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The Third Killer was the secondary antagonist in the second season of Scream.

Appearances (2/24)[]


After Kieran was imprisoned for his crimes, he was told that his lawyer wants to talk to him on the phone. On the phone, he hears someone with The Killer's voice saying "Hello Kieran. Who told you, you could wear my mask?" much to Kieran's clear surprise, implying that there is another killer on the loose that he didn't know about.

In prison, Kieran, hearing a noise, looks up to see a person in the Killer's costume laying face down in the ventilation vents above him, looking down at him. Nervous of what the killer will do, Kieran tells the nearby security guard that he needs to "use the can". The security guard refuses while writing notes down on a pad nearby.

The Killer slightly opens the vent, but the guard hears the vent creaking. When he turns around in surprise, the Killer jumps out of the vent and murders the guard by twisting/snapping his neck 180 degrees, while Kieran watches in shock from inside his cell, amazed at the killer's superior brutality.

The Killer then takes the guard's keys, lets Kieran out and confronts him. "Alright. You kept your word. So you're going to tell me who you are?" Kieran asks. The Killer stares silently for a few seconds before giving their response: swiftly gliding the hunting knife across Kieran's throat, slicing it open. A horrified Kieran gurgles while blood spurts out.

Completely dumbfounded and full of bewilderment, a gurgling Kieran drops to his knees and falls to the ground. As Kieran clutches his neck, bleeding profusely, he sees that the prison guard dropped his gun.

He desperately attempts to crawl toward the gun, but the Killer pins him down. The Killer then strikes the knife down into Kieran in the back of the neck, twisting it, finishing him off. They then turn Kieran's corpse over and admire their work as Kieran's corpse continues to bleed out.

Physical Appearance[]

The killer wears the black rain jacket as well as the Brandon James mask to conceal their true appearance.


Buck 120[]

This is used to Kill Kieran Wilcox.

Voice Changer[]

Just like the previous killers, they use this to disguise their voice and to taunt Kieran Wilcox.


While in custody, the killer contacts Kieran Wilcox.

Abilities and Attributes[]

Presumably has abilities similar to the previous Lakewood Slashers and their movie counterpart Ghostface.

They are great at stealth as they were able to sneak into the courtroom and hide in the vents undetected. Also they were able to jump out of the vents and Suprise the prison Guard watching Kieran Wilcox, who turned around only to be killed.

They are also very strong as they were able to snap the neck of the prison guard, who was also armed with a gun.

They are skilled with a knife as they are to stab Kieran Wilcox in vital organs and kill him.

They are great at evasion, after committing the murders they are able to escape the courthouse without being seen again.

Committed Murders:[]

Season 2[]

Crime Scene Photo Victim COD Episode
DeadPrisonGuard Prison Guard Snapped/Twisted Neck Halloween
Scream-Kieran-dead-1476716756 Kieran Wilcox Throat slit and stabbed in back of neck Halloween


  • The Third Killer is, so far, the only killer in the Scream franchise to never have their identity revealed.
    • Also, the 94 Lakewood Slasher, assuming they are not the same person.
    • They would also be the only killers to get away with their murders (presuming they have not been caught yet).
  • The Third Killer had previous dealings with Kieran Wilcox, prior to killing him in Halloween.
    • Their exact relationship isn't known, but this would make them the 3rd killer to turn on another killer if they were partners after Nancy Loomis turned on Mickey Altieri and Jill Roberts turned on Charlie Walker. Beth would be the fourth and last one in the franchise when she turned on Jamal Elliot in the third season.
      • Jill and the Third Lakewood Slasher are the only ones successfully in directly killing their partner. Mickey is wounded by Nancy and finished off by Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers. Jamal is mortally wounded by Beth and dies after revealing himself as one of the killers to Marcus Elliot.
  • Technically, if counting the 94 Killer as the first Lakewood Slasher and if they're alive (assuming they haven't been caught), that would make the Third Killer, in chronological order, the Fourth Killer/Lakewood Slasher, with Piper as the second and Kieran the third.
  • Former showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register claimed the killer was supposed to be a brand-new character. The showrunners also claimed the Third Killer was linked to the Lakewood's history in an interview with TVLine.
  • On March 18, 2022, the former showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register revealed an unused concept of Kieran's killer: “We had this kind of really cool, very affluent party girl character who was going to come in and kind of give them all a run for their money, but also was going to be the best possible friend you could have. It was kind of a Tatum character in some ways, but like Tatum strong, like liquor is strong. Like straight Scotch is strong. Tatum super-strong. And she was a contender to be the killer at the end of the story, but we never got to pitch it. We never even got to pitch it. We were like, ‘This ride is over!'”[1][1]
  • The showrunners also confirmed that Brandon James was completely innocent and never killed anybody, he wasn't the Third Killer.
  • Also, the first and only killer to kill another killer that is in custody.
  • The first and only known killer in the franchise. to snap the necks of one of their victims.
    • This makes them one of the strongest killers in the franchise.
  • The first killer in the TV series to kill another killer
    • Second in the franchise after Jill Roberts who killed her accomplice, Charlie Walker. This wouldn't happen again until the sixth film when Jason Carvey (along with Greg Bruckner) is killed by Wayne Bailey.
      • Both the Third Killer and Wayne are the only killers in the franchise to kill another killer at the start of their show or movie.
  • Out of all the TV killers they have the lowest kill count at 2 (1 if not counting Kieran Wilcox).
    • Their kills are similar to Jill Roberts as both include a victim and a killer (also accomplice in Jill's case).
  • The last Lakewood slasher to been seen on-screen as they are proceeded and succeeded by Tom Martin/ The Shallow Grove Slasher and Ghostface (both in the third season and the fifth film).