Scream Timeline

Circa 1950: Maureen Roberts born in Woodsboro, CA; Maureen is roughly 19/20 when she disappeared to Hollywood for two years.

June 16, 1955: Mrs. Loomis is born.

1965: Sarah Darling was born.

1966: Gale Weathers was born.

1969-1971: Marueen Roberts moves to Hollywood and tries an acting career under the name Rina Reynolds. She appears in 3 of John Milton's horror movies before he and others rape her at a party. She was impregnated by John and gives birth to Roman Bridger and moves back to Woodsboro. She meets Neil Prescott shortly after returning. (An earlier draft of Ehren Kruger's script places the dates exactly. These fit with the filmed version. Roman turns 30 on day on his birthday in the movie's events in Scream 3.)

1971: Dewey Riley is born.

January 20, 1978: Billy Loomis is born.

January 24, 1978: Stu Macher is born.

May 20, 1978: Mickey Altieri is born.

1978: Derek, Steven, and Randy Meeks were born.

1978/1979: Brandon James was born.

1978/1979: Daisy Anderson aka Maggie Duval was born.

February 1979: Tatum Riley, Dewey's younger sister, is born.

1979: Cici Cooper is born.

October 3, 1979: Sidney Prescott born to Neil and Maureen. (Sidney is 17 in Scream.)

1979: Judy Hicks is born.

1979: Casey Becker is born to Mr. and Mrs. Becker.

1983: Martha Meeks, Randy's younger sister, is born.

1992: Trevor Sheldon and Charlie Walker are born.

Later 1992: Robbie Mercer is born.

1993: Jill Roberts, Kirby, Olivia Morris are born. They were toddlers at the time of the original Woodsboro murders and 17 years old by the time Sidney returns to Woodsboro for her book promotion.

1993: Piper Shaw is born to Brandon James and Daisy Anderson, but is put up for adoption.

1994: Billy and Sidney started dating as sophomores in high school. As Billy describes them as "nice solid 'R' rating, on our way to an NC-17."

October 31st, 1994: Brandon James goes on a killing spree, murdering five high school students in the small town of Lakewood. He attempted to kill a sixth victim, but failed. He later met Daisy at Wren Lake, where he is shot and killed by Lakewood Police.

1995: Maureen has had affairs; Mr. Loomis and Cotton Weary being definite affairs within the year. Mrs. Loomis finds out and leaves Mr. Loomis despairing Billy.

1995: Roman Bridger tracks down Maureen Prescott, but she spurns him. He stalks her and records her affairs; one of them being Billy's father. Roman uses the evidence to convince Billy Loomis to murder Maureen.

October 1995: Billy peer pressures Stu Macher, and the two kill Maureen and frame Cotton Weary. (One year before the events of Scream.)

October 1996: The events of Scream. (Scream 4 props indicate a Remembrance Week in October.)

June 1997 : Randy, 18, and Sidney, 17, graduate from Woodsboro High School. The Woodsboro Yearbooks have memorials of Casey Becker, Steven Orth, Principle Himbry and Tatum Riley.

1997: Gale Weathers publishes The Woodsboro Murders. Sunrise Studios options the rights and films it under the title Stab.

1998: The events of Scream 2. (Maureen Evans, a senior at Windsor College, hears someone say Woodsboro murders took place 'a couple of years ago.' Sidney, 19, and Randy Meeks, 20, survivors in Scream, are now college sophomores at Windsor College.)

1998 : Sidney, 19, reluctantly drops out of Windsor College after the traumatic events of Scream 2, and goes into hiding in a secluded area in north of Hollywood. She adopts a retriever named Cherokee, and takes a job from home as a crisis counselor using the alias, "Laura" to hide her identity. Her father comes to visit her at some points.

1999: Cotton Weary parlays his fifteen minutes of fame into a television series: 100% Cotton. Stab 2, based on the Windsor College murders, is released. Emma Duval is born to Maggie Duval. Brooke Maddox was born. Audrey Jensen was born.

Summer 2000: The events of Scream 3. Sidney, 21, confronts her and defeats her long lost half brother, Roman, 30. (Roman's production office has a calendar showing July and August. Roman says he tracked Maureen Prescott down "four years ago," but enough time has to elapse for Stab 2 to be filmed and released. If Maureen was killed in October as the Scream 4 Remembrance Week may refer to, and this is August, then it would be slightly under five years and work with his quoted four.)

2001-2009: After the events of Scream 3, according to Jenny Randall, Sidney threaten to sue the studios if they used here story so they made new innovations for stories. The Stab franchised continued with Stabs 4, 5, 6 were released. Jill, 8-16, grew jealous of her cousin, Sidney for her fame.

2001-2009: Sidney's father, Niel Prescott, passes away due to a heart attack. Sidney mourns, but he becomes inspiration for her to write her book "Out of Darkness".

2010: Jill, 17, lost her virginity to Trevor, 18.

2010: Trevor cheats on Jill with Jenny Randall, 17. Jill begins a secret relationship with Charlie, 18, and they plan the events when Sidney arrives in her hometown.

2010: Stab 7 is available on DVD and Woodsboro teenagers were the biggest purchasers of it.

October 2010:: The events of Scream 4. (Props indicate this is October. Characters state ten years have passed since Scream 3.) Sidney, now 31, goes on tour promoting her book "Out of Darkness".

July/August 2015: Kieran Wilcox starts dating Piper Shaw and the two confess there hatred for the parents thus planing the Lakewood murders

October 2015: The events of Scream: The TV Series Season 1. (Piper Shaw confirms the year in Revelations.)

January 2016: the events of Scream: The TV Series Season 2 (the time period is confirmed in the synopsis of the Season, stating that it takes place three months after the events of season 1.)