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"The legendary Sunrise Studios defines genres and invents trends."
The Hollywood Informer, 1996

Welcome to the award-winning Sunrise Studios, the world leader in cutting-edge entertainment for over thirty years. The seeds of the Studio were planted in 1959, when an aspiring producer, Don Crosby, teamed up with a young story editor, Don Gordon, to make their first film, It Walked From The Waves, for a mere $12,000. Over the next three decades, Crosby and the late Gordon (d. 1996) became known as "The Two Dons" and Sunrise Studios has grown from a fledgling independent production company into a Hollywood institution. With distribution to over 200 countries, a prolific production slate with over 35 films per year, and a library of over 500 titles, Sunrise Studios is one of the world's most profitable film studios in cinematic history.

As the industry vanguard, Sunrise has never been afraid of taking risks to bring you the finest in action-adventure, science-fiction, fantasy, comedy, drama and horror.

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While many fans may know Sunrise as the studio that brought the Stab series (Stab 3 coming soon!) to the screen, Sunrise Studios is much, much more. It was on Sunrise's Stage 2, the building that once housed the old Fox Studio's Writer's Building, that a young Touch Derring rescued a damsel in distress from a grotesque monster in The Creature With Seven Arms. The lovely Sharon Vaughn found a cure for her schizophrenia and love in Who Said That? on Stage 4's notorious hospital set. And who doesn't remember bombshell Mimi Patterson's famous blood-curdling scream from the roof of The First House on the Right, a set that still exists today on our back lot.

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Housed in the old Fox Studios lot on Western Boulevard, Sunrise Studios has established itself as a force in the film industry with an impressive, varied body of work. Starting with the defining It Walked From the Waves, the company became the leader in edgy, counter-culture cinema.

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Later classics like TailpipePowder Alley, Is Somebody There?FrankenpimpWho Said That?Amazombies and There's Something About Carrie were all pioneer films that defined their respective genres. The company went on to look to independent American filmmakers for more, edgy new work, like talented African-American director Lionel Washington and his debut Gimme Some!.

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"The Sunrise School" has evolved into an alternative filmmaking institute whose graduates are now powerful filmmakers with blockbuster credits throughout the industry. The one and only Bronson Bohrer got his first break shooting the biker-thriller Angel Abduction on for the Two Dons in 1967. Dante Paltrow, the Oscar-winning composer, worked in the Sunrise mailroom before getting a chance to score the cult hit Is Somebody There? And of course, Sunrise Studios remains the home of the dynamic horror team of splatter producer extraordinaire John Milton and scream-inducing director Fred Rifkin. Their resume of countless hit movies includes the smash Stab series (Stab 3 coming soon!)

Sunrine Studios is the Hollywood location where several murders in Scream 3 took place, as well as the birthplace of Roman Bridger, Maureen Prescott's illegitimate son. At that time, Maureen used the stage name Rina Reynolds. The former Sunrise Studios website can be seen on the bonus content of The Scream Box set.

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Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro was being filmed on Stage 16, of Sunrise Studios.



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