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Screamerdale - Season 1 is a story written by Chainsaw-xo that serves as Part 1 of a trilogy and Part 10 of an 13 Part Saga.

Plot and Setting

Two weeks after the Season 1 killing spree ends, Ghostface and several other killers make their way back to Riverdale to finish off what they started.

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Episode Summaries

# Title Summary Release Date
02x01 Thirst for Blood Two weeks after the first killing spree ended, a prank on a survivor puts the main characters on edge as one of their own meets a grizzly end. Nov 15
02x02 Psycho N/A Nov 17
02x03 Happy Birthday to Me N/A Nov 19
02x04 Dawn of the Dead N/A Nov 21
02x05 The Orphanage N/A Nov 23

Episode Detailed Summaries

Thirst for Blood

We open up to the WAVE Music Store in Riverdale, where we find Season 1 survivor, Cheryl Blossom, closing up the empty store. Upon locking the front door, she takes out her phone and texts Betty; telling her that she’s just locking up, and she’ll be over for their girls night with her and Veronica in about half an hour.

Seconds later, she receives a call from ‘Betty’. She answers the call and says hello, but ‘Betty’s’ voice is distorted and Cheryl is unable to work out what she’s saying. She tells Betty that she can’t hear her, before suggesting that she has poor signal. Just then, she hears a knock at the door. She tells the distorted Betty that she’ll call her back in a minute.

She walks to the door and opens it slowly. Nobody is there. Just then, a girl with red hair pops out of nowhere and shouts “boo!”. This makes Cheryl scream and slam the door. After calming down, she opens the door again, only to find the redhead still standing there. The redhead, who reveals her name as Ethel Evernever, apologizes to Cheryl for scaring her, before stating that she just came to pick up her phone that she accidentally left here earlier in the day. A reluctant Cheryl agrees to let Ethel come in and grab her phone.

Ethel says she’ll be quick. She walks into one of the aisles and finds her phone, which is placed on one of the shelves. She walks up to Cheryl and thanks her, before realising who Cheryl is; a survivor. She quickly apologizes for scaring her upon realising. Cheryl thanks Ethel and forgives her. Ethel asks Cheryl if they could take a selfie together.

Despite being reluctant still, Ethel convinces Cheryl to do so, which she does. After taking the selfie, Ethel receives a call on her phone from an unknown number. Cheryl, after the events of two weeks ago, grabs the phone and answers. She demands to know who this is. Suddenly, we hear the killers voice, asking “do you want to die tonight? Cheryl tells the killer that she rammed Tina with a car, and she’ll do the same to him, before hanging up on the killer.

Ethel is scared and tells Cheryl to call the cops, which she proceeds to try and do. However, a crashing noise is heard coming from a back room. Cheryl hands Ethel the phone as she goes to investigate. Although, she finds nothing. She comes back to the main room, only to find that ETHEL HAS BEEN STABBED! Cheryl runs over to Ethel, before being tackled by somebody dressed in the Purger costume. She quickly pushes the Purger from on top of her and pushes a trolley in his way. Angered, the Purger pushes the trolley out of the way and chases after Cheryl, who vanishes.

Confuses, the Purger stops in his tracks. Just then, Cheryl jumps out of the shadows and kicks the Purger in the crotch. He falls to his knees in pain. She kicks him and runs back into the main room, back to Ethel. She quickly checks Ethel’s pulse and sees that she’s still alive. As she does so, the Purger sneaks up behind her and pulls out his knife. She sees his shadow but pretends not to know he’s there. She quickly grabs a CV that was broken earlier and quickly stabs the killer in the throat.

Quickly, Ethel jumps up and asks Cheryl what the hell is wrong with her, stating that it was just a prank. She quickly tends to her injured friend, who is revealed to be Joaquin Santos. Cheryl quickly calls for the police and ambulance.

We cut to twenty minutes later, with the police and ambulance swarming outside of the WAVE. Cheryl is sitting on a bench, with Betty, Veronica and Jay comforting her. Just then, Sheriff Connor Heisel, Jay’s father, walks up to the group and says that Joaquin has died from his injuries. Ethel, who was listening in, pushes past him and tells him that Cheryl is a murderer and should be arrested. Connor defends Cheryl, reminding Ethel that they pranked her and she has just came out of a killing spree, so it would be natural for Cheryl to defend herself.

Cheryl adds to this, stating that she thought she was in danger, and sarcastically asks Ethel if she’s not supposed to protect herself. Ethel states that Connor is only letting Cheryl off with this because she’s friends with his son, before shouting that Cheryl is a murderer and lashes at her, but Connor quickly grabs her and subdues her with handcuffs. He tells one of his deputy’s to take Ethel home. Once Ethel is gone, Connor reveals to the group that Ethel is Deputy Evernever’s daughter, the deputy who died last season, and suggests that she’s just acting out to deal with her mourning. Cheryl nods, before Connor walks away.

