Stab 6
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Sherrie and Trudie.
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Written by Based on the novel by Gale Weathers
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Language English
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Preceded by Stab 5
Followed by Stab 7

Stab 6 is the 6th installment of the Stab series.


The film opens with a girl named Sherrie answering the phone and telling Ghostface he has the wrong number she then walks into the kitchen and chats with Trudie saying they are gonna watch Saw IV and Trudie says its bad. Trudie begins texting on her phone Sherrie asks who with, she says she has a Facebook stalker he keeps leaving her messages like: "Hey whats up, I wanna kill you". Sherrie then picks up the phone and answers Ghostface tells her if she hangs up again he will cut through her throat until he feels bone Sherrie and Trudie then go to the door to make sure its locked Trudie then gets a text saying "I dare you to open the door", which Sherrie does Sherrie walks onto the porch and tells Trudie theres nobody out the Trudie is then stabbed in the chest and Sherrie trys to run when another killer slits her throat.

Ghostface kills other of his victims by finding his prey on Facebook.