The Second Scream

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Screamerdale S1
Screamerdale - Season 1 is a story written by Chainsaw-xo that serves as Part 1 of a trilogy and Part 10 of an 13 Part Saga.

Plot and Setting

10 years after a serial killer by the name Bloody Mary stalked Riverdale, a town which has since moved on and now presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world: safe, decent, innocent. However, several killers; The Gargoyle King, The Purger and The Clown show up and disrupt that peace and innocence, which causes blood to be shed once again. Josie Samuels and the Cooper family find themselves as the primary targets of the killers.

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Introduction 20 years after serial killer Bloody Mary stalked the town of Riverdale, several new killers show up. 28th Nov
Humiliation Resuming where Episode 1 left off, we meet our main characters and watch as somebody is completely humiliated by our secondary antagonists of the season 30th Nov
Aftermath Tina struggles to deal with the embarrassment and the humiliation, which leads to her making a life changing decision. Elsewhere, Veronica and Tyler go on a date, much to Kevin’s dismay. Meanwhile, Betty makes her move with Jay. Also, we start to learn about Josie’s home life. 2nd Dec
Veronica's Veil After receiving a call from Ghostface, Veronica’s worst fears come true upon discovering her secret has been revealed, which leads to a confrontation between her and Hermione. Also, the Gargoyle King murders a teen couple, which breaks the hearts of several characters. 4th Dec
Honor Thy Father and Mother Tina takes the next step of her revenge and visits two people who have sinned against her the worst. Elsewhere, Hermione, struggling with the revelation of what her husband really is, plots her revenge against him. Also, Kevin makes his move on Tyler, which doesn’t go as he expected. Meanwhile, Ghostface makes his first move on the parents. 6th Dec
Exposed Tyler’s secret is exposed, which leads to a shocking and explosive confrontation between him and Veronica, who is still mourning from the death of her mother. Meanwhile, Betty confides in Jay about her father’s connection to Bloody Mary. 8th Dec
The Reigning King Upon learning that one of their friends is missing, the characters set off on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, Tyler makes a decision about his future with Kevin. Also, the Gargoyle King is revealed, and a dramatic battle between him and Josie ensue. 15th Dec
Playtime A main character undergoes serious torture after the Bump and Ghostface murder their family. Also, Sierra is worried upon learning Josie didn’t return home last night. Meanwhile, Alice realises that it’s time to confess her secret after Betty receives a phone call from Ghostface. 17th Dec


In a flashback episode, we find out how LOGs was founded and what its main purpose is was when it originated, and what it’s purpose is today. Also, the secret the parents were keeping is exposed. 19th Dec
Punishment A depressed and distraught Cheryl confides in Tyler, Kevin and Veronica about what happened to her. Also, Ghostface punishes the Cooper family as he makes them his prime targets. Meanwhile, the other characters learn Josie’s fate. Elsewhere, we learn more about Alice. 21st Dec
No Loose Ends

Betty and Polly recover from the events of last episode in hospital, while Cheryl visits the doctor with Tyler’s mom. Elsewhere, Alice mourns the deaths of her grandchildren by getting drunk. Also, Sheriff Minetta receives word on Josie’s whereabouts.

23rd Dec
The Purge Cheryl's fate is revealed, and Alice visits a blast from the past in order to find out news on Chic. Elsewhere, Ghostface assigns Tina a deadly mission. Meanwhile, several main characters lose their lives as the first killing spree comes to a close.

20th Mar

Episode Detailed Summaries


We open up to Riverdale in the summer of 2008, in a 90s-esque looking living room. In walks a woman fully dressed is black sexy lingerie, who we’ll call MARY from now on. Just then, Mary’s Walkman phone starts playing Psychosocial by Slipknot, which is Mary’s ringtone. Mary grabs her phone and angrily answers it, asking the person why he’s calling.

The person, who’s revealed to be Mary’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Hawking, tells Mary that he misses her and wants her back. Mary, recognising Jason’s tone of voice, realises he’s drunk. She sarcastically asks him if he’s “ran out of other bitches to fuck”. Jason tells Mary to stop being like this, as he only cheated once. Mary angrily tells Jason that he’s lucky she didn’t slit his throat there and then when she found out. Just then, there’s a knock at the door which makes her hang up on Jason.

She answers the door, only to find a pizza delivery guy. Mary, in her sexy underwear, smiles at the delivery man as she tells him that she had forgotten that she had ordered pizza, and therefore left her money inside, before asking him to step inside for a moment, which he does.

Mary walks away from the delivery guy to get her money. Mary returns a few seconds later with the money, which she gives to the delivery guy. However, after giving it to him, she grabs his crotch area, which stuns the delivery boy, who gets turned on. The two start making out, which leads to Mary and Delivery Guy, who from now on we’ll call Ty, drag each other into the bedroom area (she lives in an apartment), where Mary proceeds to undress Ty. As she does this, we notice an upside down crucifix (the symbol of Satanism) on the wall above the bed.

After stripping Ty completely naked, Mary pulls out a POCKET KNIFE and stabs Ty in the chest eight times,killing him. Ty the Delivery Guy is dead. After killing Ty, Mary looks up at the upside-down crucifix and tells herself that Jason is next. She proceeds to put her finger in the pool of Ty’s blood and draws a pentagram on his chest with it. She proceeds to shout “FATHER (Satan), I AM YOURS!” as we cut to black.

We open up the present day at the Cooper house, where we are introduced to Betty Cooper and her sister Polly Cooper as their mother, Alice Cooper, serves them breakfast. Polly asks Alice if she’s going to be okay with looking after Ethan and Evelyn (her twin babies). Alice confirms that she is okay to look after then, before revealing her plans to take them to the park after visiting Hal with them. Betty asks how dad is, before admitting that she hasn’t been to see him yet this week.

Alice says that Hal is good, and offers to go with her tomorrow to see him after school. Betty says she’d like that. Alice asks Polly if she’s wants to come, but Polly says she’s busy tomorrow. She’s taking the twins to see Jason Blossom, who is their father. Alice admits that she can’t believe that she’s still allowing Jason to see the kids, especially after what happened between them.

We cut to a flashback set a month prior, in which we see Polly knocking on the doors of Thornhill, which is where Jason Blossom and his family live. Penelope Blossom, Jason’s mother, answers the door and frowns when she sees that it’s Polly, but smiles when she sees she has the babies. Polly asks if Jason’s here, as she’s brought the kids to see him. Penelope says yes, before snatching the baby stroller out of Polly’s hands and slamming the door in Polly’s face.

We cut to inside Thornhill as Penelope calls Jason downstairs. Jason runs down to find Penelope holding Ethan, leaving Evelyn in the stroller. As she passes Jason his son, she drops him. As the flashback ends, we hear Alice say that she can’t believe that Jason defended Penelope dropping Ethan. Polly says that it wasn’t Jason’s fault, it was just an accident. Betty, realising the time, says they’re going to be late for school, so Alice offers to take her daughters.

We cut to Riverdale High, in Alice’s car, with her driving and Polly, Betty and Polly’s babies sitting in the car. We come to realise that the semester has only just started, and today is their first day. Betty and Polly say goodbye to their mother and the twins, before getting out of the car. However, Alice calls Polly back. Polly tells Betty that she’ll catch her up. Polly asks Alice what’s up. Alice proceeds to tell Polly something which we don’t hear, as we cut to inside the school, where Betty is meeting up with her friends. However, before we meet them, we cut to black.


We open back up to Riverdale High, where we meet Jay Heisel, who is Betty’s best friend. Betty thanks Jay for waiting for her. Jay says that she’s most welcome, before asking where Polly is. Betty says that Polly is talk with their mother. Just then, Tyler Denton walks up to them and highfives Jay, before bro-hugging him. He says hey to Betty, who says hey back.

Kevin Keller, Josie McCoy, Cheryl Blossom, Reggie Mantle, Jason Blossom, Melody Valentine and Valerie Brown walk up to the trio, before all saying hello. Josie and Reggie and holding hands, as are Jason and Melody. Kevin asks everybody if they’ve heard who’s back. Betty says she has, and can’t wait to see her again after so long. Josie says “Speak of the Devil”, before everybody turns around.

Just then, Veronica Lodge walks up to the group and says hi. Everybody, but Tyler, Melody and Valerie, who doesn’t know Veronica, hug her and reunite with their old friend. Veronica sees Tyler and smiles at him. Tyler sees this and smiles back at Veronica.

Cheryl, seeing the time, tells her friends that the girls have cheerleading practice, before saying that they should get going. She invites Veronica to come along, and maybe try out, to which Veronica accepts. As Veronica and the other girls walk away, we see her look back at Tyler with affection. It’s clear to us that she is crushing on him. He smiles back at her. We then realise that Betty is also smiling at Jay, who is smiling at her back.

We cut to cheerleading practice in the main gymnasium, where we find the girls watching Veronica as she is trying out for the Vixens. She is clearly impressing the girls. It’s similar to Toni Topez’ try-out in Season 2 of the show. We notice Cheryl’s face as Veronica works her stuff. It’s almost as if she’s adoring Veronica. As she does her big finish to her performance, the Vixens clap and cheer, which makes Veronica smile. Cheryl stands up and tells Veronica that she’s thoroughly impressed and her made her decision.

She tells Veronica that “better luck next time”, which shocks every single person. Veronica is about to speak, but Cheryl giggles and says she’s joking; Veronica is in and is now a Vixen. Everybody cheers. Betty runs up to Veronica and the two hug to celebrate the latter’s victory.

Just then, one of Cheryl’s former minions and the new queen bee bitch, Ginger Lopez, strolls into the gym and asks if she’s late. Cheryl turns to her and, with an annoyed look, says yes she is. Ginger admits that she was having an argument with her parents, hence why she’s late.

Cheryl says that she understands, before asking Ginger about what happened with Chuck, as she heard that he asked Tina out on a date, which shocks everybody, as, like Josie says, Chuck regularly makes fun of Tina. Ginger gives a devilish smile as she says she and Chuck broke up, but if he wants to catch something, then he picked the perfect rebound.

Ignoring this comment to avoid an argument, Veronica, who is also there, along with Betty and Josie, changes the topic by asking if they mean Chuck Clayton, to which they say yes. Veronica tells her friends that on the day after she came back to Riverdale, she had the misfortune of meeting Chuck, and he grabbed her behind. This shocks the girls, who ask Veronica if she’s told her parents. Veronica admits that she hasn’t, because she has only just returned to Riverdale, and doesn’t want her parents to freak out and want to leave again, plus, her father, Hirim, would kill Chuck, and she isn’t just saying that.

Betty suggests that they teach him a lesson, before hatching a plan that we do not hear as we cut to Chuck’s car, which is parked behind Pop’s Diner, which is where our main characters usually hang out. Tina, who we see is rather beautiful, tells Chuck that she’s had a great night. Chuck tells Tina that he has a confession, as well as an apology, to make. He confesses how sorry he feels for picking on Tina last year, before apologising. Tina accepts his apology. Chuck asks if they can go for a walk, which Tina says yes to.

Outside, in the woods, Chuck asks Tina if she’s ready to do that thing she said she would. Tina gulps, before admitting that she thought it was a joke. Chuck acts upset by this, and starts walking away. Tina calls Chuck back, and apologises, and says that she’ll do it. Chuck unbuttons his pants and takes out his penis, and calls Tina over. We realise that Chuck had previously asked Tina to suck his penis.

She admits that she had never done this before, but Chuck tells her he’ll talk her through it. Tina puts her face by Chuck’s penis, and at this point he starts pissing in her face. Tina, shocked, quickly moves away and finds that GINGER was filming them. Chuck and Ginger laugh at Tina, which reveals they are still a couple and this was just another one of their schemes to humiliate somebody. Tina, absolutely humiliated, runs off into the night as we cut to black.


We open up in Sweetwater forest, next to the Sweetwater river, where we find TINA, repeatedly stabbing what appears to be a dog with a picture of Chuck’s face on it. As she continues to stab the dog, Tina laughs manically. It’s clear that all the bullying and humiliation Tina has faced over her life, has pushed her to the brink of insanity.

Just then, the sound of a twig snapping is heard by Tina, which makes her aware and alert. She demands to know who’s there, before saying she has a knife and she’s not afraid to use it. Getting no response, Tina decides to investigate the noise, with her knife held in front of her, ready to attack. She approaches what appears to be a tree. Tina asks herself if she’s going bat-shit, as there’s nothing here.

Upon saying this, Tina gets the shock of her life as the TREE STARTS TO RISE; revealing THE GARGOYLE KING to be disguising himself as the tree. Tina quickly swings her knife at the Gargoyle King, but he pushes her arm, causing her to drop the knife. Tina asks the Gargoyle King who he is, and what he wants with her.

The Gargoyle King responds by telling Tina that he has the key to her getting revenge against all those who have sinned against her. Tina says that she’s listening. The Gargoyle King reveals that he is on a mission to cleanse this dirty town of all their dirty secrets and sins, and needs a helper. Tina, curious, asks what she’d be needed to do. The Gargoyle King says its simple; all she’d need to do is be loyal and do her part.

Tina asks what her part would be. The Gargoyle King tells Tina that she’d need to murder the residents of Riverdale. Tina laughs at this, calling the killer’s bluff. She says that this is some bullshit, before walking away. The Gargoyle King pulls out a gun and shoots in Tina’s direction, but purposefully misses. He’s gained Tina’s attention. He asks her if it looks like he’s joking. Tina instantly realises that this is a real killer. She asks why she should help him.

The Gargoyle King simply tells Tina that she’s been hurt by so many people; Chuck, Ginger, her parents, and that she has the opportunity to get back at them and make them pay. It’s obvious to us that Tina is actually considering this. After a few seconds, she says she has just two conditions; equal power, and she wants to know who he is. The Gargoyle King tells Tina that he’ll agree to these conditions once she has proven her loyalty to him by committing her first kill. Tina says that she has an idea of who to kill first, before we cut to black.

We open back up to the Cooper house, where we find Betty getting ready to go and see Jay, with Kevin, Josie, Cheryl and Veronica helping her choose what to wear. As Betty puts her hair in her signature ponytail, Josie asks her if she’s excited to see Jay, where as Kevin asks if she’s nervous. She turns to her friends with a smile on her face and admits that she’s both. Cheryl hugs her cousin and tells her that nerves are acceptable, but it’s time for her to make a move as it’s obvious they like each other.

Betty says that if Jay does like her back, then why hasn’t said anything. Everybody turns to Kevin, knowing that he has the perfect answer. Kevin says that Jay is a millennial straight guy and needs to be told what he wants. Veronica chuckles at this, before agreeing. Cheryl asks Veronica what time she’s going out on her date with Tyler. This shocks Kevin and Josie, who ask if she means Tyler Denton, their friend. Veronica smiles and confirms that it is. Josie and Kevin look at each other, which catches Veronica’s attention.

