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Tom Prinze
Tom Prize.png
Portrayed by Matt Keesler
Location Hollywood
Occupation Actor
Status Deceased
Death Year:2000

Cause:Blown up by Roman Bridger

Stab character Dewey Riley
Appearance(s) Scream 3

Tom Prinze was a main character and an actor cast as Dewey Riley in Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro. He was the fifth person to fall victim during the third Ghostface killing spree.

Scream 3

Tom Prinze portrayed Dewey in the third Stab installment, replacing David Schwimmer. After witnessing Steven Stone's death, Dewey ordered everyone back inside, where Ghostface repeatedly called his victims, toying with them, as he presented them parts of a screenplay he had written himself, by sending them via fax machine.

The screenplay would ultimately tell which one of them would be granted mercy. When Ghostface cut the power to the house, Dewey sent everyone out back near the pool,

Tommy Riley Tom Prize as Dewey Riley in Stab 3.

fearing the killer would enter Jennifer Jolie's house. Prinze, who was anxious to know who would survive the ordeal, ran back inside, and went to read the final fax. As the final fax came through, he read it out loud: And the killer will give mercy to whoever...

As Gale, Dewey, and Jennifer stood outside, Prinze exclaimed he couldn't read anything, ran to another room, and lit his lighter. Then he continued to read: Whoever smells the... .' As he read the final word, a massive flame engulfed him, filling the entire room with fire, and a huge explosion ensued, resulting in the destruction of Jennifer's home. Ghostface had opened a gas leak, and filled the entire house with gas.

Tom is killed in the explosion.

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Whoever Smells The.... GAS Tom's death

Tom is a playboy and is shown as a good judge of character; he's the only one who calls Angelina Tyler out for hiding her true intentions, although he does so without any tact.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was described as "A Hollywood poster boy. Very cool. Not so debonair" in the script.
  • The original script included a scene in which Tom asks Angelina out, is turned down, and then tries the sam

    Scream 3 - Fax attack

    A video of Tom's death

    e thing with Tyson, who also turns him down. It's unknown if this was even filmed, or simply cut for time since Angelina not being single was only important in the original intended ending. On the DVD commentary, Wes Craven comments about cutting this scene, but only mentions Tom asking Angelina out, so it is probable that some version was filmed, which may or may not include Tom's bisexuality.


  • In the Japanese dub, he is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

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