Tommy "TJ" Jenkins was a recurring character in the third season of the television series, Scream. He was portrayed by Nash Grier.


As a boy, Tommy Jenkins was a football player known to bully other children, particularly Marcus Elliot. He did this because he was resentful that Marcus’s brother Deion was better on the field than him. On Halloween night 2010, Tommy bullied Marcus, pushing him to the ground, taking his Halloween Candy and throwing it over the fence into a salvage yard. He then terrified Marcus with a story about Hook Man who supposedly kills children before leaving Marcus alone. Tommy would inadvertently be the cause of Marcus’s disappearance after he and Deion went into the yard to get the candy and only Deion returned.

Young Tommy Jenkins

Years later Tommy, now going by "TJ" is working as some kind of Uber driver when he is contacted to pick up a client called “Marcus”. Not realising a connection between his victim from the past, he arrives in a dilapidated neighbourhood and goes searching for his client but is creeped out by the abandoned house and gets back in his car, only to be confronted be Ghostface

Appearances (2/6) 

Season 3 (2/6)


TJ is stabbed and throat slashed in the neck by Ghostface/Jamal before having his head covered with a plastic bag which quickly fills up with his own blood.


"Your costume sucks, now give me your candy you loser"
—Tommy Jenkins


  • In a promotional teaser, TJ is called "The Inquisitive One".
  • He is the first victim of Ghostface this season.
  • He is the first character in the entire franchise to be seen as a child before being killed as a teenager.
  • TJ's death pays homage to the death of Randy Meeks and Hallie from Scream 2 as well as Kenny from the first Scream .
  • His death is also similar to the death of the first officers from Scream 2 whose throat is slashed during Ghostface's surprise attack on the car carrying Sidney and Hallie.
  • His death is one of the many occuring in/or near automobiles in the franchise (Kenny in Scream, Randy and the officers in Scream 2, Rebecca and the officers in Scream 4, respectively)
  • TJ's death by having his throat slashed is similar to Nina's death from Season 1 and Kieran's death in Season 2. Him and Latavious are the only characters to die by slashed throats in Season 3.

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