Ghostface Avengers: Episode I - The Rise of the Cult is a story written by Donald Newton.

Plot and Setting

When the Raiders target an innocent teenager girl named Grace, it is up to Ghostface to protect her. As Grace fights to survive, she discovers that she has an important role in the future of the Ghostface Avenger Cult, which the Raiders are trying to prevent as the new major foes of the Cult.


Grace is the final girl of the story. She lives with her adoptive parents, who are keeping her past a secret. The Raiders are targeting her for unknown reasons. But she won't be alone in her fight for survive. The legend of the Ghostface Avenger continues with a new mission to protect Grace. Ghostface is the hero of the story and a member of the Ghostface Avengers Cult. His identity will be revealed before the ending. His mission is to protect Grace from the Raiders, the current major threat to the Cult. He offers to take on the mission for a personal reason. The Raider is the main villain of the story (Although NOT the LEAD RAIDER). He is a professional killer dedicated to the destruction of the Cult. He will kill anyone who gets in his way of his mission, even someone who was just minding their own business and just there. His latest mission is to terminate Grace Calvin.

The Goalie is a member of the Raiders and is the Raider's partner. Like the Raider, he'll do whatever it means to complete his mission, even if it means killing innocent bystanders. But will his confidence and actions get the better of him when he confronts the wrong person? Jane is Grace's best friend and offers her shelter when she is targeted by the Raiders. The by-then revealed Ghostface only allows this as it would mean more people surrounding Grace. But he fears that it also means more victims for the Raiders. Mark is Grace's gay best friend and part of her group of friends. When Grace is targeted by the Raiders, he joins their friends to shelter Grace. But by doing so, he is putting his own life in danger as the Raiders are willing to kill innocent people in their way.

Jay is Cheryl's brother and is Mark's boyfriend. When Grace is targeted by the Raiders, he joins their friends to shelter Grace. But by doing so, he is putting his own life in danger as the Raiders are willing to kill innocent people in their way. Cheryl is Jay's sister and a friend of Grace. When Grace is targeted by the Raiders, she joins their friends to shelter Grace. But by doing so, she is putting her own life in danger as the Raiders are willing to kill innocent people in their way. Toni is Cheryl's girlfriend and a friend of Grace. When Grace is targeted by the Raiders, she joins their friends to shelter Grace. But by doing so, she is putting her own life in danger as the Raiders are willing to kill innocent people in their way.

Eric is Jane's boyfriend and a friend of Grace. When Grace is targeted by the Raiders, he joins their friends to shelter Grace. But by doing so, he is putting his own life in danger as the Raiders are willing to kill innocent people in their way. Henry is Grace's adoptive father and husband of Laura. Henry is a loving father and will do anything for his adoptive daughter, who he took in when she was a child. He is keeping a secret from Grace about her past. Laura is Grace's adoptive mother and wife of Henry. Laura is a loving mother and will do anything for her adoptive daughter, who she took in when she was a child. She is keeping a secret from Grace about her past.

John is the Sheriff of Cleverdale. When the Raiders start killing off girls named Grace attending Cleverdale, he must figure out who is doing this and why. But how much can he do to protect Grace Calvin, the true target of the killers? Steve is a handsome popular guy that Grace has a crush on. He doesn't like her but pretends to do so to tease her. He has a girlfriend, who helps him pull a cruel prank on Grace at a Halloween dance. Ginger is Steve's girlfriend and Grace's biggest hater. She thinks that Grace is an ugly loser (although she's beautiful) and thinks that Grace should have been murdered by the killers. She participates in a cruel prank on Grace at the Halloween dance.

Nancy appears in a cameo in the opening taking place immediately after the ending of the Scream of Honor with Beverly after they were saved by Donald Newton. Bevery appears in a cameo in the opening taking place immediately after the ending of the Scream of Honor with Nancy after they were saved by Donald Newton. Donald appears in a cameo in the opening taking place immediately after the ending of the Scream of Honor with Nancy and Beverly after he has saved them. He also appears in Chapter 4.

Noah makes a cameo in a scene in Chapter 4 as he fights along side Donald and Alex against the Raiders attacking their base. Alex makes a cameo in a scene in Chapter 4 as he fights along side Donald and Noah against the Raiders attacking their base. The Father is the Leader of the Ghostface Avenger Cult. He is dedicated to protecting the innocent from evil. He helps train oprhans who lost their families and surviving victims of bad people. He has a secret past with Grace that will be revealed throughout the story.


Chapter 1

We open where The Scream of Honor ended. DONALD NEWTON is leading BEVERLY (12) and NANCY CARTER (6) to a large door. Nancy asks Donald what is going to happen with them now. Donald informs them that he's going to take care of them now. He and his people. Confused by this, Beverly asks, "What people?" Donald states, "People, like you, who have survived murders. People who stand up for victims and for those who are unable to stand against killers, rapists, kidnappers, and any type of criminals." Donald gives them their own Ghostface masks; Beverly is given a REDFACE and Nancy is given a PINKFACE. Donald gives out a familiar speech from the Ghostface Avenger stories.

DONALD: There are many sides of Ghostface. One a vicious murderer. And the other, my personal favorite, an avenger. When people are oppressed, murdered, their lives and worlds taken from by evil people, there is only one killer who can save them all. Greg Montana established it, John Buchanan redefined it, and Rick Grimes continued it. Many others, like us, has followed the legend and continued it's legacy.

