Donald Newton's SCREAM (Remake) is a fan fiction remake idea of the original 1996 film. Meaning all of the main characters of the original movie will return. The story is very much the same as the original but with many differences, new characters, and changes in roles.

Plot and Setting

A year after her mother's murder, Sidney Prescott discovers that the real killer is still out there and is targeting her and the people around her.


Cassidy Sidney is the final girl of the story. She found her mother's body and accussed her lover, Cotton Weary, of her murder. But she soon discovers that she may have been wrong as the Ghostface, who has since been killing people around her, has taken credit for her mother's murder.
Teenage Nancy Tatum is Tanner's twin sister, Dewey's younger sister, and Sidney's best friend. She is nothing like her original counterpart. She is sweet and innocent compared to the bitchy, sassy, and big breasted Tatum played by Rose McGowan. She is the secondary final girl of the story.
DMAJTPP Billy is Sidney's boyfriend. He cares for Sidney even though he's frustrated by the lack of sexual activity in their relationship since her mother's murder. He lives with his father after his mother left them.
Imageedit 4 5423407092 Dewey is a young Deputy of Woodsboro. He is very timid and not the toughest cop in town. But he is very determined to protect Sidney, his twin siblings Tatum and Tanner, and his new love interest Gale Weathers from Ghostface.
SHAGW Gale is a young and an abnoxious reporter. She'll do anything to get a story even when it hurts others. She and Sidney do not get along due to her siding with Cotton Weary during his trial and calls her a liar. But the two may put aside their differences when they both find themselves being targeted by Ghostface.
THADR Randy is a friend of Sidney and part of her group of friends. He knows everything about movies and believes that they are living a horror movie when Ghostface begins killing people around them. He belongs to a group of geeks along with a girl name Anna, whom he introduces to Sidney's group.
MSAN Anna is a nerdy friend of Randy and a very cute asian. She immediately falls for Tatum's twin brother Tanner, who also likes her. She becomes involved with the group as Ghostface targets them. Can she survive as a virgin nerd?
MilesHeizerTannerRiley Tanner is Tatum's twin brother and Dewey's younger brother. He is different from his siblings. Whereas Tatum is popular and somewhat mean at times and Dewey is dorky and weak, Tanner is laid back and very chill. He is very supportive of Sidney as she goes through the horrors of Ghostface. He has a crush on Randy's nerdy friend Anna.
CMAS Stu is Billy's best friend and Tatum's boyfriend. Despite being tall and handsome, he is known as the insensitive idiot of the group. But he does mean well.
JDMASNP Neil is Sidney's father. He is a businessman and is often traveling for work. This is what led to his late wife cheating on him. He wasn't present during his wife's murder.
NCAMP Maureen is Sidney's mother and Neil's wife. She was a very loving mother. But she would often sleep around with other men in town including the Sheriff, Mayor, Principal Himbry, Kenny, Hank Loomis, and Cotton Weary.
MayaHawkeRobin Casey is a friend of Sidney's and a classmate. She is known for going from guy to guy as she had dated Stu before her current boyfriend, football player Steve Orth.
BNYASKNY Kenny is Gale's cameraman. He has a secret related to Maureen Prescott that not even Gale is aware of.
BOJESSE Sheriff Burke is the head of the Woodsboro Police Department. He personally arrested Cotton for Maureen's murder as he, like Cotton, was having an affair with Maureen. But he will soon learn that he has arrested the wrong man.
Carver Himbry is the Principal of Woodsboro High. Himbry is one of many men in Woodsboro who is revealed to have slept with Maureen Prescott.
SKEET2019 Hank is Billy's father and another former lover of Maureen Prescott. Like with the original movie, Hank and his wife divorced over his affair with Maureen.
Mayor Liev Lewis is the Mayor of Woodsboro. He is devastated by the murder of Maureen Prescott, whom he had an affair wtih. But he becomes more infuriated when Ghostface targets his citizens.
Norman-reedus Cotton is Maureen's young lover who is accused of her murder.