She asks what’s up with her going on a date with Tyler, before jokingly asking Kevin if he likes Tyler. Before she continues to speak, we cut to a FLASHBACK - SET WEEKS BEFORE THIS SEASON - We see the men’s toilets in Riverdale High, where it sounds like somebody is being beaten up against a cubical. However, we soon realise that it’s KEVIN AND TYLER IN A HOT STEAMY EMBRASE! FLASHBACK ENDS and we return back to normal.

Resuming where we left off, Kevin lies and says that he doesn’t like Tyler that way. He adds that he wouldn’t even get anywhere with Tyler if he did, as Tyler’s straight. Veronica says that’s a good point, before saying she should get going. Everybody says goodbye to Veronica as she walks out the door, and as she does, Betty says she’s ready. Kevin, Josie and Cheryl wish Betty luck as we cut to the Samuels/Keller house, after Josie and Kevin have arrived back home.

We are introduced to Kevin’s father, Tom Keller, and Josie’s mother, Sierra Samuels, who are engaged and soon to be married. Tom and Sierra ask their children how school was. They says it was good, before adding that they hung out at Betty’s for a couple of hours afterwards. Sierra says she’s so happy that the two of them (Kevin and Josie) have formed a sibling-like bond, to which Tom agrees with. Kevin and Josie smile, before heading up to Josie’s room.

In Kevin’s room, Josie tells Kevin that she can’t believe Veronica and Tyler are going on a date, especially since Tyler was getting close with Kevin. Kevin, looking sad, admits that this is just one big mess. He then adds that this is the number one reason you shouldn’t fall for a closeted guy.

Kevin admits that he’s considering just giving up with relationships, as none of them have gone well, before mentioning the names Joaquin and Moose. Josie holds Kevin’s hand as she tells him that he shouldn’t give up as he’ll find the right one for him eventually. Kevin thanks Josie, before asking if he can have some alone time. Josie says yes, before telling Kevin that if he needs her, then she’ll just be in her room. Kevin thanks Josie as she leaves the room.

We cut to Pop’s Diner, where we find Betty sitting with Jay in one of the booths. Jay tells Betty that he missed her while he was away (Remember, yesterday was the start of the school semester). Betty smiles as she tells Jay she missed him too. Jay smiles and asks Betty what the highlight of her summer was. Betty admits that the highlight of her summer was her internship at Mayor Samuels’ office. She also reveals that her internship helped her build a better friendship with Josie, who she now sees as one of her best friends. Jay says that’s great.

She asks Jay how visiting his father was. Jay says it was great, Ohio was great as a whole, but he’s missed Riverdale, especially Pop’s milkshakes, and Betty. As Jay takes a sip of his milkeshake, a smile forms on Betty’s face as she repeats Jay saying he missed her, over and over in her mind. Jay, seeing Betty’s smile, asks her what’s on her mind. Betty reveals that she’s been thinking about them and their friendship.

Betty starts to hesitates to speak, which causes Jay to hold her hand to calm her down. She starts off saying that ever since he moved in next door to her, she’s always had a thing for him. This shocks Jay, who asks Betty to elaborate. Betty admits to Jay that she loves him, much more than a friend. A shocked Jay says he didn’t realise that Betty felt this way, which saddens Betty, as she’s under the impression he doesn’t return her feelings. Jay remains silent, not knowing what to say.

Betty says that this was a mistake before getting up and walking away. Jay runs after her and grabs her. He tells Betty that he didn’t know what to say because he didn’t realise she felt the same as him. Betty is shocked at this, before Jay confirms that he likes her back. They proceed to make out in a long, intimate and passionate kiss. As this happens, we notice Pop Tate, the owner of the diner watching them, he chuckles to himself as he says “Awh, young love!”.

We cut to the Samuels’ house, where we find Sierra reading through important documents while frowning. She put the papers down and takes off her glasses. She rubs her forehead before taking a sip of wine. Just then, Josie walks into the room and notices her mother’s frustration, before asking her what’s up.

Sierra tells Josie that it’s her (Josie’s) father; he’s stopped the monthly payments. Josie asks why he’d do that, before sitting down with her mother and holding her hand to calm her down. Sierra reveals that Myles (Josie’s father) didn’t give a reason. Josie jokingly says that he’s probably blowing the bank on Russian hookers and cheap gin. Sierra chuckles at this, before realising that she shouldn’t allow her daughter to say such negative things about her father. Josie says that at least now he won’t have a reason to reach out to her any more.

Just then, Josie’s phone begins ringing. She looks at her phone to find her caller is AN UNKNOWN NUMBER! Josie says to her mother that she’ll be right back, before leaving the room and answering the call. She asks it is, and the caller responds by telling her that he’s “your very worst nightmare”.

Josie says she’s confused, before asking if this is Reggie playing a prank on her. The caller eerily asks if he sounds like Reggie to her. Josie, curious, asks “who is it then?”. The caller, who we realise must be The Gargoyle King, tells Josie that her family, as well as every other resident in this sinful town has sinned and must be punished. Josie, confused, asks the Gargoyle King what he means. He tells her she’ll see soon enough, before hanging up and leaving Josie feeling both threatened and confused.

We cut to the Lopez house, where we find Ginger getting home after a night out in a bar, despite it being a school night. Her parents asks her where she’s been. Lying, Ginger says she’s been at Chuck’s, before heading to her room. She starts unpacking her bag, revealing there to be DRUGS known as Jingle Jangle inside. She tells herself that it’s a shame she couldn’t use those tonight, but she’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Just then, Ginger gets a call from an unknown number. She answers the phone, only to hear a voice she doesn’t recognise ask if this is Ginger Lopez. She confirms it is, before asking who this is. The caller tells Ginger that she’s broke one of the rules to surviving a horror film; ‘Never ask who’s there’. He then asks Ginger “do you wanna die tonight?” Ginger says that this is a joke, before calling the caller a ‘perverted old man’ and hanging up.

Just then, she hears the sound of glasses smashing downstairs, which almost frightens her. Suddenly, a glass smashes in her bedroom. She looks around, and realises that her window is open and has knocked a cup over. She closes her window before sitting on her bed. She doesn’t even move the smashed glass from the floor. As she proceeds to get comfortable, The Gargoyle King, who was hiding under her bed, climbs out from his hiding place and GRABS GINGER, before injecting her with sedative. He drags her unconscious body as we cut to a couple minutes later.

The Gargoyle King watches Ginger in amusement as she slowly regains consciousness, due to him throwing cold water on her face to wake her up. Ginger, seeing that she’s tied up, asks where she is. The Gargoyle King says that she’s at home, and soon, she’ll be right back at her true home; hell. Ginger asks the Gargoyle King what he means.

The Gargoyle King tells Ginger to add two and two together; he called her threatening her life and now she’s tied up. Ginger asks if this is Chuck playing a trick on her, before asking him if he’s trying to get kinky with her. Tina walks in, and says “shocker! Ginger being a whore as always”. Ginger looks disgusted to see Tina in her house. She shouts for her to get out, as if anybody finds out she (Tina) was here, they’d think she (Ginger) invited her. Tina calls Ginger “charming”, before sarcastically asking herself why she was ever friends with this stupid bitch. The Gargoyle King tells Tina that Ginger is all hers.

Tina thanks the Gargoyle King as she walks up to Ginger. She full on bitch-slaps Ginger across the face, making her scream in pain. She asks Tina what that was for. Tina say that was for years of suffering. She tells Ginger that for all her hard work in making her (Tina’s) life a living hell over the years, she though it’d be a nice time to get payback. Ginger asks Tina what she’s talking about.

Tina says that she was “this close” to killing herself tonight, but her friend her (points to The Gargoyle King) showed her that the cowards way out was the wrong choice. She reveals that her new friend showed her that it’s better to get revenge. She tells Ginger that she and her friend have a surprise for her, before nodding to The Gargoyle King, who lifts a sheet up from the table infront of Ginger. Ginger screams upon seeing the CORPSES OF HER PARENTS, who, from their wounds, were obviously stabbed to death. Ginger cries in horror, asking what her parents did to deserve this.

Tina sternly grabs Ginger’s face as she tells her that her parents were sinners and had to pay. Ginger asks how her parents sinned. Tina chuckles as she tells Ginger that they sinned by screwing and giving birth to a little baby bitch (Ginger). She tells Ginger that they suffered a brutal fate cause they raised a horrible little bitch, with no discipline, and soon, Ginger will suffer the same fate for her sin, which is that she’s a toxic bitch. Tina kicks Ginger’s chair backwards, and jumps on her head repeatedly.

The Gargoyle King watches Tina in amusement and admiration as she stomps Ginger’s head to a pulp. Ginger Lopez, Chuck Clayton’s girlfriend and a bully of Tina Patel, is dead. The Gargoyle King says “My, my, my, Tina. You’ve impressed me and have proven your loyalty to me”, before removing his mask and revealing his identity to Tina, who is shocked to realise who it is. She says “Damn, I was *NOT* expecting that”. He then tells his accomplice that it's time for them to take out their next target, before taking Ginger's phone and sending a text message to somebody, whose name we do not see, asking them to come over. Before we see any more, we cut to black.

Veronica's Veil

We open back up to the Lopez house, where we find CHUCK, who is revealed as the person Tina texted last episode, knocking on the door. However, the door creaks open, revealing it to not be locked. Chuck pushes the door open and calls out Ginger’s name, but gets no response. He walks in and shouts “OH SHIT” upon discovering the corpses of Ginger and her parents. He turns to run back out, but runs straight into Tina’s knife, which stabs him in the stomach. He looks at Tina as he falls to the floor. She tells him “You ruined my life, so in turn, I’m going to *END* yours!”. She nods to the Gargoyle King, who appears from off-screen. He grabs Chuck and holds him up. Chuck tells Tina to burn in hell. Tina responds by pulling Chuck’s pants and underwear down before saying “Shut your mouth, pencil dick!”. Chuck threatens to beat Tina up, to which she says “I don’t think you’ll be doing that any time soon”, before proceeding to castrate Chuck with her knife.

A screaming Chuck is in agony and is humiliated. We come to realise that a camera was filming the whole thing. She grabs the camera and asks Chuck how it feels for him to be humiliated on camera for the world to see. Chuck tells Tina to fuck herself, before calling her a psychopath. Tina nods at the Gargoyle King, who drops Chuck to the ground and takes the camera. Chuck tells them to go to hell. Tina responds “I’ll see you there”, before slicing Chuck’s stomach open and pulling out his intestines. As Tina has the time of her life playing and dancing in Chuck’s blood and intestines, he dies. Chuck Clayton, boyfriend of Ginger Lopez, and bully of Tina Patel, is dead. We cut to black.

We open up to the next morning at Riverdale High, where the characters have learned about the four deaths, including Ginger and Chuck. Cheryl shows no sympathy towards Ginger and Chuck’s death, stating that they were nothing but cruel bullies and ultimately got what they deserved. This shocks everybody, who didn’t expect Cheryl to say that.

However, Josie, Valerie, Melody and Reggie soon agree with Cheryl, stating that they did literally just send out a video of Chuck pissing on Tina, which must be humiliating for her. Betty asks if any of them have seen Tina, but everybody shakes their heads. Veronica, who walks up to the group with Tyler, hand in hand, which annoys Kevin, asks the group if they’ve heard about the murders. The group confirm they have, before admitting that they were just talking about it.

Just then, Josie’s phone begins ringing; it’s the unknown number again. Josie answers the call and asks if this is the same person from last night. The caller, who is revealed as the Gargoyle King, confirms that it is, and asks if she liked his work. Josie realises that her caller is the person who killed Chuck and Ginger. She asks why he killed them. The Gargoyle King responds “I told you what I was doing; cleansing out the sinners in this sinful town”. He then tells Josie to put the call on loud speaker, as he wants everybody to hear this, which she does.

The Gargoyle King reveals that the murders of Chuck, Ginger, and Ginger’s parents were just an example of what’s to come. He and his “special friends” are going to tear this town to the ground and make it burn. Veronica asks the Gargoyle King who his “special friends” are. To which The Gargoyle King reveals as The Purger, Ghostface and The Bump. Jay and Kevin both say that they recognise the names Ghostface and the Bump. Jay reveals that his father had a run-in with a LOGs member by the alias Ghostface. Kevin then reveals that his father had a similar run-in with the Bump, who had raped a 9-year-old school girl.

The Gargoyle King says that he’s glad that they know of his helpers. He then reveals that the Purger is somebody they know, and that person got the honor of killing their biggest enemies; Ginger and Chuck. Reggie asks who it is. The Gargoyle King tells to think about who Ginger and Chuck have hurt recently. Everybody realise that it must be Tina, which the Gargoyle King confirms. He then tells them that Riverdale will burn along with the corpses of every single person inside it, before hanging up. This leaves everybody mortified. Kevin says they have to tell his dad straight away.

We cut to the Cooper house, where Betty and Polly are sitting at the table with Alice due to their school closing due to the Gargoyle King’s threat. Betty asks if this could somehow be related to the Bloody Mary killings. Alice tells Betty not to be silly, as there’s no way Mary Thomas is still alive as she was shot by police. Polly backs Betty up, adding that Mary was never found; dead or alive, she just vanished. Betty adds that Mary could’ve survived her gunshot wounds.

Alice, realising that this is a possibility, warns her daughters not to tell their father, who is a survivor of Mary’s killing spree, as she doesn’t want to risk him having another breakdown, especially if it turns out Mary isn’t involved in these killings. She also tells her daughters that they’re on a 8pm curfew until the killers are caught. Polly and Betty are understanding with their mother, due to being scared themselves.

Alice also warns Polly to not leave the babies alone at Thornhill, as all they know is that one or all of those bastard-Blossoms are the killers. Polly admits that she doubts Jason, Cheryl or even Rose are capable of murder, although she admits she can’t say the same for Penelope or Clifford. She then asks her mother why she hates the Blossoms so much anyway.

Alice says that she has her reasons, but she’s not saying until she’s not ready to. Before we see any more, we cut to the Valentine household, where we find Melody with Jason, who are helping each other prep for a music test. Jason is playing the piano as Melody watches. He stops and asks her how he sounds. She tells him he sounded good, and it seems he’s making wonderful progress. Jason thanks her and smiles. She asks him how the kids are, to which Jason says they’re good.

He admits that he hasn’t really seen them as much as he used to, due to Polly being on edge with what Penelope did to Ethan. Melody says that sucks. Jason admits that he doesn’t blame Polly, as Penelope actually did it on purpose, as punishment for Jason being two minutes late. Melody says that she knows that Penelope is his mother and all that, but she is such a bitch. Jason chuckles as he agrees with Melody.

After this, Jason realises the time and says he should get going. Melody walks him to the door and the two of them kiss; revealing them to be a couple. Jason tells Melody that he’ll see her tomorrow, before walking to his car. Melody closes the door and walks inside her music room. She notices that her sheet music is scattered all over the floor, and calls out to her parents, asking if they did it but gets no response.

Melody picks up her sheet music and puts it in a pile on her desk. She tells herself that she and Jason are gonna ace this test. Just then, the Gargoyle King sneaks up on Melody and chokes her to death with her cello bow. After 20 seconds, a bloody Melody takes her last breath. Melody Valentine, girlfriend of Jason Blossom and close friend of Josie Samuels, is dead.

