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"Maybe I'm just checking to make sure there's no killer in here waiting to off you like he did your little sister."
—Steven Stone to Ghostface
Steven Stone
Portrayed by Patrick Warburton
Location Hollywood
Occupation Celebrity bodyguard
Status Deceased
Death Year: 2000

Cause: Stabbed in back with knife by Roman Bridger

Appearance(s) Scream 3

Steven Stone was a main character and an arrogant bodyguard who worked for Jennifer Jolie at the time of the third Ghostface killing spree. He was murdered while securing the perimeter around Jennifer's home.

Stone was the fourth character to fall victim in the third Ghostface killing spree.

Scream 3

Stone is first seen at the production studio where Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, next to Jennifer Jolie, just after the brutal murders of fellow actor Cotton Weary and his girlfriend Christine Hamilton.

Stone is next seen in Jolie's apartment after the murder of Sarah Darling, he is seen comforting Jolie after she arrives to the conclusion that the killer is killing off the cast members in the order their characters die in the script, with her character being the next on the list.

That night, it is made evident that he harbors a dislike for Dewey Riley, as he likes to disrespectfully refer to him as "Dewdrop" and brags about how excellent he is and how Dewey should try to follow his ideas rather than the other way round. He is the one to find Gale Weathers eavesdropping on Jolie and Dewey and alerts everybody else of her presence.

Dead Man Walking Steven alarms survivors about Ghostface's presence, before dying.

Dewey checks a dead Steven

He then leaves to secure the perimeter around Jolie's house, where he enters Dewey's trailer where he then receives a call, apparently, from Dewey, after taunting what he presumes is Dewey on the phone, he is then stabbed in the back from behind by Ghostface, after attempting to strangle Ghostface, Stone is then kicked backwards, which causes the knife to dig deeper into his back and is then knocked unconscious by being hit several times on the head with a frying pan at the hands of Ghostface. He soon enough regains consciousness and struggles towards the door of Jolie's house to warn the group of the killer's presence before dropping to the floor dead in front of them.

He is later mentioned by Detective Mark Kincaid while Dewey, Gale and himself are going over their collection of clues, shortly after the destruction of Jolie's apartment and the deaths of Stone and fourth Stab actor Tom Prinze.

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Behind the Scenes

  • It is possible, however unlikely, that Stone was murdered for having a first name that bared a striking resemblance to the first name of Woodsboro victim Steven Orth, and the family name of Windsor college victim Phil Stevens. It's more likely that he was killed to allow Jennifer's house to be destroyed. 
  • Stone has been shown to have incredible willpower and physical strength, as he is stabbed deeply in the back and hit over the head with a frying pan and knocked unconscious, but still manages to will himself to the door of Jolie's house before finally dying. It's likely that is the reason he was hired.
  • Patrick Warburton, who portrayed Steven, would later co-star with Matthew Lillard (who portrayed Stu Macher in Scream) in the 2010-2013 animated series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.
  • Coincidentally, Warburton's character in the show (Bronson Stone) shares the same last name as Warburton's character in Scream 3.
  • While talking to Ghostface (disguising his voice as Dewey's), he brought up the events of Tatum Riley's murder in a tasteless and rude fashion.
  • During his talk with Dewey, he stated that his résumé was Julia Roberts

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