The Orphanage
Season 2, Episode 9
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Air date July 26, 2016
Written by Brian Sieve
Directed by Leigh Janiak
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"I'm sorry Miss Lakewood ruined your virgin, but unfortunately that means he has to die. If you want to pick up the pieces, here's the address."
Lakewood Slasher

"The Orphanage" is the ninth episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the nineteenth episode of the series overall and it aired on July 26th, 2016.


Despite their feud, Emma and Audrey discover why the Killer is targeting them, and a long-missing body of evidence is finally found.


The episode opens with Emma stabbing Noah, Kieran and Audrey to death in a nightmare. She is snapped out of it by Maggie, who finds her holding a knife in the kitchen. Kieran comes in the morning to see Emma, who offers to stay home with her but Emma insists they should go. In Gustavo's room, Acosta discovers that his son is not in his bed and texts him, demanding that he come home. Before he does, Gustavo smells Brooke's lipstick and seems to like it. Emma, Kieran and Brooke confront Noah about keeping Audrey's secret from them. When Emma shows him the E-mail she got, Noah begins to trace the message. Audrey tries to explain the situation to Emma, who believes that she knew Piper was the killer all along, but she doesn't listen and shoves her against a locker before walking away.

Emma and Kieran prepare to leave, but Emma finds one of Ms. Lang's recordings hanging in her locker, set by the killer with Ms. Lang's hair. Audrey accuses Noah of sending the recording to Emma, but Noah explains that he only recorded the conversation by accident. Audrey then accuses Zoë of sending the E-mail, which Noah denies. At Emma's home, Kieran and Emma play the tape which has Ms. Lang talking about Emma, saying that she "needs her" and Emma has "seriously violent tendencies". Zoë comes to visit Noah and Audrey promptly accuses her of sending the E-mail so that she could cause a rift between her and Noah, therefore having Noah all to herself. Zoë confesses that she sent the E-mail to herself and deleted it shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, Maggie manages to identify Eddie's carbonised body, revealing that his full name is Eddie Hayes. Acosta tells Maggie that Gustavo did not come home from last night and he will not answer his calls. Acosta also reveals that Gustavo's mother died right before the accident in Phoenix. Acosta then reveals the truth about the accident: Gustavo was fooling around with Acosta's gun with his best friend Kyle. Gustavo accidentally shot Kyle in the face, killing him instantly. Afterwards, he seemed very calm about it and drew a picture of his body. Acosta also shows the drawings of blood that he found in Gustavo's room.

Kieran and Emma visit Ms. Lang in the hospital to get answers about the tape but when they get there, Ms. Lang screams at the sight of Emma, forcing them to leave. They see that Ms. Lang is being given daises and Emma explains that Brandon James used to call Maggie "Daisy". They find a note that says "Krissy, feel better, love Piper"; they realise that this is from the killer. Kieran then sneaks into Ms. Lang's room and steals the keys to her house. At the station, Acosta leaves for a court meeting, which allows Gustavo to sneak into his office and close the windows.

Gustavo looks through his files and finds out that Quinn sent Jake the directions to the barn where he was killed in. He takes a photo of it to show Brooke, then looks around to see his drawings of blood, realising that his father suspects him as the killer. Meanwhile, Noah hacks into the E-mail and finds out it was sent from Zoë's computer. When Audrey continues to accuse Zoë, Noah snaps and tells Audrey that finding who sent the E-mail will not fix her relationship with Emma. Audrey then leaves to go talk to Emma while Noah and Zoë end up making out, making Noah finally lose his virginity.

Kieran and Emma sneak into Ms. Lang's house and discover that she was foster sisters with Piper at the blessed sisters orphanage. Kieran suggests that this explains why she is obsessed with Emma; she was friends with Piper and Emma killed her. After Noah and Zoë finish having sex, Noah discovers the camera that he took from the storage unit, revealing that the killer had been bugging and listening to them the whole time, which is how he knew about the recording. Noah then smashes the camera. Kieran and Emma ask Noah about the orphanage; he explains that it was a foster group home until ten years ago. Before that, it was an insane asylum and the building permanently closed after an abuse scandal. All four agree to meet up there to search for clues.

