A thread for my post-Scream 8 script. Since I’m not sure but it looks like you can share other horror related works too? If so here goes...


Ally Pearson has always been haunted by the Pendleton University Massacre, the brutal murder of three students in Stanley Hall, perpetrated by her own father. But as the twentieth anniversary of the event nears, it has become all but an urban legend to the campus, save for Ally, where she wishes for it to remain. However, the past comes back to haunt the school as someone in her father's infamous parka takes an axe to a member of her sorority - setting off a string of murders that all seem to mirror other infamous urban legends. Has her father finally made his way back - determined to have a blood-soaked reunion? Or is there a far more sinister answer hiding in plain sight? A remake of the 1999 slasher film.