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Hello! I am one of the active admins on this site! I also write stories here on the Scream Wiki. I am a huge fan of movies, tv, video games, comic books, books, and basically anything nerdy. I am also a superhero. I am a very active user, so you will see me on here a lot.   Scream isn't my only favorite show! I also watch The FlashSupergirlThe Walking DeadRiverdale13 Reasons Why, and Stranger Things. If you ever have a question, or just want to talk, message me here on my talk page. My friends here on the wiki are Noah Ben-Maor, Alex Hughes, Donald Newton, Versace, Ulises, and Elaina.

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Story Guide/Order

The Blood Trilogy

When Ethan Hawke, alongside his group of friends, becomes the target of a murder spree using the Scream movies and tv series as inspiration, he becomes locked in a whodunit as he must solve the identity of Ghostface.

The Clearwood Trilogy

Years after the first trilogy, John Curtis and Jennifer Roberts, alongside their friends, become the targets of a new murder spree. They must call on some new friends to survive, while the killers recruit their own new friends.

The Riverdale Trilogy

When four teens are found brutally murdered, four teens become the center of the killers' plan. As the teens and their friends try to uncover the identities of the multiple killers, they are taken out by the team of Ghostfaces.

The Liberty Trilogy

When a girl is found murdered, tapes recounting the events of her murder and who caused them are sent out to the specific people. As the teens get through the tapes, a killer begins wiping out the people that wronged Hannah. Secrets develop, more killers appear, and deaths are guaranteed.

The Salem Trilogy

When Red Hood, leader of a group called the Mafia, comes to Salem, the characters are forced into a murder spree. However, as other killers come to Salem, the characters have to question who to trust, and who not to.

The Crossover

After all the survivors unite into one group, they are taken out one by one by the Arkham Knight and his group of killers. As the Arkham Knight works to destroy the survivors, they must go all the way back to the beginning in order to stop him.

The Flash Trilogy

After Nora Allen's murder, her son Barry is adopted by the West's. Years later, a team of killers come to Central City to take down Barry, the woman he loves Iris, and everyone they care about. Barry and Iris must fight to survive and protect their friends from the group, while also attempting to solve their identities.

The Arrow Trilogy



Year Story
2016 Scream: Thirst for Blood
2017 Scream: Taste of Blood
2020 Scream: Final Blood
2025 Scream: Season 1
2026 Scream: Season 2
2028 Scream: The Final Season, Scream: The Riverdale Murders (Season 1)
2029 Scream: The Riverdale Murders (Season 2)
2030 13 Reasons to Scream (Season 1) and 13 Reasons to Scream (Season 2)
2031 Scream: The Riverdale Murders (Season 3), Town of Screamers (Season 1), and Town of Screamers (Season 2)
2032 13 Reasons to Scream (Season 3), Town of Screamers (Season 3)
2033 Scream in a Flash (Season 1) and Scream in a Flash (Season 2)
2034 Scream: The Survivor League
2035 Scream in a Flash (Season 3)