Donald opens a door to a large room filled with other Ghostfaces, who rise to welcome Beverly and Nancy by giving off their cult salute; which is to raise their knives up like they're holding the torch of the Statue of Liberty. In the middle is THE GHOST FATHER, known as "THE FATHER", who is wearing a chrome Ghostface mask. He signals for Donald to bring the girls over to him. So Donald escorts them to the Father. Donald tells them to bow, which they do, along with Donald, out of respect to the Father. The Father says that he assumes that these beautiful young ladies are Beverly and Nancy, to which Donald confirms to his "Father" that they are. The Father turns to the young girls. The Father bows his head warmly to let the children know that he is not their enemy but rather their friend.

The Father welcomes the girls to the House of the Ghosts. He asks if they wish to be Ghostface Avengers and explains by being so, they stop criminals from hurting other innocent people like their family was murdered by Zero. Having just survived Zero's murder spree and feeling lost without a family, both Beverly and Nancy immediately say YES. The Father politely asks the girls to kneel down. The girls kneel down before the Father. He pulls out a sword, which scares the girls. But he tells them not to worry as he won't hurt them. He explains that it's part of their inaugural ceremony. He tells them to bow their heads next, which they do. The Father gently places the blade of the sword on top of Beverly's head.

THE FATHER: Repeat after me...I, Beverly Carter, do solemnly swear.

BEVERLY: I, Beverly Carter, do solemnly swear.

THE FATHER: That I will defend innocent people from the evils of the world.

BEVERLY: That I will defend innocent people from the evils of the world.

THE FATHER: That I will not hesitate to take the life of a criminal if it means to save an innocent life.

BEVERLY: That I will not hesitate to take the life of a criminal if it means to save an innocent life.

THE FATHER: That I will support and defend the Cult of the Ghostface Avenger at all costs.

BEVERLY: That I will support and defend the Cult of the Ghostface Avenger at all costs.

THE FATHER: And that I will lay my life down for the good of the Cult.

BEVERLY: And that I will lay my life down for the good of the Cult.

THE FATHER: So help me, God.

BEVERLY: So help me, God.

The Father asks Beverly to approach him. So Beverly rises and approaches him. The Father takes her Redface mask and places it over her face. He asks her to kneel back down, which she does. Then the Father repeats the ceremony with Nancy, beginning by gently placing the blade of the sword on top of Nancy's head.

THE FATHER: Repeat after me...I, Nancy Carter, do solemnly swear.

NANCY: I, Nancy Carter, do solemnly swear.

THE FATHER: That I will defend innocent people from the evils of the world.

NANCY: That I will defend innocent people from the evils of the world.

THE FATHER: That I will not hesitate to take the life of a criminal if it means to save an innocent life.

NANCY: That I will not hesitate to take the life of a criminal if it means to save an innocent life.

THE FATHER: That I will support and defend the Cult of the Ghostface Avenger at all costs.

NANCY: That I will support and defend the Cult of the Ghostface Avenger at all costs.

THE FATHER: And that I will lay my life down for the good of the Cult.

NANCY: And that I will lay my life down for the good of the Cult.

THE FATHER: So help me, God.

NANCY: So help me, God.

The Father asks Nancy to approach him. So Nancy rises and approaches him. The Father takes her Pinkface mask and places it over her face. He asks both girls to rise and face the audience. Beverly and Nancy rises and faces the audience.


This results in every Ghostface, including Donald, NOAH BEN-MOAR, and ALEX HUGHES, to cheer them on and celebrate Beverly and Nancy's inauguration as new members of the Cult. The two girls turn and says, "Thank you, Father." But the Father says, "No...Thank you, girls. The world will be a better place because of you."


  • THE ENTIRE CULT, including Beverly, Nancy, Donald, Noah, and Alex, FIGHTING A LARGE GANG.
  • Beverly fights off a bad woman.
  • Nancy, despite being very young, sneaks up on a bad guy and stabs him in the head thus killing him.
  • Donald, Noah, and Alex, being very experienced, takes out bad guys very easily.
  • The Father watches his Cult fighting with satisfaction.
  • When a Ghostface is killed, Nancy holds their body to mourn them, showing that she's already started to love them like a family. Beverly kills this Ghostface's killer.
  • Alex viciously kills a bad guy over losing a Ghostface friend.
  • The Father joins in on the fight and kills many bad guys. He is the toughest and the most hard to fight against due to his years of experience.
  • In the end of this battle, the Cult wins.

But a dark cloud fills our screen and an ominous score plays in the background. This signals that this happy story will turn very dark. In a MAJOR TIME jump, we learn that tragedy did occur. And that the rest of the story focuses on the aftermath of this tragedy.

Chapter 2

We open at the home of GRACE WALLACE (16), who is in the process of having sex with her lover CHRIS RICHARDS (16). They are playing music so loud and Grace is moaning so loud that they don't hear Grace's boyfriend, ADAM ANDERSON (16), speeding up. He appears pissed, obviously, having just found out about Grace cheating on him with Chris. As he runs over to the front door, we PAN OVER to the bushes to reveal -- TWO DARK FIGURES watching this occur. They turn to each other with a "Shit" like reaction. Adam's sudden appearance makes their mission more difficult to do. Oh, well. That means more victims on their list. Meanwhile, Adam bangs on the door, yelling at Grace to answer the door. But, obviously, Grace does not hear this. Her not answering the door irritates Adam very much.

Adam curses at her, telling her that he knows that she's not alone. But, once again, she doesn't answer. So Adam finally decides to just walk into the house. He sees that his girlfriend is not in the living room. So he runs upstairs. Grace finally hears someone running upstairs. So she tells Chris to get off of her, which he does. Chris believes that it's her parents, unaware of her actual relationship status. Before they get dressed, the door swings open and Adam walks in. Grace and Chris are horrified. Grace because she's been caught by her boyfriend and Chris because all he knows is that another guy has walked in with rage and anger in his eyes. Adam asks Grace what is the meaning of this. But Grace foolishly tries to lie and says, "Adam, it's not what it looks like." Chris gives her the "Excuse me" look.

