Screamthology - Season I is the very first season of Donald Newton's anthology series of Scream stories. Each season may be unrelated to the previous with possible follow-ups depending on the stories circumstances.

Plot and Setting

10 years after a group of friends accidentally lead to the murder of their bully, the teenagers are targeted by a Ghostface killer seemingly involved with the murdered bully. Now the group of friends must face their tragic past in order to face off against a mysterious killer in this very first season of an anthology series.



Chapter 1

TEASER: A group of kids decide to pull a prank on their bully as revenge. But their prank goes very wrong and has deadly results.

Chapter 2

TEASER: 10 years later, the kids have moved on but are still haunted by the memories of the murder of their bully. 

Chapter 3

TEASER: Ghostface targets someone within the school that has a hidden past with Charlie Reynolds.

Chapter 4

TEASER: The group is shocked upon learning of the death of their classmates.

Chapter 5

TEASER: Coming Soon.

Chapter 6

TEASER: Coming Soon.

Chapter 7

TEASER: Coming Soon.

Chapter 8

TEASER: Coming Soon.

More chapters will be posted as the story progresses.


  • The characters Cameron James, Chasity Church, Michael Bernstein, Dawn, and Michelle are characters from the TV series 10 Things I Hate About You.
  • The story is similar to the backstory Season 3 of Scream with a difference in the story being the murdered victim of the opening is a bully rather than the twin brother of the main character. However, the final teens are, in fact, twins.
  • I decided to bring in Mickey and Craig to please Alex.
  • Billie Jean's image is that of Liv Reynolds, who was Deion's love interest of Season 3.
  • This story will have many aspects of many movies and shows as to not give away who the Killer is and for the biggest shock. In fact, the twist is based on a classic horror movie.
  • Tony Todd's character from Season 3 will make an appearance in the first chapter. But there will be a difference in his role.


# Victim COD KIller CH
1 Male Child N/A N/A 1
2 Male Victim N/A Ghostface 2 or 3
3 Male Victim N/A Ghostface 3
4 Female Victim N/A Ghostface 3



IDENTITY: Currently Unknown
GENDER: Currently Unknown
TARGET: Main Characters
MOTIVE: Currently Unknown
SECRETS: Currently Unknown
STATUS: Alive and Actively Killing


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