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Surviving Scream, also known as Scream: Choose Your Own Murder, is one of the promotional campaigns of Scream: The TV Series. It launched in June 2015, and has now been taken down. It is developed by MTV and Interlude (Now rebranded as Eko), with Divide and Conquer produced the video, and Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch directing the scenes. Although the site has been taken down, the game can still be access on Eko's website.


As a first-person game, players are in the perspective of the Protagonist, experiencing his situation when escaping from a killer. During the game, players are allow to choose what should the Protagonist do next in the situation, and with different choices, the Protagonist will have different ending.


The game begins with our Protagonist getting intimate with his girlfriend on their bed, while a killer is lurking underneath them. The Protagonist can either be killed right away, or can escape from the room, and finding his way to survival. However, it is never easy to survive from a killer.



  • Protagonist
  • Krystal
  • Seymour
  • Seymour's wife
  • Killer
  • Protagonist's mother (voice only)


  • Protagonist's father
  • Marco