Chris asks her what is going on. Adam says that he's fucking his girlfriend is what it is. This shocks Chris, who turns to Grace, and reminds her that she told him that she broke up with her boyfriend last week, whose identity he didn't know about. Grace is stupid enough to try the same lie again, "It's not what it looks like?" Adam gives up on Grace and walks out of the bedroom, telling Chris to have his fun with the whore. But Chris says that he's done, too. So Chris walks out as well. Grace is upset that both of her men are walking out on her, despite this being her fault. Grace begs them to stay, saying that they both can have her. But they don't listen. She becomes so desperate that she even suggest that they both fuck her. But this doesn't work either and she goes back to her room in defeat. She's fucked up alright.

We CUT TO -- OUTSIDE WALLACE HOUSE -- As soon as Adam and Chris walk outside, they proceed to chuckle. Adam thanks Chris for his help in catching her. Chris says, "What are friends for?" Then they hug it out. It's now clear to us that this was planned. Adam had been suspecting that Grace was cheating on him for some time now. So he asked Chris, who Grace was unaware of was friends with Adam, to attempt to get with Grace to see if she would cheat or how fast it was take for her to cheat. But since Grace is a cheating whore, it didn't take long for Grace to take Chris. So her cheating was exposed. Adam asks Chris if he wants to get a burger, adding that he'll buy as a reward for his help.

They approach Adam's car. But before Adam can get in, he receives a text message from Grace, begging him to come back. Chris gets into the passenger's side as Adam responds to the message. However, before Adam can return the message -- THE RAIDER appears from behind, grabbing him, and covering his mouth. A horrified Chris calls out to him. But he, too, is grabbed from behind the backseat by -- THE GOALIE, wearing a Jason Voorhees mask. The Raider stabs Adam in the back and the Goalie slices Chris's throat. The Raider lets go of Adam's body, which drops to the ground and the Goalie releases Chris's body. Adam Anderson and Chris Richards, boyfriends of Grace Wallace, are both dead.

We CUT TO -- GRACE'S KITCHEN -- Grace walks into the kitchen and goes through the cupboards. She grabs a loaf of bread and sets it on the counter. She goes to the refrigerator and opens it. As she gathers some food, something from above the fridge falls on her, scaring her. She looks up and sees -- THE FAMILY CAT -- walking around on top of the refrigerator. She yells at the cat to go away before she uses it's fur as a scarf. The poor kitty runs away. Graces grabs a beer and coke. She brings the food to the counter and proceeds to make herself a sandwich. We CUT TO -- OUTSIDE -- Adam's body is being dragged across our view to somewhere else off screen. We CUT BACK TO -- THE KITCHEN -- Grace finishes making herself a sandwich. She puts some chips and a couple of cookies on her plate.

Grace takes her plate and beer and heads out of the kitchen. She walks through the living room and towards the stairs. Before she can make the turn to the stairs -- CRASH -- A body is thrown through the window. This scares Grace, thus making her throw her plate and beer backwards. She looks down and screams in horror when she finds that the body is -- ADAM. She doesn't have time to process this as the door is kicked opened by -- THE GOALIE. Horrified by this, Grace runs away to the kitchen. But the Goalie isn't in a hurry to chase her. Like he knows that she won't escape through the back. We CUT TO -- KITCHEN -- Grace rushes through the kitchen to the back door. She opens the back door only for -- CHRIS'S DEAD BODY to fall on her. She pushes the body off and turns to the door. However -- THE RAIDER appears.

So Grace runs away into the middle of the house. Now she is caught in the middle between the Raider and the Goalie. They corner her to a wall. She is defenseless and feels hopeless. So being what she is, Grace opens her robe to reveal her naked body. She offers herself up to the killers, begging the killers not to kill her, in exchange they can have sex with her. The Raider and Goalie give each other the "WTF" and "Are you fucking kidding me?" glares. They turn back at her and cock their heads. It appears that they may be interested. Grace sees hope and smiles. She opens her arms out as if to offer her body out to them. But the Raider quickly stabs her in the stomach. Grace gasps out in pain. This is followed by the Goalie stabbing in the chest. They pull their knives out of her body. Her plan didn't work -- again.

Grace attempts to crawl away. The Goalie pulls out a machete and chops off both of her legs in a single swing. This makes Grace scream out. The Goalie holds his out towards Grace to the Raider as if to tell him that she's all his. The Raider nods as if to thank his partner. So he pulls ouf his knife and hovers over the badly injured and legless Grace, who begs for her life. But this, of course, doesn't work as the Raider proceeds to stab her in the back multiple times. Grace Wallace, whore girlfriend of Adam and Chris, is dead. As the two Raiders leave the house, the Raider pulls out his phone. We find that he has a list of THREE GIRLS named GRACE:

  • Grace Wallace
  • Grace Robinson
  • Grace Calvin

All are sixteen year old girls who attend Cleverdale High School. The Raider presses on the check mark next to Grace Wallace's name. He says, "One down, two to go." The Goalie says that this will be easy. The Raider reminds his partner that the Raiders Club doesn't know the full name of the real Grace nor what she looks like. Just that her name is Grace, she is sixteen years old, lives in Cleverdale, and attends Cleverdale High School. But once they have killed every girl named Grace living in Cleverdale who attends Cleverdale High, they will have succeeded in killing the right Grace.