Just then, there’s a knock at the door. Curious, the Gargoyle King walks up to the door and opens it, before hiding. Jason, who is revealed to be the knocker, walks in and calls out to Melody that he forgot his phone. Jason walks into Melody’s music room and finds Melody’s corpse. However, before he can react, the Gargoyle King sneaks up behind him and shoots him in the back of the head. Jason Blossom, brother of Cheryl Blossom, boyfriend of Melody Valentine and father of Ethan and Evelyn Cooper, is dead. We cut to black.

We reopen at the Lodge residence, where we find Veronica sitting in her bedroom. Just then, her phone rings. She sees that the caller is the unknown number that called Josie and hesitates, but ultimately decides to answer. She asks if this is the Gargoyle King. The caller laughs, revealing that he’s not the Gargoyle King, he’s much more advance and cruel. He then reveals that he’s Ghostface.

Veronica asks Ghostface what he wants. Ghostface reveals that he’s targeting the parents of Riverdale for their sins from years ago. He tells Veronica that he hears her father has been a naughty boy. Veronica gulps, asking Ghostface what he means. Ghostface tells Veronica that he knows her father used to sneak into her room at night at molest her.

A scared Veronica sobs, asking Ghostface how he knows this. Ghostface chuckles, revealing that he knows everything, and now so does Hermione. Veronica asks Ghostface what he means, but he hangs up before he can answer. Just then, Hermione bursts into Veronica’s bedroom and asks her if there’s anything she wants to tell her. A speechless Veronica is too scared to say anything.

Hermione sobs as she asks if Hirim has been hurting her daughter. A tearful Veronica nods to her mother, who grabs Veronica and holds her close. Hermione tells Veronica that she’s gonna keep her safe from now on. And now she knows about Hirim, he’s gonna regret every laying a finger on either one of them. Veronica realises what Hermione just said. Hermione confesses that Hirim hurt her too. Veronica remembers seeing bruises on Hermione’s arm, to which Hermione admits that they were done by Hirim, and not that she fell down the stairs like she said. Veronica and Hermione hug each other as they cry for their shared tragedies.

We cut to the Samuels house, where Josie is mourning Melody’s death. She cries, asking herself why Melody had to die. Just then, there’s a knock at the door. A grieving Josie calls out, asking who’s there. The knocker reveals herself as Cheryl. Josie tells Cheryl to come in, which she does.

We notice that Cheryl has been crying, as her mascara has run down her face with her tears. She sobs that JJ is gone, and so is Melody. She walks over to Josie and sits on her bed with her as they start to mourn their losses together. While Josie rubs her hand on Cheryl’s face to comfort her, it appears that something is starting to awaken inside Cheryl, which causes Cheryl to jump up and run off, despite Josie pleading with her to come back.

We cut to Thornhill, where Cheryl runs through the main doors and straight upstairs to the bathroom. As she runs past the living room, we hear Clifford say that he wishes that Cheryl were the one who was murdered, not Jason. Upstairs, we find Cheryl locking herself in the bathroom, before crying as she looks at herself in the mirror. She realises that something she has tried to keep hidden all her life is coming back. She results to punching the mirror; smashing it as we cut to black.

Honor Thy Father and Mother

We open up to a run-down abandoned building, which for now we’ll call the Outpost. Just then, the Gargoyle King walks into view with Ghostface, who is obviously his superior, the Bump, and Tina, who is in costume. The Gargoyle King thanks the Bump for finding them this place, as it’s perfect and exactly what they needed. Ghostface asks the Gargoyle King what his next move is going to be. The Gargoyle King says that he’s gonna do more behind-the-scenes stuff and send Tina out on the next part of her mission, which makes Tina chuckle in excitement.

Ghostface says that he’s gonna make his first move on the parents, and enlists the Bump to help him. He tells the Bump that if he gets lucky, then maybe he can rape Veronica as a reward, which makes the Bump VERY happy. He says that he’s always wanted to taste a Latina cootch. Tina and the Gargoyle King chuckle at this before the killers depart.

We cut to the Patel house, which is being vandalised by some teenage members of the Serpants named Moose (Kevin’s ex-boyfriend, who has since joined the Serpents) and Dilton, who were friends of Ginger and Chuck. Tina’s father, Devin, comes out with a phone and threatens to call the police on them if they don’t leave immediately. Dilton and Moose laugh at Devin, jokingly telling him that getting the police here would be a bad move on his part, as then Tina would be found (they’re implying that Devin is hiding Tina, as everybody knows she’s a murderer). Devin tells the teenagers that he hasn’t heard from or seen Tina since before she turned into a psychopathic bitch.

Dilton jokes that she probably turned into a psychopathic bitch because Devin and Kym (Devin’s wife, Tina’s step-mom) used to beat her and molest her. This accusation stuns Devin, who results to walking back inside the house and slamming the door closed, before locking it. Dilton and Moose highfive each other, before continuing their vandalism. Just then, an irritated Tina walks up to them and tells them that they were half right about what her father and step-mother did; they only beat her up, they never molested her. Dilton and Moose remain silent due to knowing that Tina is a killer.

Tina tells them that since they’re here, that she might as well build up her body count. She pulls out her knife and stabs Dilton in the head, which makes Moose freak out and tries to run, but Tina throws her knife at him. The blunt end hits Moose in the back, making him call down. Tina runs up to Moose and grabs him by the hair to lift his head up before slitting his throat. Dilton and Moose are dead.

She proceeds to drag their corpses over to the front door, before saying to herself that revenge is sweet. Tina pulls out a miniature gas canister before throwing it through an open window, and we cut inside the house. We see Kym and Devin talking about the accusation of them being child molesters. Just then, they hear something smash. Alerted, they jump up and rush to the living room, where they find the can, which has split open. Almost instantly after smelling the fumes of the gas canister, they each realise that they’re fucked. We cut back outside, where Tina lights a match and throws it through the open window, before running away. As she runs further away, the house explodes into fiery flames. Dilton and Moose’s corpses burn with it. We hear Kym and Devin screaming as they burn to death. Eventually, their screams are no-more. Kym and Devin Patel, step-mother and father of Tina Patel, are dead.

We cut to Pop’s, where we find Josie sitting in a booth with Reggie. She tells him about the call she received the other day from the Gargoyle King, about him telling her that she’s his main target because of something her father did. Reggie says this is fucked up. He grabs her hand and tells her that they’ll find this sick son of a bitch and bring them down; stopping the rampage. Josie tells Reggie that they’ve never actually spoke about her father before now. Reggie says that is true, before asking what happened between them.

Josie admits that nothing actually happened between her and her father, it was a thing between him and her mother. She tells him that long story short, her father cheated on her mother, and then abandoned her to pursue a music career in New York. Reggie suggests that maybe whoever the person her father cheated on her mother with, is somebody related to the Gargoyle King. Josie realises that this is a possibility, but says that it’d be a bit sad if a person were to literally start murdering innocent people to get revenge on her for something her father did. Reggie agrees with Josie, but adds that maybe there is more to the story, or maybe they’re entirely wrong on what the motive could be. Josie says that she doesn’t really care about the motivation, she just wants the killings to stop.

We cut to the Lodge residence, where we find Veronica cooking food in the kitchen. Just then, Hirim walks in and says hello to his wife, whom he kisses on the cheek. Veronica has a wicked smile on her face as she tells Hirim she’s made his favourite dish, and it’s nearly ready. Hirim says that this is splendid, as he is parched. Hermione tells Hirim that this food’ll fill him up. She takes it out of the oven and puts it on two plates; one for her and one of Hirim. She places the plate in front of him, before pouring him a glass of wine. Hirim tells Hermione that this looks stunning and can’t wait to tuck in. Hermione tells him to do so then, which he does.

Hermione sits on the chair opposite Hirim and tells him she knows what he did to Veronica all those years ago, with him sneaking into her room at night to molest her. Hirim asks Hermione if Veronica told him this, as she’s full of shit. Hermione tells Hirim that Veronica didn’t tell her, but she knows it’s true. She reminds Hirim how he once beat her (Hermione) up and raped her while she was unconscious. She tells Hirim she wouldn’t put it past him to deflower their only daughter. Hirim tells Hermione not to speak to him like this, as he deserves respect. Hermione tells Hirim that he’s wrong, what he deserves is something more brutal; and he’s gonna get it. Hirim chuckles, telling his wife to do her worst. Hermione tells Hirim that she already has.

Just then, Hirim starts choking on his food as he struggles to stand up. Hermione reveals that she laced the food and wine with arsenic, and now she will get the two of the things she wants in life; 1. To keep Veronica safe, and 2. Watch him (Hirim) die. Hirim falls to the floor in a seizuring fit as he starts bleeding from the mouth and nose. After a few seconds, Hirim takes his last breath. Hirim Lodge, father and molester of Veronica Lodge, and husband of Hermione Lodge, is dead.

Before we see anything else, we cut to Tyler’s car, which he is sitting in with Kevin. Tyler tells Kevin that he can’t keep doing this because he likes Veronica. Kevin rolls his eyes and tells Tyler that he can’t keep pretending to live Veronica just to hide his secret. He asks him what’d happen when it comes to Tyler and Veronica having sex. He reminds Tyler that he can’t get ‘it’ (his penis) up when it comes to girls. Tyler tells Kevin that he’ll work something out; take viagra; do anything he can. Kevin tells Tyler that being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. Tyler tells Kevin that’s where he’s wrong; his family are religions Christians and regularly go to church often. He adds that he’s on the football team, which has some of the most homophobic people he’s ever met.

Kevin tells Tyler that his parents might surprise him and turn out to be supportive, but Tyler says he’s not going to attempt to find out if they would be supportive. He tells Kevin that this is the end of them two as it can’t continue anymore. Kevin asks if he can have just one last kiss, to which Tyler says yes to. They start kissing, which turns into a hot and steamy embrace. Realising what’s happening, Tyler quickly stops and pushes Kevin away. He tells Kevin that his decision is final, before ordering Kevin to get out of the car, which he does. Tyler quickly drives off, leaving Kevin in the cold and dark. We soon notice that they were being filmed by TINA!

We cut back to the Lodge house, where we find Hermione cleaning up the mess from killing Hirim. As Hermione wraps Hirim’s corpse up in a old rug, we notice a dark figure sneaking up behind her with a frying pan. Hearing the floorboard behind her creak, Hermione turns around, only to find GHOSTFACE behind her. Before she can say or do anything, Ghostface bludgeons Hermione to death with the frying pan. Hermione Lodge, mother of Veronica Lodge, and wife and victim of Hirim Lodge, is dead. Ghostface pulls out a knife and carves the year ‘1992’ into Hermione’s forehead.

We cut to Veronica’s bedroom, where she is on facetime with Betty. She tells her bestfriend that her mom knows about what Hirim used to do. She tells Betty that she’s scared that her father is going to do something in retaliation for exposing him. Just then, Betty calls out, telling Veronica to watch out. Veronica turns around and jumps when she finds THE BUMP BEHIND HER. She quickly punches him in the mask, which breaks his nose, and kicks him, before pushing past him and dashing town the stairs to find her mother. However, instead she finds Hermione and Hirim’s corpses. Veronica screams, before dashing out of the house (I’ll confirm she saw the year that’s carved in Hermione’s corpse). We cut to black.


Opening up a little bit after the last episode left off, we find ourselves at the Brown house, where Mrs. Brown, Valerie’s mother is doing needle-point as she watches a game show. She boos upon seeing that a woman got a simple question wrong. Just then, there’s a knock at the door. Mrs. Brown answers the door, only to find that the knocker is the Gargoyle King

Before she can slam the door in his face, the Gargoyle King pushes Mrs. Brown backwards and dashes into the house, closing the door behind him. Mrs. Brown tries to wiggle away, which triggers the Gargoyle King to stamp on her leg, causing it to make a cracking noise; meaning it’s broken. Mrs. Brown, in agony from her broken leg, calls out for Valerie’s help but gets no answer. She attempts to crawl away as the Gargoyle King punches a framed photo; smashing it. the Gargoyle King grabs one of the glass shards and walks up to a injured Mrs. Brown and proceeds to stab her in the neck; killing her.

As the Gargoyle King sneaks upstairs, we cut to Valerie’s room, where we find that she is playing very sad, depressing music as she lays in bed. It’s obvious that she’s in mourning due to Melody’s death. As she continues to mourn, we flashback to Valerie being the person who found Melody and Jason’s corpses. We cut back to the present, and see just how depressed Valerie is. Just then, Valerie hears a knock at her bedroom door.

Assuming it’s her mother, Valerie shouts her to come in. However, nobody does come in and instead, there is another knock at the bedroom door. An annoyed Valerie crawls out of bed and walks over to her bedroom door, before opening it and finding the Gargoyle King. She screams as he swings a knife at her. However, Valerie quickly slams the door in his face before the knife can hit her, thus making the knife stab into the door. He kicks the door open runs over to Valerie, who tries to fight back. The Gargoyle King puts himself at an advantage by stabbing Valerie in the stomach. He tosses her onto her bed and continues stabbing her in the stomach and chest repeatedly. He then grips her by the hair and pulls her up, before cutting her throat. Valerie Brown is dead.

We cut to the Lodge Residence, which is is now an active crime scene. Alice, Betty, Polly, Josie, Reggie, Jay, Kevin, Tyler, Cheryl and Tom are there. Everybody, except Tom, who is investigate the crime scene, talk about the murders. Reggie says that he can’t believe how many people have been murdered in such a short period of time. Kevin says that he can’t believe that people are actually being murdered. Cheryl says that Riverdale went pretty much crime-free for 7 years, but now all sorts of crime keep happening. Kevin and Tyler both say that this stuff needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. Everybody agrees with them.

Just then, Tom walks over and tells Alice he needs to speak to her in private. Kevin asks how Veronica is. Tom tells the teens that Veronica was hysterical when they found her hidden in a bush in the backyard, to the point where she had to be sedated to calm her down, which saddens everybody. He then tells Alice to come with him, which she does. In private, Tom tells Alice about the year ‘1992’ being carved into Hermione’s forehead and admits that he thinks that somebody knows their secret.

Before we see or hear anything else, we cut back to the teens. Cheryl asks where Veronica is going to stay, as it’s obvious she can’t stay in that house alone. Betty tells them that Veronica can stay at her house, Alice returns to the teens. She tells them that she’s had a word with Tom, and it’s been decided that Veronica will be staying with them at the Cooper residence. Betty agrees with her mother, revealing that she also just suggested that.

Just then, one of Tom’s deputies walks up to Tom and informs him that another two bodies; a teenager girl and her middle-aged mother, have just been uncovered at the Brown residence, which our main characters overhear. Everybody tears up upon realising that the cop means Valerie and her mother.

We cut to the next morning at the Cooper’s, where we find Alice, Polly and Betty having breakfast. Polly says that she can’t believe this is happening so quickly; They’re losing everybody they care about. Betty and Alice agree, with Alice revealing that she and Hermione were best friends in high school. She says she cannot believe she’s actually gone. Alice asks Betty how Veronica slept last night. Betty reveals that Veronica didn’t sleep last night. She kept hearing her tossing and turning all night.

