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​​​​​1. Nothing yet. It might be easy to contact Laurie Metcalf, but we'll see. 

2. I do think one of the trio will die. Sidney is "victim royalty" - Charlie. Even though I hate him (Charlie), he is right. You can shoot her, stab her, or hit her, and she will live. She is more immortal than Roman technically, haha.

3. I have seen the movie, BATB 2017. It was a good movie. I'll rewatch it. 

4. Good point about Stu's stu (pun haha)-pidity. Get it? Haha. But I honestly agree. Debbie is realistic because of her backstory and motive, but part of me can't see her killing a 6'1" 170 lb Randy Meeks. I feel like your so easily cooerced into becoming a killer by a hot girl, so Charlie is kind of realistic, but his motive is soooo off. Jill is definetly less realsitic cause of her body size but also because of the fame hungry demon inside of her. Also, I do need to rethink the list. I'll try to rewatch the movies in making the list. 

Just wondering WHAT is your list from realistic to least?

5. Just wondering, do you know if you could make a list of the realistic stunts to the actors? That would be good. 

6. Great options. What about nicknames for them? Like this is mine. If you could do it like this; The _____, that would be good:

  • Billy Loomis - The Boyfriend / The Suspect
  • Stu Macher - The Comedian / The Fool
  • Mickey Altieri - The Film Buff
  • Debbie Salt- The Reporter 
  • Roman Bridger - The Director
  • Charlie Walker - The Geek
  • Jill Roberts - The Final Girl
  • Piper Shaw - The Podcaster
  • Kieran Wilcox - The Loner
  • Jay Elliot - The Gangster 
  • Beth - The Basket Case


A. Me and Panzysoldat were talking. It's about Beth, Piper and Kieran. Are they PURE EVIL? I mean, part of me says yes, but some says no. Here is why.

Some pure evil killers are actually capable of love. I'd say Kieran's was a mix. The shrine with her photos, glasses on her crpse, and her body show a worship aspect, but he still loved her as he said "banging" and "my Piper."  Piper was definelty the alpha and the beta became the alpha once she died, but he formed an emotional true bond so he also did that too. Also, he killed most of his family, was a very brutal killer, one of the most treacharous killers, commited a murder of a government official, and fooled the police. That's almost pure evil to me. I'd say 25% love, 75% worship, as he was essentially his rock. What do you think?

Piper definetly was in love with Kieran but she cared about herself more and her own problems. Also, she wanted Maggie to love her too. No one is born pure evil, but she also wanted her mom to love her. Also, she also worshipped Brandon James with the messages, the lair, the mask, etc.

Beth said to Liv in the finale that "I might have even cared about him. That's why I let him see me for who I truly was." I think she cared about him, but she became ruthless knowing that since she cared (probably) and killed him, she could kill anybody. I definetly think she's more evil than the three, but that small quote has me a little iffy. 

My verdict? Although,Kieran is my favorite killer in Scream to date, he's the least of the 5, like 98.25% evil, with Piper being like 98.5%, Beth being 99.5% and Roman and Jill being 100%.

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