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This article is about the fictional version of Tori Spelling depicted in the Scream universe. For the real-life version of the actress, see Tori Spelling.

Tori Spelling is a fictional version of the actress with the same name who makes a cameo appearance in the film Scream 2 (1997), a running gag from a comment made in the original Scream (1996).

She is mentioned in the first three films of the Scream film franchise and possibly alluded to again in the fifth film.

She portrayed the Stab character, Sidney Prescott based on 1996|Woodsboro Massacre survivor, Sidney Prescott in the original Stab film released in 1997, its 1999 sequel, Stab 2 based on the Windsor College Murders, and possibly Stab 3: Hollywood Horror based on the Hollywood Murders (released in approximately 2006), concluding the original Stab trilogy based on true events.

One of the motivations of the 2022 Woodsboro Legacy Murders was her character's absence in the eighth Stab film.


Woodsboro Murders aftermath[]

After the 1996 Woodsboro Murders, Spelling was cast as the real-life Sidney Prescott who gained widespread fame as a result of the murders, including appearing in People Magazine in late 1996. Unbeknownst to Tori, Sidney was not a fan of her prior to her casting and said that it would be her luck if she was cast (and she was). At Windsor College, she is seen in a televised interview, promoting its events on television.

Refusal to return for cancelled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro (2000)[]

Following the 1999 release of Stab 2, Spelling and her co-star David Schwimmer refused to return for the fictionalized trilogy concluding chapter, Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro. Their co-star Jennifer Jolie, however, decided to return, but later became a victim of the murders that occurred on set at Sunrise Studios.

Possible return for Stab 3: Hollywood Horror (approx. 2006)[]

It is possible Spelling returned for the conclusion of the Stab trilogy to commemorate her dead co-star, Jennifer Jolie.

Fiction-based Stab sequels post-original trilogy (2007-2010)[]

After the conclusion of the Stab trilogy based on true events, local Woodsboro teenager Jenny Randall stated they began "making stuff up", endless fictional slasher films based on Ghostface.

This was due to the fact that Sunrise Studios likely wanted to remake Stab for the new decade along with other horror remake trends, but the real-life Sidney Prescott threatened to sue if they used her story (likely buying the entertainment media property license to bring the events of the original Woodsboro Murders to screen in her own form with reference to her very own self-help book, Out of Darkness).

Therefore, it is unknown if Tori Spelling is the actress present in these Stab sequels as Sidney, though it is possible.

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  • According to an Instagram post, in real life, Tori Spelling actually did audition to play Sidney Prescott in Scream before her cameo in Scream 2.[1]
  • In Scream, Sidney remarks that with her luck Tori Spelling would play her character in a movie. Then, she portrays her in the next movie based on her life, Stab. The next movie mentions Tori at least returned for the sequel, Stab 2.
  • Best known for her role as Donna in Beverly Hills 90210 which started in 1990. This was most likely the role Sidney was thinking of when she put Spelling down in the first film. It was Spelling's first starring role.
  • Tori Spelling is the same age as Neve Campbell, both being born in 1973 while their character Sidney Prescott was born on March 14th, 1979.
  • Along with Anthony Anderson and Jenny McCarthy, Tori Spelling would appear in the Scary Movie Franchise. Although, none of them were in the first movie which parodies Scream and the Slasher Genre. Spelling appeared in the 2nd movie while Anderson and McCarthy appeared in the 3rd movie.

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