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"Woah, woah, woah, just one damn minute! There's a psycho killer on the loose and you wanna go traipsing around this gigantic mansion? Have you ever actually seen the Stab movies? Every time this dude enters the room, he ends up a goddamn shishkabob!"
—Tyson to Roman Bridger, his eventual murderer.

Tyson Fox was a main character in Scream 3 (2000 film). He was a Hollywood actor cast in Stab 3: Return to Woosboro (2000). His cast mates were Sarah Darling, Angelina Tyler and Tom Prinze.

Tyson was the seventh character to fall victim in the third Ghostface killing spree.



Even though Tyson had a Shakespearean history, he portrayed Ricky Wafford, a character based on Randy Meeks. This character was apparently set to be stabbed in the head with large scissors. Tyson appeared to have a good relationship with his fellow cast members and was easy-going and funny.

Tyson briefly encountered Sidney, seeing her after the Woodsboro set attack when Angelina was pulled out front for stealing props of the film since it was closed for production due to the murders of Cotton Weary and Sarah Darling.

He is absent during Jennifer Jolie's house explosion where two others lost their lives: Jennifer's celebrity bodyguard Steven Stone and Tom Prinze.

Tyson re-appeared during Sidney's attack and later Roman's 30th birthday party at Milton's mansion. At the party, Angelina encourages him to split up from the others.

Tyson's corpse discovered by Sidney.


Tyson was killed by Roman after fighting Ghostface for attacking the group in Milton's guest bedroom. While attempting to alert the police, he was stabbed in the stomach, upon trying to escape was smashed against a glass cupboard and thrown off the balcony to his death.

Dewey continued to call for Tyson, only to find him dead; Sidney found Tyson's body when she arrived at the Mansion, next to a metal detector.





Tyson is stabbed and thrown off the second floor balcony.

  • "Oh you motherfucker!" (To Ghostface)
  • "I am not a Randy substitute. I'm my own character!"
  • "It's an homage."
  • "Don't look at me. I didn't take shit." (Ad-libbed by Deon Richmond)
  • "Stan, my man, he does good work, huh?" To Sarah Darling
  • "Oh, shit!" Upon seeing Ghostface entering the room.
  • "Police! Help!"


  • He was described as "TYSON Fox: late-20's, African-American, all attitude" in the script.
    • Richmond, however, was only 21 when shooting the film.
  • Being that he had a Shakesperian work history, Tyson could have been a method actor, which would explain his Randy Meeks-like persona on set. That, or it could have been his real personality.
  • One of the few characters to physically fight Ghostface.
  • Tyson was deliberately intended to be a primary suspect for Ghostface. This is evident since he is present at Sarah Darling's murder, missing at Jennifer's house destruction and also present during Sidney's attack on the Woodsboro film set.


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