Chapter 1

A cell phone rings on a coffee table at the Prescott Residence. Answering the phone is MAUREEN PRESCOTT (42), a beautiful lady with brunette hair down to her shoudlers. She says, "Hello?" But rather than who you thought it was going to be, the caller is -- Her daughter, Sidney Prescott. Sidney tells her mother that she'll be coming home late tonight because she and Tatum have stuff planned that's going to go through the night. She says that she'll probably be home around 10. Maureen accepts her plans and tells her that she'll see her tonight. Sidney tells her mother that she loves her, which Maureen responds back that she loves her too. They say goodbye to each other before hanging up.

Immediately after hanging up the phone, Maureen hears her husband, NEIL PRESCOTT (45), coming down the stairs, pulling his wheeled bag down the stairs with another bag around his shoulders. Maureen helps Neil by taking the bag around his shoulders and walks outside with him. They put his bags in the trunk of his car. Neil moves over to his wife, putting his hands on her thighs and smiles at her. He asks her, "Are you going to see him tonight?" Who is him? Does this mean that Neil is aware of his wife's affairs? Maureen is honest and says that she might if "He" calls. Neil smiles with approval. Maureen asks him if he's going to be seeing anyone. Neil states that it depends on who he meets.

This means that both Neil and Maureen see other people. The truth is that it's an agreement between them. They will see other people whenever they're separated by his business traveling. But the deal is that they always come home to each other. They may sleep around but they have a special love for each other that none of their lovers have. Maureen and Neil give each other a passionate kiss. Maureen tells him that she loves him. Neil responds by saying it back. It is clear that despite their infidentalities that they love each other very much. Neil gets into his car and proceeds to back out of the driveway. Maureen stands there and watches her husband drive away from her. They wave to each other as Neil drives off. After he has left, Maureen goes back inside the house.

Maureen is going through her closet and looking over personal things. She comes across a folded piece of paper labeled with a "CRAVEN COUNTY HOSPITAL" stamp. Seeing this hits Maureen hard inside her chest. She finds the courage to open it and read it again after many years. Maureen is emotional as she reads what the paper from the hospital says. But what is it? What does this paper say that upsets Maureen so much that it brings her to tears. Suddenly -- Mauren's phone rings -- which startles her enough to jump. She answers the phone and says, "Hello." But nobody says anything. This concerns Maureen, who says "Hello" for a second time. Suddenly a deep mainly voice says, "Hello, Maureen."

Maureen sighs in relief. She recognizes the caller. "Jesus, Cotton. You scared me. I thought this was a prankster." Cotton apologizes to Maureen and asks her if he can come over tonight. Maureen points out to herself and to Cotton that Neil has just left and that Sidney won't be home until 10. So she agrees to see Cotton tonight. Cotton informs her that he'll be there in half an hour. Maureen smiles and says that she'll be waiting. They hang up. Maureen proceeds to undress herself to prepare for her affair date.

Half an hour later, there is a knock on the front door. After waiting, the knocker cautiously opens the door and says, "Hello?" It's revealed to be Maureen's lover, COTTON WEARY (38). A very handsome and built man. Not the type of man you want to mess with when he's angry. Cotton walks in and looks around for Maureen. But he doesn't see her anywhere. He notices what appears to be drops of dark red liquid on the floor. Is it blood? He follows the "blood trail" upstairs to a bedroom door. He cautiously opens the door to find -- Maureen wearing a sexy black nightgown and drinking a bottle of red wine (the source of the red drops). She is already getting drunk, which explains why there are drops of the wine on the floor.

Maureen gives Cotton a seductive smile and says, "I've been waiting for you, sexy." Cotton says that he's here for her and feels over dressed. Maureen tells him, "Why don't you take off those clothes and come into bed with me?" Cotton proceeds to undress himself and crawls into bed with Maureen. They proceed to make out, which gets hot and heavy. Cotton removes her gown where she becomes fully naked. Cotton proceeds to have sex with her. Maureen moans with pleasure. While they have sex, they are unaware that a shadow is moving outside the window. Although, the shadow cannot see them from their location (as the person is on the lawn and they're in the upstairs bedroom), the shadowy person knows what they are doing. The shadow moves away to where their shadow wouldn't be seen anymore.