Chapter 3

We open in DOWNTOWN CLEVERDALE the very same night as the previous chapter. We see a drunken man stumbling through the sidewalk. He mutters about his girlfriend leaving the party that he was just at, most likely as punishment for getting as drunk as he is now. He is too drunk to continue walking. So he stops by a building wall in an alleyway. He slides down against the wall and just sits for a moment. He pulls out his phone and attempts to text his girlfriend. But before he can send the message, he hears the loud engine of a motorcycle approaching from across the street. The motorcycle crashes against the other building's wall. The BIKER (15-30) falls off of his motorcycle. He keeps his helmet on, concealing his face for the entire scene. The Biker is okay and checks on the damage of his motorcycle.

The Biker becomes frustrated upon realizing that his bike is too damaged now to continue riding. He looks back at the road to see that his CELL PHONE is destroyed. The Biker curses off over this. He has just arrived in Cleverdale and his luck has already gone bad. He turns to the Drunken Man, who is shocked to have witnessed the motorcycle accident. The Drunken Man asks, "Are you alright, Buddy?" We CUT TO -- MOMENTS LATER -- A police car comes by to the scene of the accident only to see the Drunken Man and the Biker fighting over the phone. One of the officer steps out to investigate the fighting. The Officer hollers, "Hold it right there!", at the Biker, who wins over the phone. The Biker takes off into the alleyway. The Officer responds by chasing after him and says, "HEY! I SAID HOLD IT!" As he passes by the Drunken Man, the Drunken Man shouts, "THAT SON OF A BITCH TOOK MY PHONE!"

The Officer chases the Biker through the alley. When the Biker gets to the end of the alley, he's nearly hit by the Officer's partner driving their patrol car. But he avoids this and continues to run off. He runs through another narrow alley. He is almost hit by a car at the end. But he jumps over the hood and continues running through another alley, where he disappears off screen. The Officer arrives at this alleyway moments later. But he does not see the Biker. He uses his flashlight to look around the area. But he does not see the Biker anywhere. As he looks through the alley, suddenly, out of nowhere -- THE BIKER TACKLES HIM TO A WALL. They fight over the Officer's gun, which goes off in the air. The Biker elbows the Officer, causing the Officer to release his gun, which now goes into the hands of the Biker.

The Biker points the gun at the Officer, telling him to stay out of his way. The Officer asks him what he is trying to do. The Biker informs him that he's on a secret mission to protect someone and he doesn't want the police in his way or else his people will come to an end if he fails. The Officer believes that the Biker is telling him that a loved one is in danger and that he's doing something illegal to save them. So the Officer attempts to offer help in protecting his loved ones. Realizing that the Officer either does not understand or is trying to distract him to capture him, the Biker doesn't let him finish his sentence and knocks him out with his own gun. The Officer drops to the ground and the Biker apologizes to him and runs off. More police patrols arrive just as the Biker shoots the chains to a door and walks in.

Two officers stay behind to attend to the unconscious Officer. The rest head inside the store. We CUT TO -- STORE -- The Biker runs through the dark store (it's closed). He finds the costume section and ducks under the racks. The other officers arrive and starts searching for him, flashing their flashlights everywhere. The Biker continues to run through the aisles of costumes. From a GHOSTFACE RACK, we see an officer flashing his light from the opposite side of the rack in the distance. He doesn't see it when the Biker, now without his helmet, removes a Ghostface costume from the rack. It is too dark for us to see his face. He carefully gets up, checking to see if the officers are nearby. When he sees them in another section, he takes this opportunity to run to another section even further away from them.

We get a quick MONTAGE of the officers searching for their suspect throughout the store. At the end of the montage, an officer walks past a photo booth. Once the officer has past the photo booth, we see a pair of BLACK BOOTS touch the floor of the photo booth from behind the curtains. The curtain opens and we see -- GHOSTFACE, which we will now refer to the Biker from now on. Ghostface looks around to see if the officers are nearby. They are not. So Ghostface runs for the main entrance. However, upon making it there, another police patrol parks in front of the door. So Ghostface runs away from the main entrance. He finds the escalator and runs up to the second floor. Moments later, an Officer comes by and flashes his light up the escalator. But he doesn't bother to go up and check it out and moves on.

We CUT TO -- OUTSIDE -- Ghostface sneaks out through a fire escape to a fire escaper ladder. But rather than going down the steps, Ghostface climbs over the back railing and drops behind the unattended patrol car. He looks around to see where the other officers are. All of the police present are still inside and far away from his position. So Ghostface just takes off running. He goes into the main area of Downtown Cleverdale. He even passes by the Drunken Man, who is fast asleep against the wall. Ghostface shakes his over this. He sees a group of people hanging out in costumes across the street (as it's Halloween Eve, possibly past midnight to make it Halloween). So he runs across the street to blend in with them. Mistaking him for another person celebrating, the group of young costumers accept him.

Ghostface sits down on a bench within the group and pulls out the Drunken Man's cellphone that he stole. He gets on a social media website and types in Grace Calvin, 16, Cleverdale High School. The results show; GRACE CALVIN -- The same girl on the Raider's list, confirming that Grace Calvin is the actual target that the Raiders are searching for.

Chapter 4

We OPEN with a LITTLE GIRL (6) playing around with her TWIN BROTHER (6). We find that they are at GHOSTFACE AVENGERS BASE, where they live with their PARENTS (whose identities won't be revealed until later), whom are members of the Cult. We see other children and members of the Cult hanging around like a happy community. The GUARD at the tower looks through his binoculars outside the walls of the base. He is horrified by what he sees. He goes to ring the bell. But before he can -- WHOOSH -- an arrow is shot through his head. His body falls out of the tower and outside the walls. This is goes unseen and unheard by everybody in the walls. Everyone is oblivious to what is about to happen. Suddenly -- CRASH -- A LARGE TANK crashes through the wall. Everyone starts screaming and running.