We cut to next morning at Pops, where we find Betty and Veronica sitting in a booth, discussing the events of last night. Betty states that it’s crazy that somebody would do that to anybody, especially a survivor and their friend. Veronica agrees, when she notices a familiar looking girl walk into the diner. She walks over the the girl, who is ordering two milkshakes and says, “Blair?”.

The girl, who is revealed to be Blair St. Clair, turns to Veronica and greets her with a hug. Veronica admits that she’s shocked to see Blair here. As Betty walks over, Blair admits that her parents were looking to move to a new home and her snobby and awful brother, Nick, suggested Riverdale. Veronica asks Blair if Nick is still a dick. Blair sighs and admits that he is. Betty introduces herself to Blair, who does the same back. Just as the girls are midway through conversation, Nick walks in and shouts at Blair for not getting his milkshake yet.

Blair apologizes to her brother and quickly rushes over to him with it. But before leaving, she shouts to the girls that she’s starting Rivedale High tomorrow. Veronica asks her to hang out with them, which Blair says yes to. Just then, Cheryl bursts into the Diner and tells the girls they need to talk.

A couple of minutes later and the girls are sitting in the booth again, but this time with a milkshake each. Cheryl informs the girls that after she got home yesterday, after being attacked, she received a call from an anonymous number that told her they know where Josie is. At first, Cheryl didn’t believe them due to it not being the first call she’s had about it. However, less than half an hour ago, she received *this*, before showing the girls a photo that she was sent of Josie locked up in a cage.

Betty and Veronica look stunned upon realising that Josie is still alive. Betty asks Cheryl where she is. Cheryl reveals that Josie is infact, in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, just hidden in a place where nobody has looked, before adding that the person who told her, added that they should look around the grounds instead of inside. Veronica tells them to hold up, and asks who told Cheryl this. Cheryl admits that she doesn’t know, but suggests that it’s somebody who’s willing to help them. Betty replies to this, stating that it could be Ghostface just trying to mess with them.

Cheryl agrees that it could be, but it’s worth a look. The girls agree, and head towards Cheryl’s car. We cut to twenty five minutes later, at the SOQM, where the girls are looking around the grounds. Suddenly, Cheryl receives a second photo from the person who informed her of Josie’s whereabouts. It’s a picture of a large bush, which is located a few meters away from them. They rush over to the bush and push branches aside as they walk through it. Eventually, they stumble upon a secret bunker that they didn’t know about it. They quickly unlock it and head down inside. Veronica offers to stay by the door to keep a lookout, which she does.

Cheryl and Betty head downstairs, where they find jail-cell type rooms. They hear faint noises coming from the distance; it’s a weak Josie calling out for help. The girls quickly run over to her and realize the door is locked. Josie points to the keys that are on a table, placed far enough she can’t reach. Betty grabs the keys and they let her out of the cage, before telling her that she’s safe. Betty and Cheryl both grab Josie and help her out of the bunker.

We cut to the next morning, on the first day of school since the end of the killing spree, where we find our main group, except Polly and Josie, sitting a table in the courtyard. Betty and Veronica point themselves out to Blair, who walks over to them and introduces herself to the others. We come to realize that Tyler is hungover and that he’s taken the killings the hardest out of the teenagers.

Betty and Jay are holding hands, as Tyler asks Betty where Polly is. Betty admits that Polly is still mourning Ethan and Evelyn, and is still locking herself in her bedroom. The group take time to wish Polly the best. Then, Betty reveals that her father is also back, having came home after hearing about the killings, as has her brother Chic. She admits that she’s happy to have her family back together, even if Polly is still hurting and locking herself away. Just then, the bell rings for first period and the teens head their desperate way.

We cut to later that night at the Cooper’s, where we find Hal serving dinner for his family, as Alice, Chic and Betty sit at the dinner table. He asks if he should try talking to Polly to see if she’d come down for food. Alice says that it’s worth a try. Hal heads upstairs and knocks on the bathroom door, knowing she is having a bath. A depressed Polly just shouts “go away”. Hal begs Polly to come down for food, admitting how worried he is about her.

Polly begs to just be alone and for Hal to leave her. Respecting his daughter’s wishes, although not wanting to do so, Hal walks back downstairs and tells the family. However, we pan into the bathroom, where we find a depressed Polly, in the dark, lying in a freezing cold bath. She cries as she lowers her head under the water; ready to drown herself. Just then, Polly hears a voice whisper her name from inside the closet (there’s one inside the bathroom). She quickly pulls her head up from the water and looks around to investigate, but sees nothing. She sees her stereo on a stool a few meters from the bath and decides to turn on some music; depressing music.

