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Tara Carpenter is an upcoming main character in Scream (2022). She is portrayed by Jenna Ortega.

She is the sister of Samantha Carpenter.





Behind the Scenes

  • Her character name was confirmed by in January 2021. [1]
  • Early casting calls indicated that she used to date Amber Freeman. [2]


  • Jenna Ortega stated in an Instagram live video that she didn't want to be the Tom Holland from the Scream franchise.
  • In the photoshoot, Tara’s scene in the kitchen of her house standing by the knife rack and answering a home phone while by it is a direct homage to Casey Becker’s scene in the original Scream.
  • Based off the trailer, it is possibly likely that Ortega’s character will be the sixth female lead to be killed in the films’ main opening, following after: Casey Becker (Scream), Maureen Evans (Scream 2), Christine Hamilton (Scream 3), and both Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper (Scream 4).
  • In the trailer, Tara is being taunted by Ghostface, having been attacked physically by the killer through the front door and locking it out, only to have the unknown killer breaching her home’s security by unlocking the doors. This is similar to Emma Duval from the TV series being threatened by the Lakewood Slasher in the second episode of the first season “Hello, Emma”; wherein the killer calls, posing as a home security caller of her house, only to taunt her by keeping her on the phone about whether she locked the killer inside or out.
  • Tara’s confrontation with Ghostface in the trailer, via text message and through the phone call, are perhaps references to the opening of Scream 4 to and of the film within the film Stab 6, where the characters Sherrie and Trudie deal with the killer taunting them through cat fishing and stalking Trudie on Facebook, texting her and making phone calls; which lead to them opening the front door, and Ghostface appearing and killing Trudie from the inside in the back, while Sherrie is killed running through the door up front. Similar to Tara and her confrontations, albeit vice versa and the fact it’s only herself and that she is shown alive in the trailer
  • Tara’s floor crawl across in the trailer trying to escape is likely a reference to Jenny Randall’s crawl from Scream 4, in which both leads find to escape their killers after being attacked.


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