Many members of the Cult grabs weapons to fight back. The Parents yell for the kids to get inside. Although, while many of them do, some are too scare to think and just continue running. SEVERAL RAIDERS in MULTIPLE VARIATIONS of HOCKEY MASKS storm into the walls. The twins try to run for their house. But a Raider grabs the Brother, who begs for his sister to help him. The Mother screams over seeing her son being taken. The Little Girl just stands there in horror. She turns around to see a Raider slowly approaching her. She screams in horror. However, before the Raider can grab her -- HE IS SHOT DEAD. The Shooter grabs the Little Girl and brings her to her house by her mother's side in safety. The Little Girl looks up to her rescuer -- DONALD NEWTON (47). Donald tells the mother to take her inside.

So the Mother grabs the Little Girl and they go inside the house. Donald walks into the battle, being joined by Noah and Alex (late 30s/early 40s). Together, they start slaughtering the Raiders in a scene similar to when Jesus and Aaron took on the Walker/Whisperers in the Mid Season Finale of TWD S9. Other Cult Members step back as it appears that Donald, Noah, and Alex has this under control. They are tough, badass, and unstoppable. All the kids watch them with admiration. To them, these three are the legendary heroes that TV shows and Comic Books would write about. They're the Batman, Superman, and Spiderman of the Cult. Even the older Cult members who have been around longer than them are starstruck by them. Despite outnumbering the three, the Raiders begins to realize that they cannot fight these three.

Many of the Raiders begin to retreat or surrender. Those who do not are slaughtered down as easily as the mindless Walkers in The Walking Dead. With only a few left, assuming to run away, Noah and Alex step back as Donald continues to kill a few more. They tell Donald that it's over and to come back. So Donald heads over towards his team. However, two roaming Raiders get in his path. Donald easily dispatches the first one. However, when Donald swings his machete at the other one -- THE RAIDER DUCKS, MOVES AROUND BEHIND DONALD, AND THEN -- STABS DONALD IN THE BACK! Donald gasps in pain over this. The Raider whispers into Donald's ear, "You cannot win this war!" Then the Raider releases Donald's body. Everyone (Noah, Alex, the Mother, Little Girl) all scream out, "NO!" over this.

Donald Newton, badass fighter and beloved high ranking member of the Ghostface Avengers Cult, is dead.

Everyone is shocked and horrified by Donald's murder. The Raider turns to the Little Girl. Everyone points their weapons at the Raider. But other Raiders arrive to fight. So everyone has to turn their weapons on them. While they fight those Raiders, the Raider steps away, all while staring at the little girl. We come to realize that this Raider is the same Raider who killed Grace Wallace in the first chapter. The Little Girl is horrified as she looks deep into the Raider's eyes as he disappears off screen. Then, we CUT TO -- BEDROOM -- GRACE CALVIN (16) jerks up from her bed. She just woke up from the nightmare that was this entire chapter's opening. This means that Grace is the little girl in the dream. She sighs upon realizing that this was just a dream. So she lays back down in attempt to go back to sleep.

We CUT TO -- KITCHEN -- Grace's ADOPTIVE PARENTS; HENRY CALVIN and LAURA CALVIN (both 40) are eating breakfast and preparing for the day. There is a plate of scrambled eggs on the empty seat for Grace, who comes into the kitchen with her backpack and appearing all tired. Laura asks her if she got any sleep. Grace says that she had a weird dream as she sits down to eat her eggs. Grace has look on her face that her adoptive parents know that she has something on her mind. They asks her what she's thinking about. Grace informs them that, even though she's been told before that she can't know anything, but she is wondering about where she came from. But Laura continues to insist that they can't tell her anything for her own protection and the protection of those involved with her biological family.

Laura, however, informs Grace that when the times comes and when they are requested to, they will tell Grace everything. But for now, she is living with them and staying safe from whatever is involved with her real family. Grace sighs with great disappointment. She declares that she doesn't know who she is or where she comes from. Henry says, "Sure, you do. You are Grace Anne Calvin of Cleverdale." The adoptive father smiles. It's obvious that he cares very much for his adoptive daughter. Grace thanks him then states that she has to get to school. So she grabs her bag and gets up. She begins to leave the kitchen but stops before she can leave the kitchen. She asks her adoptive parents, "Did I know a Donald Newton?" The name alarms the adoptive parents like they know something. They asks, "Excuse me?"

Grace turns to them and asks, "Did I know him? Did I watch a masked man kill him?" This disturbs the adoptive parents. But they put on a fake smile and deny this, saying that she never met any Donald Newton in her entire life. Grace accepts this as fact and leaves the house for school. The adoptive parents turn to each other with that, "Oh, shit!" look on their face. Henry nods to his wife, who then pulls out her phone and dials a number.

LAURA: (to the other person on the phone) Hey, it's Laura. I'm afraid we have a problem. Grace is starting to remember. She remembers Donald Newton. She remembers what happened to him.

So was the dream just a dream...or was it suppressed memories of something that happened in Grace's past prior to being adopted by the Calvins?

Chapter 5

We open at CLEVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL, where we find Grace putting her stuff into her locker. Upon shutting her locker, we hear a female voice off screen call out to her. Grace turns around only to find herself in the arms of her best friend JANE SHEPARD (16), who says, "Thank God, you're okay." Jane is joined by her boyfriend, ERIC STANWOOD, and their gay friends/couple MARK STAMPER and JAY FLEMING (All 16). The group of friends appear like they've been concerned but are relieved to see Grace okay. Grace asks them what is going on. Jane tells her that they heard that a girl from their school named Grace was murdered last night. Grace is shocked by this. Jay reminds everyone that there are three Graces that attend their school; Grace Calvin, Grace Robinson, and Grace Wallace.