Just then, Veronica walks downstairs and thanks them for letting her stay last night. Alice tells Veronica that she’s most welcome and she’s also welcome to stay as long as she likes. Veronica thanks Alice. Betty and Polly say they should all get going to school, but Veronica admits that she doesn’t feel like going in today as she needs rest. Alice permits this and tells Veronica to make herself at home.

Once Polly and Betty are gone, Alice tells Veronica that she has to pop out with the babies to go get some groceries. With Alice gone, Veronica goes up to Betty’s room and pulls out a photo album. As Veronica flips through the pages, we see that the pictures that Hirim are in, have jos face scribbled out. She tells a picture of her mother that she will find the person that killed her and she will avenge her. She gets up and wipes the tears off her face as we cut to Tom’s house, where we find Tom, Sierra, Penelope and Clifford.

Penelope rolls her eyes as she says “Typical Alice, always late. Just like in high school”. Alice then arrives with the babies and apologises for being late. We notice Alice give Clifford a disgusted look, which nobody sees. Sierra asks Tom why he called this meeting. He reveals that the year ‘1992’ was carved into Hermione’s forehead and he thinks somebody might know what they did in that year and that’s why the killings are happening. Penelope rolls her eyes once more and tells everybody that she, nor Clifford, really did anything that night. Alice reminds them that all of them were in that video after ‘IT’ started, so whomever is doing this may think they’re responsible.

We cut to Riverdale High, where all of the main characters, except Veronica, are sitting together. Just then, a depressed Veronica then walks up to them, which stuns everybody in the cafeteria. She reveals that she needs to speak to Tyler about something important in private. Veronica takes Tyler to an empty classroom, but before we see what is said, we cut to Principal Peabody’s office, where we find her CORPSE, bleeding out on the floor. It’s obvious she has been stabbed to death. As the camera pans up, we find TINA grabbing the microphone. She takes out her phone and starts playing the audio of a video.

We cut to Veronica and Tyler, where Veronica is about to ask Tyler something. Just then, they both hear the audio being played on a speaker near them. We come to realise that the audio is the sounds of Tyler and Kevin making out, which causes Tyler to freak out and run off. Veronica chases after him but he proves to be too fast for her. He bursts out of the main entrance and runs to his car. He gets in his car and speeds off. Veronica runs back into school and bumps into Cheryl, who Veronica asks if she has a car. Cheryl says yes, and asks why. She tells them that when Tyler heard that video, he fled, and now she’s worried about him. Cheryl tells Veronica to say no more, before the pair run out of the school to Cheryl’s car.

We cut to Betty and Jay in the cafeteria sitting alone as Betty wanted to speak to him privately. Betty reminds Jay about Mary Thomas, the Bloody Mary killer, killed 28 people. As Jay nods in remembrance, Betty reveals to Jay that there is something nobody but her family knows. Jay asks what it is. Betty reveals that Mary fell deeply in love with Hal and began stalking him. She killed her (Betty) grandparents. Eventually, Hal lured Mary to Sweetwater River, and she was shot in the back by police but she somehow survived and vanished. She admits that she’s worried that with the killing spree going on, that she’s scared Bloody Mary will come out of hiding and target her family for Hal’s rejection of her.

Jay holds Betty’s hand and tells her that should Bloody Mary return and target her family, then together, they will take Bloody Mary down. He then hugs Betty as he tells her that he’s not going to let anything happen to her. We cut to Veronica and Cheryl in the latter’s car, where they eventually find Tyler standing on the side of a bridge, ready to jump; it’s obvious he’s about to commit suicide out of shame and guilt over his sexuality.

Veronica and Cheryl jump out of the latter’s car and plead with Tyler not to jump as he still has so much to live for. Tyler sobs that he’s sorry pretended to be crushing on Veronica to hide his secret. Veronica says she doesn’t care about that. All she cares about is that Tyler comes down from there and comes with her and Cheryl. Tyler sobs that everybody’s gonna judge him and bully him. Cheryl tells Tyler that she and Veronica will be there with him and will beat the shit out of anybody who judges him. They plead with Tyler to come down as tears drip down their faces. They tell Tyler that they care about him, but this isn’t enough to get Tyler down.

Realising that this could possibly be the only way to get him down, Cheryl takes it upon herself to climb up onto the wall and stand next to Tyler. She reminds him that they’ve been best friends since they were three. He always let her crash at his house whenever her parents did something to upset her. He’s also always looked out for her every single time somebody teased her. She tells him that if he goes, she goes, as she has nothing else to live for; her brother is dead and her parents are abusive. Veronica sobs as she tells Tyler that she’s already lost both of her parents, and begs him not to make her lose two of her best friends too. With the girls’ words replaying in his mind, Tyler turns around and climbs off the way, with Cheryl following him. The two girls wrap their arms around Tyler, who bursts into tears. We cut to black.

The Reigning King

We open up at the Cooper’s house, where Tyler sits in front of the fireplace while Cheryl cuddles him. Just then, Veronica brings Tyler a cup of coffee to arm up from being out in the cold. Just then, Betty, Jay, Polly, Kevin, Josie and Reggie walk in and run straight up to Tyler and cuddle him. They tell him how much they love him. Tyler tells them he loves them too. Veronica suggests that they all leave him and Kevin alone to talk, which everybody agrees to. They all agree to this, before leaving the room.

Kevin holds Tyler’s hand as he tells him how scared he was when Veronica texted him that Tyler was missing. Tyler apologises for scaring him. He holds Kevin’s hand as he tells him that he’s tired of hiding himself; his truth. Kevin asks him if he means he’s ready to come out. Tyler admits that if he’s learned anything from tonight. He learned that he has the most supportive and loyal friends who are willing to help him get through anything. Kevin agrees, and says that he felt the same when he realised it was time for his coming out.

Kevin then asks that since he’s not longer pretending, if they can finally be together. Tyler thinks for a second, before saying he wants Veronica’s permission, due to her feelings for him. Kevin says that is understandable, before shouting Veronica in. Veronica comes in and asks what’s up. Tyler asks Veronica if it would be okay for him to date Kevin, stating that he doesn’t want to make their (Kevin and Veronica’s) friendship awkward. Veronica smiles and says that they have her blessing. And with that, it’s official; Kevin and Tyler are officially together. With Veronica’s encouragement, they share a passionate kiss.

Just then, Tyler’s phone starts ringing. He looks at his phone and sees that it’s unknown. He answers and tells the caller, who is obviously one of the killers, “I’m still alive, asshat”. Tina, who is revealed to be the caller, says “that’s a shame. I would’ve gained great satisfaction from you slitting your dirty wrists”. Kevin snatches the phone and tells Tina that she should be the one to slit her wrists. Tina chuckles, before sarcastically telling Kevin that she’s so offended.

Tyler takes the phone back and asks if there’s a specific reason she called, or is she just calling to gloat. Tina tells Tyler that she called to explain her reasons for exposing his dirty little secret. Tyler asks why she did that to him. Tina tells Tyler that it’s quite simple. She reminds him about how when he saw her self-harm cuts a couple of weeks ago, and told the guidance councillor. Tyler tells Tina that he was just trying to help her. Tina tells Tyler to shut his mouth and let her finish. She proceeds to reveal that the guidance councillor informed her parents, which made the abuse she was receiving at home by the hands of her parents, worse.

Tyler apologises for making the abuse from her parents worse, but once again says he was only trying to help her. Tina angrily tells Tyler that “I didn’t want your help and I’m gonna make you su-”, but he ends the call on her before she can finish. Veronica, Kevin and Tyler are all stunned by Tina. Kevin says that she sounded as if she’s reached the level of insanity, to which Veronica and Tyler agree with.

Just then, everybody, except Josie walks back in, and Tyler fills them in on everything that’s happened, which shocks everybody. Cheryl says that should she see Tina again, then she’s gonna beat her ass. Just then, Veronica realises that Josie isn’t here. Polly says that she saw Josie go outside but didn’t see her return. Betty turns to Polly and asks how long she’s been gone. Polly says that she’s been gone for about 10 minutes.

Reggie goes outside to check if Josie is there, but she isn’t. He returns and tells everybody that Josie is gone. He pulls out his phone and tries phoning her. However, they hear her phone ring. They rush over to Josie’s phone and Reggie unlocks it. He checks her recent calls, and finds out that she was rung by an unknown number. Cheryl predicts that the killer, or killers, asked Josie to meet for a battle. Betty says that if that is the case, then they have to find her as soon as they can. Reggie suggests that they split up into pairs and look for Josie that way.

Reggie assigns everybody their partners. He tells Polly that she can come with him, Betty can go with Jay, Kevin can go with Tyler and Cheryl can go with Veronica, that way the people who can’t drive, can go with somebody who can. Jay asks where they should all go. Betty suggests that each of the pairs should check out an abandoned location each, as that’s typically where serial killers have their lairs. Everybody agrees. Before we see who chooses what place to go to, we cut to an unknown location, where we find Josie tied to a chair.

Just then, Tina walks up to Josie and tells her that the Gargoyle King sends his regards, and will be here soon for their ‘grand finale’. Josie spits at Tina and tells that neither she, nor the Gargoyle King will get away with any of the ‘shit’ they’re doing, before adding that they’ll pay eventually. Tina wipes Josie’s spit off her and slaps her. She tells Josie to shut her mouth, to which Josie replies “make me, bitch!”, before suggesting they battle before the Gargoyle King gets here. Tina declines Josie’s suggestion, which makes Josie tell her not to be a pussy. Tina asks Josie “what did you call me?”. Josie repeats what she said, which angers Tina. She tells Josie that she’s changed her mind; they will battle, just so she (Tina) can beat her (Josie’s) ass, before untying Josie from the chair. And with that, IT’S ON!

The two ladies stand opposite each other, looking determined to win this battle. Josie charges at Tina and punches her nose; knocking her back. Tina quickly sweeps her leg at Josie, which knocks her down too. Tina jumps back up and pounces at Josie, who responds by kicking Tina in the face. Josie quickly jumps up and punches Tina in the face again, this time breaking her nose. The two girls continue to exchange blows with one another. As they do, their determination to win increases. Tina, seeing that she’s starting to lose, kicks Josie in the leg and pulls out a pocket knife, which she swings at Josie. Before we see anything else, we cut to Betty and Jay, who are visiting the abandoned Whyte Wyrm bar on the Southside; it’s obvious that nobody has been there in quite a while.

Jay comments on the state of the building, stating that he’s shocked at how the Serpents haven’t been back here in a while. Betty informs him that they’re still in Greendale, and she knows that as her cousin TONI ANDREWS is a Serpent. This shocks Jay. Betty tells Jay that Toni isn’t like the other Serpents, she’s one of the good ones. She tells him that her mother also used to be a Serpent when she was their age, to which Jay says he can’t imagine Alice as a bad girl. Betty chuckles at this, before saying that her mother used to be quite the hell-raiser in her teens. Just then, they come across a way in and go through it. Before we see anything else, we cut to Cheryl and Veronica, who are also in the Southside, but are at Southside High.

Veronica asks what this ‘shithole’ is. Cheryl reveals that this place is Southside High, which was the main high school in Riverdale, before Riverdale High was built. She reveals that Southside High didn’t have a purpose to stay open after Riverdale High was built, and therefore closed down. She reveals that it was supposed to be demolished a couple of years ago, but it was postponed until next year (2016).

We cut back to Josie and Tina, where the latter tries to stab the former. However, Josie blocks the knife with a nearby wooden board she grabs. As Tina pulls the knife out of the wooden board, Josie kicks Tina’s legs, which makes her fall backwards and drop the knife. Josie quickly grabs the knife and plunges it into Tina’s stomach. Before Josie can finish Tina off, the Gargoyle King walks in and tells Josie that she’ll regret it if she stabs Tina again.

Josie tells the Gargoyle King to fuck himself, before asking him why he called her here. The Gargoyle King admits that he thought it was time to fulfil his plan and finally prove himself to his God. Josie sarcastically asks him what God that is. The Gargoyle King reveals that his God is Jyle Venedict, whom she may know as Gasface; Leader of LOGs. As he says this, a distracted Josie fails to see Tina crawling away. Josie asks the Gargoyle King who he is.

The Gargoyle King chuckles that he is perhaps the person Josie suspected the least, before pressing a button that lifts off his mask; revealing the Gargoyle King to be REGGIE MANTLE, Josie’s boyfriend. Josie is completely speechless at her boyfriend’s reveal. Reggie grins at Josie’s shock, before saying “Surprise, bitch!”. Josie stutters as she calls out Reggie’s name in shock. Josie says that this isn’t happening; she’s dreaming. Reggie tells Josie that she’s very much awake, and this is very much happening.

He tells Josie that the others know she’s missing, and how he purposely sent them to wrong locations. However, he had to bring Polly with him to make sure nobody suspected him. He reveals that Polly is now unconscious in the back of his car, and he intends to frame her after he finishes Josie off.

Josie asks Reggie why the fuck he would do this to her; to his friends. Reggie reminds Josie about their phone call (the one from episode 3), and how he’s getting revenge on Josie for her father’s sins. Josie asks what her father did. Reggie reveals that Josie’s father, Myles, had an affair with his mother, which drove his father to abandon them. Josie, in a sassy manner, asks Reggie “isn’t there a movie where a girl’s boyfriend kills the girl’s friends because of the same bullshit reason? I believe there is”. Reggie tells Josie to shut her mouth and let him finish, which she does.

Reggie reveals that soon after his father left, Myles ended things with his mother, and she fell into alcoholism and later became abusive. He reveals that one day, he fought back and push his mother backwards, and she just so happened to fall into the TV stand and onto the floor. However, her falling into the TV stand shook it, and therefore made the TV fall off it; the TV landed straight on his mother’s head and electrocuted her to death. He tells Josie that he blames her and her family for that, and now he will get his revenge. He reveals his plan to murder Josie and Sierra to lure Myles back to Riverdale, and then murder him too.

Josie tells Reggie that he won’t get the chance to murder anybody else, as she’s gonna put a stop to him. She turns around to get the knife out of Tina, who she realises isn’t there. She quickly turns back around to face Reggie, but is punched in the face. She punches him back, and launches at him; thus meaning that their battle has begun. Before we see anything else, we cut to the Cooper house, where all of the teens, minus Polly and Reggie are back.

Cheryl suggests that maybe Reggie and Polly managed to find Josie, and are fighting the killer as they speak. Betty says she hopes that’s the case, before adding that she hopes neither Polly, Josie or Reggie are hurt. We then cut back to Josie and Reggie battling in the unknown location. Josie throws a punch at Reggie, which hits him in the cheek. Reggie responds by punching Josie in the nose, which makes it bleed. Josie quickly kicks Reggie in the groin, which makes him gasp in pain.

While Reggie is down, Josie tries to kick him in the face, but he quickly lunges at her; sending her backwards. He climbs on top of Josie as the two of them throw punches at each other. Josie grabs Reggie’s face and squeezes it, which makes him lose his hold on her. She uses this to her advantage and kicks Reggie off her. She quickly punches Reggie in the face, which causes his nose to break. Reggie quickly spin-kicks Josie with the intention of hitting her in the face, but she grabs his leg and flips him.

