Stu and Tatum Relationship
General Information
Started Dating: Before Scream
Dating Status: Unactive

The Stu and Tatum Relationship is the relationship between Stu Macher and Tatum Riley.


After the opening of Scream, Tatum is first seen when Sidney arrives at Woodsboro High. Stu is first seen in front of The Water Fountain talking with Sidney, Randy, and Billy. They discussed the murder of Casey Becker and Steven Orth whom they were all acquainted with.

Randy brought up some controversy of Stu being ditched by Casey which made Tatum think how they really begun to date. Stu assures her that she was correct when she says, "I thought you left her for me?" and deemed Randy crazy. Randy then points out if the police were aware he dated Casey. Tatum defends him by saying he was with her last night, and Stu agrees, "Yeah, I was". Although, Stu is actually one of the killers, Tatum is unaware of this as he probably went to Tatum's house after killing Casey and Steve to have an alibi, just as Billy did. 

Stu throws a party. At the party, he tell Tatum to get some beers out of the garage knowing Billy would be there waiting to attack her. She scoffs saying "What am I, the beer winch?" and doesn't move. The comotion of Gale Weathers coming unexpectedly to their party pisses her off to leave the room, she decides to get the beers. When tries to get out of the garage, she finds the door closed and locked behind her. She opens the garage to get out as she tries to get out, the door closes back. She looks and finds Ghostface with his hand on the door. She teases him thinking it's a joke, but later finds that she is in danger. She fends the killer off, but tries to escape through the petdoor. Ghostface lifts the garage door killing Tatum still struggling to free herself.

Later, when Ghostface is on the loose, he accuses Randy of killing Tatum just to gain Sidney momental trust for Dewey's gun to take control. Their relationship obviously ended after Tatum was murdered by Ghostface. If she had've been alive, she'd be enemies with Stu and Billy and attempting to survive with Sidney and Randy.

Tatum and Stu


Tatum and Stu seem to mesh in personalities. Tatum seems to wear the pants to a degree especially when Stu says tactless things that might possibly upset her best friend, Sidney. As a pair they seem to love parties and are typical teenagers. They seem to be more playful with each other than intimate.


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