After they finished having sex, Maureen and Cotton are lying in bed together. An already drunken Cotton grabs the bottle of wine but finds that it's empty. Maureen tells him that there is some whiskey in the kitchen if he'd like some. Cotton gets out of the bed and nearly falls. He struggles to put his clothes back on. He slurs his words as he tells Maureen that he'll be back before leaving the bedroom. Maureen just lies in her bed. She misses Neil already. Her phone dings, alerting her to a text message. Maureen checks her text message. It's Sidney, saying, "On my way home. We finished earlier than I thought." Maureen replies, "Okay." Then she gets out of bed and puts her regular clothes back on rather than her sexy gown.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Cotton is pouring himself some whiskey in a glass, even though he's too drunk already that he can't fully aim it all in the glass. He proceeds to drink the whiskey as Maureen comes down and tells him that Sidney is on her way home, therefore, he has to leave. Cotton says no problem and finishes his drink. Maureen puts the cap back on the whiskey bottle and hands it to him. "You can have the bottle if you like." Maureen says as she tries to hurry Cotton out the door. She sticks her head out of the front door to make sure that Sidney isn't about to pull up to the house to see Cotton. So she brings Cotton out and kisses him goodbye. She closes the door as he walks towards his truck. Unlike with her husband, she doesn't stay to watch him off.

Cotton drunkenly staggers his way to his truck and clicks on the key remote. Its faint click indicates that the truck was already unlocked. Cotton is surprised by this. But he shrugs it off and gets into his truck. He sighs as he prepares to drive home drunk. However, before he car start his truck, a black gloved hand covers his mouth with a cloth. Cotton struggles to escape from the hand's clutches. But the hand is so much stronger, especially as Cotton is drunk. He is rendered unconscious by this. The mysterious person is revealed to be -- GHOSTFACE. After Cotton is down, Ghostface notices the bottle of whiskey and is amused by how much Cotton being drunk works in his favor. His mission is going much better than he anticipated.

Maureen is cleaning up the drunken messes that she and Cotton had made with their alcoholic drinks from the kitchen all the way to the masterbedroom. She is doing pretty good at cleaning this all up for being drunk. This obviously means that this isn't her first time cleaning her drunken messes up before Sidney comes home. Her cell phone rings. The caller is -- COTTON. This confuses Maureen, who answers and asks, "Did you forget something, Cotton?" But the Caller isn't Cotton, obviously. It is Ghostface, who says, "Hello, Slut!" Not yet realizing that this isn't Cotton and offended by this commeny, Maureen hits back with, "Oh, fuck you, Cotton. You drunk bastard. I'm hanging up." Maureen goes to hang up when the caller's voice becomes angry and yells, "If you hang up on me, You'll never see your daughter again!"

This gets Maureen's attention. She is horrified by this comment. Ghostface asks, "Do I have your attention now, Maureen?" Maureen finally realizes that this isn't Cotton. She asks him who he is. Ghostface says "The question isn't, "Who am I?", the question is, "Why?" Maureen asks, "Why are you doing this?" Ghostface informs her;

"Because of you and your husband's past. This isn't about Sidney. This is about you and your husband. What you two have done, who you've done it to, and how it affected them. You and your husband are immortal, frauds, and heartbreakers. You and Neil never thought about how your actions hurt other people. Now you are the first to pay the consequence. Or maybe I should hurt you both by allowing you two to live and take my revenge out on your precious daughter."

Maureen begs him not to hurt Sidney. So Ghostface decides to compromise with her and gives her an ultimatum; Either You or Sidney. That's right. Ghostface is forcing Maureen to choose either between her own life or her daughter's. But Maureen has already made her decision. What mother would choose to live over their own daughter? What mother would allow her own daughter to die for her sins? Not Maureen. She immediately, with great fear and tears streaming down her face, chooses to have herself punished by the mystery caller. Ghostface says, "As you wish!" Suddenly, the bedroom door is kicked open and Ghostface runs in with his knife raised up. Maureen doesn't have time to react except to scream. Before she can do anything else, Ghostface stabs her in the chest. She gasps in pain.

