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Peer pressure, I'm far too sensitive.

–Stu's motive to Sidney Prescott.

Stuart "Stu" Macher is the secondary antagonist of Scream (1996 film). He is Billy Loomis's accomplice, as well as an insensitive and eccentric best friend. A horror movie fanatic, he went along with Billy's slasher film-like murder spree, the late-September 1996 Woodsboro Murders.

Stu Macher as Ghostface

Stu as Ghostface after he attacks Billy.

He was completely unaware of Billy's true motive to kill Maureen Prescott, and simply had no real motive for doing it other that for fun. Sidney Prescott later asked what his motive was, and he simply said, "Peer pressure. I'm far too sensitive". She later electrocuted Stu to death, after he was dying of blood loss from both Billy's stabbing and Sidney's attack.

Stu was also the boyfriend of Tatum Riley, ex-boyfriend of Casey Becker and younger brother of Leslie Macher (and at least one other possible younger sister or niece). His nephew was also Vince Schneider who was murdered 25 years later. Following the original murder spree, the Macher parents sold 261 Turner Lane to Amber Freeman's parents. As fate would have it, she too would become a Ghostface serial killer, obsessed with the Stab films originally based on Stu's life.

Stu was played by Matthew Lillard in Scream (1996). In the original Stab film (1998) based on his killing spree, he was portrayed by Vince Vaughn.


Early life

Stuart Macher was born sometime in late-1978 or 1979. He grew up in 261 Turner Lane, Woodsboro, California, a large farmhouse with his sibling(s) and parents. He has at least one elder sister, Leslie, who gave birth to a son, Vince 3 years after his death. From his house, it appears he either has a younger sister as well, or a niece through Leslie, Vince's would-be older sister.

As a Woodsboro High senior, he is the fun-loving boyfriend of supporting character, Tatum Riley. Previously, he dated Casey Becker until she dumped him for Steven Orth, a football player. Stu is the accomplice to Billy Loomis, assisting him in multiple murders.

First Murder (1995)

(According to Scream 3): In the fall of 1995, an LA-native, Roman Bridger made home-made films, stalking his rejecting birth mother, Maureen Prescott and documenting her affairs. including one she had with his friend, Billy Loomis' father, Hank Loomis. Billy was sent into blind rage. Roman suggested Billy have an accomplice "to sell out in case he got caught", which became his friend, Stu.

On one Thursday night in late-September 1995, the pair secretly invaded Sidney Prescott's house, 34 Elm Street. After Maureen had seduced Cotton Weary, who left inebriated without his coat, they made their move. Both teenagers, around 16 or 17, stabbed the 45-year-old housewife to death.

Billy then left, wearing Cotton's coat. With matching hairstyles at the time, Sidney states that she saw Cotton leave wearing it. Then, Billy (or Stu) planted it in his car, framing him.

Aftermath of First Murder

Within the following year, Billy and Stu had successfully gotten away with murder. During this timeframe, it inspired confidence in them to continue on and create their own killing spree, inspired by their favorite horror movies.

During this timeframe or possibly one year earlier, Stu's girlfriend, Casey Becker dumps him. She then initiates a relationship with Steven Orth. In the embarrassment and shame, he pursues Tatum Riley. He lies to Tatum, telling her he dumped his ex-girlfriend, Casey, rather than the other way around.

  • Speculation: It has been suggested Stu only dated Tatum to be in proximity to Sidney Prescott, the next ultimate revenge target. Despite this, they would have been in each other's circles regardless, for at least two years by the beginning of Scream (1996), as their best friends have been dating for two years (since 1994).

The Woodsboro Murders (1996)

Stu and Billy

Stu says how fun the murders were

On a Wednesday night in October 1996, they resume their killings, two nights before the anniversary of Maureen's death. They target Casey Becker and her boyfriend, Steve Orth, sometime after 10pm.

Before Steve's arrival, they abduct him and tie him to the patio chair at the back of the Becker Residence, when Mr. and Mrs. Becker leave.

Off-screen: He abducts Neil Prescott shortly after Billy Loomis enters his daughter, Sidney Prescott's room, having snuck in to distract her sometime before or after murdering Casey and Steve. Neil intended to leave for a business trip. It appears he drove off and abandoned his car, before keeping him held captive at 261 Turner Lane. After this, Stu joined Tatum Riley at the Riley Residence.

The next day at school, it is a Thursday morning. Sheriff Burke's police are interrogating the entire school about Stu's crime. The gang sit together around a fountain, pondering the culprits.

Sidney vaguely recalls Stu dating Casey, which Stu states was only for "like two seconds". Randy side-talks to Tatum, stating Casey dumped him for Steve. Tatum is shocked and frowns at this, telling Stu, "I thought you dumped her for me", and he says, "I did, he's full of shit".

Ghostface holding knife

Stu as Ghostface.