Josie quickly grabs Reggie’s head and slams it against the floor seven times, which causes Reggie’s head to split open. Upon seeing the blood flow out of Reggie, Josie stops slamming his head into the floor and stands up. She proceeds to stamp on his throat to make sure he’s dead. Reggie Mantle, boyfriend of Josie Samuels, and the Gargoyle King, is dead. Josie sinks to the floor in exhaustion, and as she does, we see GHOSTFACE SNEAK UP ON HER. He jumps and her and before he can react, he places a chloroform pillow on her face, knocking her out. Ghostface proceeds to drag an unconscious Josie off-screen as we cut to black.


We open to the next morning at the Cooper house, with Alice, Betty, Veronica and the twins in the kitchen eating breakfast. Alice, realising that Polly is late for breakfast, asks the girls what’s keeping Polly as she’s never late for breakfast. Veronica offers to go check on Polly, which Alice says yes to. A few seconds later, a worried Veronica returns and says that Polly isn’t in her room. A scared Alice asks the girls if either of them have heard off Polly in the last 24 hours.

However, before either of them are able to answer Alice’s question, we hear a knock at the door. Alice answers the door and finds Tom on the otherside. She asks him what brings him here. Tom explains that he received a tip from Ghostface to check out the Sisters of Quiet Mercy orphanage, which he did. He explain that found an unconscious Polly in the trunk of Reggie’s car, tied up. Polly then walks up to her mother and hugs her. Alice sobs to Polly that she’s sorry for not realising she was gone. She reveals that Reggie knocked her out and left her.

Tom adds to this, saying that it appears that Reggie was the the Gargoyle King, and is now dead. He also adds that Josie’s fingerprints were on Reggie’s corpse, and therefore she must have been responsible for his death. Polly turns to Tom and asks him if he’s found Josie yet. Tom shakes his head in sadness as he reveals that she is still missing. He adds that he hopes she’s safe as it would break his and Sierra’s hearts if she’s been harmed or worse. He say that if Josie is hiding, then he hopes she comes out of it, as it’s obvious that Reggie’s death was act of self-defence and desperation, and therefore Josie hasn’t done anything wrong.

Just then, we cut to the Keller/Samuels house, where we find Sierra curled up on the couch crying. She sobs that she wants her baby (Josie). Kevin and Tyler walk in the room, hand in hand, and see that Sierra is crying. As they comfort her, Kevin asks if she’s heard off Josie, or found out where she is. She sobs as she sarcastically says that if she did, she wouldn’t be in this state now. Realising that she snapped at people who are jut trying to comfort her, Sierra quickly apologises. Kevin tells Sierra not to worry, before adding that he shouldn’t have asked stupid questions.

Just then, Sierra’s phone begins ringing. Tyler says “this doesn’t seem good”, knowing that Sierra’s caller is probably one of the killers. Sierra takes her phone out her pocket and sees that her caller is an unknown number, just like Tyler predicted it would be. Sierra answers the call and puts it on loud speaker. Sierra asks who this is and what they want. Ghostface, who reveals himself as the caller, asks Sierra if she’s missing something.

Sierra threatens Ghostface that if he’s hurt Josie, then she will tear him limb from limb. Ghostface replies “Any more threats, and I light that bitchy daughter of yours on fire”. Sierra begs Ghostface to tell her where Josie is. Ghostface tells Sierra that Tom was ‘close’ to finding Josie when he searched the Sisters and found Reggie’s corpse, however he obviously didn’t look hard enough. Ghostface chuckles as he says that Tom is one lousy sheriff.

Kevin tells Ghostface not to insult his father. Ghotface asks Kevin what he’s gonna do if he doesn’t stop insulting him (Tom). Kevin is rendered speechless, due to being fearful of what could happen should he threaten the killer. Ghostface tells Sierra that if she wants Josie back, then he, Tom, Kevin, and Kevin’s “bum buddy” (Tyler) should get down to the Sisters as soon as possible, otherwise Josie will die. Sierra proceeds to hang up on Ghostface and calls Tom right away.

Before we see anything else, we cut to Thornhill as a depressed looking Cheryl walks through the front door. She calls out her parents, but gets no response. Cheryl walks through the halls of Thornhill until she arrives inside the living room. Cheryl screams upon entering as she finds both of her parents dead. It’s obvious that Clifford has been disembowelled and Penelope has been raped and stabbed to death. A terrified Cheryl turns around and runs to the door.

However, upon reaching the door, she hears a crashing noise coming down the stairs. She turns her head, only to find the corpse of her Nana Rose, which is tied to her wheelchair, tumbling down the stairs. Cheryl screams once again upon seeing that her Nana’s head was bashed in, before opening the door to flee. However, she finds Ghostface carrying an axe on the other side. Before Ghostface can strike at Cheryl, she slams the door shut in his face; making the axe smash through it. Ghostface peaks through the hole in the door, similarly to Johnny from The Shining, in order to see which direction Cheryl runs.

Back inside, Cheryl flees up the stairs to hide. However, her escape from Ghostface is short lived, as the Bump, who was hiding upstairs, jumps out at Cheryl and tackles her. Cheryl puts up a fight by punching the Bump in the groin, before kicking him off her. She runs from a injured the Bump and runs into her bedroom, which Ghostface, who climbed through the window, happens to be in. He runs over to Cheryl as he tells her “Damn, you just won’t quit will you bitch?”. He quickly grabs her and sedates her before she can fight him off. As Cheryl fall unconscious we cut to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy Orphanage, where we find Tom, Sierra, Tyler and Kevin arriving.

Tom asks himself what the killers have with this place; pointing out that it seems to be their lair. Kevin suggests that maybe one of the killers grew up there. Tom admits that it’s very likely, and says that once they’re done here, he’ll go to the station and look up the records he has on this place. He adds that if the killer grew up here, then it will be in his files, and therefore, if it turns out to be another Reggie situation, where either Ghostface or the Bump are somebody they know, then they can ambush him and get him.

The foursome get out of the car and walk up to the Sisters. As soon as the walk inside, Tyler comments about how it smells like ‘death’ in there. The other three agree with him as the walk deeper inside. We cut to Thornhill, where we find Cheryl tied to her bed as she starts to regain consciousness. Seeing that she’s waking up, the Bump walks over to her; completely naked (except his mask) and erect. He tells a sobbing Cheryl that it’s ‘fun time’, which makes Cheryl scream for help. The Bump walks over to Cheryl and slaps her across the face, before telling her to shut her mouth, otherwise she’ll end up like her parents and nana. Cheryl tells the Bump to go to hell, to which the Bump responds “Ladies first”. He proceeds to walk over to Cheryl and pull down her pants and underwear, before taking out his penis. Cheryl tries to kick him in it, but she finds that her legs have also been tied to the bed. The Bump calls Cheryl ‘fiesty’, before climbing on top of her and sttarting to RAPE HER. Cheryl, who is in absolute horror, sobs that she wants her mommy (Even though Penelope was nothing but cruel to her).

After 30 seconds, the Bump gets off of Cheryl and tells her that he came inside her, so soon she should be expecting a little BABY BUMP. The Bump laughs at his own pun as Cheryl screams. She is hysterical at this point. She screams in anger and sadness as she shakes her entire body in attempts to kick the Bump. She shakes that much that THE ROPE RESTRAINING HER IS STARTING TO LOOSEN UP. The Bump does his best to try and stop Cheryl, but this time she does manage to kick him.

The Bump is enraged by this and grabs a letter opener. He tells that for kicking him, Cheryl will be punished. He swings the knife at Cheryl’s leg, in attempt to stab her, when she suddenly jumps out of the way; thus making the knife stab into the bed. Cheryl screams at the Bump as she pounces at him. She grabs the knife off him and stabs him in the stomach three times. She screams as she does so. The Bump, in agony, tries to fight back but Cheryl proves to be too strong for him. After stabbing him three times, Cheryl stops and runs out of Thornhill; not knowing if she killed the Bump or not.

We cut to the orphanage, where we find Tom, Sierra, Kevin and Tyler. Kevin says that they’ve been searching for ages and haven’t found Josie, or any sign of her where-abouts. Tyler suggests that maybe she’s not even here, and that Ghostface lied to Sierra just to mess with her. Sierra, upon realising that this could be true, slumps herself on the floor as she bursts into tears. As the other three comfort her, she tells them she wants to be alone. She stands up and starts to walk away.

Tom runs up to Sierra and grabs her hand. She snatches it away and begs Tom to just let her be alone for a bit. Tom, understanding his girlfriend’s wishes, lets Sierra walk away. When Sierra is alone, her phone starts to ring. She answers it and asks Ghostface, who she correctly guesses is the caller, where Josie is, as he lied that she was here. Ghostface tells Sierra that he didn’t lie, before adding that he never said she was inside the building. Upon realising this is true, Sierra hangs up the phone and dashes outside.

Upon getting outside, Sierra screams her daughter’s name. However, instead of finding Josie, she finds Ghostface, who pounces at her. He clutches onto Sierra’s throat to muffle her screams and strangles her. After 20 seconds of strangling her, Sierra goes limb. Sierra Samuels, mother of Josie Samuels, and girlfriend of Tom Keller, is dead. Just then, Tom, Kevin and Tyler run up to Ghostface. Tom has his gun pointed at Ghostface and shoots at him upon seeing the corpse of his girlfriend. However, no bullets fire. Tom’s gun is EMPTY. Ghostface chuckles that he sneaked into Tom’s house beforehand and emptied his gun, knowing he would bring it. He then adds that he’s got to dash, before sprinting into the woods. Tom, Kevin and Tyler sprint after Ghostface, who proves to be the fastest out of them. Before we see anything else, we cut to the Cooper house, where Betty is in her bedroom, cuddled up in bed with Jay. She sobs to Jay about how she’s sick of everybody dying.

Jay admits that he feels exactly the same as he wipes Betty’s tears. He suggests that instead of shedding tears, that they figure out the identities and motives of the killers and stop them. Betty stops crying as she realises that Jay’s suggestion would actually get them somewhere. She asks which killer they start with. Jay says that they already have the identity and motive of the first killer; Tina Patel. Betty says that Jay has a good point as she writes it on a piece of paper. She tells Jay that they know Ghostface and the Bump are killers from LOGs, but there must be a specific reason they are here, as they’re still killing without Reggie being alive, so there must be a secondary motive for their killing spree, other than helping Reggie.

Jay is about to say something but is interrupted by Betty’s phone ringing. She apologises to Jay before picking up her phone and seeing that it’s the unknown number. Betty considers not answering, but Jay convinces her to do so, as it may get them a lead on a motive or identity. Betty answers the call and puts it on loud speaker. She asks who this is. Ghostface, who is clearly just regaining his breath backh (as he is calling Betty a couple of minutes after fleeing from Tom, Kevin and Tyler) and tells them that he knows they want a motive.

Betty asks Ghostface how he could possibly know that. Ghostface chuckles as he tells her he has eyes everywhere. Jay guesses that there’s a camera hidden somewhere in Betty’s room. Ghostface applauds Jay, calling him a genius. Betty asks Ghostface where the camera is, to which he tells her she will have to figure that part out on her own. He tells her that he’s calling her because she wanted a motive, and therefore she shall have one.

He simply tells Betty to ask her mother about what she and the other parents did in 1992, before hanging up. Betty and Jay look at each other, before heading downstairs, where they find Alice having tea with Polly as the babies nap in their buggies. Alice smiles at Betty and says hi to her daughter and Jay. Betty walks up to her mother and asks her what she did in 1992. Alice acts dumb, pretending that she doesn’t know what Betty is talking about. Betty puts her hands firmly on the table as she demands Alice tells the truth, stating that whatever she did could be why Ghostface is killing people as he just phoned her and just basically told her that what ever they did is related to his motive.

Alice, now knowing that her secret is why the Ghostface is killing people, confesses that she does know what Betty is talking about. Betty asks her mother what she did. Alice is about to reveal the truth, but before hear what she says, we cut to LOGs HQ, where we find the Bump, still masked, holding his stab wounds as he stumbles up the steps to the main door. He puts his hand-print on a scanner, before collapsing to the floor and passing out from blood loss. We cut to Jyle in his office, who is watching this through a CCTV camera. He thumps his fist onto his desk before calling the guards to get the Bump from the main entrance and take him to the doctor. We cut to black.


We open up to a flashback set in 1992 in Southside High (remember, it was revealed a couple of episodes ago that the parents went to Southside High, not Riverdale High) as the parents (as teens) walk down the hall in one big group. It’s obvious that history has repeated itself regarding friend group. We see a younger Alice Smith, hand in hand with her then future-husband, Hal Cooper. Hirim Lodge has his arm wrapped around Hermione Gomez, Tom Keller and Sierra Samuels are arm in arm, where as Penelope Hills (I changed her last name as I’m not making her and Clifford an incest couple like in the show) and Clifford Blossom are just walking next to each other. Trailing behind them is FP Jones (a character who will appear in Season 2), a friend of theirs, who appears to be annoyed by Alice and Hal’s romance. It’s obvious that he’s jealous of Hal for who he is dating.

The group walk into an empty classroom and lock the door behind them. Tom says they only have about 10 minutes before Mr. Featherhead comes back to his classroom. Penelope tells everybody to make this quick. Alice tells everybody that their plan is simple; they break in after school finishes and trash Mr. Alden Greene’s office for what he did to her, Sierra and Hermione. A sarcastic Penelope tells Alice that this plan is stupid, before adding why can’t they just go to the police and get this rapist arrested.

Sierra reminds Penelope about how Alden is a former policeman himself, and will no doubt have ties in the police force, who could easily get their case overlooked. Hirim adds that there’s no evidence to prove that any of the sexual assaults took place, as it’s been over a week (unless there is visual evidence, in which a photo or video with proof is on it, and it has been over 3 days since the assault happened and no ‘check’ has been done on the victim, nor is there any visible injury, it’s classed as no evidence). Penelope just rolls her eyes and scoffs. Clifford asks the girls how they (the others) are supposed to know the assaults even actually happened.

Hermione asks Clifford if he would like to be in her shoes for just one day to get all the proof he needs; to see what she sees; to think what she thinks, because then he would believe them. Clifford just rolls his eyes. FP tells everybody to meet at his place at 8 pm tonight so they can get here for 8:30 pm, when all teachers are gone.

We cut to LOGs HQ, which looks pretty different as it does in the present. It’s presented almost as if it is a church of some sorts. Church go-ers in black cloaks sing hymns as a blonde lady in a red cloak walks down the aisle to the podium on the stage. This lady is JANE RILEY. She walks up to the stage and turns around to face her audience as the singing of the hymns intensifies, revealing AN UPSIDE DOWN CROSS BEHIND HER (the symbol of Satanism). The hymns, which we soon realise are not regular hymns, but Satanic ones, soon stop. Jane pulls down her hood and unbuttons her robe, unveiling a red outfit with the symbol of Satan across her chest. She shouts out ‘AVE SATANAS’ (Meaning ‘Hail Satan’ in Latin), which the audience repeat.

