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The original description of The Woodsboro Murders from the defunct Gale Weathers promotional website for Scream 3.

The Woodsboro Murders is a tell all book, written by Gale Weathers, who is now Gale Riley.



The book is based on the events of the first installment. It appears to have some false information, such as Dewey "oozing with inexperience" and Kenny's death being gutted by the infamous, Ghostface. It also mentioned in the second installment, that the ending was different from what Sidney, Randy and Gale recalled. It was revealed that numerous characters from the second installment had read the book, like Dewey, Randy, Joel and Debbie Salt.

It played a big part in the final scenes of the third installment, when Dewey asked Gale to sign the book for her, she opens it to find an engagement ring.

Gale's Other Books

These are all of Gale's known books. Some are most likely fictitious and made to exploit the murders. If you look at the screen used props, all of the descriptions on the back have the same text. 

  • Ghostface Returns (seen in bookstore; fictional)
  • Knife of Doom (seen in bookstore; fictional)
  • College Terror; Scream 2
  • Hollywood Horror; Scream 3
  • Clock of Doom (seen in bookstore; fictional)
  • Knife of the Hunter (seen in bookstore; fictional)