Ghostface pulls the knife out of her chest and Maureen falls onto her bed on her back. She begins wimpering over being stabbed and over the horrifying appearance of Ghostface. She grabs at her wound, which is bleeding profusely. Ghostface hovers over her. Knowing that she's going to die anyways, a curious Maureen proceeds to lift the mask up to see his face, which Ghostface allows. Maureen gasps in horror upon seeing his face. It's somebody that she recongizes. Somebody that she knows. Ghostface raises his knife up. Maureen is too horrified and weak to fight back. She accepts her fate. And with that, Ghostface proceeds to brutally and viciously stab her multiple times until it's over. Maureen Prescott is dead.

Cotton is still unconscious as Ghostface returns to his truck. He removes his mask and places the bloody knife into one of Cotton's hands. He smears his bloody gloves on Cotton's face, arms, and hands, making it all appear like he killed Maureen. Cotton slowly regains consciousness. Despite being unmasked, Ghostface knows that Cotton won't see him properly. That is because Cotton is still drowsy and his vision is blurred from the drugs given to him and because he's still drunk. Cotton turns to Ghostface. Although, he can't see his face clearly, he can see his eyes. The Unmasked Ghostface has cold blue eyes. He gives Cotton a cold stare that he will never forget. Both Cotton and Ghostface hear a car approaching. Cotton sees the car approaching the Prescott house. He turns back to Ghostface's position -- Only Ghostface is gone.

Cotton finally notices the knife and blood. He freaks out over this and starts his truck. He takes off as the car stops at the Prescott house. Coming out of the car is SIDENY PRESCOTT (16), Maureen and Neil's beautiful daughter. She is confused by the presence of this truck at her house and why the driver is leaving in such a hurry. She gets a good look at Cotton's face and notices the blood on him. She also gets a good look at his license plate. She turns to the car and says goodbye to her best friend TATUM RILEY (16), a sweet, beautiful, and innocent girl with blonde hair. This isn't your parents' Tatum Riley of 1996. This is a new Tatum. This is Tatum is an angel compared to the original Tatum. After they say their goodbyes, Sidney heads inside her house and Tatum drives off.

Sidney enters her house and announces herself home to her mother. But she gets no responds from her. So she calls out to her mother multiple times without getting any responds. She looks around the house. But she cannot find her mother anywhere. So she proceeds upstairs and walks towards her parents' bedroom door. She calls out to her mother again. But once again, she gets no response. She opens her parents' bedroom door and looks inside. Sidney gasps upon seeing -- Her parents' bedroom covered in blood from the ceiling, down the walls, to the floor; on the dresser, tables, and the bed. And lying on the bed is the mutalated body of her mother. Sidney lets out a blood curling SCREAM, which takes us to --


NEXT TIME ON SCREAM: After Sidney testifies that Cotton Weary murdered her mother, he is sentenced to death. But on the night of his execution, Cotton discovers who the real killer is.

Chapter 2

WARNING: This scene is a direct copy of the opening scenes of The Crow 3: Salvation. Fan fiction story so why the hell not?


GALE WEATHERS (32) is reporting some breaking news;

"Today, Cotton Weary was found guilty for the murder of his former lover, Maureen Prescott, whose daughter's testimony was the key witness to the prosecuter's case. Judge Stevens sentenced Weary to death."


Outside CRAVEN COUNTY PRISON, there is a large crowd split in two. One side of the crowd is protesting the execution of Cotton Weary and the other side celebrating its upcoming event. Gale is back to report the event.

"Tonight, Cotton Weary, who was accused of raping and murdering his lover, Maureen Prescott, will be put to death, after Maureen's daughter, Sidney, testified against Weary, placing him as her killer. The crowd here is divided. Some want his exection and some don't."

It's clear to us by her tone and attitude towards the upcoming execution, that Gale opposes Cotton's execution. A car pulls up with half of the crowd (the opposition) booing and the other half (pro-execution) cheering the car on. That is because inside the car is Sidney and her father. Sidney is overwhelmed by the large amount of people present. "There's so many of them." Neil tells her to stay close to him. They park in front of a gate and proceed to get out. People start screaming in either celebration or anger by their arrival. As Sidney and Neil move towards the gate that is opening up for them, people from both sides shout things to Sidney. Both good and bad.

