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Steven "Steve" Orth was an eighteen-year-old football player at Woodsboro High School and the boyfriend of Casey Becker.

Steven had the dubious honor for being the very first character to fall victim to Ghostface. He was also the first person to fall victim to the first Ghostface killing spree during the events of Scream, even though the true victim of the 1st Ghostface killing spree was Maureen Prescott.



When Steven went to visit Casey at her house to watch an unspecified horror movie together, he was ambushed by Stu Macher and Billy Loomis disguised in Ghostface costumes. The killer calls Casey and insist on "Getting to know" her. She is caught in a lie when the killer is talking and "Getting to Know" her as she said she did not have a boyfriend at first. Once it is known that he sees her in her house, she tries to threaten Ghostface that her boyfriend is on his way and posed the killer physical harm from him. The killer retorts at the statements made and then reveals he knows his name. Terrified at this, she asks how he knows his name. She is then told to turn on the porch lights. She looks out to see he is gagged and duct taped to a deck chair on the patio at the back of Casey's home. She attempts to go out and unstrap and rescue him, but as she opens the door Ghostface warns her, "I wouldn't do that If I were you!" She closes the door asking the killer "Where are you?" and "Why are you doing this?" The killer tell her he wants to play a game. At first she refuses and he threatens to kill Steven immediately. Ghostface ultimately coerces Casey into playing his death game.

Ghostface forced Casey to turn off the lights which Steven pleas Casey not to. Now, sobbing and scared wanting to rescue Steven, she tearfully turns the lights off and then is forced to answer his trivia questions about scary movies, with Steve's fate depending entirely on her answers, with Ghostface claiming the rules being that if Casey answers the questions correctly, Steve lives, but if she gets any of them wrong, he dies. One question being on Halloween for a warm-up question, then one question for Steven's life on Friday the 13th. which was a trick question; Steve was then disembowled when Casey answered the second question "incorrectly"; however, it is possible that Ghostface would have murdered Steven regardless of what Casey's answer to the Friday the 13th question was and the answer was who is the killer of the entire franchise. 

Steven's Death

Casey comes across his corpse, still strapped to the chair, when she tries to get away from Ghostface. When her parents come in to the house, they find a chair has broken through a window door and Steven's corpse in their backyard. 

It is later implied that the reason Casey and Steve were chosen to be victims was because Casey dumped Stu for Steve, as indicated by Randy and their conversation when they were discussing the murders in a later scene by the water fountain.

Some of Steve's death scene had to be cut because it showed a shot of Steve's entrails falling victim to gravity and sagging to the ground. However, there was a graphic shot left in of Steven's disemboweled body. 

Scream 2

Two years later, during the events of the second movie, a Windsor College senior called Phil Stevens was murdered during the second Ghostface killing spree simply due to having a family name that beared a close resemblance to Steve's first name, this was later discovered by Chief Lewis Hartley, Former Woodsboro Deputy Dewey Riley and reporter Gale Weathers during their line of work.

Scream 4

In earlier drafts of Scream 4, when Sidney was treated for her wounds after Olivia is killed at the hospital, the doctor is known as Doctor Orth, who is the brother Steven Orth. Sidney recognizes his facial features and asks him if they went to school together. He replies saying how it must have been his brother she remembered, who was killed in the Woodsboro Massacre.

During the stab-a-thon scene, many participants are dressed up as several people from the original murder spree in Woodsboro. Some guys can be seen wearing letterman jackets meant as a homage to Steve.

In the alternate version of Scream 4, Jenny Randall's death resembles his, as he was gutted and strapped to a chair. This was not kept in the final version. However, a reference to Steve does exist in the fourth film's climax; Charlie Walker is tied to a chair while his romantic interest, Kirby Reed, is forced to answer movie trivia to save his life. Charlie's situation mirrors Steve's and Kirby's mirrors Casey's. The difference is, that Kirby gets the answers right and unties Charlie, only for him to stab her and reveal himself as one of the killers.


  • He was described as "a big, line backer of a guy" in the script.
  • There was some confusion over Steve's family name because television reporter, Jenna Welles, stated that Steve's last name was 'Orth' while Tatum Riley clearly refers to Steve as 'Steve Forest' and her friend Sidney Prescott does not correct her. However, Steve's last name was confirmed to be Orth when a news woman say his name on the news in Scream and when Gale refers to him by that family name in Scream 2.
  • Kevin Patrick Walls was a close contender to play Billy. He was so well-liked, that he was given the role of Steve.
  • Even though Steve is only heard to be stabbed once, his torso is immediately mutilated and hallowed right after the first stab. Unless it was a huge knife or another type of bladed weapon, this seems highly impossible unless they had "prepared in advance".
  • In a deleted scene from Scream 4, opening scene victim Jenny Randall was seen tied to a chair and gutted in a very similar way to Steve. The killers in Scream 4 were probably trying to recreate the Woodsboro Massacre.
  • It is unknown who played him in the Stab franchise.


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