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Stab 7
The poster of Stab 7 (Poster made by
Directed by Max Weinberg
Produced by Don Crosby
Bill Birch
Floyd Malone
Fred Rifkin
Written by Will Kennison
Starring Kristen Bell as Chloe
Music by Marco Beltrami
Distributed by Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) 2010
Running time 115 Minutes
Language English
Budget -
Gross revenue -
Preceded by Stab 6
Followed by Stab (2021 film)

Stab 7 is a 2010 film, and the seventh instalment in the Stab franchise, a fictional film series set in the Scream universe.

It stars Kristen Bell as the serial killer Chloe, one of the main antagonist Ghostface killers of the seventh film, now revealed in the opening scene. Her unknown accomplice is presumably revealed during the climax of the film.

The film is based on the 2009 novel, Knife of the Hunter by author Gale Riley, going by her maiden name Gale Weathers as a pen name.

This was the final meta whodunit slasher of the Stab films. It was also the final Stab to feature some form of Sidney Prescott's character (likely the actress portraying her), until the franchise was rebooted approximately 10 years later, with Rian Johnson's Stab 8, simply known as Stab, wide-released in 2021.



In this story, the events of Stab 6 (and possibly the first six films) were all a series of movies within Stab 7. It appears to be a subtle reference to Wes Craven's New Nightmare, the seventh Nightmare on Elm Street in which Heather Langenkamp returned as a fictional version of herself as an actress to play Nancy one last time (despite the character's death in the third film).

Following the fictional sequel trilogy, the opening is seen in Scream 4 (2011 film) and shows Rachel and Chloe review the previous film, and dismissing the opening scene (possibly a meta reference to the backlash of Stab 6). Both scenes were parodic commentaries on endless sequels, and the backlashes against them.

Opening Scene

The opening scene is Stab 6 originally, then Rachel shuts it off, saying that it sucks. Chloe disagrees. She tells her friend that she likes the Stab movies because there is something scary about a guy with a knife who snaps.

When Rachel starts complaining about how in the Stab films you can see everything coming with no element of surprise, Chloe stabs her in the stomach, saying, "Did that surprise you?". Rachel asks her why she did it and Chloe says it is because she talks too much. She turns the TV back on and watches the film as the title appears.

According to Richie Kirsch in Scream 5, there are always two killers; also according to Mindy, Stab films prior to Stab 8 are 'meta slasher whodunits, full stop', meaning the plot likely revolved around figuring out Chloe, portrayed by Kristen Bell's accomplice.



Executive Producers:



  • Max Weinberg




  • As Richie Kirsch states, there is always a second killer, meaning Chloe's accomplice is likely revealed at the end of the film.
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