Mark says that they don't know which Grace was murdered. A female voice off screen announces, "We do now." Everyone turns to Jay's twin sister CHERYL FLEMING (16) and her girlfriend TONI TOPAZ (Both 16). Yes, both Fleming twins are gay. Cheryl informs them that the murdered Grace was Grace Wallace. Though shocked by this death, they're not exactly upset as everyone knew what a lying whore and bitch that was Grace Wallace was. Toni informs them that Adam Anderson and Chris Richards were also murdered last night at Grace Wallace's house. Jane says that this is crazy. Mark states that they were afraid that it was their Grace when they heard about a Grace being murdered. Grace smiles and reminds them, as they can plainly see now, "But it wasn't me." Jane says that they are just relieved about that.

The BELL RINGS. So the group disbands to go to their respective class. As Grace heads for her class, she eyes a handsome guy, STEVE MALICK (16), who gives her a fake smile. She gives off a cute smile to him. It's obvious that our Grace has a crush on him. But he doesn't like her. After Grace walks away, his three friends and his girlfriend come over to him. The girlfriend, GINGER PATRICIA (16), asks what that ugly loser was looking at him for. Steve chuckles says, "I don't know nor do I give a fuck." Ginger says that she hates Grace Calvin so much that she wishes that it was her who was murdered last night instead of her friend Grace Wallace. Steve and his friends agree. One of them even states their wish to pull a fucked up prank on Grace Calvin to make her feel humiliated.

Ginger smiles and says that maybe they can do that. She tells them that she has an idea. But before we can hear her idea, we CUT TO -- OUTSIDE ROBINSON RESIDENCE -- We find a black windowless van parked outside the Robinson house. We CUT TO -- VAN -- The Raider and the Goalie stare at the Robinson house for a moment. Then they turn to the Raider's phone where Grace Robinson's Social Media Page for BOOKSPACE has posted;

"Sick with a cold. Staying home from school today. :'("

The two Raiders turn back to the house. This explains why they are at Grace Robinson's house during school hours. They're targeting her when she's home alone and sick. We CUT TO -- GRACE ROBINSON'S BEDROOM -- GRACE ROBINSON (16) is sitting on her bed and playing on her phone. Her TV is on. But she's paying no attention to her TV. She proceeds to couch, confirming her sickness. She is playing a game on her phone before deciding that she's hungry and leaves her bedroom. We CUT TO -- LIVING ROOM -- Grace walks downstairs and walks through her living room. After she's walked off screen, we see that the front door is slowly being opened quietly. This is done so that Grace doesn't hear the door opening. The door is opened all the way and the intruder is revealed to be -- THE GOALIE.

We CUT TO -- KITCHEN -- Grace is stirring up some soup in a pan. She is too distracted from cooking her soup that she doesn't notice -- THE RAIDER staring at her through the window behind her. He cocks his head like Michael Myers as he stares at her. Grace suddenly feels like she's not alone and appears to feel his presence behind her. We do an ANGLE CUT TO -- BEHIND GRACE -- Grace turns around to face the window. We CUT TO -- GRACE'S POV -- There is nothing outside the window. Meaning that the Raider disappeared before she turned around. We CUT BACK TO A CLOSEUP ON GRACE as she sighs and shrugs it off. She turns back to the cooking pan of soup and continues to stir it around. From a distance, we see THE RAIDER appearing from behind a doorway as he just stands there and stares at Grace.

We CUT TO -- HALLWAY -- Grace comes up the stairs and walks through the hallway to her bedroom. She is carrying a tray consisting of a bowl of the soup, a bottle of grape flavored water, and crackers for the soup. After Grace walks into her bedroom and closing the door, the Goalie steps out of the bathroom. We CUT TO -- GRACE'S BEDROOM -- Grace sets her tray on a TV tray in front of her bed. So she sits at the foot of her bed and proceeds to eat her soup while watching TV. She suddenly feels like she has forgotten something. So she gets up from bed and goes over to the door. She opens the door only for -- THE GOALIE to appear at the door. This makes Grace scream with great surprise and horror.

Grace attempts to run through him. But the Goalie grabs her and throw at her bed. She collides into her tray, which falls and spills the soup all over her floor. Grace lands on the side of her bed. She is slow to get up. But before she can fully get up, the Goalie approaches her and grabs her by the throat. He picks her up and slams down onto ther bedroom. Grace begs for her life, asking her why he's doing this. But the Goalie doesn't respond as he restrains her. Grace continues to beg for her life. But this, of course, doesn't work as the Goalie raises his knife up in the air. Grace proceeds to scream for help. The Goalie proceeds to stab her multiple in the chest and heart. The Goalie continues to stab her to death until she goes silent. Grace's arms goes limp and drops from holding onto the Goalie's arm. They dangle over her bed.

The Goalie stares at Grace's beautiful face for a moment to make sure that it's done. But her body not moving and the pool of blood soaking into bed sheets confirms it -- Grace Robinson, a student of Cleverdale High School and the second WRONG Grace of the story, is dead. The Raider walks into the bedroom and sees Grace's dead body. He raises his hand up to the Goalie, who responds by giving him a high five. They have succeeded in killing the second Grace on their list. The Raider takes out his phone and presses on the check button next to Grace Robinson on their lists of the three Graces. Now the final Grace left on the list, the right Grace in fact -- GRACE CALVIN. The Two Raiders stare at the dead body of Grace Robinson one last time before leaving her bedroom very coldly. No sign of regret of killing this beautiful innocent girl.

