The Deadfast Club
Season 3, Episode 1
Scream The Deadfast Club
Air date July 8, 2019
Written by Brett Matthews
Directed by Kevin Kölsch
Dennis Widmyer
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"The Deadfast Club" is the first episode of the third season of the television series, Scream. It aired on VH1 on July 8, 2019.


Ghostface is back! Years after a traumatic incident, a figure from high school football star Deion's past returns to haunt his present, as it threatens the lives of him and his newfound friends.


On Halloween night in 2010, 8-year-old Deion Elliot witnesses his twin, Marcus Elliot, being attacked by a man known as Hook Man, but he runs away instead of helping.

Eight years later, Deion is living in College Park, Georgia and is a student at Weaver High School and is a football-player, whose dealing with a scout from San Diego State University coming to see him soon.

Upon arriving at school, Deion finds a TWINS bar (candy) in his backpack with a note that says "Trick R Treat", then later during the day finds another TWINS bar in his locker with a note saying "Parking Garage. After School.".

He leaves to find his stalker, but ends up getting into a physical conflict with teammate Avery Collins trying to defend Olivia Reynolds, an exemplary student and cheerleader.

As a result, the two along with activist Kym, gothic horror fan Beth, Kym's best friend Manny and musician Amir Ayoub are put in detention together, being compared to The Breakfast Club

During detention, Deion leaves after receiving a text that says to go to the locker room. When he gets there, he's tased by Ghostface, and left unconscious in the hallway. During detention, the group is invited by former student and drug dealer Shane to a party that night.

Later, Deion receives a threatening link from the self-titled serial killer "Ghostface," which threatens to do harm to the detention group, and Deion with no choice goes with Amir to Shane's party only to discover that everyone present there is wearing the Ghostface killer mask. Under pressure from Ghostface, Deion reunites Liv, Kym, Manny, Amir and Beth and shares the story of his twin Marcus, and how he was afraid to help him.

But soon after this, Avery is attacked and killed by Ghostface when thrown from a catwalk and is impaled on a wooden stick. After the scare, Beth reunites the Deadfast Club ( a portmanteau of the words dead and breakfast) at the tattoo studio where she works, where they come to the conclusion that they're being pursued by a serial killer and that according to the rules of the horror films, it's unlikely that the group will reach the end alive.


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• The tile of this episode is a portmanteau of the words dead and breakfast and a homage to the 1985 American teen drama and comedy The Breakfast Club

• The opening sequence is similar to the first Scream with Becky getting a phone call asking what's your favorite scary movie paying homage to Casey Becker and her creepy call. However, Becky's creepy call was played for laughs so she wasn't killed, making her the first female character played by a big name actress in the franchise not to die in the opening sequence.

  • Deion's confrontation with Ghostface in the school's parking garage is a reference to Scream 4 when Rebecca Walters was taunted by Ghostface

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