"You're a liar, Sidney!"
"You're so brave, Sidney."
"We love you, Sid!"
"You are a murderer!"
"You're killing the wrong man!"
"Your mother is so proud!"

Gale attempts to get a statement from Sidney, "SIdney, how does it feel to wrongfully accuse a man and having him executed?" Neil scolds Gale for harassing his daughter. Neil leads Sidney through the gate, which closes behind them, preventing protesters from entering. Gale turns to her camera and says, "If the Governor does not call to rescind the execution, Cotton Weary will be executed at midnight. I'm Gale Weathers, reporting to you live outside of Craven County Prsion for Top Story." Then she says "Cut" and compliments her cameraman KENNY JONES (35). After putting away the camera, he is being led by an officer inside the gates much to Gale's confusion. "Where is Kenny going?" Gale asks herself.

Kenny is escorted to the WITNESS ROOM, where Sidney and Neil are present. Kenny's presence confuses Sidney, as she recognizes him as Gale's cameraman. But Neil comforts by telling her not to worry about him. A voice says, "Sidney!" which gets her attention. The voice is that of ARTHUR HIMBRY (50s), Sidney's school principal. He shakes both of their hands and says that he is there for Sidney if she needs anything. Sidney thanks her principal for the support. But Neil knows the real reason why Himbry is here. Also present is MAYOR JAY LEWIS (47) and SHERIFF BURKE (50s). The last man to walk in is -- HANK LOOMIS (43). He avoids being seen by Sidney by sitting next to a man (whose face we don't see) near the very back.

In the execution chamber, Cotton, wearing a black prison uniform, is escorted into the chamber room. He is seated on the electric chair and is strapped up by prison guards. The window curtains are drawn and Cotton can see Sidney, Neil, Himbry, Kenny, Burke, Mayor, Hank, and the unseen man next to Hank, watching him in his final moments. The Warden asks, "Cotton Williamson Weary, do you have any final words?" Cotton nods and says, "Sidney, I cared about your mother. I never would have hurt her. I'm innocent." Sidney cries as she shakes her head. Not believing Cotton's claim of innocence.

The guards place a mask over Cotton's face. There are eye holes that allows Cotton to see. After the guards have set everything up, they all step out of the chamber room and watch through a window. Satisfied that everything appears in order, the Warden nods to the executioner, who pulls the lever. Upon doing so, Cotton is electricuted. He grunts through the pain of the electricity going through his body. Despite wanting this, Sidney experiences a panic attack over watching a man being electrocuted to death. Neil holds her tightly, comforting his daughter. Cotton stares at the audience watching his death.

He sees Sidney's horrified expression, Neil's uncertain stare, the satisified stares of Burke, Himbry, and Hank, who do believe that he killed Maureen. Kenny just watches without any signs of any belief rather he killed her or not or how he feels about the execution. He's just watching like a kid watching a scary movie. Cotton turns to the unseen man. And he is horrified upon looking into his eyes. The same cold blue eyes staring into his soul. It finally hits him. ITS MAUREEN'S REAL KILLER. The Unmasked Ghostface. Even worse is his shock upon realizing the Killer's identity as he can now see his face properly. It can't be! Can it? Is it really this person? Angered by this and by the fact that the real killer is there to watch Cotton die for his cirmes, Cotton shouts, "MURDERER!!" Then he slips away. Cotton stops moving.

The Warden nods to the executioner, who pulls the lever to stop the electrocution. After the electrocution stops, Cotton's body slumps foward. The prison doctor enters the chamber and checks his vitals. After checking everything, he nods to the Warden, confirming what we already know. Cotton Weary is dead. Everyone in the witness room proceeds to leave. Cotton's body is left by itself. Alone in the dark execution chamber. Outside the prison, both sides are still arguing when a prison official comes out and waves his arms around, indicating that the sentence has been carried out. The pro-executioners cheer in celebration of Cotton's execution. Meanwhile, Gale and the anti-executioners mourn and cry over this. Gale hugs many to comfort them over the loss of Cotton, who they know was innocent.