Chapter 6

We CUT TO -- CLEVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA -- Grace walks into the cafeteria, when she hears a male voice call her name from off screen. She turns to find her crush Steve. Grace nervously smiles and says hey. Steve asks her if she has a date for tonight's Halloween dance. Grace confirms that she does not and that she's single. Steve asks her if she'd be interested in going to the dance with him tonight. Grace is surprised by this. She replies that she'd love to go to the dance with him. But she asks about his girlfriend Ginger Patricia. Steve says that they broke up, claiming that he was no longer interested in a girl like her. But rather that he's interested in a good girl like Grace. This makes Grace smile. Steve asks her to meet him at the dance, adding that he'll be waiting for her in his football costume.

Grace smiles and says okay. Steve walks away and Grace joins her friends (Jane, Eric, Mark, Jay, Cheryl, and Toni) at their usual table. They saw her talking with Steve and sees her smile. Jane asks her what just happened with Steve Mallick. Grace informs her friends that he asked her to the Halloween dance. This shocks her friends. They remind her that he's dating the most popular girl in school. Grace tells him that they broke up. But Cheryl says that she saw Ginger earlier and that, aside from mourning Bitch Wallace, she was happy as clam. Mark states that he's concerned that Steve, Ginger, and their friends may be up to something fishy. Grace doesn't want to hear this. So she tells her friends that all she knows is that Steve asked her out to the dance and that she's going.

And then she asks if the rest of them are going. The group confirms that they are going. But now that they've heard that Grace is supposedly going with Steve Mallick, they're definitely going to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Grace sighs in frustrations. Her friends don't trust her word for it nor should they. But she doesn't realize this. We CUT TO -- CALVIN RESIDENCE (NIGHT) -- Grace is looking at herself in the mirror while preparing for the Halloween dance. She is wearing a Punk Skeleton Costume. She looks at herself and actually finds herself to be real cute. She really is cute. She grabs her purse and goes downstairs. She tells her adoptive parents that she's leaving for the dance. But they want to see what she looks like in her costume. She stands there as they observe her. They like it.

Laura says that she looks so adorable in the costume. Grace thanks her adoptive parents. Henry tells her to be careful with her date and to call them if he tries anything. Grace assures them that she will. They tell her to have fun. She says that she will and leaves. We CUT TO -- DRIVEWAY -- Grace gets on her moped and puts her helmet on. She gets a weird feeling that she's not alone. So she turns back and looks around her neighborhood. But there is nothing and nobody around. Perhaps she's hearing or feeling a stray cat roaming around. So Grace just shrugs this off and starts her moped. She drives away from her house. We PAN AWAY to find -- a CAR following her. We CUT TO -- INSIDE CAR -- Though it's too dark to see the driver's face, we PAN AWAY to find the GHOSTFACE MASK on the passenger's seat. This means that this is the unmasked Ghostface following Grace.

We CUT TO -- CLEVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL (GYM) -- The Halloween Dance is in full swing. Everyone is dancing, drinking, hanging out, and having a good time. Grace finally arrives and looks around for her date. But she doesn't see him anywhere. Suddenly, her friends (Jane, Eric, Mark, Jay, Cheryl, and Toni) rushes to her. We see that they are in their costumes; Jane is a Biker (Betty/Alice in Serpent Jacket), Eric is John Travolta from Pulp Fiction (Like Kieran), Mark is a pirate, Jay is vampire, Cheryl is a sexy female devil, and Toni is a witch. The group beg her not to go to Steve. Grace says that she's getting tired of her friends trying to stop her from having a date with Steve. But her friends insists that Steve is playing a trick on her. But she doesn't believe them and walks past them. They are scared for Grace and doesn't know what to do to save her from the heartache that is able to happen.

Grace makes it to Steve's table and finds much to her shock -- STEVE MAKING OUT WITH GINGER. The couple, along with their friends, turn to Grace, who asks Steve what is going on, reminding him about their date. Steve, Ginger, and their friends burst out laughing at her. Ginger asks her if she really thought that she stood a chance with Steve, who adds that he would never date a loser like her. They continue to laugh at Grace, which is joined by other witnesses. Grace feels embarrassed and humiliated. Grace runs off in tears. Steve, Ginger, and their friends continue to laugh at her. Jane runs after Grace. Cheryl tells Ginger that she is off the cheer leading squad. Ginger says that she can't do that. But Cheryl reminds her that she maybe the richest and most popular girl in school. But Cheryl is STILL the Captain of the squad.

An upset Ginger realizes that her plan to hurt Grace just backfired on her big time. Was it worth it? We CUT TO -- GIRLS BATHROOM -- Grace sits on the floor against the wall and sobbing her eyes out. She is joined by Jane, Cheryl, and Toni, who have come to comfort her. Grace calls herself stupid. But her friends tell her that she's not stupid. Grace states that she should have listened to them when they told her about Steve. They continue to try to comfort her and encourages her to come out to dance and have fun with them anyways. Grace takes a moment before deciding to join them. So she gets up and they escort her out to the dance floor. We CUT TO -- THE DANCE (GYM) -- The girls return with Grace and they all proceed to dance. They are joined by Eric, Mark, and Jay, who dance with Grace.

This is witnessed by Steve, Ginger, and their friends. They are now even more angry that their plan didn't work. Grace had her friends come to her rescue. They ask themselves how could a loser like Grace be friends with Jane, Eric, Mark, Jay, Cheryl, and Toni? What do they see in her? We CUT TO -- CALVIN RESIDENCE -- The Raider and Goalie approach the house. They turn to each other. They're ready to finally complete their mission. They plan to kill the last Grace on their list. But they are unaware that she's not home. We CUT TO -- LIVING ROOM -- Henry and Laura are sitting and watching TV. The DOOR BELL rings. Henry gets up and walks over to the door. He opens the door to find -- TRICK OR TREATERS. He proceeds to give each child a piece of a candy. They all thank him and run off the next house.