Gustavo meets up with Brooke to reveal the business Jake and Quinn had going on; he was going to burn down a building for him, which lead to his murder. Brooke then confronts her father and berates him for his role in Jake's death, in the process revealing that he drove Brooke's mother away. Meanwhile, Audrey sends several E-mails to Emma asking for her forgiveness. The killer then calls Audrey again, taunting her and threatening to kill Noah at a Party. Audrey rushes over there to save him. The group arrive at the Orphanage, only to find that a party is being hosted there in Emma and Audrey's name. Knowing the killer could have planned the party, Noah and Zoë decide to go shut down the electricity to stop it.

Haley explains to Emma that a "very special friend" hosted the party with her and that it is someone she is "seeing". Emma tries to run after Haley when she walks away but ends up meeting Audrey instead. Meanwhile, The killer confronts Haley in a private room where it is revealed that Haley has unknowingly known, dated and helped the killer host the party. Haley prepares to have sex with the killer; the killer responds by stabbing her to death, with her screams being blocked out by the music. The killer then sends Audrey and Emma text messages, threatening to kill Kieran and Noah if they do not go upstairs. Meanwhile, Kieran, who is unharmed and cannot find Emma, searches for her while Gustavo is revealed to be at the party watching him. Audrey and Emma arrive upstairs and find many pictures of Piper posted on the walls. They then find something in a rocking chair: The long dead rotting corpse of Piper Shaw.

They both realise that the killer wanted them to find Piper's corpse and that he wants revenge on them for killing her. Deputy Shell tells Sheriff Acosta that there is something inside that he needs to see right away. Meanwhile, Gustavo meets up with Brooke, who is in her mother's special place, to sleep with her again. Deputy Shell takes Acosta in the orphanage, showing him Haley's corpse hanging from two pillars below a sign that reads "Face the Mask ".


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  • The title of the episode is a homage to the 2007 horror film "The Orphanage" which was directed by Juan Antonio Bayona.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.35 million people.
  • In this episode, it was revealed where Piper lived as an orphan. Piper and Kristen were foster sisters at an orphanage called the Blessed Sisters Children's Home.
  • This is the second episode Eli Hudson does not appear in.
  • Emma and Audrey had a verbal fight causing Emma to push Audrey against a locker at George Washington High.
  • Emma and Kieran visited Kristen Lang at the hospital.
  • Haley Meyers threw a party in Emma and Audrey's name in this episode.
  • Haley Meyers unknowingly knew, dated and helped the new killer.
  • Noah Foster lost his virginity to Zoë Vaughn in this episode.
  • In the episode, Audrey received a call from the killer.
  • In this episode, Brooke found out her father's secret in regards to the job that he assigned to Jake Fitzgerald in I Know What You Did Last Summer; he wanted Jake to burn down a building for him.
    • Brooke confronted her father about this shortly afterwards and berated him for his role in Jake's death. In the process, this revealed that he drove Brooke's mother away.
  • The truth about the accident involving a gun in Phoenix is revealed
    • Gustavo and his best friend Kyle were fooling around with Acosta's gun. Kyle accidentally shot himself in the face, killing him instantly. Instead of being frantic after the incident, Gustavo was calm and moments later, drew pictures of his friend's dead body.
    • Acosta also revealed that Gustavo's mother died shortly before this.
  • Piper's corpse was found by Emma and Audrey in the episode.
  • Maggie Duval identified the second body from the fire in Let The Right One In. The body was Eddie Hayes.
  • This episode marked the death of Haley Meyers, the fourth victim of the season, and thirteenth overall. 

Body Count

  • Haley Meyers - Stabbed eleven times repeatedly in the chest and abdomen.

Featured Music

  • Moonlight Breakfast – “Go Get it”

Noah and Zoë tear his room apart having sex.

  • 'MARKS – “The Modern Life”

Noah grabs a GoPro from his desk. The killer has been listening via the camera.

  • Embody – “Best Thing (feat. Paul Aiden)”

Emma and Kieran meet up with Noah and Zoe.

  • JAHKOY – “Still in Love (Digital Farm Animals Remix)”

Emma, Kieran, Noah and Zoë are shown the party invitation by a random partygoer. Song continues as Noah and Zoë walk through the party.

  • Midnight to Monaco – “One in a Million (Kant Remix)”

Kieran, Emma, Noah and Zoë make a plan. Haley hands out masks as Emma questions her about the party.

  • Icona Pop - “Someone Who Can Dance”

Haley puts the masks away and is attacked by the killer, Emma chases Audrey, Noah and Zoë flip the breakers, the lights go out and Kieran calls for Emma.


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