a story written by Donald Newton. It was written as a Scream fan fiction. But it does contain Newton's most beloved and known characters from previous fan fictions. This story introduces the Carter family consisting of Clarence, Kathy, Lorraine, and Andrew. But it also introduces Andrew's best friend and the main character of the story Scott Lane.


The Carter Family are faced with two killers targeting them. One of them is called Francis, who may be related to Clarence's past, and a Stalker who is stalking Lorraine. Best friends Scott and Andrew must come together to stop these two killers from hurting those that they love.




This section contains spoilers to the entire story. Please avoid this section until after reading all chapters.

# Victim COD Killer CH
01 Original Francis
Shot in the head Clarence Carter 1
02 Benny Pike Neck impaled with knife Francis 1
03 Hillary Wagner Stabbed to death Francis 1
04 Keith Curtis Stabbed in the chest multiple times The Stalker 5
05 Lorraine's Male Lover Throat Slashed
(Off Screen)
The Stalker 7
06 Alice Worth Throat Slashed
(Off Screen)
Francis 10
07 Trick Stabbed to death The Stalker 11
08 Mark Stabbed to death The Stalker 13
09 Chuck Larson Suffocates from joint smoke Francis 14
10 Cheri Hamilton Stabbed to death with a shard of glass Francis 14
11 Oscar Fischer Neck impaled with knife Francis 14
12 Cassie Monroe Knifed in the forehead Francis 14
13 Jeremy Smith Stabbed in the chest from behind Francis 14
14 Melina Glover Steak knife to the temple Scott Lane 15
15 Francis Knifed in between the eyes with his own knife Clarence Carter 15


  • This is somewhat of a reposting as things have changed for the majority of this 9 episodic saga.
  • This story introduces Lorraine, Andrew, and Scott when they were teenagers rather than as adults.
  • Francis's appearance is based on Beta from The Walking Dead. Like Beta, he wears a large brown trench coat and wears the skin of a dead person.
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