Henry steps outside as he tells his wife that he's going to smoke a cigarette. Laura says okay and Henry closes the front door behind. He pulls out his pack of cigarettes and lights a cigarette. From another angle, the two Raiders sees Henry smoking his cigarette. They look around. The trick or treaters have since gone to other houses and are not looking back. They can make their move now. They head towards Henry, who continues to smoke his cigarette. When he sees the Raiders, he is startled at first. But he believes that they're just big kids coming for candy. He tells them that he'll get some candy for them. So he turns to open the door. However, before he can open the door -- The Raider grabs him by covering his mouth and stabs him in the back. We can hear his muffled screams that is covered by the Raider's hands.

The Raider pushes the knife in further, resulting in the knife going through his body and the blade coming out through his chest. He pulls the knife out of Henry's body and he drops to the ground. Henry Calvin, husband of Laura and adoptive father of Grace, is dead. They quietly open the door and drags Henry's body into the house so that nobody outside can see it. While the Goalie deals with Henry's body, the Raider quietly sneaks up on Laura. She finally sees him. But before she can scream, the Raider swings his knife into her face, thus silencing her. Laura Calvin, wife of Henry and adoptive mother of Grace, is dead. We CUT TO -- GRACE'S BEDROOM -- The two Raiders storm into Grace's bedroom. But she's not there. The Raiders look through the bedroom to find clues on where Grace could be.

The Raider looks through her desk of school stuff. He finds a school flier announcing the Halloween Dance at the high school. This must be where she's located at. So the Raider and the Goalie leaves the Calvin residence, not even looking back at the dead bodies of Grace's adoptive parents that they leave behind.

Chapter 7

TEASER: After learning of Grace's location, the Raider attack at a Halloween dance. But their attempt on Grace fails when an unforeseen enemy (Ghostface) crashes their massacre. Ghostface's identity will be revealed.

Chapter 8

TEASER: Grace learns the full truth about her backstory from the by-now revealed Ghostface.

Chapter 9

TEASER: The police arrest the unmasked Ghostface and take Grace into protective costudy. But Grace proves that she is actually on Ghostface's side and Ghostface tells the police the situation, which they don't understand.

Chapter 10

TEASER: The Raider, along with his own backup, ambush the police station in hopes of getting to Grace. But Grace surprises herself when she shows that she truly is a part of the Cult when she fights back.

Chapter 11

TEASER: Having escaped from the attack on the police station, Ghostface and Grace take shelter with Jane and the rest of Grace's friends, knowing that they cannot risk the Raider following them back the House of Ghosts. Together, they prepare for battle.

Chapter 12

TEASER: The final confrontation between the Raiders and the Good Guys (Ghostface, Grace, Jane, Eric, Mark, Jay, Cheryl, and Toni).

Chapter 13

TEASER: The Raider reveals his identity, which reveals a shocking and heartbreaking twist in Grace's backstory.

Chapter 14

TEASER: The teens and Ghostface arrives at the Cult headquarters for an emotional ending.


  • This story introduces a new pair of Good Guy Armies vs Bad Guy Armies like Surfack vs Tarevender/LOGS. In this case, it's the Ghostface Cult vs the Raiders.
  • Despite the story typically having Ghostface killing bad guys due to the idea of these stories, this story temporary goes back to it's traditional murders with the Raider killing innocent people to reach his target.
  • Ghostface's identity will be revealed between chapter 7.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
X Multiple Bad Guys Killed in battle TGA Cult 1
X At least one Ghostface, possibly more Killed in battle The Bad Guys 1
1 Adam Andrews Stabbed in the back The Raider 2
2 Chris Richards Throat slashed The Goalie 2
3 Grace Wallace Stabbed by both, legs cut off by the Goalie, then stabbed to death by the Raider Both Raiders 2
X Multiple Cult Members Killed in various ways Raiders 4
X Multiple Raiders Slashed/Stabbed Donald Newton, Noah Ben Maor, Alex Hughes, and other Cult Members 4
4 Donald Newton Stabbed in the back The Raider 4
5 Grace Robinson Stabbed multiple times in the chest and heart Goalie 5
6 Henry Calvin Stabbed through the back with knife The Goalie 6
7 Laura Calvin Knife to the face The Raider 6
X Multiple Dancers N/A The Raider 7
9-11 3 Male Teens N/A The Raider 7
12 Male Teen N/A The Raider 7
13 Female Teen N/A The Raider 7
X Multiple Cops N/A RAIDERS 10
X Multiple Raiders N/A Cop, Ghostface, and Possibly Grace 10
14 Raider 1 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
15 Raider 2 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
16 Raider 3 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
17 Raider 4 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
18 Raider 5 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
19 Raider 7 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
20 Raider 8 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
21 Raider 9 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
22 Male Teen N/A Raider 12
23 Raider 6 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12
24 Raider 10 N/A Caused by Grace and Friends 12

The Ghostface Avengers Cult

IDENTITY: Currently Unknown
GENDER: Currently Unknown
TARGET: The Raiders
MOTIVE: Protecting Grace
SECRETS: Currently Unknown
STATUS: Actively Killing
IDENTITY: Currently Unknown
GENDER: Assumed Male
TARGET: Every Criminal
MOTIVE: Currently Unknown
SECRETS: Currently Unknown
STATUS: Actively Leading

The Raiders

IDENTITY: Currently Unknown
GENDER: Currently Unknown
TARGET: Grace Calvin
MOTIVE: Currently Unknown
SECRETS: Currently Unknown
STATUS: Actively Killing
IDENTITY: Currently Unknown
GENDER: Currently Unknown
TARGET: Grace Calvin
MOTIVE: Currently Unknown
SECRETS: Currently Unknown
STATUS: Actively Killing