"Officer, she made me do it. She makes me do a lot of things."
—Tyler O’Neill to Nina Patterson[src]

Tyler O'Neill was a minor character in the television series Scream. He is portrayed by Max Lloyd-Jones.

He attended George Washington High School and was in a long-term relationship with Nina Patterson.

Initially, he was considered a suspect in the 2015 Lakewood Murders until it was later revealed that he was a victim of the killings.


Tyler was the good-looking bad boy and tech-savvy high school genius at George Washington High. On the night he helped his ex-girlfriend Nina Patterson to upload an untraceable video of Audrey Jensen and Rachel Murray making out. After that night Tyler brings Nina home on the night him and Nina got murdered.

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Shortly after Tyler dropped Nina off at her house, The Killer decapitated him off-screen. Nina starts receiving text messages from The Killer, whom she assumed was Tyler. When Nina goes in the hot tub, she does not notice the incoming text she gets that reads "Heads up", then the Lakewood Slasher throws Tyler's severed head in the hot tub.


  • Tyler: "Officer, she made me do it. She makes me do a lot of things."
  • Tyler: "Wow, you are a mean drunk tonight."


  • Tyler is the first character to be killed in the TV series off-screen and the first to be murdered overall.
  • Like Casey Becker's boyfriend, Steven Orth, he was killed to prove the Lakewood Slasher's intents.
  • Tyler was the main suspect in Nina's murder up until Emma, Audrey, and Noah found his mutilated head, his name was then cleared and everyone, including Nina's parents, realized that he wasn't the killer, but was a another victim of the killer himself/herself.
  • The Lakewood Slasher also planted evidence of Tyler's fingerprints on a glass cup in Nina's kitchen, as to implicate him in the murder in order to throw off suspicion.
  • He was apparently an orphan, as it is mentioned that he lived with his foster parents.

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