Post inspired by the news that Blumhouse may reboot the franchise, and Donald Newton's blog post. This could work as new movies or a continuation of the TV series ala I Know What You Did Last Summer. Without further ado, let's go:


Casting Explanations

  • Sidney - Word of advice, see Deadly Detention. It's unironically one of my all-time favorites, and when you see it, you'll understand my decision here.
  • Gale - I adore Em Roberts, and would love to see her have another shot in the franchise. Besides, she's old enough now.
  • Tatum - See Gale. Side note, I'd love to see her survive in the reboot; things needs to be different, and I always wished she was in Scream 2. Think Annie in the Rob Zombie Halloween movies.
  • Stu - Anyone who's seen 13 Reasons know that this guy can be one sick fuck. Besides, the cast could use some diversity.
  • Casey - We gotta keep up the tradition of the popular bombshell dying in the first 15 minutes, no?
  • Neil - One of my favorite actors who's still waiting for his big break despite being such a veteran.
  • Himbry - Henry Winkler in the original was a salute to Happy Days and its fans. In the modern age, Friends fans would flip their lids seeing Chandler filling the Fonz's shoes.
  • Cotton - We probably won't get a new Scream until the early 2020s, but I imagine racial issues won't be much different by that time. Having a black man taking the fall for such a heinous crime would be sharp, but not overly preachy commentary on America's justice system as we saw in Scream Season 3 should it be handled well. Another one of my favorite actors as well. Also, see Stu.

Scream 2

  • Tatum -  Prime suspect but turns out to be innocent. Ostensibly killed by Debbie and Mickey.
  • Debbie - Two words: Norma Bates.
  • Joel - Couldn't have casted more accurately if I'd chosen Michael B. Jordan.
  • Cici - Few actresses could capture SMG's beauty and presence. This blonde bombshell comes pretty damn close.
  • Maureen - Like mother like daughter. As you've probably figured out, I love callbacks.
  • Phil - Love the actor, thought he was wasted in 13 Reasons. Nough said.

Scream 3


  • Tatum - Revealed to be alive after being thought killed at Windsor College.
  • Roman - Not the killer in this version. Reveal about being Sidney's brother comes a bit earlier, before he's killed by cousin Gaston.
  • Gaston - Craven the Hunter-esque killer and maternal cousin of Sidney.
  • Angelina -Deadly Detention reunion anyone? Gaston's protege.
  • Tyson - Tyson is essentially proto-Kevin Hart. I think we can all here him yelling "oh you motherfucker!"
  • Jennifer - Nancy Drew playing Nancy Drew? I couldn't resist!
  • Joel  - There was no excuse to cut Joel from Scream 3. It's a no-brainer that he should have returned.

Scream 4


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