Just then, there’s a knock at the front door. Hal answers it, only to find Mary, Toni and Archie Andrews, their cousins, on the other side. He welcomes them in with open arms. Betty and Chic reunite with their cousins while Alice comforts Mary; today is the 1st anniversary of Fred’s, Alice’s brother and Mary’s husband’s, death. Before we see anything else, we cut back upstairs, where we find Polly putting her head back under the water.

Just then, Bloody Mary, who was the one hiding in the closet, jumps out of said closet and pounces at Polly and holds her under the water to stop her from getting back out. She pushes down on Polly’s neck to stop her from screaming for help. After two minutes, Polly Cooper, a season one survivor, is dead. Bloody Mary quickly grabs Polly’s soaking wet corpse and pulls it out of the bathtub.

She tosses it out of the window and runs to Polly’s bedroom and places a note down. Then, she rushes back to the bathroom and throws the stereo in the bathtub, before fleeing the scene.


We open up to Hal taking the stereo out of the bathtub. Alice warns him to be careful, to which Hal reminds her that he turned the electricity off so it won’t electrocute him. Alice adds that she knows that, but to be careful anyway. Betty walks in the room and shows her parents the note that was left in Polly’s bedroom and reads it out to them.

“My dearest family, I have decided to go on a little break from Riverdale due to the things that have happened these past couple of weeks to clear my head. My therapist suggested a visit to a therapeutic retreat in Eldervair, so that’s where I’m heading. I’ve left my phone here so please don’t try and contact me. I want some alone time for now. I’ll be back soon. I love you all, Polly.”

Alice says that something doesn’t seem right, adding that Polly never mentioned a therapeutic retreat in Eldervair. Betty admits that she knew about it, but Polly wasn’t sure if she wanted to go. Alice asks Betty why she and Polly would keep this from her. Betty is about to answer, but Hal, seeing Betty struggling to find her words, steps in and calms Alice down and tells her not to worry. He suggests that maybe Polly just wanted it to be a secret so nobody would try and stop her or whatnot. Alice confesses that Hal is probably right, and she’s just over reacting. She apologizes to Betty for being hasty, which Betty accepts. The Cooper girls leave the room as a sinister look forms on Hal’s face. Before we see anything else, we cut to downstairs.

Archie is fixing himself up a sandwich in the dark as Hal turns the electricity back on. He thanks Alice for letting him make some food, before confessing that the journey here made him starving. Mary and Alice head into the living room to talk in private about Fred. While alone, Mary confesses to Alice that she doesn’t know how to feel right now, with it being the one year anniversary of Fred’s death. Alice admits that she knows the feeling, with Fred being her brother, and the death of her own grandchildren.

Mary holds Alice’s hand and tells her that it must be hard for her. Alice admits that it is hard, and it’s worse that she doesn’t have any friends to help. She admits that she does have Hal and her children, but it’s not the same. Mary tells Alice that’s non-sense, she has her as a friend; always has and always will. Alice thanks her sister-in-law, and tells her that the same can be said vice-versa. Alice and Mary share a sisterly hug, officially showing the audience their sisterly friendship. After they finish hugging, they hear Toni shout that she’s going to Pop’s.

Meanwhile, we cut to Pop’s, where we find Cheryl sitting in a booth alone, stirring her half-empty milkshake with her straw. She looks lost. Just then, Toni walks in and orders her drink. She turns and sees the depressed looking Cheryl and walks over to her and asks if she’s okay. A sarcastic Cheryl says she’s brilliant and hasn’t felt better. Toni rolls her eyes and tells Cheryl that she didn’t have to be a bitch, she was just seeing if she was okay. Toni walks away from Cheryl, who soon calls her back. Cheryl apologizes, before admitting that she’s not in the best mindset due to everything that went on two weeks ago. Toni quickly realises that Cheryl is a survivor of the killing spree and tells her it’s water under the bridge.

She adds that Cheryl must be one of Betty’s friends, to which she confirms she is. Cheryl asks Toni how she knows Betty. Toni chuckles and admits they’re cousins. Cheryl says that she didn’t expect that, because she’s also Betty’s cousin, just on Hal’s side (this DOES NOT mean they are related. Read the Trivia), before smiling at Toni, who smiles back. Cheryl asks Toni what brings her to Riverdale.

