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​​​​​1. Hope for the best :-). Also, you just gave me something to chew on: Debbie is listed in the villains wiki under "psychopath". Pamela Voorhees is worse, yet not being listed as such. Why Debbie is a psychopath, but Pamela isn't?

2. All of them might die. I know Gale should. Courtney begged Craven to let her character be killed by Charlie. I have no idea what Craven was thinking. Even if we disregard the fact killing Gale would've both help the story and make Charlie a better killer, a director cannot force an actor to play a character he/she wishes to die. If and when i'll adapt my stories into movies/tv series, and one of the actors will ask me to kill his/her character, i'll do as he/she asked, regardless how much it burns me from the inside.

3. Another Emma Watson-related topic: Remember "Police Legend", with the fairytale characters who live as mundane humans? So i have the idea of casting Emma as Bell Morison-Beastman. After her husband will be killed by Tweedle Dee, she'll take a picture of him on her phone and send it to the authorities. From that point, her fate depends whether Dee will survive part 1 or not. If he'll be killed by Cindi, Bell will be come a one installment wonder and live her life outside of the story. If he'll survive, he'll kill Bell at the end of part 2, and get killed by Cat in part 3. Do you prefer Bell surviving and Dee being killed in part 1, or Bell being murdered, and Dee being killed in part 3?

4. My updated list:

1#: Jamal of course.

2#: Debbie, because she have the most realistic and sensible overall motive.

3#: Piper. Many psychopaths are high functioning people, just like Piper. The average psychopath is more likely to be a reporter than a serial killer.

4#: Billy. As mentioned before he's so similar to Eric Harris, who planned the Columbine massacre, that people can hear about teenage killers and confuse these two without being idiots. Also, many male teenagers doesnt think things through. Being a crybaby about his parents' divorce takes away points.

5#: Charlie. Insecure psychopaths like him are more common that the media leads us to think. He's less realistic than the 4 higher places because he's too stupid to be true. I met only one complete idiot in my entire life, and i doubt he goes to Charlie's levels of stupidity.

6#: Jill. People like her are real :-(. Every psychopath who ever achieved a position of power started out as similar to Jill, even if not as vile and mental.

7#: Kieran. As mentioned before, people like are usually cops and hackers, not serial killers. Except for Ted Bundy and rare examples, serial killers tend to be low functioning individuals. More likely to be socipaths than psychopaths.

8#: Beth. People like her are somewhat real, but being completely coherent shortly after a direct head trauma is extremely rare.

9#: Stu. Not as stupid as Charlie, but he too cartoonish for a real killer. It takes watching "Scream" before watching "Scoody Doo", or else Matthew Lillard's portrayal will make it harder to take the character too seriously.

10#: Mickey. He was entertaining enough, but his kills and interactions weren't completely realistic. The fact he speared Richards in a rule of cool kind of way is known. The fact he killed Maureen in a cinema without being noticed cannot happen in real life. People are not that dumb. He was also obvious to the audience, but not to the characters. It make more sense when it's the other way around.

11#: Roman, because he's supernatural and clearly based on Freddy Krueger. If he wasn't a serial killer in a horror movie, chances are he would be a dark mage in a fantasy movie. Actually rather nice, but not realistic.

5. I really need to think about it. As for your conversation with Panzysoldat: Maybe Kieran used to love people before becoming what he is, but by the time the good people retconned him, he lost any remotely redeeming quality. Worship isn't love, and therefore he can't claim he was in love with Piper. He follows her for the same reason Bellatrix follows Voldemort. Piper just found him as extremely useful, and her worship for Brandon is moot. The reason Piper, Roman and Jill wanted to be loved is because all three of them are narcissistic. These people want to be loved, but cannot feel genuine love toward others. I would say the threshold for being pure evil is 97% evil. At least for now.

6. My nicknames:

  • Billy Loomis - My original nickname for him was Billyface, but now i'm thinking to change it to Herringface (false red herring and all)
  • Stu Macher - Stupidface
  • Mickey Altieri - Movieface
  • Debbie Salt- Motherface
  • Roman Bridger - Masterface
  • Charlie Walker - Geekface
  • Jill Roberts - Babyface
  • Piper Shaw - Viper
  • Kieran Wilcox - That's a tough one. My original nickname for him was Prince Blackheart, and your nickname for him was Chira. Maybe Charmless (a wordplay on Prince Charming)?
  • Jay Elliot - Harlemface 
  • Beth - Gothface
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