Jane then thanks the ‘All Sinners Choir’ for their performance, which makes everybody clap. She strongly says that they really know how to raise some hell, before revealing that today they have a special guest; her husband and the founder of their cult, JOHN RILEY. John walk up to the podium as the audience applauds him. As he reaches the podium, Jane steps aside. John calls out to the audience, asking them if they know why it always rains when their choir sing. He then follows up by adding that it’s because God is pissing in his pants. The crowd cheer for John and Jane. Jane takes a step back up to the podium as John steps down. She calls out that she needs to hear some God damn sins. John adds to this, claiming that he needs to feel like their making way for HIM (Satan). He points to a randomer in the audience and asks them what sins they’ve done.

The randomer says they stole $100 from their Grandma. Jane sarcastically responds with “Seriously, you think that’s gonna open up the gates to Hell?”. Another randomer stands up and says that they skinned a cat. Jane says that she’s seen ‘bad facelifts’ that are more evil than them. John, who is clearly annoyed by the lack of sins, pushes Jane aside and calls out, ‘Do you wanna know what I did this week? I robbed a nursing home and gunned down several ‘old bitches’ while their husbands shat their pants’. He adds that all the money he took, he gave to the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association, an organisation that fights for promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis).

John reveals that he’ll be back next week, and he needs to feel some evil. He adds that he needs to be repulsed; feel sick to his stomach. He wants to be inspired. Upon saying this, and nobody replying, he calls out ‘whatever, okay’, before walking out and leaving Jane to deliver this alone. She calls out, asking if anybody is ready for a ‘good old fashioned human sacrifice’, which makes the crowd cheer. Just then, two men dressed in black cloaks bring in two innocent members of the public, who are obviously frightened and make them kneel on the stage.

Jane reveals that the first person they have here is named Patricia, and she works as a social worker who helps families. She adds that Patricia has spent her life working to ease the lives of those less fortunate. She calls this disgusting, before revealing that the second person is named Isaac. She reveals that he is a medical doctor who has saved the lives of many patients. She sarcastically says “isn’t that just precious?’. Jane says that minus the two of them, the world will be a little more shittier, before asking why they should waste anymore time. She says that the honor of today’s killing goes to a member has been here from the very start, and is essentially a co-leader of this cult. She calls his name, ‘KENNETH DILAURENTIS’ and tells him to come on down, which he does.

The crowd cheer as Kenneth walks down the aisle with a knife in hand. He walks up to Jane, who tells him to introduce himself to the newbies. Kenneth says that his life turned to shit; he found out his wife was cheating on him, his son wasn’t his son, his other son was a tranny, and he grew to despise his family. The hate he felt for his family allowed him to see the darkness. This makes the crowd cheer. Jane turns to Kenneth and asks him if he’s ready to officially sell his soul to Satan. Kenneth smiles as he says ‘Am I ever?’. Jane smiles and tells Kenneth that they (Patricia and Isaac) are all his. Kenneth walks over to Patricia and lodges his knife into her throat. She grasps as she tries to grab her neck, but she can’t as her hands are tied. Kenneth proceeds to finish her off by dragging her knife to the otherside of Patrica’ throat; cutting it from ear to ear. Patricia is dead.

Kenneth turn to Isaac, before pulling the knife out of Patricia’s corpse and using that same knife to stab Isaac in the stomach. He proceeds to slash open Isaac’s stomach and disembowel him, which makes the crowd go wild. Isaac is dead. We cut back to Riverdale at Southside High at around 8:37 pm. FP tells everybody that they’re late because of Penelope, whom he called ‘Penny’. Penelope shrugs her shoulders and asks if they can just get this over with.

FP says that he’ll unlock the door, which he does by picking the lock. Alice comments on how good at this FP is, which FP smiles at. He’s clearly happy that his crush has complimented him. They go inside and walk down a corridor to Mr. Greene’s office. The teens let themselves in upon FP also unlocking that door. They nod among each other, before unleashing all negativty they have inside them, out on Alden’s office. Alice punches a painting, while Hal, Sierra and Hermione trash Alden’s desk.

Hirim and FP start tearing up Alden’s bookshelf as Clifford and Penelope watch them. Penelope chuckles as she watches the teens go wild. She whispers to Clifford that she’s glad they’re not doing anything as they’d get their finger prints everywhere, and would therefore, be caught. After a few minutes, the office is completely trashed. Paper is everywhere, the cabinets are tipped over, the computer is in pieces on the floor. Everything is a mess. FP and Hirim tells the others that they have a big grand finale planned. The others ask what it is. They advice everybody to run, which they do as they get worried. Hirim pulls out a match while FP pulls out a miniature tank of gasoline he brought with them. FP pours the gasoline all over Alden’s desk as Hirim lights the match. FP nods to Hirim, who throws the match at the gasoline; setting it on fire. The two boys run away as FP asks Hirim if he made sure the fire alarm was turned off. Hirim says that he did, and soon this shitty school will be nothing but ash. FP says this is good.

We cut to outside once the teens have reunited. Alice asks FP and Hirim what they did. FP tells her that she’ll see now. Just then, the building erupts into flames. Hirim chuckles that he and FP snuck in earlier during the day too and filled several classrooms with gasoline. As the fire spreads, Penelope says that have to get out of here, which they do. We cut to the morning after, at the Smith house, where Alice is in bed, worrying about last night’s events. Just then, her mother rushes in and tells her to turn on the news station on her radio, which she does. Alice gets the shock of her life upon hearing that the fire Hirim and FP started yesterday, killed two teachers (including Alden) and five students, who were all inside the building having a little get together to celebrate the students’ grades.

We cut back to the present, where we find Alice crying after finishing her story (she only told the part about the parents). Betty, Polly and Jay comfort Alice, who reveals that after this, FP went into hiding and Hirim’s wealthy family bribed the police with lots of money to rule the fire as caused by an electrical fault. This stuns the teens, who say that this must be the reason why Ghostface is doing what he’s doing; he must’ve lost somebody in the fire or something. Before we see anything else, we cut back to the flashback at LOGs HQ,

We find John and Jane in their shared office, while their son, Dewey, who has severe burns on his face, tells them about the fire, which he was actually in himself. He says he searched everywhere he could in that fire to search for Gale (his twin sister), pointing to his burns as evidence, but by the time he found her, she was already dead. This makes Jane and Jane both slam their fists against the desk in anger. Dewey admits that he saw who caused the fire; it was Hirim Lodge and FP Jones, who were in his Biology class last semester. An enraged John tells Dewey to call in his brother, JYLE RILEY (Jyle Venedict’s real name), which he does. Jyle asks them what they want. John tells Jyle to get his brain in gear, as it’s time to plot their revenge.

We cut to a couple of months later, LOGs has since became what it is today; an army of killers and criminals, and is now run by Jyle, who is sitting in his office alone. He holds a family portrait, which he speaks to. He tells his parents that now they are gone, due to them being shot and killed by those ‘cluster-fucks’ (police), and he’s in charge, he will get his revenge for them. He tells his ‘parents’ that he’s gonna wait until those ‘Riverdale cunts’ have kids of their own, and then he’s gonna kill them all, and make them suffer the same pain they (his parents felt).

Jyle also tells them that he wont turn out like ‘that pussy’, before looking at Dewey on the portrait. He says that he took the cowards way out like a little bitch, but he (Jyle) won’t. He’ll keep their legacy going and will get revenge for them, but first Jyle Riley has to die so his inner-self, JYLE VENEDICT can be born. He looks at the family portrait one more time, before saying that LOGs/Lucifer Overpowers God, as they know it, is no more; thus the birth of LOGs/League of Ghosts, As Jyle looks up at the camera with a psychotic grin on his face, we cut to black.


We open on a depressed Cheryl, who is knocking on the Denton front door. Veronica, who is there with Tyler and Kevin, answers the door. Cheryl asks for Tyler, she tells Cheryl that Tyler is upstairs and invites Cheryl in. As she doe, she notices Cheryl's bruises and has been crying. Cheryl sobs again and has to explain that the Bump raped her. A horrified Veronica takes Cheryl inside and call Tyler downstairs..

Moments after, Tyler and Kevin run downstairs to see what’s happened to Cheryl. Veronica tells the boys so that Cheryl won’t have to repeat it. Tyler is distraught and expresses anger that he couldn’t prevent this, kicking a table and saying that the Bump’s dead next time he sees him. Cheryl replies that one good thing came out this: the Bump is dead, as she stabbed him to death.

Suddenly, everyone’s cell phones ring. The four (except Cheryl) look to find a text from the BUMP, alive and well, who states “Not dead yet bitches. Should have gone for the head”. Cheryl then bursts into tears upon realizing that her rapist is actually still alive and that he could come get her again. Tyler says that he can’t believe he wasn’t there to stop this. Kevin insists it wasn’t his fault, but Tyler counters that Cheryl was there for him after he attempted suicide, and therefore, he should have been there for Cheryl.

As Tyler laments, Veronica hugs Cheryl, who sobs that she has such a horrible life. She mentions about how her parents always look down on her, abuse her, and she has nobody left that loves her. Veronica states that this is not true, and she has her friends. Cheryl replies that she isn’t sure that’s enough, considering what happened at the end. When Veronica asks what happened at the end, Cheryl says that Bump told her to “look out for a baby bump”

Veronica says that just because being raped doesn’t mean that Cheryl is pregnant, and changes the subject. She tells Cheryl that they are best friends, and friends don’t let each other suffer. Veronica also adds that friends have something in common, and mutters that they both have “shitty families” Cheryl and Veronica hug, and Veronica asks if this is comfortable. Cheryl nods and quietly says “Yes”, admitting that she does have love from her friends. Veronica continues to hug and comfort Cheryl, which Tyler and Kevin join in on.

We cut to the Cooper house, right after Alice had confessed her secret. Polly, Betty and Jay are still stunned. Alice reveals that after everything happened, Hirim and FP made them all swear to secrecy. Alice turns to Polly and admits that she thinks Ghostface was the person who threatened her (Polly) while she was pregnant. This shocks Betty, who had no clue that she was threatened. She asks her mom if this is why she sent Polly to live with their uncle Fred and aunt Mary. Alice confirms this; stating that she needed Polly to be at a safe place, and that’s why she sent her away.

Betty rubs her forehead in frustration of everything she has learned. Jay comforts Betty, who is obviously shaken by the revelations that took place tonight. Alice sighs, before saying that she figures that Ghostface must know all her secrets and plans on revealing them overtime. She admits that she has one more, and it’s just better to get it out of the way. A horrified Betty asks Alice if it’s worse than her first secret.

Alice confirms that it isn’t. Polly tells Alice to continue, which she does. Alice reveals that it’s the reason why Chic left them. This gains Betty and Polly’s attention. Jay holds Betty’s hand in support as Alice begins to reveal her secret. She admits that while Chic IS their brother; he is not their full brother. This confuses the Cooper girls, who ask their mother what she means. Alice admits that Hal is not Chic’s father. Betty is about to ask Alice if he cheated on Hal, but decides to not jump to conclusions and let her mother finish.

Alice reveals that Chic was the product of rape; thus meaning Alice was raped. This horrifies her daughters and Jay, who ask who by. Alice gulps upon revealing the name of her rapist as CLAUDIUS BLOSSOM - THE TWIN BROTHER OF CLIFFORD BLOSSOM. This stuns everybody, Polly mostly. She holds her mother’s hand, now understanding why she hates the Blossom’s so much, and hated the fact that she and Jason were together, as well as their friendship with Cheryl. Alice admits that she learned to accept the fact that Jason and Cheryl weren’t the ones responsible for any of this; the adult Blossoms were.

She admits that she did speak up about the rape, but Claudius had Clifford pay off the Jury to find him not guilty. She reveals that on Chic’s 18th birthday, she confessed this to him. However, a week later, she found out from Penelope that Chic had visited Claudius, which led to a huge arguement between her and Chic, and she threw him out of anger. She admits that she didn’t even let him explain his reasonings for going there as she was so mad. Betty remembers that Clifford was Hal’s step-brother and asks about this. Alice admits that Hal cut off the Blossom side of his family upon finding out what they had done to his wife, and soon after Claudius moved to Greendale; thus being the reason why they didn’t know he existed; as he hasn’t been back to Riverdale since, and Clifford never talks about him.

Just then, the Evelyn and Ethan wake up and cry. Polly loosens her mother’s hand and says the babies are due their milk. She gets up to make it and takes the babies with her; leaving Betty, Alice and Jay alone. Soon after she’s gone, Alice admits that she needs a nap, before going to her bedroom; thus leaving Betty and Jay alone. They decide to go up to the former’s bedroom and get back into bed and resume cuddling each other. Betty admits that she knew her mother had a hard life, but didn’t realize how bad it truly was. She says her mother was raped, not just once, but twice, accidentally caused the deaths of 7 people, was a survivor of Bloody Mary’s killing spree, and fell out with her son, whom she hasn’t seen or spoken to in two years. Jay suggests that they find Chic and bring him back for Alice. Betty snaps her fingers, calling that a brilliant idea. Suddenly, Betty’s phone begins ringing; it’s Ghostface. She answers and asks him what he wants.

He asks her if her ‘mommy dearest’ revealed her secret. Betty confirms that she did, and that she now knows everything. Ghostface asks Betty if Alice admitted to being the person who initially suggested breaking into the school in the first place; thus meaning that everything that happened after is on her hands.. Betty admits that Alice implied it, and therefore she figured it out. Ghostface says that this is good, but now they know; the real fun is going to begin. Betty asks him what he means. Ghostface reveals that now they know the truth, the Coopers are his prime targets.

Betty tells Ghostface that should he try anything, she will kick his ass. Ghostface chuckles, before telling her that it’s a little late for that. Betty asks Ghotface what he means. He suggests he check downstairs. Remembering that Polly and the babies are downstairs, Betty and Jay run to Alice’s room and wake her up. They fill her in on everything as they rush downstairs.

Alice spots an injured Polly unconscious on the floor. It’s obvious that she has been stabbed. She cries for Betty and Jay to call 9-1-1, which Jay does. Betty realises that Ethan and Evelyn are gone, and the door is open. She runs outside, only to find A BONFIRE, with Ghostface, a dark figure, and Gasface watching. Ghostface is holding Ethan and Gasface is holding Evelyn. Upon seeing Betty, they proceed to throw the crying babies into the fire. Betty screams upon seeing this and collapses in show. Alice and Jay hear this, and the Alice orders Jay to look after Polly while she goes to Betty.

Jay nods at Alice, who runs outside and sees Betty on the floor in hysterics. She rushes to her daughter’s aid. She sobs as she does her best to help Betty. Ghostface calls Alice’s name, which gets her to look up. She realises that HER GRANDCHILDREN HAVE JUST BEEN KILLED. Ethan and Evelyn Cooper, children of Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom, are dead. Alice screams as the cops arrive. Ghostface, Gasface and the dark figure flee the scene upon seeing the cops.

