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Screamerdale - Season 1 is a story written by Chainsaw-xo that serves as Part 1 of a trilogy and Part 10 of an 13 Part Saga.

Plot and Setting

Two weeks after the Season 1 killing spree ends, Ghostface and several other killers make their way back to Riverdale to finish off what they started.

Character Descriptions


New Characters


Episode Summaries

# Title Summary Release Date
02x01 Thirst for Blood Two weeks after the first killing spree ended, a prank on a survivor puts the main characters on edge as one of their own meets a grizzly end. Nov 15
02x02 Psycho N/A Nov 17
02x03 Happy Birthday to Me N/A Nov 19
02x04 Dawn of the Dead N/A Nov 21
02x05 The Orphanage N/A Nov 23

Episode Detailed Summaries

Thirst for Blood

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Happy Birthday to Me

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Spoilers and Fun Facts


  • It is revealed right away that Josie is alive and well.
  • This season will be sort of similar to the second season of MTVScream.
  • The Bump's identity is actually pretty easy to work out if you add 2 and 2 together.
  • Jughead and FP are not the same lovable characters from the show.
    • In this version, they are dangerous and are the complete opposite from their counterparts in the show.
  • The Andrews' and Blossom's are each relatives of the Cooper's.
    • However, the Andrews' are from Alice's side of the family, whereas the Blossom's are from Hal's side of the family. Thus, the Blossom's and Andrews' are NOT related in anyway.

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What Would've Happened

  • There would've been a new main killer named 'The Sin Collector' in this season, but I decided to completely scrap the idea.
    • The Sin Collector would've been revealed as Mary Andrews, who became insane after Fred's death.
  • I originally intended to bring the Southside Serpents in this season, but I decided to scrap this idea due to too much already going on, and lack of story for them.
    • However, the leader and his son, FP Jones and Jughead Jones will still appear due to reasons to be revealed.
  • Fangs Fogarty was supposed to appear as Charles' love interest, but with me changing my mind and letting Tyler survive, I decided to scrap him.
    • He may appear in Season 3, but with the name Drew instead of Fangs (simply because I think the name Fangs is stupid, and I believe that the  Riverdale writers shoud've given him, along with all the other Serpents, proper names.

Body Count

# Victim Cause of Death Killer Ep
1 Prankster N/A Survivor 02x01
2 Survivor N/A Ghostface 02x01
3 N/A N/A N/A 02x02
4 N/A N/A N/A 02x02


Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Costume
Identity Mary Thomas
Description Her motivation is to kill the Coopers and everybody they love as revenge for Hal not loving her, and choosing his family over her. Mary is now a high ranking member of LOGs, and gets results. She will be seen as a big threat by the characters.
Status Actively Killing


Identity Currently Unknown
Description Ghostface's motivation is to continue to target to the Coopers to get revenge for the death of Jyle’s younger sister; Gale Riley. He will team up with Bloody Mary, but will often be assigned other roles to play. His identity WILL be revealed, and I'll confirm now; it's somebody we ALL know.
Status Actively Killing

The Bump

The Clown
Identity Currently Unknown
Description Returns to act as an accomplice to the killing. The Bump will continue to murder and rape his way through the killing spree, but may finally meet his maker. He will also be revealed this season.
Status Actively Killing
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