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Stab 6
The poster for Stab 6 (Poster made by
Directed by Max Weinberg
Produced by Don Crosby
Bill Birch
Floyd Malone
Fred Rifkin
Written by Will Kennison
Music by Marco Beltrami
Distributed by
Release date(s) 2009
Running time 110 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
Preceded by Stab 5 (2008 film)
Followed by Stab 7 (2010 film)

Stab 6 is a 2009 film-within-a-film, set in the Scream-universe. It is the sixth installment in the Stab film franchise, and the third fictional Stab film (the previous two being Stab 4 and Stab 5), not based on any true events within the Scream universe.

The killer of the film is a Facebook killer. Ghostface taunts his victims through sinister text messages, seen through the likes of Trudie's Sidekick phone.

Sidney Prescott's fictional Stab character (originally played by Tori Spelling) appeared in this film in some capacity under a different name to avoid legal action by Sidney herself.

It appears as the opening of Scream 4 (2011) with a Facebook stalker Ghostface haunting Sherrie and Trudie.


The film opens with a girl named Sherrie (portrayed by Lucy Hale) answering the phone. She tells Ghostface he has the wrong number she then walks into the kitchen and speakswith her best friend, Trudie.

Sherrie and Trudie

The Facebook killer is close by

Sherrie says they are gonna "go scary" and watch Saw IV (2007). Trudie says she saw it in theatres, that it "sucks" and it's not scary it is "gross" and "torture porn". She then begins texting on her phone, and Sherrie asks who she is speaking to. Trudie says the stalker is leaving messages like, "Hey, what's up, you're hot, I wanna kill you".

Sherrie tells her to delete him, but Trudy says he "hacked his way back in", and Sherrie says she should report him. Trudy then says he is "really hot though" and shows a photo of his abs, which Sherrie identifies as being Channing Tatum's abs from his Abercrombie modelling days, saying "you are being punked".

Sherrie then picks up the phone and answers Ghostface tells her if she hangs up again he will cut through her throat until he feels bone. Sherrie and Trudie then go to the door to make sure it is locked. Trudie then gets a text saying "I dare you to open the door", which Sherrie does. Sherrie walks onto the porch and tells Trudie there is nobody outside. Trudie is then stabbed in the chest after she gets a text saying "I'm not outside, I'm right beside you" and Sherrie tries to run when another killer slits her throat.

Ghostface kills his other victims by finding his prey on Facebook.



Executive Producers:[]



  • Max Weinberg




  • This films appears for the first time in Scream 4 being watched by Chloe and Rachel in Stab 7.
  • It pokes fun at an old idea for Scream 4 featuring Ghostface as a Facebook killer.
  • Its heavy 2000s imagery and references is noteworthy: Trudie using a Sidekick, Channing Tatum is fawned over, Sherrie refers to what is referred to in the 2020s as "catfishing" as being "Punk'd", and lastly, the killer uses Facebook to hunt his victims — Facebook achieved popularity as social media app before Twitter and Youtube, existing before both.
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