Toni says that today’s the one year anniversary of her father’s death, and her mom wanted to be close to their family on this day. Cheryl confesses to Toni that coming to Riverdale was probably a big mistake, before mentioning the fact that Ghostface, and god knows what other killers are still out there. Toni admits that she knows, but she isn’t going to let masked cowards scare her off from spending time with her family. Cheryl admits that Toni has a point, before adding that she’d probably do the same if she still had family. Toni remembers that Cheryl lost her family during the killings, but reminds her she still had the Cooper’s. Cheryl thanks Toni for reminding her.

Cheryl asks Toni what it’s like back home in Greendale, what are her friends like, her boyfriend and whatnot. Toni admits that her friends are the best. She a part of a gang, which she regretfully joined after her dad’s death, because now she’s stuck in a relationship she doesn’t want to be in. Cheryl tells Toni that she could just leave him and the group. Toni admits that it’s not easy, before admitting that the gang is the Southside Serpents, who originated from Riverdale, and her boyfriend is infact, the leader’s son, Jughead Jones.

Cheryl is shocked to hear this. She tells Toni that Jughead’s a monster, and how he left Riverdale because he was kicked out of school after kicking the living daylight out of his ex girlfriend, Laurie Lake to the point of hospitalization. Toni looks horrified after hearing this and admits that she didn’t know. Cheryl tells Toni to be careful and offers to help her escape the Serpents, especially Jughead in any way she can.

Just then, Ethel walks in and sees Cheryl and Toni sitting together in a booth. She mutters the words “you bitch!” under her breath, before walking over to the two other girls. Cheryl sees Ethel and sighs. Ethel marches over and tells Cheryl that she’s the worst kind of bitch. Before Cheryl or Toni can say anything, Ethel picks up Cheryl’s milkshake and pours it over her. This stuns both girls, which makes Ethel chuckle. Ethel tells Cheryl that she’ll see her in hell, as Pop orders her to leave his diner. Cheryl shouts to Ethel that she’s gonna pay for that.

Just then, we cut to the Samuels/Keller house, where we find Josie watching TV with her aunt, Meg McCoy. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Josie says she’ll answer it, which she does, only to find her father, Myles, on the other side. Josie stands in shock, unsure of what to say. Myles, seeing that Josie is speechless, says “hey baby, I’m home”. Josie’s response is to slam the door. We cut to black.

Happy Birthday to Me

Coming Soon

Spoilers and Fun Facts


  • It is revealed right away that Josie is alive and well.
  • This season will be sort of similar to the second season of MTVScream.
  • The Bump's identity is actually pretty easy to work out if you add 2 and 2 together.
  • Jughead and FP are not the same lovable characters from the show.
    • In this version, they are dangerous and are the complete opposite from their counterparts in the show.
  • The Andrews' and Blossom's are each relatives of the Cooper's.
    • However, the Andrews' are from Alice's side of the family, whereas the Blossom's are from Hal's side of the family. Thus, the Blossom's and Andrews' are NOT related in anyway.

Coming Soon

What Would've Happened

  • There would've been a new main killer named 'The Sin Collector' in this season, but I decided to completely scrap the idea.
    • The Sin Collector would've been revealed as Mary Andrews, who became insane after Fred's death.
  • I originally intended to bring the Southside Serpents in this season, but I decided to scrap this idea due to too much already going on, and lack of story for them.
    • However, the leader and his son, FP Jones and Jughead Jones will still appear due to reasons to be revealed.
  • Fangs Fogarty was supposed to appear as Charles' love interest, but with me changing my mind and letting Tyler survive, I decided to scrap him.
    • He may appear in Season 3, but with the name Drew instead of Fangs (simply because I think the name Fangs is stupid, and I believe that the  Riverdale writers shoud've given him, along with all the other Serpents, proper names.

Body Count

# Victim Cause of Death Killer Ep
1 Joaquin Stabbed in throat with broken disk Cheryl 02x01
2 Polly Drowned in bathtub Ghostface 02x01
3 N/A N/A N/A 02x02
4 N/A N/A N/A 02x02


Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Costume
Identity Mary Thomas
Description Her motivation is to kill the Coopers and everybody they love as revenge for Hal not loving her, and choosing his family over her. Mary is now a high ranking member of LOGs, and gets results. She will be seen as a big threat by the characters.
Status Actively Killing


Identity Currently Unknown
Description Ghostface's motivation is to continue to target to the Coopers to get revenge for the death of Jyle’s younger sister; Gale Riley. He will team up with Bloody Mary, but will often be assigned other roles to play. His identity WILL be revealed, and I'll confirm now; it's somebody we ALL know.
Status Actively Killing

The Bump

The Clown
Identity Currently Unknown
Description Returns to act as an accomplice to the killing. The Bump will continue to murder and rape his way through the killing spree, but may finally meet his maker. He will also be revealed this season.
Status Actively Killing
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