Stu makes a mockery of the murders, including a pun-joke, "Liver alone". On a serious note, after being questioned, he states, "I didn't kill anybody." This is seen as if he has something to defend. Billy glares at him, reminding him that Randy has only questioned Stu, not accused, saying "Nobody says you did". Stu returns to making it lighthearted, saying "Thanks, buddy".

That night, Billy calls Sidney at her house, using the Ghostface voice modifier, while Stu carries out an attack against her. Stu holds two knives up slowly to stab her, and gives her enough time and ammunition to block it, and run off. Later, Billy implicates himself for the crime, with the phone call. Stu, meanwhile, escapes before the police arrive.

While in the hall at Tatum's locker, Sidney, Tatum and Stu are talking. Stu is seen checking his face in the mirror, from the head injury sustained from assaulting Sidney, and her self-defense attack. Tatum attempts to hush Stu over some tactless things he says when Sidney asks him where Billy is. She asks if Billy is okay, and Stu replies sarcastically, "What? After you him as the Candyman. No, his heart is broken." Tatum pushes him in the chest as he says it.

Tatum Stu Sidney 4k 25 Anniversary Edition Scream

Stu wants Sidney to come to his party.

As the Ghostface costumed prank occurs in the hallway, scaring teens at the school, Tatum shakes her head when Stu is noticeably entertained stating, "Look at this place, it's like Christmas." She is increasingly frustrated at his insensitivity and says, "Stupidity leak!", tapping his head with her lollipop from her locker.

Stu meets them outside of school as school is suspended. Stu acts oblivious and juvenile about school being canceled, thus being a bit insensitive to Sidney's attacks making Tatum tell him to "drop it, Stu". Stu then scoops Tatum over his shoulder and says he is going to throw a party knowing she will want to go.

Tatum pleads Sidney to go with them to the party promising that Billy won't be there. Sidney agrees. Stu tells them to grab food before he goes in his own direction toward home to set up for it.

Later, it is Friday night, and Stu's party occurs at his house after classes are canceled and citywide curfew is placed. After the guests leave, following news of Principal Arthur Himbry's murder, Stu and Billy plan their confrontation against Sidney.

Cameraman Kenny Brown and Sidney later fearfully watch Randy Meeks, drunk inside the residence of Stu's house while Ghostface has crept up behind him. They observe him through the video camera secretly placed inside Stu's living room by Gale Weathers. However, Kenny forgets the 30-second delay, with Stu having already exited outside, and throat-slashes him. Later, Stu throws him on top of the news van.

Stu Electrocuted

Stu gets electrocuted and dies

Stu and Billy reveal their plan to Sidney, including how they are going to frame her father, Neil Prescott. Billy and Stu begin to stab each other to make themselves look like the victims of their scapegoat. Stu claims that after watching several horror films, they know how to frame and get away with murder.

However, Billy stabs him too deep and Stu begins bleeding profusely, complaining of "feeling a little woozy" and appears to be dying. Sidney runs off after the two men are distracted by Gale.

With Billy unconscious, Stu chases Sidney down and attempts to kill her, claiming that he "always had a thing for [her]." She bites his hand, hits him with a vase, and drops a TV on his head saying "In your dreams!", electrocuting him to death.


Gale's book and Stab franchise

Vince Vaughn Stu Macher STAB 1998

Quick Search Results: Vince Vaughn portrayed the serial killer.

In the second film, it is revealed Stu and his partner, Billy Loomis became immortalized on-screen with the slasher franchise, Stab (1998—present), consisting of eight films (three based loosely on true events). The identity of the actor portraying him in the original Stab film is revealed to be Vince Vaughn. (Off-screen, revealed in the fifth film through Easter Egg cameo).

The murders inspire four copycat killing sprees, all of which his target, Sidney Prescott survives.

Gutted Kenny

Adaptation Deviation: The Woodsboro Murders (published 1997), and Stab (wide-released 1998) have Kenny gutted by Stu/Billy, not throat-slashed by Stu originally.

The original Stab film is adapted from reporter, Gale Weathers' best-selling novel, The Woodsboro Murders (published 1997) about the crimes he committed. In her book, Gale has exaggerated and states Kenny Brown, who Stu throat-slashed to death, was gutted.

  • (Off-screen, probable): This almost certainly correspondingly translated into the first Stab film. Chad Meeks-Martin, Randy's nephew, remarks the film as being about his uncle getting stabbed (mentioned in the fifth film).
  • Despite this, Stu, as audiences watched, had not actually done this in the real-life events, because he jumped at the opportunity to throat-slash Kenny instead.
    • Correspondingly again, with Kenny not written in Gale's book to have his real-life death, the adapted slasher film would obviously re-work these events, thus Mindy (Randy's niece) getting stabbed from behind, resembles Stab Randy (portrayed by Christopher Speed) being stabbed by the Stab version of Stu Macher (Vince Vaughn), but not real-life Randy Meeks.
    • This creates consistent continuity with the changes between the actual Scream events to in-universe True Crime book to in-universe adapted screenplay.