Later after the crowd has disappeared, Neil and Sidney are heading out the gate. Burke, Mayor, Himbry, Kenny, and Hank (who avoids being seen by Sidney) are talking to each other not far. Neil approaches them, telling Sidney to go wait for him in the car. Neil waits until Sidney gets into the car before turning to the men. Burke says, "Neil. We all hope that tonight has brought you some closure. We hope that justice has been served for Maureen." Neil gives the men a knowing look. He knows that all of these men have slept with his wife. The Mayor, The Sheriff, The Principal, The Cameraman, and The Father of His Daughter's Boyfriend. But he's not upset by this. He is respectful to them about it. He lost his wife. They lost their lover.

Upon arriving home, Sidney goes straight to her bedroom. She opens her closet door against the bedroom door to "lock" her door. Then she collapses on her bed. She grabs her mother's picture from her nightstand and stares at it. She misses her mother and proceeds to cry. "We got him. He's dead now. You can rest in peace." said Sidney to her mother's picture. Suddenly, she hears noises coming from outside her bedroom window. She moves over to her window, opens it, and sticks her head out. Suddenly -- A HAND GRABS HER FROM OUTSIDE -- SIDNEY SCREAMS. WE CUT TO BLACK.

NEXT TIME ON SCREAM: Sidney attempts to move on with her life with her boyfriend Billy, her best friend Tatum, Tatum's twin brother Tanner and her boyfriend Stu, along with their friends Randy and Anna. But Tatum finds herself being harassed by Ghostface.

What would have happened

Billy and Sideny have a scene basically the same as their first in the original movie. We get to know the teens. Tanner and Anna show signs of liking each other. Tatum is given the call by Ghostface that she thinks is a prank. But she is a major target. Sidney discovers that her parents were, in fact, sleeping with other people, resulting in Neil fathering another child, whose identity and location is unknown. Casey and Steve are killed similar to how it was done in the movies. Himbry, Kenny, Burke, Mayor, and Hank are all killed as the Killer excludes them all of being the one who killed her.

Anna and Tanner are killed at the party. So is Stu and Billy. But it's revealed that Dewey and Tanner are the killers. In a twist, it's revealed that Tanner and Tatum are Neil's unknown children that he fathered. Sidney and Tatum team up to fight Dewey and Tanner. Dewey was a lover of Maureen's and killed her over her ending their affair and jealousy of the other men. Tanner wanted to start a family of killers with his siblings. Sidney kills Dewey and Tatum kills Tanner.

Sidney, Tatum, and Randy are the soul survivors. Tatum moves in with Sidney and Neil as they become a family. Mrs. Riley has left town over these events, thus allowing Tatum to be with her real father.


  • This is a fan fiction remake of the original movie.


# Victim COD Killer CH
01 Maureen Prescott Stabbed multiple times in the chest Dewey Riley 1
02 Cotton Weary Executed via electric chair Police 2
03 Steve Orth Unknown Either Dewy or Tanner 4
04 Casey Becker Unknown Either Dewy or Tanner 4
05 Arthur Himby Unknown Either Dewy or Tanner X
06 Sheriff Burke Unknown Dewey Riley X
07 Mayor Jay Lewis Unknown Dewey Riley X
08 Hank Loomis Unknown Either Dewy or Tanner X
09 Kenny Unknown Either Dewy or Tanner X
10 Anna Unknown Dewey Riley X
11 Stu Macher Unknown Tanner Riley X
12 Billy Loomis Unknown Either Dewy or Tanner X
13 Tanner Riley Unknown Tatum Riley X
14 Dewey Riley Unknown Sidney Prescott X


Ghostface (TV series) 1
IDENTITY Dewey & Tanner Riley
GENDER Both males
TARGET Sidney Prescott
Maureen Prescott
And everyone around them

Jealousy over other Men (Dewey)

He wanted to start a sibling team of killers (Tanner)


Dewey was one of Maureen's lovers

Tatum and Tanner are Neil's children


Both Deceased

Dewey was killed by Sidney

Tanenr was killed by Tatum


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