Tom Martin, who stole the identity of Alex Whitten, was a character featured on the special episodes of the second season of Scream. He was portrayed by Alexander Calvert. He was revealed to be the Killer of Shallow Grove Island and the primary killer in Halloween's episodes.


Tom Martin was a deranged serial killer, whose parents were murdered, causing him to be locked with their corpses for days. Upon hearing about Emma Duval, he felt that they could have a relationship together since they were alike.

He lured her to the island by bringing up the Anna Hobbs legend on Jeremy Blair's website. After murdering numerous people, including Jeremy, he tried to convince her to join him, but she shoved him off a balcony to his death instead.


Tom Martin was four years old when his parents were murdered, and he witnessed their deaths. He complained about the spotlight and attention, burning him. He watched television and realized Emma Duval was in a same sitatuation he was in, and thought she was the perfect girl for him, so he "made a buzz" around the Anna Hobbs legend of the 1930s on Jeremy's website to lure them there. Prior to Halloween, he murdered Alex Whitten by stabbing him repeatedly and stole his identity.


Season 2

Committed Murders

Season 2

Alex Whitten Stabbed repeatedly Halloween (off-screen)
Sid Slashed with Garden Shears Halloween
Billie Fields Stabbed with Garden Shears, chocked, shoved through a glass door Halloween
Sheriff Carpenter Several fingers cut off, Beheaded with Garden Shears Halloween
Jeremy Blair Stabbed in the Stomach and Shoulder with Garden Shears Halloween II


  • He is the only killer in the franchise who actually wanted the final girl alive and wasn't trying to hurt her.
    • He also didn't target any of Emma's friends and only focused on people that could have deduced his false identity.
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