The Windsor College Murders

In Scream 2 (1997 film), it is now the Spring of 1998, and approximately two years since Sidney killed Stu in self-defense. During the Windsor College Murders, Stu is mentioned. Just before Randy Meeks is killed on Windsor College Campus, he questions the copycat killer's motive. Speaking to the Ghostface entity through Gale's phone, he makes some critical commentary.

Randy questions why the killer is copying "two loser, high school dick-heads". He refers to Stu as a "pussy-ass wet rag" before insulting Billy. He calls Billy a "homo-repressed mama's boy". This drives the killer, later revealed to be Billy's own mother, Nancy Loomis to grab Randy into cameraman, Joel Martin's news van and stab him repeatedly to death.

Stu is also referenced in a subtextual way. Nancy betrays her accomplice, Mickey Altieri, in a similar vein to Billy, who stabs Stu a little too deep. She shoots him almost fatally.


Stu and Billy are mentioned again briefly in Scream 3 (2000). After Cotton Weary, who Stu originally framed for his first murder, is brutally murdered himself in February 2000, approximately 4 years after Stu's killing of Maureen Prescott in October 1995. It sparks a new chain of events, redirecting Sidney to her past, as well as that of her mother's.

STAB 3 1

Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro (cancelled 2000 film) had a set-version of Stu's house.

Later, actors for the original, cancelled Stab 3, Sarah Darling, Tom Prinze, Tyson Fox and Angelina Tyler are seen discussing Cotton's murder outside a Sunrise Studios set-version of Stu's house, 261 Turner Lane.

After Tom Prinze dies at Jennifer Jolie's exploded mansion, the killer credits himself as Maureen's killer, with a photo left behind at the scene of the crime. This is in deliberate contradiction to the known events of the original film's ending, sparking a chain of events leading to the conclusion of the real-life trilogy.

Gale mentions Stu to an LAPD Detective Mark Kincaid, identifying him (as well as Billy) as Maureen's killer. She states they "even told Sidney how they did it". Later, when Sidney goes into the movie set version of her house, 34 Elm Street, both of their voices play as she reminisces. Stu's words, "We put her out of her misery, because let's face it Sidney, your mother was no Sharon Stone."

15th Anniversary Remake Massacre

Stu is referenced when Jill betrays Charlie, "like Billy and Stu". The final act of the remake being set at a friend's house, in this case Kirby Reed's residence, 329 Whispering Lane, is a reference to his house in the original. In the Remake format, Charlie Walker became the millennial generation's Stu Macher.

25th Anniversary Legacy Killings

Stu 1996 Crime Scene Photo

Crime scene photo of Stu's body

Billy's daughter, Sam Carpenter refers to Stu as his "friend" who "carved up a bunch of high school kids while wearing this Halloween ghost mask". (Technically, both also killed two adults each. But this was a broad generalization to explain to her boyfriend Richie, who poses as unfamiliar with the films rather than a Stab fanatic.).

Later, Vince Schneider is the first victim of a new Ghostface killing spree. Amber Freeman (the other secret killer) tells the group at Martha Meeks's house that he was the nephew of Stu. Meanwhile, Tara's friend, Liv McKenzie is unfamiliar with Stu (as are some of the others). When asked, Dewey explains he was Billy's accomplice. Having processed this information, Sam suggests the killer is targeting people related to the original killers.

Later, Richie watches a YouTube video that makes a criticism of the eighth Stab film, where a recommended video can be seen uploaded by a True Crime channel titled "Did the Real Stu Macher Survive?"

A brief reference to Stu is made by Richie. When Tara is targeted at the hospital, she hits Richie with a phone. Later, Richie asks "Did you hit me with a phone?" as Ghostface (Amber) appears behind him to fake his attack.

Stu's old house 261 Turner Lane is revealed to be resided in by Amber, as Sidney warns Sam after tracking her. Just like Stu, she holds a party to set up Act 3. Sidney also states it is the house where her dad "and Stu killed everyone", though Tatum Riley was the only victim inside the house. It is possible this is a reference to Stab, if not a writing goof.

The New York City Killings

S6 0331

Stu's photograph alongside other Ghostface killers on Kirby and Wayne's investigation board.

During the New York City Killings, Kirby Reed, now working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, worked with Detective Wayne Bailey to uncover the latest Ghostface killers, ironically later being revealed as Wayne himself as well as his son, Ethan and his daughter, Quinn. The latest killers had also used the masks of the previous Ghostface killers, including Stu's. During the investigation, Kirby and Wayne went over the previous nine Ghostface killers and had photographs of Stu and the others on an investigation board.

