Portrayed by Shenae Grimes
Location Woodsboro, California
Occupation High School student
Status Deceased (only in Stab 6)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Trudie is a character that appears in Stab 6 which is in a fictional movie that Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper view in Scream 4. Trudie is one of the two opening victims of Stab 6.

Stab 6

Trudie and Sherrie get ready to watch Saw IV to which Trudie rejects saying she hates the movie due to the lack of character development and the torture porn nature, while her friend Sherrie defends the Saw franchise by saying that Jigsaw is a creative character. Trudie then reveals she has a Facebook stalker and thinks he is hot; upon showing Sherrie, Trudie is informed "that's Channing Tatum... from his Abercrombie days."

Then, Trudie and Sherrie get phone calls from Ghostface. Trudie panics. When Ghostface calls them Sherrie picks it up and after he says he will kill her she gives the phone to Trudie. Trudie asks Sherrie if the door is locked and goes to see if it is locked.

The phone rings again but they don't answer.
Trudie's Death

Trudie gets stabbed in the chest

 Ghostface sends Trudie a text message about that they should open the door. Trudie starts to panic but a fearless Sherrie opens the door and realizes no one is there. Trudie gets a text message that Ghostface is right beside her. Suddenly, Ghostface appears and stabs Trudie in the chest, almost immediately killing her. Sherrie watches and attempts to flee, only to be murdered by another

Scream 4

We then see that they are actually a part of the Stab sequel "Stab 6". They are later watched again.

Stab 7

The deaths of Sherrie and Trudie are viewed by Rachel and Chloe in Stab 7.

Scream 4

Jenny and Marnie were watching the movie. Kirby, Charlie and Trevor watch Trudie and Sherrie's scene in Stab 6.


  • "Argh, I saw that in the theaters, it sucks. It's not scary, it's gross. I hate all that torture porn shit." Refering to Saw IV
  • "Let's call the cops!"
  • "It says 'I'm not outside, I'm right beside you.'" Reading the text Ghostface sent her
  • "Don't, i'm scared!"
  • "But, you don't give a shit who dies....because there's no character development."
  • Let It Ring

Behind the Scenes

  • The script describes her as "Trudie, 16, a sexy, pretty. Tells it like it is. Trudie is snacking on chips while TEXTING on her SIDEKICK. Two friends hanging out."
  • Trudie was believed to be named Marnie, however, this was actually Marnie Cooper.
  • Her last name was once rumored to be Harrold. No reliable source has been proven for this name.
  • Her surname is possibly Jennings.

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