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Bugs Bunny (also known as Screwy Wabbit) is the main protagonist in the animated series Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, the deuteragonist of the 2003 live-action/animated film, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and in the 1996 live-action/animated film, Space Jam.

He was voiced by the late Mel Blanc, Jeff Bergman, the late Greg Burson, Billy West, the late Joe Alaskey, Samuel Vincent and currently voiced by Eric Bauza.

Villainous Acts Edit

In Elmer's Pet Rabbit, he's a completely out-of character, where he is more agressive and arrogant than usual, with almost thuggish personality, which he showed with sadistically tormenting Elmer Fudd for no reason.

In Wabbit Twouble, when Elmer went to Jellostone Park, he drove Elmer crazy, very similar to Daffy Duck's older personality. First, he stole Elmer's tent, and tied it in ropes. Later, he tricked Elmer is it day or night several times (it's not quite villainous, but he did it also). When Elmer wanted to use his towel to clean his face, Bugs tricked him to almost fall of cliff, which is the most evil thing Bugs did through the cartoon. Later, when Elmer gonna mad and tried to kill Bugs, he encountered bear, and read that he must play dead to avoid bears. Then, Bugs used it and started to imitate bear to scare Elmer. Elmer still played dead, and didn't react on that. Bugs even kissed Elmer in mouth, to made him think he's kissed by a woman, and continued to act like he's a bear. Later, he started to bite Elmer's shoe, which made Elmer scared, but when Elmer saw that's actually Bugs, he gonna mad and tried to kill him, but encountered bear again and started to run. At the end of cartoon, he gonna mad and destroyed sign for Jelloustone Park, which made ranger arrested him, thanks to Bugs.

In The Wabbit Who Came To Supper, when he heard that Elmer will get 7 million dollars if he doesn't hurt any creature, expecially rabbit, or in opposite he will not got one cent from Uncle Louie, Bugs used that and started to manipulate with Elmer. First, he sneaked to Elmer's house and used his shower without Elmer's license. Later, he asked Elmer what will they eat, which made Elmer mad and tricked Bugs to leave the house. Later, Bugs started to act dead, which made Elmer upset and brang him inside and sing him a song like to babies. Then, telegram man came again, and saw that Uncle Louie spend almost all his money to taxes, and he got only 1 dollar and 45 cents. When Elmer saw that, he wanted to get revenge on Bugs because he was manipulating him, and got riddance of him. Unfortunately, postman came to his house and give him a giant easter egg full of baby rabbits who started to make rampage and destruction in his house.

In The Wacky Wabbit, Elmer was searching for gold, and Bugs was playing nasty pranks on him during the cartoon. At first, Bugs scared him to death with scary skull on his face. When Elmer revealed that's actually Bugs in disguise, he gonna mad. When Bugs saw that, he screamed and escaped. Later, when Elmer was tried to find some gold under the ground, and put dynamite under the ground, Bugs was giving him dynamite back, which frightened him every time. Later, Bugs, roared like a monster and frightened Elmer to death again. Then, he put something clanky on Elmer's head and hit it. At the end of cartoon, Elmer wanted to get revenge on him by pulling out Bugs' golden tooth, but accidently pulled out his own golden tooth, but still thought he pulled out Bugs' one, and gonna happy because he actually found some gold.

In Fresh Hare, he was wanted villain, and police sent Elmer to capture him live or dead (better dead) and bring him to police. Bugs later harrased Elmer by many ways.

In Buckaroo Bugs, he was a western outlaw who was stealing all carrots from all Wild West, and later sadistically tormented Red Hot Rider who was sent to confront him.

In Duck Amuck, he was a drawer who was drawing Daffy and setting many dangerous things to him, such as anvil falling on Daffy's head, Daffy hitting a mountain with his plane, and the worst of all, he made that bomb explodes in Daffy. At the end of cartoon, when Daffy gonna crazy and asked who's responsible for all of that, Bugs drawed door because he didn't want from Daffy to know the answer, and later said his famous catchphrase: "Ain't I a stinker?"

In Looney Tunes Show episode Casa De Calma, he was sadistically tormenting Daffy and ruining his plans how to get a famous actress for his girlfriend.

In New Looney Tunes episode Bugs VS Snail, he didn't want to pay for kite snail delivered to him, which made a big confrontation between him and snail.

In Looney Tunes Cartoons episode Pest Coaster, he illegaly want to Yosemite Sam's roller-coaster, even though Sam's rules says no rabbits allowed.

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