Ghostface shrine 2

The Ghostface Shrine, including various items related to Stu.

With the help of Gale Weathers, the investigation led to the Ghostface Shrine, a collection of various items and clothing that were related to the Ghostface killers, their victims and the survivors of previous killings. Stu's robe and other items that were related to him were included in the collection. Kirby and Mindy later had a brief discussion about Stu as they looked at the television set that Sidney had knocked onto him years earlier, with some doubt placed on his death. Kirby later used the television set to kill Ethan.

Committed Murders

MaureenDeath Maureen Prescott Stabbed multiple times (with Billy Loomis) Scream (1996)
SteveDeath Steven Orth Gutted and disemboweled with hunting knife (with Billy Loomis) Scream (1996)
TatumDeath Tatum Riley Arm sliced with hunting knife, head crushed/electrocuted by automatic garage door Scream (1996)
KennyDeath Kenny Brown Throat slit with hunting knife Scream (1996)



  • Mr. Macher - Father
  • Mrs. Macher - Mother
  • Leslie Macher - Sister
  • Vince Schneider † - Nephew




About Stu

  • ''Stu was a pussy-ass wet rag!'' (by Randy)
  • ''He's Billy Loomis' accomplice. A real looney tune.'' (by Dewey)

Before Reveal

  • ''You take a knife and you slit 'em from groin to sternum.''
  • "Yeah, for like two seconds."
  • "She's getting mad, all right? You better ,,liver alone''. (laughs) ''Liver alone!"
  • "You mean after you branded him the Candyman? No, jeez, his heart's broken."
  • "I will totally protect you. Dude, I am so buff. I got you covered, girl."
  • "When do we see Jamie Lee's breasts? I wanna see Jamie Lee's breasts!"
  • (To Randy's outburst) "Have an aneurysm, why don't you?"
  • "I'm getting another beer."
  • "I'll be right back!"

After Reveal

  • "Surprise, Sidney!" (Revealing himself as the Ghostface #2)
  • "See it's a fun game Sidney. We ask you questions and if you get one wrong, BOO-GAH, you die."
  • ''Watch a few movies, take a few notes. It was fun!''
  • "Your mom was no Sharon Stone."
  • ''We got a surprise for you, Sidney! Yeah, you're gonna love this one. It's a SCREAM, baby!''
  • "I'm feelin' a little woozy here!"
  • "Ow, you f*cking hit me with the phone, DICK!" (Ad-libbed by Matthew Lillard)
  • "My mom and dad are going to be so mad at me..." (Ad-libbed by Matthew Lillard)
  • "I always had a thing for ya, Sid! Bitch!'' (Last words, ad-libbed by Matthew Lillard)

As Ghostface

  • ''Easy, easy, easy...'' (chasing Sidney, easter egg)
  • "Poor Billy boy doesn't stand a chance."
  • "Looks like you fingered the wrong guy... Again!"


  • The scene where Billy Loomis throws the phone at Stu and Stu cries out was actually a mistake. Skeet's hands were so slippy from the fake blood, the phone slipped out of his hands and accidentally hit Matthew in the head. His now infamous line was actually improvised, not scripted. Wes decided not to cut that scene out and left it in the movie. The line is, "You hit me with the phone, DICK!"
    • Richie Kirsch's line in the reboot "Did you hit me with the phone?" is a reference to this (and a hint he is one of the killers).
  • Stu, along with Billy, are mentioned in all five films.
  • He is the lesser-known serial killer of the originals in the Scream universe (as he was the accomplice, not the mastermind).
  • Originally, a plan was made to retcon Stu's death for Scream 3 (2000 film). In the draft, he was the mastermind killer targeting Sidney with Stab fanatics, operating from prison to conclude the trilogy. The Columbine Massacre caused rewrites. This occurred three weeks before filming was supposed to begin.
    • Matthew Lillard was even paid for the film despite not appearing. The idea was later adapted for Kevin Williamson's series The Following.
    • Some fans of Stu have advocated to re-use this idea from the third film's old draft. However, besides the severity of his condition, there are multiple covert references to his death in the series (Randy refers to him as a person in past tense, and Jill's betrayal in killing Charlie is mentioned by Sidney in name, "You said it yourself, Charlie, just like Billy and Stu"), before Charlie bleeds out to die, mimicking Stu in his dying state from blood loss before his electrocution fatality.)
  • Stu and Billy are the only same gender Ghostface pairing in the series.
  • Kirby Reed's parents were originally supposed to be the ones who bought the house off the Macher family, and renovated the property 15 years later. This idea was scrapped for unknown reasons. It was later re-used as a plot idea in the fifth film, with Amber Freeman's parents.
  • Stu's actor, Matthew Lillard, would later co-star with Patrick Warburton (who portrayed Steven Stone in Scream 3) in the 2010-2013 animated series Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated.


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