We cut to the next day, where we find that Veronica, Tyler and Kevin are the only ones out of that friend group in school. Kevin asks where everybody is. Veronica realises that Kevin must’ve not known, and tells him about Polly being in hospital and Betty being there to sit with her, but admits that she doesn’t know where Cheryl is. She turns to Tyler, who reveals that Cheryl has gone to visit the doctor, due to the Bump’s warning about the baby bump. He admits that he was supposed to go with her, but he has an important test during second period that his parents told him that he couldn’t miss. Kevin asks if Cheryl went alone, to which Tyler admits that she didn’t, due to his parents not letting him go due to his test, they went with her instead.

Before they can finish their convesation, their phones each buzz. The trio look at each other upon realising that everybody else’s phones are also buzzing. They take out their phones, only to find AN IMAGE OF AN ALIVE AND SCARED LOOKING JOSIE, LOCKED UP INSIDE A CAGE; GAGGED AND BOUND. This horrifies the trio. Tyler says that his test can fuck itself, before the trio run out of school and get into Tyler’s car (he is the only one that can drive out of the three) and they drive off.

We cut to the Sheriffs station, where the trio have just arrived to inform Tom. Kevin leads his way to his father’s office and the trio walk straight in, only to find a random man sitting there. The man, who’s name is revealed to be Michael Minetta, reveals that he is the new sheriff. Kevin says he’s confused, as his father is the sheriff. Michael tells a shocked Kevin that his father quit last night, and he is his replacement. Kevin says he has to go home and speak to his dad. Tyler asks Veronica if she’s okay doing this on her own while he goes with Kevin. Veronica says yes and tells him to go, which he does.

Michael asks Veronica what’s happened. Veronica says that ‘THIS’ has happened, and shows the sheriff the image of Josie. He says that he’ll have it tracked right away. Before we see anything else, we cut to the Keller house, where we find Kevin and Tyler arriving in Tyler’s car. They jump out and run to Kevin’s house (Tyler locks his car with a button on his car keys) and rush inside, where they find Tom completely wasted and crying. Kevin rushes over to his father and asks him what’s wrong.

A depressed Tom reveals that he was going to propose to Sierra, but now she’s dead. This breaks Kevin and Tyler’s heart, and the two comfort him. We cut back to the Sheriff’s station, where Micheal returns to Veronica with her phone. He tells her that whoever sent that photo, is an expert in hacking, as they have encrypted the image and made it untraceable with the equipment they have. Veronica tells Michael that this isn't good enough, and that it is his job as the sheriff to find and rescue Josie. Micheal, seeing that Veronica is upset, tells her that he has a hacker friend of his from Phoenix that owes him a favor, so he’ll send it to him and see if he has any luck with it. He tells Veronica that it means her phone will have to be sent away though. Veronica says that she can live without her phone, as long as Josie is found safe and sound. Cut to black.

No Loose Ends

The episode opens up with Sheriff Minetta sitting in his office as he flips through Tom’s case files about the murders so far; waiting patiently for his phone to ring. When it finally does, he asks the caller, who is revealed to be his friend from Phoenix, if he managed to get passed the encryption on the photo. His friend says he did manage to, and found that it was sent from Josie’s own phone, which he tracked to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy orphanage. This shocks Michael, who remembers that Tom had already searched it and found nothing. After thanking his friend, Michael calls in his deputy Evernever. Evernever asks his boss what he needs. Michael tells Evernever that he’s to join him in searching the orphanage for Josie. Evernever nods, before the pair walk off screen.

We cut to Cheryl and Tyler’s mom, who are at the doctor’s office to ask for some pills. The doctor lets her in and asks what kind of pills she wants, to which she requests some morning-after pills. The doctor hands Cheryl a box of the pills, and tells her it will cost 20$. Tyler’s mom pays for her, due to Cheryl not having any money (due to her parents’ deaths). After paying, Cheryl and Tyler’s mom thank the doctor, before leaving the room. Cheryl goes to the bathroom, where she sits in a stall and looks at the pills. After moments of consideration, she says “I’m sorry, but your love just isn’t enough”. Cheryl opens the box of pills and begins to take them.

Back at the SOQM, Michael and Evernever park in the old parking lot and walk up to the orphanage doors. Evernever asks if he’s sure Josie could be in here, as she wasn’t here last time Tom checked. Michael admits that he’s not too sure, but it’s worth a look. Making conversation, Michael asks how Ethel (Evernever’s daughter) is doing. Evernever says that she is doing okay, and should be back from the retreat within the next week or so. He says that she seems to be recovering from ‘that shit’. Michael says that’s good, before adding that if ‘he’ were still alive, he’d make damn sure he goes away for all the stuff he’s done to innocent people. Evernever thanks Michael, as the two pull out their guns.

Evernever pushes the door open and walks inside, with Michael behind him, scanning the area behind them. However, upon walking in, Evernever is struck in the face with an axe trap; killing him instantly. Michael, who is horrified by what he’s just witnessed, stumbles back out the door to call for backup and an ambulance. However, before he is able to, Tina (in her costume) jumps out and ambushes Michael. She asks him if he liked the trap she set up for them, having known they were coming. Michael asks Tina how on earth she could’ve possibly known they were coming. Tina chuckles that she has somebody on the inside. Michael demands to know who. Tina chuckles, saying that even if she does tell him, it wouldn’t matter as he’ll be dead soon.

Michael quickly pulls out his gun to shoot Tina, who says “I don’t think so, Negro!”, before pulling out her machete and swinging it down at Michael’s hand (the hand he’s using to hold the gun); severing it. Michael gasps in pain, as Tina proceeds to dismember his second hand. Now in agony, Michael tells Tina to go to hell. Tina chuckles, telling Michael to save her a spot, before swinging her machete at Michael and decapitating him. Michael Minetta, replacement sheriff, is dead. Tina walks inside the orphanage and calls out Ghostface as we cut to black.

We cut to Polly in her hospital bed, as Betty sits aside her. Just then, Polly’s eyes start to twitch as she regains consciousness. Seeing that her sister is awakening, Betty runs out and gets a doctor. Upon returning to the room, Betty and the doctor find a very confused Polly, now completely awake. She asks what happened. Betty tells Polly that they were attacked, and she was stabbed.

Remembering, Polly asks Betty where the babies are, and if they’re okay. Betty is unable to bring herself to say the words, thus rendering her speechless. As her paranoia grows, Polly continues to demand to know if her kids are okay. A depressed Betty mutters that they were too late to save them. An anxious Polly tells Betty to speak up. Betty, sounding much louder now so Polly can hear, says that they were too late in saving the babies, and that they were killed. A hysterical Polly drops to her knees in horror. She punches the floor repeatedly, causing the doctor to call for backup and quickly inject her with a sedative. Feeling guilty for having to be the one who told Polly about her babies, walks out of the room for some air.

We cut to to a bar, where we find a devastated Alice strolling up to the bar. The bartender, who is revealed to be Pop (he owns both the Diner and the Bar), gives his condolences to Alice, who thanks him. He asks her what she wants, before adding that it’s on the house. Alice thanks Pop, before asking for a double vodka. As Pop walks away from Alice to make her drink, a hand suddenly grabs her shoulder.

Alice quickly slaps the hand off her and turns around to find that it was FP who grabbed her. She demands to know what he’s doing here; back in Riverdale; in this bar. FP says that he and the Serpents are relocating back to Riverdale, and he just so happened to see Alice walk in here and decided to come and speak to her. He says that this “killing shit” is way outta hand. An angry Alice screams at FP that the so called “killing shit” is because of him and Hirim; People’s blood is on his hands; Her grandchildren’s blood is on his hands.

Knowing what she is talking about, FP reminds Alice that breaking into the school was her initial idea. Alice snaps back, telling him that she never planned for them to torch the place and kill 7 people; that was all him. People at the bar hear this and stare at both FP and Alice. Alice, unable to take the pressure of people staring at her, tries to walk off but FP follows her and grabs her in order to try and stop her from leaving. She turns around and punches him in the face, before continuing to walk off.

Just then, we see that Pop chuckling that was one hell of a punch, before rushing over to FP’s aid. FP tells the ‘old man’ to get off him, and pushes him over. We cut to black as we see Pop ordering FP to get the hell out of his bar.

We reopen at the Keller house, where Tom is also drowning his sorrows, just like Alice. He hears a knock at the door but doesn’t even move to answer it. He just continues drinking his alcohol. However, this causes the knocker to continue knocking until it drives Tom insane. An infuriated Tom, gets up and walks over to the door and opens it; only to find there is nobody there. Just then,. Ghostface jumps out at him and pushes him back into the house. Ghostface punches Tom multiple times, with Tom attempting to fight back, but can’t due to being too drunl. Ghostface grabs Tom’s bottle and smahshes over his head, before stabbing him in the ead with shards of the broken bottle.

We cut back to shortly after Cheryl’s visit to the doctor, in the bathroom. Tyler’s mom comes into the bathroom to see what is taking Cheryl so long and sees all the other stalls are occupied, but Cheryl left the door to hers slightly open. Tyler’s mom, seeing Cheryl’s long red hair through the crack in the open door, goes there to find that Cheryl has OVERDOSED ON THE PILLS! (20 came in a box, and she has taken them all). Shocked and alerted by this, Tyler’s mom shouts for help. We cut to black before we see if Cheryl survives her suicide attempt.

The Bloody Purge

We resume back in Riverdale, not long after we left off. Not longer than two days later. We open on Betty, Veronica, Jay, Tyler and Kevin sitting in a booth at Pop’s, where the core five are discussing the possibility of Josie’s return and the killers to be captured. Jay proposes an idea; they set Tina up by using one of them as bait. Betty says that’s an interesting idea, but who. A grieving Kevin, who’s father was murdered two days ago, stands up and offers to be the bait. Veronica asks Kevin if he’s sure that’s a good idea, considering he’s just lost his dad.

Kevin laments about how his father’s death will only motivate him to take Tina down, even though he knows that Tina didn’t murder him. He states that if he can do what his father tried to do, and stop atleast one killer, then he’s all for it. They all agree and ask what their plan is. Jay, who has been surprising quiet, steps up and suggests that Kevin calls Tina and tells her he wants to fight to the death, and Kevin meet her in a location Tina feels comfortable at, and they all hide and ambush her before she can actually harm him. Betty smiles and Jay and tells him that is a good idea, before kissing him. They the go over their plan and proceed to confirm it, before Veronica asks the group how Cheryl is doing.

Tyler looks saddened by the mention of Cheryl, and reveals that she is on bed rest at his house. He adds that she still isn’t talking to anybody. He falls silent for a second, before adding that he wants to help Kevin as backup, to get revenge for Cheryl. Betty and Veronica hold their chins as they think about it, before telling Tyler that if he were to help Kevin, then Tina might also bring backup and they’d have a shit show on their hands. Tyler says that’s a good point. He grabs Kevin’s hand and tells him to be the hero he knows he can be, and together they’ll avenge their loved ones. Kevin kisses Tyler, who kisses him back. Veronica, seeing the hot embrace between the couple, jokingly tells them to get a room.

The others chuckle as we cut to elsewhere, where we find Alice banging on the RED front door of an unfamiliar house. Just then, a red headed familiar old man opens the door.. it looks like Clifford Blossom, meaning Alice is at Claudius’ house. Claudius grins smuggly upon seeing Alice and greets her with a very unwelcoming tone, before jokingly asking if she’s “back for round two”. Alice gags at this comment, and tells Claudius to shut his dirty mouth and demands he tells her where Chic is. Claudius admits that he has no idea, as he hasn’t seen him in years.

He reveals that the first time he met Chic, who he specifically calls ‘Thier son’, was also the last. Alice demands Claudius to tell her why Chic came here in the first place. Claudius chuckles upon revealing that Chic punched him for ‘those lies you fed him’. Alice upon hearing this, runs out of Claudius’ house and gets into her car, where she bursts into tears upon realising that her son, who she threw out years ago upon learning that he visited her rapist, actually did so to punish him. He was only looking out for her, and she threw him out on the streets. He looks at her reflection in the head mirror as she sobs. She no longer likes what she sees. She begins to punch and scream at herself in the mirror; shouting about how she tore her own family apart just because she wouldn't listen. She blames herself for Chic’s disappearance, and is utterly devastated.

We cut back to Southside High, just as Kevin walks through the crumbled old door. He calls out to Tina that he’s here, as she requested. Tina walks out of the shadows and tells Kevin that it’s good he’s here because she needs to get her kill count up to “please the master”. A concerned Kevin asks who the Master is. Tina rolls her eyes and says “Not like I should tell you, but Master is Ghostface’s boss; Gasface.. the leader of LOGs.” Kevin demands Tina to tell him why she’s doing this; why she turned to evil instead of fighting her issues the right way.

A slightly bored Tina tells Kevin that “the ‘right way’ is sooooooooo boring and that killing is sooooo much fun!”. Kevin shouts “Urgh, you make me SICK! You evil, evil bitch!”. Tina becomes instantly amused by this comment and begins laughing, which only creeps Kevin out. She walks towards him, telling him that now their fight will begin. But before she can finish, Kevin shouts for the others. Tina, knowing their plan all along, pulls out a gun and shoots Kevin in the throat before fleeing. She knows that the others can either save their friend or go after her, and she knows what they would choose. And she was right. The group quickly runs over to Kevin and tries to help him. Tyler puts pressure on Kevin’s wound (But not too much due to it being his throat) and sobs for somebody to call 9-1-1, which Veronica does quickly.

An uneasy Tyler begs Kevin not to die on him, before crying that he loves him. Kevin manages to mumble the words “I love.. too” before succumbing to his injuries. Everybody cryings hysterically as Kevin takes his last muffled breath… Kevin Keller, boyfriend of Tyler Denton, and son of the deceased Tom Keller, is dead. We cut to black as the group mourns Kevin together.

We reopen to later in the day at the Lodge house, where our remaining teenagers (including Cheryl, who has stopped being a recluse to support Tyler) have gathered to mourn Kevin, and everybody else they have lost recently. Betty stands up and walks in front of the group. She tells them, “I want you all to raise your glasses for everybody we’ve lost. For Kevin, for my niece and nephew, for Josie, for everybody; even the evil Blossom parents, sorry Cheryl”.

Cheryl just smiles and says its okay. Betty continues her speech, “My point is, we’ve all lost atleast one person to this mother fucking murderer, and we can’t let it happen anymore. I’m going to fight back and I’m going to find a way to stop these sick sons of bitches and I will kill them. But until that day comes, please raise your glasses once more for whoever you’ve lost that’s in your heart, and take a drink in their memory. And then, we will fight for survival. No. More. Murders. No. More. Losses.”. She takes a gulp of her beer, thinking of Ethan and Evelyn and swallows it. She whispers that she misses them and will fight to avenge them. She sits down next to Jay, who cuddles her. Betty finally finishes off her speech by telling her remaining friends that she loves them, no matter what. They all agree with Betty and repeat this. It’s a sweet moment for our Riverdale teens.

We cut to next morning at the Lodge residents, where we find Alice once again, knocking furiously. Veronica answers the door and finds both Alice and Polly there. She greets them and they greet her back. Alice asks if Betty is still here. Veronica confirms that she is and asks if something bad’s happened. Alice, with an excited look in her face, says that quite the opposite has happened. Just then, Betty, having heard her mother’s voice, comes into the room and asks what’s happened.

Alice tells Betty with joy that she finally got into touch with Chic… and HE’S COMING HOME! Betty joins her mother and twin sister in a family hug. But then Betty pulls away and asks Alice how she got Chic’s contract details. Alice admits to going to Claudius’ house and finding out the truth about what happened. She returned to her car and cried. But she saw Claudius rush out of the house and forget to lock the door. Se admits that it was like fate, and she found herself inside. She found Chic’s number in Claudius’ book of phone numbers and contacted him. She reveals that he’s only living in Greendale with a friend of his, and he has agreed to finally come home. The Coopers celebrate their victory, up until another knock at the door is heard.

Betty answers this time, only to find a package there with… nobody around. Betty is suspicious and choses not to bring the package inside incase it’s some sort of bomb. Instead, she opens it there and then and vomits at what she sees. Alice runs out to comfort her daughter and sees what’s in the box; it’s CLAUDIUS’ HEAD! Claudius Blossom, rapist of Alice Cooper and father of Chic Cooper, is dead.

Alice lets out a chuckle upon seeing Claudius’ head; finally knowing her rapist is dead, but quickly stops and helps Betty up from being sick. She carries her to the couch inside and sits her down, before sending Polly to get the others, who come running (Veronica went back upstairs). Jay quickly gets Betty some water. Just then, Alice’s phone starts ringing. She answers it, only to hear Ghostface on the other side. She asks what he wants. Ghostface calls Alice “charming as always”, before stating that he had Tina kill Claudius because he was just a thorn in his side. Alice tells Ghostface to just get to the point.

Ghostface chuckles, before calling Alice “one snappy bitch today”. He tells her that it’s quite simple. While that house was empty, he had all the locks changed as they intended on using it as their hideout. However, since everybody’s there, that can’t happen. So, they’re going to have a little fun. He’s had Tina lock all the doors… FROM INSIDE! And Tina is going to finish them off, one by one. But she has to leave them (the Coopers) alone as he (Ghostface) wants them. He then hangs up, which sends Alice into a frenzy.

Betty and Polly try calming her down and try getting her to tell them whats wrong. Alice can’t help but panic and shout that Tina’s in the house and they’re all locked in. This scares almost everybody, except our new final girls, Betty and Cheryl. They see this as a way of finally taking Tina down, once and for all. They give each other a nod and say they’re going to search for “the psycho bitch”. Everybody begs the girls not to separate from the group incase they get hurt, but they go anyway. Not wanting them to get hurt, Jay and Tyler run after them, leaving Veronica and Polly alone with a frantic Alice, whom they both decide to take care of.

When Betty and Cheryl are alone, the former recieves a call off Tina, who informs them that Ghostface saying she was in the house was infact a con; she’s not actually there and she locked the doors from the outside. Before Betty can speak, she adds that yesterday was so much fun and she should know that Kevin got what he deserved for double crossing her. Betty tells Tina that she’s “going to tear the fucking hair from your scalp”. An amused, and not at all threatened Tina, tells Betty that she’d like to hear about her (Tina’s) next mission then; Ghostface wants to see Betty’s fighting skills, so he’s said they have to fight. A pissed off Betty says she isn’t doing shit with Tina if Ghostface orders it, this causes Tina to chuckle and say she knew Betty would say that, so to spice things up, should Betty win the fight, she will get to know where Josie is.

Betty simply tells Tina to be there at 8 before hanging up on Tina, who’s still talking on the phone. Betty informs her friends about this, and they are all adamant about letting her go until she reveals that she could find out where Josie is. Cheryl tells Betty that she’s not going alone, and that they can use this to their advantage. Before we hear Cheryl explain herself as to what she means, we cut to Southside High, where we find Tina walking into a dark room; one Betty is sitting on a chair in.

She walks up to Betty, only to find out… IT’S NOT BETTY, BUT A MANNEQUIN! Tina quickly turns around, only to hear the door slam shut behind her. Tina shouts that she admires Betty’s courage, but whatever this is, isn’t going to work. Betty emerges from the shadows and tells Tina to shut the hell up. With Tina distracted, Cheryl and Veronica sneak up behind her and quickly subdue her and force her into the chair; knocking the Betty doll out of the way. The trio quickly tie Tina to the chair and tell her to tell them where Josie is.

Tina chuckles and tells the girls that Josie isn’t actually that far; infact she just came back from visiting Josie, who she comments looks a starving mess. Betty slaps Tina for being so cruel to Josie, who was actually really nice to Tina in the past. Tina just rolls her eyes and says that Josie may have always said hi to her, and maybe hung out with her once or twice, but the “nigger” just watched her suffer. So in turn, she’s watching her suffer; “it’s the perfect circle”. Cheryl takes her turn to slap Tina for both the racist comment, and the cruelty towards Josie.

Tina spits blood before laughing at our final girls. She asks them where the “big bad boys” are. Betty tilts her head and says that they are trying to find Josie. This makes Tina laugh again, and reveal that Ghostface is also here trying to find them. The girls look at each other and nod. Veronica says she has this bitch, and Betty and Cheryl run out of the room; leaving Veronica alone with Tina.

Tina starts to gloat to Veronica about how she has nobody left who loves her; the only people left are the people that have deceived her. Veronica gets in Tina’s face and demand how that’s so. Tina chuckles and reminds Veronica that Tyler cheated on her with another man, before saying that the others will just toss her to the side when the next “Latina cum-slut” makes her way into town, but that’s just if they all live to see the day. Veronica doesn’t just slap Tina, but full on punches her in the face; Hard. Veronica, expecting Tina to weep, becomes instantly confused upon seeing Tina laugh instead. She quickly picks up on the fact that Tina is in fact, thriving off the pain; enjoying it… Yes, Tina is not just a murderer, but a masochist too.

Veronica just slumps herself on a stool; giving up with inflicting pain on Tina. Whilst she does this, we come to realize that Tina is untying herself from the chair. She quickly does so and pounces at Veronica. She quickly tells her that she fooled the others, and that Ghostface isn’t her, although “he is watching from the shadows”. She pulls a pocket knife out of her pocket and stabs Veronica in the chest and runs off, leaving Veronica to bleed out.

We cut to Betty, who has since leaving, has been split up from Cheryl to look for the boys. She sees Tina sprinting towards the door and sprints after her. She shouts for Cheryl to check on Veronica while she deals with this cluster-fuck. Betty zooms after Tina, whom she quickly catches up to. She pounces at Tina and tackles her to the floor where the girl begin to engage in hand to hand combat. Betty punches Tina and doesn’t stop. Tina, however, does manage to get some punches in. She quickly tosses Betty from on top of her and tries to kick her, but Betty jumps onto her feet and kicks her in the leg; stopping Tina from kicking her.

Tina states how Betty seems a lot stronger when she’s angry. A vengeful Betty tells Tina that she’s only seen the half of it. The girls launch at each other and Betty tugs on Tina’s hair in order to fulfil her threat from earlier. She proves to be successful in her threat by tearing some of her opponent’s hair out, which she just throws at Tina, who goes bat-shit crazy. “You… Just… Touched… The… HAIR!” she screams at Betty upon letting out a dinosaur-like growl. Tina screams at the top of her voice at Jenna “I hate you”. Betty smiles and tells Tina that she hates her too.

Both girls proceed to lunge at each other again, but Tina is much tireder this time. She realises that it’s time to recede back to HQ, so she pushes Betty over and runs. Betty spits out blood, before realising that she has to chase Tina again. She pulls herself to her feet and runs in Tina’s direction, which leads them both onto a very long road. Tina is much in front of Betty, but she doesn’t give up chasing the fiend. As Betty grows closer and tirerer, Tina also grows more tireder. Just then, out of nowhere, a car speeds into Tina, who’s not much further from Betty and sends her flying into the air.

We realize the driver is Cheryl, who has Tyler and Jay in the backseats helping an injured Veronica. Cheryl mutters to herself that was for justice. Betty quickly runs over to Tina as Cheryl swerves her car to them. She sees that Tina is still alive, but barely. Tina tries to speak, but is only able to mutter the words “Suck.. my.. fucking… dick… bit-”, but Betty stops her from finishing her sentence by stomping on her face; killing her on impact. Tina Patel, the Purger killer, is dead. Cheryl drives up to Betty and orders Betty to get in, which she does. As they drive off, in the direction of the hospital knowing they were victorious tonight, Betty calls the sheriff’s department to inform them of tonight’s events.

The deputy on the phone thanks Betty, who then ends the call. She then gets a call from Ghostface, who tells her that was quite a show they put on tonight. He then informs her that Josie is infact at Southside High, just as Tom originally thought. He just didn’t find the secret room. Before Betty can say anything else, Ghostface finishes off by saying this isn’t over, and he WILL be back. We cut to black as our heros continue to drive off. Season 1 is now… finally over after literal months.

Spoilers and Fun Facts


  • The parents are involved in one big secret, which contributes to the motives of one of the killers.
    • This is similar to JMO's story and the actual show itself, but the secret is different.
  • There will be 12 episodes.
  • There will be a high body count.
  • We will witness the recruitment of one of the killers.
    • This was Tina Patel, who was recruited as the Purger killer.
  • Veronica will have a rivalry with her father, like in the show, but for a different reason. This will be revealed at some point.
  • Archie and Jughead from the show won't appear this time around, but they may appear in a future season.
    • Although Archie doesn't appear in this season, it's confirmed that he and Betty are cousins, due to Fred and Alice being siblings.
  • Cheryl will be quite bitchy in this story, but not as bitchy as she is in the show.
    • She will be more of a Season 2/3 bitchy Cheryl from the show, instead of Season 1 bitchy Cheryl.
  • Jay Heisel and Tyler Denton are characters taken from the Netflix series 'The Mist'.
  • This story has been in planning for over a year.
    • It has gone through a lot of significant changes.

What Would've Happened

  • Archie and Jughead would've appeared in this story as Veronica and Betty's love interests, respectively, but I decided to save them for Season 2.
    • I did this to shy away from making the story predictable.
  • I considered using Sweet Pea as Josie's boyfriend instead of Reggie, but I decided to save him for Season 2.
  • Betty and Veronica would've been the primary final girls in the story, however I felt like it was overdone, so I changed it and made Josie, a character who is underused in the show, the final girl.
  • I considered making Josie the opening death, along with Melody and Valerie, but I soon decided against this upon making the decision to make her the final girl.
  • Initially, I considered not having Polly be in this season, and bring her in during Season 2, but I soon decided against this when I got new ideas.
  • Polly was originally going to be Betty's older sister, but I switched it so they are twins.
  • Originally, Jay and Tyler were listed as final boys, but I decided to remove that listing.
  • Betty originally had her Season 3 promo look from the show in as her character image, but I found a picture of Lili portraying young Alice far more fitting for this version of Betty.
  • Tyler was set to die in the finale, but I changed this upon writing the actual episode.

Body Count

# Victim Cause of Death Killer Ep
X Ty the Delivery Guy Stabbed to death during a flashback Bloody Mary 01x01
1/2 Mr. and Mrs. Lopez Stabbed to death off screen Reggie Mantle 01x03
3 Ginger Lopez Head stomped to a bloody pulp Tina Patel 01x03
4 Chuck Clayton N/A Tina Patel 01x04
5 Melody Valentine Choked to death with cello bow Reggie Mantle 01x04
6 Jason Blossom Shot in the death Reggie Mantle 01x04
7 Dilton Stabbed in the head Tina Patel 01x05
8 Moose Throat slit Tina Patel 01x05
9/10 Devin & Kym Patel Burned to death in a house fire Tina Patel 01x05
11 Hirim Lodge Poisioned with arsenic Hermione Lodge 01x05
12 Hermione Lodge Bludgeoned to death with a frying pan Ghostface 01x05
13 Mrs. Brown Throat slit with a glass shard Reggie Mantle 01x06
14 Valerie Brown Stabbed in the stomach repeatedly and throat slit Reggie Mantle 01x06
15 Principal Peabody Stabbed to death off screen Tina Patel 01x06
X 27 People including Jason Hawking and Hal's Parents Unknown methods; before season 1 Bloody Mary 01x06
17 Martha Mantle Eletrocuted with a television before season one in self defense Reggie Mantle 01x07
18 Reggie Mantle (The Gargoyle King) Brutally beaten, head bashed on floor repeatedly and throat stamped on Josie Samuels 01x07
19 Clifford Blossom Disemboweled off screen Ghostface 01x08
20 Penelope Blossom Raped and stabbed to death off screen The Bump 01x08
21 Nana Rose Head bashed to a pulp off screen The Bump 01x08
22 Sierra Samuels Strangled to death Ghostface 01x08
X Patricia Throat slashed Kenneth DiLaurentis (Pre-Gasface) 01x09
X Issac Disemboweled Kenneth DiLaurentis (Pre-Gasface) 01x09
X 2 Teachers and 5 Students (Including Gale Riley) Trapped and killed in a fire Caused by Hirim Lodge and FP Jones 01x09
X John and Jane Riley Shot to death Police 01x09
X Dewey Riley Unknown method Suicide 01x09
X Jyle Riley Consumed by his second personality Jyle Venedict 01x09
23/24 Ethan and Evelyn Cooper Thrown into a bonfire and burned alive Ghostface and Jyle Venedict 01x10
25 Deputy Evernever Struck in the face with an axe trap Tina Patel 01x11
26 Michael Minetta Hands and head cut off with a machete Tina Patel 01x11
27 Tom Keller Stabbed in head with broken bottle Ghostface 01x11
28 Claudius Blossom Decapitated Ghostface 01x12
29 Kevin Keller Shot in the throat Tina Patel 01x12
30 Tina Patel (The Purger) Hit by a car and face stomped on Cheryl Blossom and Betty Cooper 01x12


The Gargoyle King

The Gargoyle King
Identity Reggie Mantle
Motive Revenge against Josie as her father had an affair with his mother, which drove his father to leave him. His mother later became abusive and Reggie had to kill her in self defense, and he blames Josie and her family for that. He is also looking to impress LOGs so he can join them.
Status Deceased

The Purger

The Purger
Identity Tina Patel
Motive Revenge on all those who’ve bullied her in her life, as well as all those who stood by and did nothing to help her.
Status Deceased


Identity Currently Unknown
Motive Sent by LOGs to target the Riverdale parents and assess if the Gargoyle King is fit to join LOGs
Status Actively Killing

The Bump

The Clown
Identity Currently Unknown
Motive Sent by LOGs to assist Ghostface in targeting the parents and work towards ranking up to a higher tier in LOGs.
Status Actively Killing


# Survivor's Name
1 Betty Cooper
2 Cheryl Blossom
3 Veronica Lodge
4 Josie Samuels
5 Jay Heisel
6 Tyler Denton
7 Polly Cooper
8 Alice Cooper